Book Library

Book Library

-Author of The Kolob Theorem has shared his book for free online at

God’s law of finances by Stephen Palmer; a free book on what LDS leaders have said about finances. See at

-“Eve Out of the Garden” blog at has free audio of Hugh Nibley’s Book of Mormon class, Pearl of Great Price class, and other lectures. Hugh Nibley is a scholar who has worked for the first presidency of the LDS church in defending the doctrines of the church. He has a PHD in world history and focuses in Mormon studies and Egyptology.

-Donald Parry BYU Hebrew Professor on National Dead Sea Scrolls foundation and published over 30 scholarly works.

-D. Kelly Odgen BYU Provo and BYU Jerusalem religion professor; published verse by verse commentaries on the standard works of the church and a few other topics.

-Maxwell Institute online articles published free

-Journals of discourses of the prophets at




The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t go into the same amount of detail as his new book Obama’s America but may still have important things to look at. His even newer is America: Imagine a World Without Her.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (suggested by Glenn Beck)

-The Mystery of the Shmitah: Jonathan Cahn

-The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

-Dreamers and Decievers:  Villains and Heros who made America; by Glenn Beck.

-Dreams from my Father by Obama; tells dreams of Obama which he got from his father.

-author Katie Kieffer about her book Let Me Be Clear: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials, and One Woman’s Case for Hope. Katie does a fantastic job looking back at the Obama Presidency and the incredible negative impact his policies are having on the latest generation growing up in an America with very little hope and a lackluster view of how they can contribute to the faltering America. But Kieffer has a positive view of her generations future. – See more at:


-Glenn Beck along with Education Action Group founder Kyle Olson have written the latest book in Glenn’s paperback series addressing highly important issues changing America. Control was the first, address the attack on guns and now Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education – See more at:

the 4 gospels by D Kelly Ogden; shows doctrine and geography; he is BYU professor; studies Hebrew.

The Wealth of Nations by Adams on beginning or market structure and much interesting stuff. Refered by Ecom professor at BYU.

The Big Book-12step program

Jesus The Christ by Talmage

Key to the science of Theology, a voice of warning. By Parley P Pratt

Offenders for a Word: How Anti-Mormons Play Word Games to Attack the Latter-day Saints by Daniel C. Peterson, Stephen D. Ricks, The Neal A. Maxwell Institute at BYU (Publisher)

Josephus: The Complete Works

by William Whiston

Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible (Hardcover )

by Kent P. Jackson, Robert J. Matthews, Scott H. Faulring

a selfish gene- on quantum physics

freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner. On wow economics findings

the armchari economist by landsburg on logic and understanding of economic principals (owned)

Because of Whinne-Dixie

“Merchants of Doubt” about the history begind the doubt to science in relation to economical issues. Of why there appears to be a doubt on climate change and the major topics of our time. Professor Dr. Sinclaire of BYU suggests that we all read it.

The Talmud (has Hebrew writings not found in KJV)

Ted Stuart’s “The Mark of a Giant” on Ten People Who Changed The World

The Comedia By Dante- talks about deepest hell with Satan is for betrayers. Well said. (owned)

The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lumborg. He questions environmental activists. Says only listening to worst case scenarios is to say that we do not focus right on what we can do now. He believes in global warming, but doesn’t like the government what they are doing with politics to solve the problem. He has new ideas on what to do

“Way to Health” by Benjamin Franklin. Adresses lust and other sorts.

Blackout- by Connie Willis. Courtney Richardson referal. Fictitional history, says it is really good.

Angel book by Donald Parry BYU Hebrew bible professor.

Doctrines of Salvation

Doctrines of the Restoration by Elder McConkie

Ponce de Leon- a lot of paradoxes, teaches of life. He goes around with an old rusty sword and a cardboard box for a shield and tries to save the world. Don’t we all? Ie Missionaries? Now now, these are armed by God to become mighty. (owned)

Aramaic approach to the Gospels and Acts by Black. Can ask Professor Kelly D Ogden where to find it.

kelly D Ogden books see his website: commentarys on NT OT BFM, “Happy like Jesus” etc.

standard works in various languages beginning with German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and so on

German bible (L version is most correct on earth)

Hebrew bible

side by side language bibles and BFM’s ect. Has english down one column on one side, and the forign language on the other side.

Economics and Public Policy by Kearl BYU textbook

list other BYU textbooks I have and other books I have and other musics movies etc. anything advisable or pertinant.

fast food nation (an author featured on Food Inc. video.)

lecture sieres on liberty of religion suggested by Prof. Ogden of BYU it’s by Michael Novak “Religious Liberty Lecture Sieres” he is a professor from another school

Les Mesrables

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Edgar Allen Poe

Books on Adam and Eve ask Brother Donald Parry BYU

The Green Smothies Diet by Robyn Openshaw- mom has a copy

Pill book- dictionary of madicinal drugs

bible on plant medacines (reference book on it)

pocket sized dictionaries of other languages and english. Spanish to english etc.

mini pocket book of mormon

-Vern Swanson, past Springville Art museum director, has published several books.  You can contact Vern by mail at 126 East 400 South Springville Utah 84663. These are possibly on Christ’s visit to Europe, he wrote great things says Ray Winn.

YGod: An Intelligent Discussion on the Relevance of Faith Hardcover – November 8, 2012

by Danielle D’Souza (Author), Dinesh D’Souza (Foreword); Michael Matthews pointed me to such.; get site of the writings of his mish president; evolution of endowment etc.

man named Michael Austin, see thinking aloud of classical 89 of BYU; a BYU graduate and college professor in English; book “Rereading Job”, and 7 books total, many good ones to see by him. Speaks of how Job was asking the wrong question, speaks of how Job needs to have faith that he can’t possibly have the same perspective as God.

He is one of the best prose writers. Speaks of how Job is introducing Christian teachings, it speaks not of sacrifices but of how you interact with others as a measure of moral goodness. It leaves out cultural details on purpose to say that this is for everyone, just like the Christian message says. It teaches Job that material welfare does not correspond directly with righteousness. It’s only read 3 chapters commonly. It’s like taking Cinderella and having a feminist theory woman write about how Cinderella didn’t like certain aspects of what was going on before getting to the happy ending, having that in context.

52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon

by Brad Wilcox, John Hilton III

Poetic Parallelisms in the Book of Mormon by Donald W. Parry (Jan 1, 2007) ;23$

-Temples of the Ancient World: Ritual and Symbolism Hardcover – March 1, 1994

by Donald W. Parry (Editor) ; $39

Echoes and Evidences of the Book of Mormon by Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson and John W. Welch (Nov 2002) ;$13

Revelation, Reason, and Faith: Essays in Honor of Truman G. Madsen by Truman G. Madsen, Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson and Stephen D. Ricks (Nov 1, 2002)


Visualizing Isaiah by Donald W. Parry (Aug 1, 2001)


Harmonizing Isaiah: Combining Ancient Sources by Donald A. Parry (Aug 1, 2001)


-Death and Resu. by Parry; 12$

-Tree Life by Parry 24$

-Parables by Parry 14$

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Questions and Responses for Latter-Day Saints by Donald W. Parry and Stephen D. Ricks (Mar 1, 2000)


terry L Givens LDS scholor

killing lincoln; killing Christ; and others, but the author ____ ask Ray Winn.

Eloquent Witness: Nibley on Himself, Others, and the Temple by Hugh Nibley (Aug 6, 2008); 18$

-2012: Nibley’s Ancient New Year Rite Paperback – May 1, 2012

by Joy Bischoff  (Author), Roy Bischoff  (Author),

-Sacred Fire; about American history; suggested by Glenn Beck

The Crucible of Doubt

by Terryl L. Givens, Fiona Givens (Deseret Book)

-(1) A course handbook Learn More & Read Faster, about $29. (2) A course syllabus with DVD on Learning Suite

-(3) A paperback text: Remember Everything You Read: The Evelyn Wood 7-day Speed Reading and Learning Program by

S. D. Frank, about $7.00. (4) A ReadMate, a device that helps you speed up. You may buy it in the bookstore for about $75

new, $54 used, or, you may check it out for three hours from the LRC in the HBLL.

(this is for the coarse 305 stdev at BYU.)

-“Learn more and Read Faster” book is the st dev 305 class book; 214 class covers some of it but herein is more material on how to use more scholarly skills that will be critical for graduate work!

-History of the church all volumes

-Elder Scott on how to live a happy life and others?

-The gospels in harmony(clearance with Seagull book for 7$)

Dan Heath, is an American bestselling author, speaker and professor at Duke University. He, along with his brother Chip Heath, has co-authored three books,Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard (2010),[1] Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die (2007).[2] and Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

He is also a columnist for Fast Company magazine.[3]

Made to Stick, was named the Best Business Book of the Year

(these books suggested by an Elder at church on the brain thinking behavior change etc said to be excellent).

-see list of books by David A Bednar on organizational behavior on wikipedia

-Legrand Richards: -Israel do you know?

-A Marvelous Work and a Wonder Legrand Richards

-MTC Language learning books

-online flashcards electronic language learn

-library audio CD’s on learning languages

“A Scriptural Discussion of Light”

AUTHOR Allen J. Fletcher

-Packer religion packets on BFM and OT, 4 total, each about 20$.

Can Science Be Faith-Promoting by Sterling B. Talmage, James E. Talmage, John A. Widtsoe and Joseph Fielding Smith (Jan 1, 2001)

-Darwin’s Black Box (shows holes in his theory) by Michael J. Behe

-Kolob Theorem

-The house of the Lord by talmage

-the holy Temple by Packer

What’s On the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us About the Spirit World

by Brent L. Top

-Life Everlasting by Duane S. Crowther

Lehi in the Wilderness: 81 New Documented Evidences That the Book of Mormon Is a True History by George Potter and Richard Wellington (Nov 1, 2003)


book by Thomas kuhn’s “A structure of Scientific Revolutions” about how science progresses; about working in a certain paradigm until you prove it false then you must create something new then you get to be the next genius; argues that it’s not like the physicist marks who  said of that he is so great because he is ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’. Spencer Cardwell’s suggestion of a book that shows how science isn’t the top dog way to get information.

-thomas aquinus: speaks of how something can’t come from nothing (but he lived in the time of popular god dwelling everywhere and held that view). Spencer Cardwells favorite philosopher.

book stand fast by our constitution suggested by Marion G. Romney

-Author Christian Markham shares his book free about God vs Satan very good

-there are 3 books of Enoch; the first is the one which Jude sites from (Jude 1:14-15 quotes from to 1 Enoch 1:9) , Specer Cardwell considers it the most important of the three. It’s about Enoch ascending to heaven and describing such. Has much to say on giants. buy on amazon for ~20$


-; Spencer Cardwell suggested such with many religious texts.

-The book of Jasher of the Apocrapha was found by Parley & Co., twas found by members of the Church; it’s Gen 5 through end of Joshua adding details; also has the account of Abraham’s sacrifice. Joshua 10:13 refers to the book of Jasher about Joshua him making the sun stop moving to win their war; scholars aren’t sure if this is the correct text.

-The Book of Jubilees: Apocrypha; Gen-Exo. coverage;

-New Testament Apocrypha (2 vole’s); by Wilheim Schneemelcher; written by early Christians, 1st and 2nd century, more likely 2nd century; it’s pseudopigrapha. Not given as much creedence as the Apocrypha. see; buy on amazon for about 15$

-Legrand Richards on Jacob’s Ladder says it’s temple covenants, those going up and down are who don’t keep their covenants, Jesus is at the top.

-KJV scholars made their own version of the Apocrypha.

-Apocrypha: Elder Maxwell quotes the Apocrypha of James in General Conference (1985 Oct. Gen. Conf. Elder Maxwell, “Premortality a Glorious Reality”)

-Eusebius: wrote a book recorded called “Ecclesiastical History”; has the Apriphal text of Jesus Christ’s letter the King Abgarus. see; later in the book of Eusebius he has the account of Thomas going to heal the King as Jesus allegedly promised. Buy used at amazon ~12$ at

-Hendrickson Publishers: produce the anti-Nicean fathers; copies of the Talmud;

-The Zohar: Jewish Text; texts about lore like Golems, but also better stuff on Abraham etc; like a mythical history of Judaism, long and somewhat boring. Not available online now, was only recently translated into english;  23 volumes in english, has the Hebrew on the side;

-Jewish writings “The Caballa”; Jewish mysticism; stores compiled and handed down;

-Jewish Golem: Stone monster; who creates it controls it; Jewish legend.

-Lilith: a Sacubus: Jewish lore: has sex with men and kills them; Jews believe she was with Adam, it didn’t work out, then God cursed her now she goes around the earth seeking to seduce and kill men; from the Jewish Caballa which is in the Zohar.

-Torah: first 5 books of the Old Testament

-The Talmud: Jewish commentaries on the Old Testament; originally in Hebrew; has a verse, and commentary written all around that verse. 74 volumes., has 3 layers: innermost is the torah, then the Misnah; then the Talmud. costs 2,000$. Available online.

-The Mishnah: the writing outside of the Torah.

-“The Ante-Nicene Fathers” (10 Volume set); all the most important Christian writings Paul to the council of Nicea. Spencer Cardwell suggests this a good big set of books to buy; about $100.

-History of the Church (LDS): can get the entire collection online paperback for $20. Written more or less by Joseph Smith.

-“Joseph Smiths Inspired Version of the Bible” published by Harold House; from the RLDS Church, the cheeper better version to get Spencer Cardwell says.

-Comprehensive History of the Church by B.H. Roberts; from beginning to the 1920’s or 1930’s.

-The Divergent Path’s of The Restoration: A book on where the churches have broken off of the LDS church are currently and what their beliefs are and current name is.

-Journal of Discourses of Brigham Young 3: The Plates Room story in the hill of Cumorah.

-Journal of Discourses: a collection; basically from Joseph Smith to the 1890’s; the conference reports from that time.

-The Complete Works of Aristotle

-“Teachings of the prophets” book series; these are by Topic; not the teachings of presidents books; Basically it’s Deseret Book boiling down the Conference talks into manageable size with important areas; Teachings of the Prophet Joesph Smith (by Joseph Fielding Smith) is the first book, of Discourses of Brigham Young (By Woodstoe) is the second; Wilford Woodruf (compiled by Homer Durum); Gospel Kingdom (on John Taylor by Duram); Gospel Standards (all the words of Pres. Grant by Durum); Gospel Ideals (on David O McKay by Durum); Gospel Doctrine (Joseph F Smtih); Doctrines of Salvation (Joseph F Smith); Teachings of Benson; Teachings of Hinckley; Teachings of Monson;

-Ezra Taft Benson: a prolific writer many books

-The Red carpet by E.T. Benson on communism

-Josephus: Jewish Historian; get the companion volume of Eusebius whom quotes Josephus, they were somewhat contemporaries. from Hendrickson Publishers.

-Philo: Influencial on the Book of John with the logos; not very good are his commentaries (doesn’t think that God and Jehovah made the world but just one of them) Spencer Cardwell says.

-Suma Thealogica: by St. Thomas Aquinus; hard to read if you haven’t taken philosophy;

-Suma Contra Gentiles: By St. Thomas Aquinus: it’s his book on how to bash with non-Christian philosophers.


-Catechism of the Catholic Church: all the official statements of belief of the Catholic Church; not organized well, organized according to the Lord’s prayer and alternately by the Nicean creed.

-The Book of Common Prayer: all the prayers of the Anglocan church; mainly it’s the book of Psalms; has the Athenesian Creed inside it about how God can’t be understood according to their doctrine.

-Vulgate: The Latin Bible (Old and New Testament)

-Spetuigent: Greek Old Testament

-The New World Translation of the Bible: Made by the Jehovah’s Witnisses Church.

-Douay-Rheims Bible: english version of the Vulgate bible. Expensive; Cardwell looking for a copy

-KJV: came out on 1611 (The standard version of the bible)

-American Standard version of the bible: easier to read version of the KJV

-Revised Standard Version: easier form of the American Standard Version

-New Revised Standard Version: easier form of the Revised Standard Version

-New International Version of the Bible: most commonly used besides the KJV; shows anyone can make a translation now there are many like Jerusalem bible; todays English Bible, new living bible, message bible, etc.; these are the modern translations of the bible.

-New American Version: the current bible of the Catholic Church in America. They also the Douay-Rheims and the American Standard Version and the Revised Standard Version and the Newly Revised Standard Version.

-powerful messages on America on BYU Devotionals:

-stand fast by the constitution by J Reuben Clark

-None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Garry Allen suggested by Ezra Taft Benson in General Conference.

• W. Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Communist and The Naked Capitalist

• H. Verlan Andersen’s The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil

• Ken Bower’s Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking How Secret Combinations Operate In the Last Days

• Christopher S. Bentley’s The Hidden Things of Darkness: An Expose of the Enemies of Christ

•Jack Monnett’s Awakening to Our Awful Situation: Warnings From the Nephite Prophets (both books 1 and 2)

-Book on hypothyroidism suggested by Joel Skousen in his lecture.

-; a link from which tells about and sells books pertaining to topics treated there.

- Scholors for Truth and Justice of 9/11; shows how it was a USA government conspiracy; it’s from scientists. featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, the book the Free Masons give the the 32nd degree Masons as instruction. see pg. 321 for where it praises Lucifer. pg. 566 it says demons told Adam not to eat the fruit and that Lucifer made Adam. It says an angel of light, Satan, enduced him to transgress, but that the demons made Eve who messed things up even more. It says that Lucifer created and governs the visible world.  featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

“22 Faces”  by Judy Byington reporting the SRA abuse to her and how it caused her to have so many different personalities, speaks of her human programmer, etc. She was featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-“Michelle Remembers” is a book about a girl who suffered SRA who eventually recovered her memories.  featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-Glen Pace report on SRA. He was asked to do research on this by President Ezra Taft Benson. See; see also see featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-“Operation Paperclip” about SRA featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

, see

-“Aleister Crowley” is a major SRA founder featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-The Quintis Tribe: claims to be the ascendants of Cain; Flavious Josephus historian writes about this featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-John Robison book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” written in 1798  featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on; contact them via;  featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

Scott N. Bradley is Founder and Chairman of The Constitutional Commemoration Foundation, Inc., a non-profit educational organization which seeks to foster increased understanding of the United States Constitution. featured in the Highland Liberty Group meeting on

-H. Verlin Anderson wrote Many are Called but Few Are Chosen and The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil

-Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, the book the Free Masons give the the 32nd degree Masons as instruction. see pg. 321 for where it praises Lucifer. pg. 566 it says demons told Adam not to eat the fruit and that Lucifer made Adam. It says an angel of light, Satan, enduced him to transgress, but that the demons made Eve who messed things up even more. It says that Lucifer created and governs the visible world.

-Ken Bowers has 20 lectures he gives (on SRA and Secret Combinations), he says contact him and he will come present them to you in your home or to your group etc.

Duncan’s Masonic ritual and monitor, or, Guide to the three symbolic degrees of the ancient York rite, and to the degrees of mark master, past master, most excellent master, and the royal arch

Book / Duncan, Malcolm C.

Chicago: E.A. Cook, 1980, 281 p.: ill.; 17 cm., Rev. ed., English

HS 459 .D8 1980

Floor 1–C, Harold B. Lee Library Bookshelves

  • Available — 1 copy

Also find online at

-St. George Tucker, “View of the Constitution of the United States”; suggested by Scott Bradley; Tucker is best Constitution scholar writing shortly after it written.

-I Testify; final speech of Ezra Taft Benson

-Latin novel “Metamorphoses” (The Golden Ass) about the iniciation rites of the religions of Greece, by Apuleus of Madaurus

-Plutarch (Greek historian original source) “On Isis and Osiris”

-Philip Dru: Administrator by Edward Mandell House; illustrates thinking of bad politics; suggested by Scott Bradley; pdf book at

Archive Publishing reprints many of the Ezra Taft Benson books.  You can reach them at  754 East 50 North, Heber, Utah 84032; 435-654-0824 (office) and 435-654-4289 (fax). Also ask Scott Bradley if you need more resources.

-Humanist Manifesto’s (1-3) can be found at; they are how the public school systems work today, not allowing anything supernatural (religion), encouraging evolution, denying existence of a God, encouraging socialism, speeding of the wealth, government handouts, free education, etc.

-every thing written by Ezra Taft Benson

-Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson published by book craft; more detailed than the Church manual.


John Taylor Gatto has written a lot of interesting exposes on the challenges in modern American education

-David Barton has some excellent videos out on the Education of the American Founders, and on America’s Godly Heritage; suggested by Scott Bradley

Separation of Church & State: What the Founders Meant

by David Barton

-Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion by David Barton

-Setting the Record Straight: American history in Black and White by David Barton

-The Second Amendment by David Barton

-See David Barton videos on conservative Constitution speeches, and speeches on education.

-New England Primer by David Barton

American Heritage Series – Ten DVD Set by

David Barton

-The Role of Pastors and Christians in Civil Government by David Barton

-The Bulletproof George Washington by David Barton

-Father of Hans Anderson on Orem City Council

-Jack Monnett on Education; forward by Scott Bradley

 Dr. A A Hodge  1887 a Princeton Theologan spoke of the education system being the mode of atheism (see “To Preserve the Nation” chapter 11 by Scott Bradley); also, Ezra Taft Benson used this quotation in his 1968 talk, “The Proper Role of Government.”

John Dewey was one of the principle authors of the original “Humanist Manifesto” (look at the names of the signers in the back of the Humanist Manifesto I).  Dewey is generally designated as “The Father of Modern American Education.”  Again, I review much of this in   “To Preserve the Nation” by Scott Bradley chapter 11, “Of Education and Freedom”

[6 Volume Set] Messages of the First Presidency ([Full set of Messages of the First Presidency including rare volume 6], 1-6) by James R. Clark

-Statements of the LDS First Presidency: A Topical Compendium (Paperback)

by Gary James Bergera (Author)

– website of Scott Bradley (National Center for Constitution Studies) for books supporting the Constitution:

The Miracle of America – Birth of a Nation from

The 5000 Year Leap – A Miracle that Changed the World from

Proclaim Liberty (A Discussion Guide) from

The Making of America (Seminar Guide & DVD) from

The Founders’ Constitution

Price $69.95

American Classic Series

Price $67.85 $45.00

How the West Was Lost

Price $45.00

A Guide for Learning and Teaching the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution

Price $42.00

The Miracle of America – Birth of a Nation

Price $29.95

Real George Washington

Price $24.95

Statehood: The Territorial Imperative

Price $30 $24.95

Real Thomas Jefferson

Price $22.95

The Making of America

Price $29.95 $22.46

The Rise of Global Governance

Price $20.00

The 5000 Year Leap – A Miracle that Changed the World

Price $19.95

Real Benjamin Franklin

Price $19.95

Soldiers Statesmen & Heroes

Price $15.95

Betrayed by the Bench

Price $14.95

Original Intent

Price $12.95

Real George Washington (eBook)

Price $10.99

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Price $10.95

Wives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Price $10.95

Real Thomas Jefferson (eBook)

Price $9.99

Real Benjamin Franklin (eBook)

Price $8.99

The Federalist Papers

Price $7.99

Democracy in America – by Alexis de Tocqueville

Price $7.99

Wealth of Nations – by Adam Smith

Price $7.99

The Bulletproof George Washington

Price $5.95

A Short Cource in Global Governance

Price $5.00

Sustainable Development or Sustainable Freedom? (Book)

Price $5.00

Repeal 17 Now!

Price $5.00

Confronting Agenda 21

Price $5.00

The Law

Price $4.95

Common Sense

Price $2.50

The Rise of Global Governance (DVD)

Price $20.00

A More Perfect Union – Education Package

Price $19.95

The Making of America (Seminar Guide & DVD)

Price $29.95 $19.95

A More Perfect Union

Price $19.95

The Link

Price $10.00

A More Perfect Union (in white sleeve)

Price $19.95 $9.95

America the Home I Love – Patriotic & Nostalgic Favorites

Price $9.95 $5.00

-K-Talk AM 630 Thursdays 1-1:30 the Utah Eagle Forum speaks, helping us know of bills.

-Utah Eagle Forum 2486 West Winding Way, South Jordan Utah 84095; 801-756-8077

-The Leipzig Connection: Destroying American Education, the pdf full text is free at

-“The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” by Ray Kurzweil is a book about how they are trying to use artificial intelligence to connect humans to robots and not require humans to have bodies etc. Very evil. (Download it at

-Andrew M Allison series American Classic Series

Toward Soviet America (Classic Reprint) Paperback  by William Z. Foster

The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History Paperback – January 1, 1985 by A. Ralph Epperson

-Richard Maybury book “Whatever Happenned to Law?”

Uncle Eric Series 11-Book Set Latest Editions

by Richard Maybury

The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot

by Russell Kirk; written in 1953 ; explaining the original meaning the claim to the word “conservative”, which meaning is that they try to stay as close as possible to the original intent of the Founding Fathers Constitution.

The Anti-Depressant Fact Book: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, and Luvox (Paperback)

by Peter Roger Breggin

The Antidepressant Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Overcoming Antidepressant Withdrawal, Dependence, and “Addiction” Paperback – January 17, 2006

by M.D. Joseph Glenmullen M.D.

The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil by H. Verlan Andersen

The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution by W. Cleon Skousen

-Seperation of Church and State: What the Founders Meant by David Barton

They knew the prophet (Hardcover)

by Hyrum Leslie Andrus

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen (for more info, and links to much information, see

-books by Patch Adams like “House Calls” about charity etc, as well as book “Geuzuntheit” by him

The Hidden Things of Darkness: An Expose of the Enemies of Christ  by Christofer S. Bentley, suggested by Christian Markham

Wall Builders Online Store from, or call them at 817-441-6044, or email them; suggested by Stephen Pratt; below are some resources from them:

Black History

African American Perspectives

Freedmen’s Bureau Online

Harper’s Weekly

Neglected Voices
(Biographies and Speeches of the first African American Congressmen)


Answers in Genesis

Creation Ministries International

Creation Science Evangelism

Creation Worldview Ministries

Encyclopedia of Creation Science

Institute for Creation Research

Reasons to Believe

Educational Groups

Answers in Genesis

The Center for Education Reform

Christian Educators Association

Christian Law Association

Gateways to Better Education

Institute for Creation Research

Myers Institute For Communication & Leadership

National Assoc. of Christian Educators/Citizens for Excellence in Education

National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools

Public School Bible Study Committee

Summit Ministries

Find Your Congressman:

A Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor
(An Evangelical Response to Global Warming)

The Cornwall Declaration
(A powerful statement of Judeo-Christian belief about religion and the environment)

David Barton Testifies Before the Senate

We Get It
Caring for the Environment and the Poor, Biblically

Find your Congressman:



Homes of the Founding Fathers:

George Mason’s Gunston Hall

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

James Madison’s Montpelier

Noah Webster’s Home

Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Historical Documents

Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America

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Religion and the Founding of the American Republic from the Library of Congress

View of the Constitution by William Rawle

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The American Christian History Institute

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(Christian tours of D.C., Jamestown, Boston, etc.)

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Books about how the Founding Fathers were Christians:

What was the role of the judiciary (especially the Supreme Court) envisioned by the Founding Fathers?

On the topic of Seperation of Chruch and State:

Founding Fathers and Slavery :

The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers

The Bible in Church and in America:

Historical Writings: Election Sermons:

Sermon-Election-Massachusetts, 1814

An Election Sermon, preached by Jesse Appleton, to the Governor, Lt. Governor and legislature of Massachusetts in Boston, on May 25, 1814.

Sermon-Election-Connecticut, 1803

An Election Sermon, preached by Matthias Burnet, at Hartford, Connecticut on May 12, 1803.

Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1783

An Election Sermon, preached by Henry Cumings, before the Lt. Governor and legislature of Massachusetts, on May 28, 1783.

Sermon-Election- New Hampshire, 1816

An Election Sermon, preached by Pliny Dickinson, to the Governor, Lt. Governor and legislature of New Hampshire, on June 6, 1816.

Sermon-Election-Connecticut, 1796

An Election Sermon, preached by John Marsh, to the Lt. Governor and legislature of Connecticut, on May 12, 1796.

Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1800

An Election Sermon, preached by Joseph McKeen, to the legislature of Massachusetts, on May 18, 1800.

Sermon-Election-Massachusetts, 1791

An Election Sermon, preached by Chandler Robbins, to John Hancock as Governor, Samuel Adams as Lt. Governor, and the legislature of Massachusetts, on May 25, 1791.

Sermon-Election- Vermont, 1812

Pastor Isaac Beall encourages the elected officials in Vermont to make righteousness the basis of their public service.

Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1790

Massachusetts clergyman Daniel Foster provides an exemplary model of a pastor illuminating God’s governmental principles for the political leaders of his State.

Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1788

“In this election sermon on good government, the Rev. David Parsons continues the century-old tradition of American ministers giving a sermon before newly-elected government leaders.”

Historical Sermons: Misc:

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

In one of his most powerful speeches, President Lincoln invokes God and Scripture in marking the nation’s triumph over slavery and laying the groundwork for peace.

Sermon- Christian Patriot- Boston, 1840

“In this powerful sermon on Christian patriotism, the Rev. Mellish Motte challenges his congregation regarding the need for personal righteousness, particularly in the political arena, so that the whole nation may benefit.”

John Jay on the Biblical View of War

Founding Father John Jay logically and methodically addresses the issue of war from a Biblical perspective.

The Founders As Christians

A collection of quotes from the Founding Fathers.

Sermon-Marriage- 1837

English clergyman Henry Norris marks the recent passage of a new law on marriage by providing a detailed look at the marriage institution from a Biblical perspective. His sermon provides an example of how 18th and 19th Century clergymen regularly instruct

Sermon-Execution of Richard Doane- Hartford, 1797

“In this “”Execution Sermon,”” Rev. Nathan Strong reminds his listeners of the terrible consequences of a sinful life apart from God, and urges them to be reconciled to God through Christ.”

Sermon-Liberty- Philadelphia, 1775

“The Rev. Jacob Duche delivers a powerful and compelling presentation of the liberty Christ provides His people, and the clear application of that liberty to the civil arena.”

Sermon-The Infirmities and Comforts of Old Age- West Springfield, 1805

“In this 1805 sermon, preached when he was 74 years old, the Rev. Joseph Lathrop encourages his listeners to adopt a Biblical perspective on aging.”

Sermon-Artillery- Boston, 1809

“The Rev. John Foster delivers what is called an “”Artillery Sermon”” – an annual sermon given before a military audience.”

Sermon-Dueling- Albany, 1838

New York pastor William Sprague takes a strong stand against the practice of dueling and exhorts his congregation on the vital importance of praying for government officials in this sermon.

Sermon-Moral View of Rail Roads- 1851

The Rev. S. C. Aiken cultivates a Christian worldview in his audience by presenting both a Biblical and historical context for transportation.

Sermon-Great Fire in Boston- Boston, 1760

“The Rev. Jonathan Mayhew exhorts his congregation after the Great Fire in Boston, providing them with a Biblical perspective of disasters and encouraging them to cultivate a humble and repentant heart before God.”

Sermon-Solar Eclipse- West Springfield, 1806

New England clergyman Joseph Lathrop uses the occasion of a solar eclipse to provide an explanation for the phenomenon and strengthen the Biblical worldview of his parishioners.

Proclamation-America Seeks God in a Time of War- 1777

“During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress declared the first national day of thanksgiving in America, asking that God would “inspire our Commanders both by Land and Sea, and all under them, with that Wisdom and Fortitude which may render the

Benjamin Franklin’s letter to Thomas Paine

This letter is Benjamin Franklin’s response to a manuscript Thomas Paine sent him advocating against the concept of a providential God.

The Founders on Gambling

A collection of quotes by the Founding Fathers on gambling.

Qualifications for Public Office

“Daniel Webster persuasively reasons for the peoples’ right to establish qualifications for their elected officials and acknowledges the importance of Massachusetts’ “”respect and attachment to Christianity.”””

Should Christians – Or Ministers – Run For Office?

Founding Father John Witherspoon’s sagacious rebuttal to the 1777 Georgia Constitution’s provision forbidding clergymen from serving in the Georgia legislature

Proclamation-Humilation and Prayer- 1812

“During the War of 1812, the House and Senate passed a resolution requesting that the President recommend a day of national public humiliation and prayer, which President James Madison did by proclamation on July 9, 1812.”

Letters Between the Danbury Baptists and Thomas Jefferson

“This exchange is the source for the infamous phrase, the “wall of separation,” as it pertains to the First Amendment.”

George Washington’s Farewell Address

“As you read Washington’s closing thoughts at the end of his second administration, notice the principles that apply to all government, at all times. We have also added an outline and a select vocabulary for your convenience.”

Importance of Morality and Religion in Government

A collection of quotes from the Founding Fathers.

“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”

Patrick Henry’s stirring speech with scripture references added.

The Importance of Voting and Christian Involvement in the Political Arena

“A collection of quotes from the Founders and other leaders on the importance of informed, judicious voting by the people.”

Thomas Paine Criticizes the Current Public School Science Curriculum

“This piece was written in 1797, yet has immediate application today. Although Paine was a deist, he fails to fit neatly into the irreligious category, which is the usual portrayal.”

-Slouching Toward Gumorah; by Supreme Country Justice Judge Robert Bork on stepping ver Constitutional bounds in allowing sodomy etc in the USA. suggested by Stephen Pratt; speaks of Lawrence VS Texas on how if the Supreme Court can do that, the Constitution is simply gone!

-1972 book “Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Ammendment”   by Rob Burger; legal historian; (the book “Betrayed by the Bench” is another book on the subject published more recently) suggested by Stephen Pratt suggested by Stephen Pratt;

-Hollywood Traitors: Screenwriters Promoted Both Stalin and Hitler as WW2 Approached by Allan C. Brownfeld Feb 13, 2015

-Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society by Joseph Sobran; speaks of decline of religion in our society

Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation

713 Park St., SE

Vienna, VA 22180

-“Trial By Jury” by Lysander Spooner written in 1852; free at; Suggested by Stephen Pratt

-Frederick Bastilae (French Author); legalized plunder is taking from haves and giving to have-not’s. Suggested by Stephen Pratt

-Richard Mayberry, “Whatever Happenned to Law?” Suggested by Stephen Pratt

-Sir William Blackstone; a great jurist and author Founding Fathers referred to

-J Reuben Clark, “Roman Civil Law”

-“We Are All Socialists Now” Newsweek Magazine 16 February 2009 (Cover Story); Suggested by Scott Bradley, illustrates USA trends toward socialism.

– “The New American Magazine.”  President Benson read regularly and gave subscriptions of the magazine to both President Hinckley and President Monson

– Archive Publishers out of Heber City, Utah see them for the publication on the political platform of Joseph Smith. See also (History of the Church, Vol.6, Ch.8, p.197-209; Vol. 5. No. 10. Nauvoo, Illinois, May, 15 1844.  Whole No. 94, Times and Seasons, Vol.5, p.528-533)

-to get old J Reuben Clark talks etc. many talks are available in a multi-volume publication from Brigham Young University Press (available at Amazon Books and some other sources), and many are published in LDS general conference reports.

-John Birch Society.  See  President Benson was a huge advocate, his son Reed worked of them, and his wife Flora was a chapter leader.; Suggested by Scott Bradley

-The first comprehensive American dictionary was published in 1828 by Founding Father Noah Webster.  In this book he captured the meanings of the words as they were used during the American Founding era.  The title of the dictionary is “American Dictionary of the English Language” Noah Webster 1828.  Scott Bradley’s book, “To Preserve the Nation,” has a large appendix of words from George Washington’s “Farewell Address” which were defined from this dictionary.

Stephen Pratt more suggested reading:

1. A More Perfect Union, America Becomes a Nation (Education Version) from the National Center for Constitutional Studies
2. Liberty and Economics, The Ludwig Von Mises Legacy
3. God, Schools and The Constitution; What should be taught? by John Eidsmoe
4. The Three Founding’s of America by Stephen Pratt
Two Contrasting Charters by Herb Titus
5. Sustainable Development and Biosphere Reserves by Michael Coffman and Tom Gilbert
6. America’s Censored Heritage by Michael Chapman
7. To Ourselves and Our Posterity by Stephen Pratt
8. Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve from the Mises Insitute (
9. Which Father Are You Following by Stephen Pratt
10. Immigration Invasion by John F. McManus (

Institute on the Constitution by John Eidsmoe (12 thirty minute lessons with a study guide)

Pamphlets to Read:

1. The Constitution of the United States with the Declaration of Independence from the National Center for Constitutional Studies (
2. The Truth About Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment (
3. When Tyranny Came to America by Joe Sobran (
4. A Humbling Lesson: Congressman Davy Crockett learns about the proper role of government by Edward S. Ellis (1884) (
5. Republics and Democracies: Without the proper foundation liberty will crumble! by Robert Welch (
6. Government, Poverty and Self-Reliance: Wisdom from 19th Century Presidents by Lawrence W. Reed (
7. Great Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence W. Reed (
8. Transforming America: Sustainable Development (

Books to Read:

1. The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World, Principles of Freedom 101 by W. Cleon Skousen (
2. Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis by Bill Bonner and Wiggin
3. A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt by John V. Denson

Sites suggested by Stephen Pratt:

-suggested by Stephen Pratt original source reading

Abraham Lincoln’s definition of “the Union” in his First Inaugural Address and in his message to Congress on July 4, 1861.

A View of the Constitution, 1825 or 1829 edition. and

the Second Treaty of Paris of 1783 that ended the American Revolutionary War.

The Articles of Confederation

The Federalist Papers:

James Madison’s writings, Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787. Examine the context in which words like “voluntary,” “compact,” and “sovereignty” are used.

The Bill of Rights

-see Dr. Ron Paul (suggested by Stephen Prat)

-see Dr. Larry Mconald (suggested by Stephen Pratt)

Ron Paul’s rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

by Brian Doherty website and Reason Magazine by Brian Doherty, the name who wrote the book in support of Ron Paul In Search of the American Constitutional Paradigm; shares the  Dyett v. Turner case where Utah Justices rebuke Washinton D.C. deceptions on 14th Ammendment, other good resources there.

Dyett v. Turner — Utah Supreme Court — 1968

In this court case, Utah Supreme Court calls out the federal government as having foisted (deceived) the 14th Ammendment upon the USA, etc. They denounce supremacist judges in Washington D.C. ; they push for Constitutional law as opposed to social law. (*I found this case by suggestion of Stephen Pratt.)


-None Dare Call it Treason by John Stormer

-“Betrayed by the Bench” by John Stormer: book about how judge-made-law has transformed the Constitution courts and culture

The Supremacists  – June 1, 2006

by Phyllis Schlafly ; esp. see ch 15 about how to stop Judicial Supremesists; suggested by Stephen Pratt. the site of Phyllis Schlafly

-Phyllis Schlafly’s published works include:

-Contact PHyllis Schlafly: Eagle Forum, 7800 Bonhomme Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63105

phone: 314-721-1213, fax: 314-721-3373, e-mail:

Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, in which he argued that the rise of the New Left in the 1960s in the U.S. undermined the moral standards necessary for civil society, and spawned a generation of intellectuals who oppose Western civilization. by Supreme Country Justice Judge Robert Bork

Saving Justice: Watergate, the Saturday Night Massacre, and Other Adventures of a Solicitor GeneralMar 12, 2013

by Supreme Country Justice Judge Robert Bork

A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments (American Ideals & Institutions)Nov 15, 2008

by Hon. Robert H. Bork

The Tempting of AmericaJan 1, 1997

by Robert H. Bork

Antitrust ParadoxJan 31, 1993

by Robert H. Bork

Coercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of JudgesJan 1, 2003

by Robert H. Bork

The Right to Privacy (Bioethics & Culture Series)Aug 2008

by Janet E. Smith and Robert H. Bork

A Country I Do Not Recognize: The Legal Assault on American Values (Hoover Institution Press Publication)Sep 15, 2005

by Robert H. Bork, or are used book stores.

The Evolution and Destruction
of the
Original Electoral College by Gary and Carolyne Alder (see Prophetic references to the signs of the last dsay from an LDS Perspective; has a PDF download with over 250 documents quoting prophets Author here puts a substantial treatment on the secret combinations occurring oin the last days.

-“Democracies and Republics” by Robert Welch suggested by Stephen Pratt

-Edward Griffin “World Without Cancer”

The Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin suggested by Stephen Pratt

-The Fearful Master, on the United Nations by Edward Griffin

-“Lies my Science Teacher told me” by Casey Wigginton

A. Ralph Epperson has written a handful of books concerning the background and cultures of secret societies. Suggested by Christian Markham.

-“Morals and Dogma” by Robert Pike; considered priority reading for Freemasons. Suggested by Christian Markham

-Manly P. Hall’s book Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians; suggested by Christian Markham

Book Library 2:

-Joseph Fielding McConkie (Son of Bruce R McConkie) published a book in 2003 “The Bruce R McConkie Story: Reflections of a Son.”

-Mystic writer popular showing alternate interpretation of the New Testimeny, an evil man saying that Jesus is not the Savior, ties everything into the ancient mystery schools and mysticism of Greek philosophers etc. (Source – (a book to get to know the art of war and what the other side’s tactics are)

  • -
  • -In 2002, a woman named Sarah Menet wrote a book titled There Is No Death about her near death experience (NDE). By the time her NDE occurred in 1979, she had endured so many horrendous things in her life that she was convinced that there was no God. She had become jaded into resolute atheism. During her remarkable NDE, she gained an understanding of pre-mortality and the afterlife. She also witnessed that Jesus Christ exists, and that He is the Savior of the world. Sometime after her NDE she was baptized into the LDS Church. (Suggested by Christian Markham)
  • 1961 book A History of Secret Societies by Arkon Daraul (which, as mentioned previously, is a likely pseudonym for Idries Shah) (Suggested by Christian Markham) (a book to get to know the art of war and what the other side’s tactics are)

-Michael Allen Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, published in 1995 (a book to get to know the art of war and what the other side’s tactics are)

General Ahiman Rezon; or, Freemason’s Guide; about the binding covenant of becoming a Mason, etc.

-Dictionary of Freemasonry by Morris

-Mackey –Lexicon of Freemasonry

-Grand Lodge Reports; namely that of 1867

-Mackey – Masonic Jurisprudence

-Oliver –Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry

-Chase –Digest of Masonic Law

-Mackey –Mystic Tie of Freemasonry

-10,000 Famous Freemasons published in 1957 (see supporting material section for a link to a PDF copy of this text)

President Anthony W. Ivins’ 1934 book Relationship Between Mormonism and Freemasonry (President Ivins was First Counselor of the First Presidency under Heber J. Grant when he wrote this book, and passed away before seeing it published) (see supporting material section for a link to a PDF copy of this text)

E. Cecil McGavin’s 1947 book Mormonism and Masonry. (see supporting material section for a link to a PDF copy of this text)

-The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw about his life in Freemasonry

Albert Pike, Albert Mackey and Manly P. Hall; these are 3 celebrated Freemason writers read by those serious about Freemasonry by Roger Macfarlane BYU professor of Latin about Greek and Roman Mythology

-Beast Tech by Cook

World Order (Paperback)

by Henry Kissinger

Life Under Compulsion: Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity of Your Child (Hardcover)

by Mr. Anthony Esolen

The Agenda: The homosexual plan to change America

by Louis P Sheldon


Proof Common Core Is Killing Common Sense

Common Core Takedown – Make Common Core History, We Will Not Conform – Glenn Beck On Hannity

Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

Play, not Pre-K

-Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West


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  • Proof of a Conspiracy by John Robison
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GMOs in Foods – Pretty Poison Groceries – A Living Book on GMOs [Kindle Edition]

Jacquelyn S. Roberts

The “People Power” Natural-Green-Holistic Superbook Book 6. Bad Food Guide (Caffeine, MSG, GMOs, Sugar, Fat, Allergies) [Kindle Edition]

Tony Kelbrat

Avoid The Poison: A Guide to a GMO Free and Sugar Free Diet (Non GMO, GMO Diet,GMO Foods,GMO Books,Monsanto,Sugar Free, Sugar) [Kindle Edition]

Joshua Zitting

New offers for

Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life (Hardcover)

by David Perlmutter (promotes vegetables etc)

GMO Labeling Standards: Is The Food You Feed Your Children Safe? [Kindle Edition]

Roger Klein


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The Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracies: From the Knights Templar to the JFK Assassination: Uncovering the [Real] Truth Behind the World’s Most Controversial Conspiracy Theories [Kindle Edition]

Monte Cook


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  • Addiction: Why Can’t They Just Stop?by John Hoffman
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  • -The Challenge of Our Times by W Cleon Skousen (asked to write it by the First Presidency, manner of presentation considered by several Apostles until they all felt it was the correct way to present it)

    -War is a Racket: short book by large military man denouncing war; tells of his career in it and the bad missions he was sent on for the USA

    -Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady, D. Ac.

    -Guide to popular natural produce copyright by Facts and Comparisons

    -No Side Effects! By Griffin on herbal medicine

    -The return to the herbal medicine with no side effects by Griffin

    -Herbal Medicinal products by Gaedcke and Steinhoff

    -Herbal supplements and the Brain by Enna Norton

    -pharmacodynamic basis of herbal medicine by ebadi (large)

    -the doctors book of herbal home remedies by the editors of Prevention health books; copyright Rodale Inc

    -herbs for the mind by davidson connor

    -infusions of healing about herbal mexican by Joie Davidow

    -secrets of native american herbal remedies by anthony j. cichoke, D.C., Ph.D.

    -the clinical manual of chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture by zhou jin

    -the herbal drugstore by white and foster

    -enzyme therapy by wold and ransberger

    -enzyme nutrition by howell

    -enzymes and enzyme therapy by cichoke

    -marjhuana, the forbidden medicine by grin spoon (is this pro mj ? I want a no mj book)

    -see Alex Jones radio show info on where research GMO’s