Befriending and Helping All Kinds of People

Befriending and Helping All Kinds of People

personal composition on the topic, detailed sourcing in process.

-befriend those different than you. Jesus spent time with people who had different values than himself. He knew that was part of being one of God’s people, that you live “in but not of the world”. Among all types of people, but not breaking our agreements with the Lord on how we will eat, sleep, etc. Jesus spoke of a man who helped another wounded on a roadside, the good Samaritan, who helped the man on the dangerous road despite the possibility of getting shanked.

-we’re counceled to chose positive influences for who we will have as our closest friends. People who will help us live our standards, not mock us or try to persuade us to do things we do not believe in doing. ().

-The Holy Ghost has a distinct role of warning us of danger when such is present, rely on that guidance (President Packer recent General Conference Address 2013?)