2016 Obama’s America: Love Him Hate Him You Don’t Know Him by Dinesh D’Souza

2016 Obama’s America: Love Him Hate Him You Don’t Know Him by Dinesh D’Souza


-see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=003vkFedcQ0 “2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA:, Dinesh D’Souza’s with Glenn Beck on GBTV

see also dineshdsouza.com

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see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjGxvCc3qE



Notes from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjGxvCc3qE

-Obama is in favor with drilling abroad but not in the USA; this has nothing to do with green energy it’s to get the energy to other countries.

-Obama is making trillions of dollars of debt so we think that America owes the world. 

-We see the real Obama in the second term

-Obama’s America was a top ten in America film.

-Obama has many black holes in his history: no evidence of his LSAT score, his girlfriends, etc, are unknown and he refuses to speak about these things.

-Obama offers America a certificate of racial absolution that is his secret America he offers that to white America.

-The next logical step for Obama to try and take is to get Islam to take charge of Jerusalem, to demand democracy in other countries where the majority will choose Islam.

-Obama we think is blundering around and not getting what we want him to accomplished; but really he doesn’t want to accomplish those things. He is accomplishing his own agenda.

-Obama says we are consuming beyond our share. We are 25% of the world but we use 25% of the stuff which is normal.

-America has only been the sole super power for 20 years.

Obama has made deep cuts to the military funding. But he doesn’t feel that way about other divisions. China can put 80 or 100 million people on the battle field, USA can’t. Obama is slashing down our nuclear forces and the military. He is opposite of Reagan. Obama says in essence, peace through weakness. Obama will get credit for producing the United States of Islam should such arise.

-Obama is an American born guy who is embracing third world countries.

-American’s voted for Obama because he did not disclose who he was. Obama also used his hidden power of being black to get elected as well. 4 years before the election of Obama we didn’t know Obama.

-Debating today you can’t use the bible; 50 years ago, conservatism was the native language of America, but now because of Obama accelerating it, conservative language.

-We can’t say Obama is against freedom, he may be against economic freedom but he is for more sexual freedom. See he has his things he wants freedom for. (*this brings us Satan flags to me on every side).

-It’s hard for pastors today for they study the bible not so much as economics and science that the masses of people are studying today.

-Obama is not a traditional liberal. He not only wants to realign the wealth of the people in America, but to distribute it through the world. THAT IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GOAL!

-Liberals are wondering why Obama doesn’t care about the poor; some think he is too smart; what it is is that his focus is on pulling down the rich.

-We look at what Obama’s dad believes for Obama wrote a book about “Dreams from my Father”.

-The people in Obama’s book on his life are people who’ve tried to bomb the pentagon and been anti-American.





-see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=003vkFedcQ0 “2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA:, Dinesh D’Souza’s with Glenn Beck on GBTV

notes therefrom:

-2007 to 2011 is down 40% of USA wealth; if that happens again in the next four years, America will cease to be a first world country. In the same position as we were in 1500 before no colonialism where there was no superpower. That is the world Obama wants.

-Obama as the commander in Chief has power over who has the bombs.

-Obama will say “I dream of a world free of nuclear weapons” and get rid of those of America, while the rest of the world is making more bombs.

-Obama doesn’t care about energy saving, he is trying to get energy away from USA and into other countries. Obama says he is for green economy, he really just wants us to not have access to oil.

-Obama finds ways to justify what he does. He can get away with whatever he wants by saying it’s for some moral reason he is doing it.

-Obama avoided an issue against his running for President by bringing up that America still has racial issues it hasn’t dealt with. This made him win the Presidency.

-For 7 years Obama was raised by anti-American people.

-Obama says he is one of the greatest people at spending less money. He says it so much with a straight face that people begin to believe it. Americans can’t grasp it that he could possibly lie into a camera so blatantly. He says it with such conviction.

-Governor of Texas calls this film one that every American should see.