Church Video on Religious Freedom: Summary

Church Video on Religious Freedom: Summary

-freedom from religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.

-It’s not right when others want to silence you because you don’t agree with them.

-If you can’t manifest your beliefs they loose a great deal of their meaning.

-Religious freedom is essential for human dignity, economy, and democracy.

-This film shows many reports of Christians being persecuted

-not being allowed to wear a cross at work,

-at Rutgers University not being able to require leaders of Christian clubs to be Christian

-graphs showing increase of religious restrictions

-forcing doctors to give abortion drugs even though the state could easily refer the people who want that elsewhere.

-Nashville at Vanderbilt University bans Christian groups from campus.

-In Nashville at Vanderbilt University Christian clubs are told to quit whining and meet in their homes like they do in communist China.

-Christians kicked off campus at Brown University

-Innkeepers and photographers sued for refusing to service some people against their religion

-New Mexico photographer’s religious freedom case goes to State Supreme Court

-one photographer fined 7,000 $ for not filming a homosexual wedding

-freedom of conscience is the right to not have to do something that violates the principals God has given you

-learn about your friends’ religious beliefs

-don’t make fun of other religions

-you don’t need any special training to get involved and speak up for these rights. You just need an interest.

-in the 21st century we can’t flee any longer, we are going to have to fight for religious freedom, and principals contained in it. (Elder Holland)

-defend religious liberty so it can be a beacon for morality (Elder Cook)

-defend religion on the internet etc. Be an active participant not a silent observer. (Elder Cook)

-use Facebook, Twitter, etc. online

-the Lord will put us in positions to help others learn of religious freedom

-Joseph Smith said he is as ready to die for any religion being trampled on, nor just LDS, because those who kill religious rights for one religion kill them for other religions.

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