A Place for Sorrow

A Place for Sorrow

this is a personal composition of references which teach there is a place for sorrow in life.

-the poster child if there is one would be TSM. he frowns all the time in his gen con talks. or perhaps Jesus is the poster child. He weeps for Lazarus, and isn’t smiling on that occasion. He gets angry at priests, and isn’t smiling then either. he sweats blood in Gethsemane and isn’t crying then either. Jesus is described and being meek and lowly of heart, and commands us to be that way as well, even to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We are to reach past the shallow level of constant optimism (Elder Hafen of the 70; BYU Devotional “Love is not blind”).

-“Weep for your dead. ” (D&C 42:45) “comfort who needs comforting.”  (Mosiah 18) . That implies that in zion there will be weeping and the need of comfort. There will be dying, which comes from illness and depression, and those things produce sorrow.

-Adam and Eve needed to leave eden to experience sorrow

-Some sorrow is not our fault. Jesus taught offenses must come but wo to them by whom they come .

-I football team isn’t always smiling, whereas the end goal of their sport is to have joy.