Faithlessness: Our #1 Problem -by Nate Richardson 3-12-17

Faithlessness: Our #1 Problem -by Nate Richardson 3-12-17

The biggest problem with me and anyone else who has a problem is the lack of faith – the lack of concrete trust in God – the lack of confidence in God – the lack of a surety that the end of days, yes, that the Millennium of millenniums is here, upon our doorstep! The knowledge that the times are here, it’s all here for The Showdown.  This aspect of Faith as well as others are the most important thing that we need; this brings the good faith to teach your kids;  you need the faith to read your books; you need faith learn the history of the earth; in faith you must defend Christianity and Mormonism; you need faith faith faith faith to do these things; faith brother is what you and everyone else with a problem needs more than anything – faith faith faith faith!

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