Immodesty as the Tragic Achilles Heel of Utopia: Reverting to the “short skin girdle about their loins”, and the Counterpart solution in Zion

Immodesty as the Tragic Achilles Heel of Utopia: Reverting to the “short skin girdle about their loins”, and the Counterpart solution in Zion – by Nate Richardson 1-13-17

I hate to say it but I think we have reverted to the “short skin girdle about their loins” style,  which Enos describes as the degeneracy of them if old… (Enos 1:20) I don’t mean to be negative but it’s so disturbing!

It’s like the end of the book Utopia by Thomas Moore about a weird supposed utopian society which collapses where he says “but you know the strangest thing about them? They didn’t wear any pants!”

I know many of us do wear pants (yoga pants don’t count that’s as good as painted skin nude), but we tolerate the pantless folks in our society… Think of the reaction to booty shorts in 1800! The reaction would make them go out of style in mere days. Or quite seriously perhaps get locked up for illegal prostitution attempt. Our stores say no shirt no service, they should start saying no pants no service. Underwear aren’t pants either.

If you disagree oh well. I’m still your friend but I would have you know my feelings on the matter.

We are trying to be good, please have mercy on us! We love you for you not for your body. You are beautiful but please express it in appropriate ways.

True, in Babylon, they reject you if you don’t display in this way, but come to Zion, where we love you for your moral courage! In Zion, we recognize you as sisters, not as objects! In Zion, we praise your intelligence and leadership, rather than obsessing over your bodies! Your bodies will be employed in the full pleasurable measure of their creation, and indeed shall be admired by your spouse, but to display such a masterpiece in the public square defiles it. True the charm of handsome women and men is a pleasing and important part of strong society, but here we are speaking of more than charm and cleanly beauty, we are speaking of insisting on all curvatures of the flesh being public centerpieces. Well did the prophet Brigham Young denounce the sisters of his day for tieing their dresses around them too tightly to show their form. Some things are so special and so beautiful, and showing them in public is nothing short of a tragedy. Displaying something so powerful to the public will result in doing more harm than good. Instead of promoting art as the common argument proclaims, it rather promotes delinquency and the dissolution of the family, which is the bedrock of society itself.

Well has the Psalmist said, that beauty is the essence of Zion (Psalms 150:2)! Yes, beauty has its climax when expressed within the bounds the Lord has set. Is it not written by Isaiah the prophet that the women walking haughty with outstretched necks will receive baldness and stench? And on the other hand, is it not written by Brigham Young the prophet that those who obey God will become as beautiful as the angels which surround the throne of God!


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