Absurd Advertising

Absurd Advertising

-For more critical info about this, see the film “The True Cost: Who Pays the Price for Our Clothes?” about the sweat shops which suffer for us to have cheep nice clothes. And we just let it happen. Actually we can boycott this by where we choose to spend our money! The film is on Netflix, and here is a link to my notes on it: https://richardsonstudies.wordpress.com/category/the-true-cost-who-pays-the-price-for-our-clothes/

-Also mind you, in 4th Nephi, it gives the first reason for the falling apart of Zion as the love of costly apparel.

-on 11/9/15 I saw a clothing brand called “No Boundaries”. It is notorious for being extremely tight fitting! This is open rebellion and sex fiendiation!

-One store is called “Vanity”. “Ah, they have the best jeans!” some say. No! You don’t shop at a store named vanity people!

-One makeup brand is called “Lavillin”! It’s like the name “Cruela Deville”! Look at it: la means the, then is the word “villain”. Why people?!

-in May of 2016 In the New York Times I was flipping through and saw a picture of a woman with extremely expensive clothing, gaudy and pride full, she was the center of the universe, her own diety. The caption said “Believe in The Magic of Giving”. It was to sell a 400$ coat from Calvin Clein. In the next page or so was a picture of a woman living in a small hut not even big enough for her to fully lay down in, with a tarp for a roof, and a couple of eating utensils stacked up around the door. The floor was dirt. She was in Myanmar. I wept at how backward and heartless our society is.

-A shopping mall in Utah county says “The Center of it All!” What planet are we on?! We are in trouble folks!

-One shirt I’ve seen often lately says “Ball is everything!”. Wow, lets not have diversity, nor healthy recreation, lets have this consume every aspect of our lives and define us!

-A radio advertisement I heard said “When I wake in the morning I think of sports and media, this consumes my life, I want a career in this.”

-When you’re in a shopping mall (God help you to not be in there when it falls), you see “Victoria’s Secret” underwear products being advertised in much more than life size images right there in open sight. Is nothing sacred anymore? So much for the secret, Victoria. This is not normal folks.

-Do we question folks, that these things are an abomination and a sign of the times that we live in the last and most wicked time of this earth, and on the most wicked planet in the universe? This is the doctrine. This is part of the problem folks.

-“Darkness prevails at this time as it did at the time Jesus Christ was about to be crucified.  The powers of darkness strove to obscure the glorious Son of righteousness, that began to dawn upon the world, and was soon to burst in great blessings upon the heads of the faithful” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 90‑91.)