Studio C / Divine Comedy – Nate Richardson’s Favorites

Studio C / Divine Comedy – Nate Richardson’s Favorites

Manly – effeminate Provo boys

Wedding Roar

Ditching Darby

Fail – testing center

Provo, UT Girls


Mormon Misunderstanding – not strange yet strange

I’m Batman – failing sidekick disguises

The Revenant: Back from the dead – fight with she bear, swam back up stream to say goodbye

Life Lessons from Grandma:

Love Loves Love – Stacey music video reject

Scarry story of the future

The Phantom of the Opera’s girl problems

Hazel: most annoying coworker

Bad roommate Agatha – dark poetry

ER – Vet Division

Dubstep DJ

The Origins of Country Music

French Revolution Manhunt

Disgruntled Commoners

Attila the Hun’s Deathbed

Asking for her dad’s permission

A Kindergarden fight for love

Baskins Robins love confession – love too fast

Kids Should Love Money (featuring Stars)

Caught in the crosshairs – hobo enters relationship – meet my parents – raise these kids

Fastest Newscast Ever

The Janitor: Library Love

Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed

Downtown Drama – priorities – dinner moved back hour smashes cup

Flirting Academy

Flirting Academy Graduation

The Mad Scientist Ruins Valentine’s Day

The Mad Scientist Ruins Sports

The Mad Scientist Creates Junior High School

Table for one

Pokemon Go ruined my wedding

Love from afar

Mr. Eckelstone’s Drivers Ed: Winter Edition

Worst Psychiatrist Ever

Worst Waiter Ever

Worst Teacher Ever

Worst Lawyer Ever

Worst Cop Ever

Worst Plumber Ever

Studio C Grinch

Watch This! Ultimate Skate Park Disaster with Shonduras

Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016

Awkward Moment With Puritan Roommate

Strangest Sound on a Date

The Guest List of His Royal Majesty

The art of the Setup

Car Lip Sync Battle

Typical Country Song

Top Crime Scene Photographer

Presidential Fail

Shalow Mal – uglier the better –

Courting Ritual – humans in their natural habitat

Life Alert Dating

Bad Boy Rap – second thought I want a good boy

Santa’s Love Languages

Santa’s Worst Present Ever

Santa’s Elves go on Strike

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, Christmas Edition

ESPN Matt Center, Part 2

Cheer Up Mix Up – giving a puppy

Crisis at the Confessional

Fugative Man Hunt – exhaustive investigation

Advent Calendar Temptation

Pic or it didn’t happen

Touch Up – hikers get overhaul

Gandalf Intervention

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous

Facebook friends song

The Entertainment 2: Assisted Living Community

How to be a famous reality star

The Most Organic Vlog: Christmas Hacks

The Most Organic Vlog: Diet Tips

The Most Organic Vlog: Parenting Tips

Cutting out holidays

Hibiscus Bisque

What’s in a name

Generation Gap – baby Spencer roommate

Baby Spencer goes to work

A Mother’s overbearing Love

You Deserve a Better You – free yourself from goals

Gift exchange

Cupcake Wars Interrupted by Jealous Husband – gender roles

Boy Band Breakup

Once Upon a Time

Christmas Shopping by the 4 Wise Men

The Queen on Twitter

Grandma Tildy

Playing Devil’s Advocate – oil tycoons using souls as currency

A Germaphobe’s Nightmare

Santa and the Christmas Blue’s

Thesis Defence – this is war

Help me – I need your wallet and girlfriend

Message from Above

Secret Agent Siting

Lobster Bisque

Beware of Christmas Carolers

Everyone’s a Winner

The Bacon Cleanse

The Hunchback of BYU

The School of Fashion

The Knights of the Holy Grail

The Great Train Robbery

James Austen

The 12 Days of Christmas from Studio C

Backyard Crime Cover-up

16th Century Med School

Foreign Exchange

Lord of the Dance

Shakespearean Therapy

Black Friday

Superman’s Sibling – comparing

Republicans vs. Democrats

Metropolitan Boy Scouts

The Amish go green

The Absent Minded Robber – forgets why came, activities in home

Crazy Mall Kiosk – avoid at all cost

Overdue Military Letters

A chess player prodigy – be fair, don’t judge!

Longest Grocery Store Checkout Line

Political Correctness Puzzles Police

Password Protection Problems

The Restaurant of Life

Every Fight Ever

Practical Philosophy – talking criminals out of crime

Prom Dress Gone Wrong – Brooklyn and Bailey

Les Mormonables

The Hunchback of BYU

Phantom of the Akward

The OTHER Parent Trap | Parody with Studio C

High School Boyfriend Drama – ft. Studio C | Brooklyn and Bailey

This is my theme song

DANCE BATTLE: Boys Vs Girls – ft. Brooklyn and Bailey

You can do anything

Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue

The Great Brittish Bake Off: Tarts

Nintendo NES will save the world – nerd saves world

the piano guys behind the piano guys

man on a ledge

ghost schedules haunting

Operation Breakup

Operation Breakup 2

Bollyside story – westside story Bollywood

Your favorite teen drama

Ugly cop – good cop bad cop

Famous last words before execution

Vidangel with Matt Neese:

Does VidAngel ruin art?

Is VidAndel legal?



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