9/11 Terrorist Conspiracy, etc. from Joel Skousen and Steven Jones based on a lecture

Joel Skousen (head of national conservative committee speaks on conspiracy) and Steven Jones (speaks on 9/11 deception) and Jack Monnett:

based on speech on downloads from latterdayconservative.com called jackmonnettjoelskousen 10 10 07

Joel: (he is LDS)

-local government in the USA is not so corrupt, but the higher is.

-he suggests Jack Monnett’s book

-it’s hard for good people to believe in systematic evil

-in the Soviet Union, communism never fell, it just went underground. This is a government coverup.

-people in Utah often have wistful thinking from all of their training on positivity

-Mormons have the Book of Mormon, and hence the greatest heritage in understanding secret combinations, but most of them choose to be blind to it.

-the government doesn’t tax us for the war because they don’t want us to feel the impact; they will endure war to get us into the new world order.

-the public news omits certain things, that is how they lie to you

-there is never a time in history where there has not been conspiracy; go study history and see

-assassins were not lone rouge based, but were covered up conspiracies.

-the biggest reason that people reject conspiracy is because they still want to have status in the world, to be popular, their views to be popular, to have the acknowledgement of the world in your professional life so they don’t blackball you. Hence some of the most educated people will never be wise nor equipt to fight these battles. Blessed are the working class who don’t care too much about their social status to get them not involved. It’s on our shoulders to carry this work on.

-many have lost many of their children because they have sent their children to public schools rationalizing that.

-when we are overweight that can get in our way of survival as well

-listen to your consciousness that is the most crucial thing

-national security is the boon of secret combinations, they say trust us or you’re fired

-they love to hire Mormons on the white side of the CIA, they are naive and trusting in their leadership.

-communists believe in killing the free market

-socialists believe in using the free market to feed the needs of socialism

-Orin Hatch was sold out to pleasing the Bush Admin. he was promised Supreme Court and running for President; that’s how they deal with people who aren’t necessarily evil.

-the lesson people learned from Katrina was to not get in a FEMA, it turns into a prison camp;

-in the new world order they will impose upon us gay rights and international taxes; they know American’s won’t go for this, that is why they are going to have us get into war;

-the war with Iraq etc. they are using to get those areas of the world to hate the USA

-in the east, they don’t hate the USA lifestyle like the script writers of Pres. Bush had him say, they are mad at the USA for getting in their way of their adapting the USA culture.

-the BYU political science experience is very liberal and socialist; it’s because the professors there want to “make it in the world”

-USA will stupidly get involved with the new world order as the USA tricks us into thinking that we need to help the WW3 effort thereby. Then they will have us take an oath of allegiance to the new world order. (*another one of his lectures, he relates this to potentially being the mark of the beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation). You’ll be tagged. Your neighbors will be asked to turn you in.

-at 2:32 he suggests books to read

Steven Jones:

(he was a Bishop and is active in the Church)

-the Church now encourages us to have a 3 month rotating food storage

-Pres. Packer said that not all the persecution will come from outside of the Church, and to not be among those who persecute, and Packer read the secret combination warning scripture from the Book of Mormon, and Packer said the youth will see much trouble in their lives, but much inspiration. This was at a BYU devotional.

-Jones teaches the science behind how 9/11 was not just from planes crashing into the buildings.

-there are over 440 architects and engineers on the project showing how it was explosives

-stj911.org is a site which has their research on Scholors for Truth and Justice about 9/11.

-NIST refuses to release the videos they have about building 7. They investigated certain floors of it only, and the other floors are where the reported inner explosions were.

-the towers had government rooms and a terrorist couldn’t just walk in there to plant bombs it was well guarded.

-the collapse is too rapid unless there are explosives moving materials out of the way.

-the NIST ignores the speed of collapse in their thousands of pages long report

-the year prior some 60 planes went to check out planes out of coarse; no planes were sent to see what was up with the planes coming towards the towers.

-one plane went off coarse about 50 min before crashing to pentagon; there was time for us to intersect but we did not.

-they knew of the plane coming to the pentagon 50 miles out yet none were warned to evacuate

-the government is hiding the videos of the pentagon getting hit

-sulfer in the beams of the building which weakens them

-thermite involved

-iron and aluminum

-iron rich spheres in the dust; these were 10-15 blocks away, so didn’t come from cleanup.

-3000 degrees fareinheit couldn’t have happened by office supplies being burned; but thermite reactions give those high temperatures; the gov won’t explain this

-they invested in the destruction in the stocks just before it happened; United and American Airlines.

-9/11 commission report includes this on footnote in pg.499 on how there were allegations of insider trading, it says unusual trading occurring, but says that it wasn’t tied to Alchida. But the problem is that it was conspiracy from within the USA government like the Book of Mormon teaches in the book of Heleman.

-Pres. Hinckley said the Book of Mormon is as current as the morning news when it comes to politics

-Pres. McKay said that we should study constitutional principles and wake a sleeping nation

-Joseph Smith said we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing all the hidden things in of darkness to light.

-The Church manual which just came out now encourages us to always have at least 3 months of food storage which we rotate through and use daily in addition to having a 1 year food storage.

-North American Union: look them up; a group to be involved with.