Different Camps in Heaven Theory Debunked: True vs False Religions, Prophets VS Mystics, & Why Your Choice Matters – by Nate Richardson, 5-9-17 Based on ideas from Hugh Nibley’s “The World and The Prophets”

Different Camps in Heaven Theory Debunked: True vs False Religions, Prophets VS Mystics, & Why Your Choice Matters – by Nate Richardson, 5-9-17 Based on ideas from Hugh Nibley’s “The World and The Prophets”
     One asks why can’t we just be different camps in heaven one camp for Christians one camp for Buddhist one camp for Catholics one can for Protestants one camp for Mormons one count for the Hindu one Camp for The Atheist etcetera; one camp for the Mystic one camp for each type of religion. But the problem with this is that the purpose of religion is to find happiness or Nirvana that state of ecstasy which never ends. It cannot be found in any way in just any old prescription because of science – the universe is built on science and science tells us that there’s only one way to get to the desired and if you want b you need a you cannot use c. You must do a certain thing in accordance with the law of Nature. Trying to make something happen in an unnatural way will never work never no never no never.
     What we have in Mormonism is a series of Messengers from other planets coming and revealing to us the deeper Sciences which they have found to be the Eternal laws of nature calculated to formulate our happiness. These interplanetary Messengers include persons who once lived on this Earth but now rose from the dead including Peter James John the Revelator John the Baptist Jesus Christ Moses Elijah Enoch Raphael Adam etcetera including Elohim (God The Father, aka Ahman) himself.
     Joseph Smith was a prophet not a Mystic; he didn’t have some strange way of getting private information like the Mystic in his marijuana or opium dreams no he wasn’t an isolationist like that but the messages he received were from Messengers and there are multiple witnesses to these things and they told him messages which he was very surprised to hear.
     Furthermore The Authority that Joseph Smith taught with was not that he had a Bible; plenty of people have a Bible; the authority Joseph Smith taught with was “I have seen and I have heard for myself from these personages.” He was not just sitting in his room getting great ideas he was actually having experiences with these characters of Glory, Power, and Light. That’s when people really start to hate you – can really condemn society and point out all the issues in society and no one really will care, they will even applaud you;  but when you start to say that you saw God and that God’s will is this because you told you to face to face – that’s when people start to get mad; for example Stephen in the New Testament: the final straw to his death penalty was when he said he saw God the father and he saw God the son. That’s when they decided to kill him. Just like Joseph Smith. They hunted him for years and finally killed him. Same with Jesus Christ, they picked up stones to slay him when he started to claim that he was God; a similar situation you see.
     Prophets don’t rely on rhetoric, philosophy, showmanship, scholastic training, certification, popularity, etc. They merely tell what they have seen and heard. The mystic can tell you how to get a supernatural experience but can’t tell you what the supernatural message is. The prophet is exactly the opposite, he can’t tell you how to get the message because it just happened to him. But he does tell you what the message is. The mystic has no message, only a 7 step process of how to have a mysterious moment. The prophet is the opposite, he has a message, he has content. The mystic can’t describe God, God being a person dwelling outside of time and space without body without words or matter. The Prophet teaches that God has a body, he speaks words, and he has something to say to you. The prophet reveals the very thing that God has to say. The Prophet has seen God and heard his message. The prophet doesn’t follow trends, the mystic is all about the current trend of how to tap into a strange spiritual quasi-existent realm. Nor are prophets any old teacher of bible or other fancy book or theory that makes us tingle inside, any seemingly inspired person with nice ideas, they are people with a message from God appearing to them.
     One way to look at this is this reality: that persons from another planet which have figured out how to solve societal problems and are coming to us to teach us how we too can overcome our problems. Warning us against impending doom etc. relevant to OUR time (no, a look at the bible written long ago isn’t sufficient, we need current revelations applicable to the world and church at large which help us in the current battles with specific tactics for a specific enemy). They have come to show us how the universe works.
     The universe is here, we can’t debate about weather it should be here or not, or who should be in charge, it’s just here and it has it’s ways and we need to deal with it. These interplanetary guests come to show us not their theories, but to show us how they have actually mastered the laws of the natural universe.

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