Medical not Recreational Caffeine -by Nate Richardson, 5-6-17

Medical not Recreational Caffeine -by Nate Richardson, 5-6-17

I’m for medicinal caffeine use not recreational. We can talk about this because it’s a public health issue (so many can’t go without this drug for their daily routine!) although less important than some others.  We all know the stuff is toxic ( look at the pics of spiders making webs on caffeine, etc, no longer artful or cohesive) but pulling all-nighters when you work during the day, with any amount of brain usage during the night,  is impossible without it. President Uchdorf this conference says he used it some when he had to get through some tough classes, seems we have to do this now and then. However we don’t need use coffee or non herbal tea since that takes our temple recommend. Of course it would be silly to be addicted to daily use of the stuff, in whatever form. I can sometimes go with 5 hours sleep average without the stuff, but when you get below that is when things get really rough. Of course if you’re averaging less than 5 hours sleep in general you should probably rethink your routine rather than take up caffeine. And of course like any other drug you’ll develop a tolerance to it over time needing more and more. In short, a lifestyle chronically sleep deprived isn’t sustainable even with caffeine, so you may as well not use the stuff on a regular basis, and only on cases of extreme and rare need. All of this said however does NOT  excuse the use of substances specifically outlawed in The Word of Wisdom, namely coffee and non-herbal teas. We must obey The Word of Wisdom to have a temple recommend, don’t play around with that stuff. We don’t know all the reasons why those things have specifically been forbidden while other perhaps similar substances have not. The outlawing of said items does suggest the extreme care and awareness we must use if we choose to use caffeinated products as a medicinal aid for rare occations. We fear God, and obey his laws. The world doesn’t understand us, it never has. We are the people of Zion, serving God with all our hearts, mights, minds, and souls. We don’t have answers to all of our questions, but we have enough answers to know that we must obey God. We are committed to being his “peculiar” people.


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