Doctrine and Covenants Church Institute Manual

D&C Institute Student Manual:


not needful to include quote excerpts from the text here, but make it known that such references are in the text.  This document is to have reference to to manual, not to be the manual.


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-The D&C stands above all the other standard works

-fortified against errors and will be made strong if study the D&C

Section 4:

-life time of study it’s for

-no one has mastered this section

-may be greatest qualification for service to God revelation

-what the Lord calls great and marvelous truly is.

truths JS has taught have effected all good people with means to hear in the world

-serve with all, means can only serve one master

-desire then called; GASmith said applies to all Latter-day Saints.

-George Albert Smith: most import is teach the gospel who doesn’t understand it.

-Gold/White wheat signified that the time of the harvest was at hand.

-Pres McKay: partakers of thedivine nature.’  is to be in touch with the spiritual

-Pres McKay says we obey God so we can partake of his divine nature

Section 5:

-quote JFiS ; on how if the plates were here they would scoff at them like they did at Jesus Christ.

-dispensations to the world always warn the world, this time it was by JS.

-Marion G Romney says Lord always warns each dispensation anew, and that has been accomplished in this generation by JS.

Section 6:

-repetition in scripture to emphasize that what the Lord says to one he says to all.

-word of the Lord is quick=it’s alive

-sharp word of God can kill spiritually who hear it not

-word of God can pierce who hear it to the core.

-only a hard heart keeps you from finding as you seek.

-God’s will for you is to bring forth the cause of Zion.

-JFiS reminds that mysteries of God are to be revealed to the faithful.

-preach what is simple and according to your understanding.

-can’t have religion without revelation

-other men nor devils can pry into your thoughts. Those are sacred. -McConkie in Mormon Doctrine.

-twas a right for JS to be martyred, Cowdrey if faithful would have been in Carthage and martyred wit JS, but he lost that privilege which should have been his and Hyrum received it. It is the place of the first Elders of the church, and is mandatory in the law of witnesses. -McConkie, doctrines of Savlation.

Section 7:

-all need death, John is translated, even those people go through something like death to change their bodies. Even Christ died. The scripture says all must die.

-John has ministered to the nations in large by his book the bible, which has some 3.88 billion copies printed between 1815 and 1999.

-John seen at Kirtland temple by several at endowment sessions of the first presidency.

-keys given to First Presidency on mount of Transfiguration are the keys which were given to JS  and O Cowdrey in this dispensation.

Section 8:

-records (scriptures) yet to come forth if we are faithful. Shows references to scriptural allusions of such. (Scholors today are bringing dead sea scrolls and the like to light).

-Doctrines of Salvation: destruction means cut off from the presence of the Lord.

-likenning of Oliver Cowdrey to Aaron.

-power of faith is over all other powers; it is an intelligent force.

Section 9:

-Cowdrey wanted to translate and was allowed such but didn’t continue on in it; he underestimated how hard it is, and it was taken from him as he was not diligent in it. He saw to not ask for such any more but to do according to his original appointment to be scribe.

-Cowdrey tried translating in his way rather than the Lords way and was ceased.

-Book of Mormon is a lesser thing compared to what we could have if we are faithful.

-once have faith as the brother of Jared we will get more scripture.

-probable that we must wait until wicked are gone for it’s rare that people have faith as the brother of Jared which is qualifier for some scripture to come forth.

-upon faithfulness like unto the brother of Jared we will received record of the beginning of the world unto the end of the world.

(*who try to learn history I would say are generally righteous people)

-still small voice described

Section 11:

-Baptism Brings Understanding

15 may 1829 after JS baptism he said things were taught him he could never before understand

-Preech nothing but repinetance means to preach with the spirit of getting people to repent

Section 12:


-May it be said of me by JS as it was of Knight Sr, while one stands in Zion, this man will be true.

Section 13:

-millions were distracted like the blind groping for the wall and they got to see an angel and hear the voice of God declare peace unto them!

-the Aaronic Priesthood included the Levitical Priesthood.

-animal sacrifice to be brought back  in the restoration of all; Sons of Levi offering up sacrifice in righteousness to the Lord means them offering animals in the temple. This will go on after Christ, and it will be generation to generation. Shedding of blood was and must return! JS said this.

-JFiS : at beginning of Millennium animal blood sacrifice returns to do the sufficient amount for this generation, then sacrifice will be in some other form.

Section 14:

-by making friends and speaking to them, The Lord uses those relationships to carry out his work. So should we make things happen based upon, by the strength and wisdom of, the groups we form with us, and people we know.

-store pic of PWhitmer home

Section 15&16:

Section 17:

-JFi Smith says angels aren’t as lasting a witness as the HG.

-e/ dispensation has at least 2 bearing witness, including Adam’s dispensation. -Mormon Doctrine.

-JS relieved that there are other witnesses of Book of Mormon, that he not alone in the world anymore.

He expressed this to his parents (*he was still in respect of his parents).

-statement is given from each of the 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon on how they testified of it’s truth until their death. They wavered in other areas, but never in their testimony that the Book of Mormon is true.

Section 18:

-save one soul related to your wife; save many related to your children; this example given.

-the church of the devil is to say the whole of things under the influence of his power.

-the distracting influence of the abominable church is what makes it abominable. it takes the saints away from the God.

-2 churches only to mean God’s power and influence vs Satan’s power and influence.

-missionary work is to be done with kindness not contention or it’s satins work. Also try to persuade people with that kindness.

-Cowdrey said weeping, and BY. wrote it, that when one reads the D&C with the spirit, they not only read the words of Christ but hear Christ himself. Many want to speak with Christ, and THIS IS IT.

Section 19:

-end of the world means a new world where there is no lust begins at the Second Coming of Christ. -McConkie

-hell is a place where people learn what they should have learned in life -Talmage

-eternal damnation is to have limits placed upon a person so they cannot progress to the state of godhood gaining a fullness of things.

-“inherit deaths” as spoken of in D&C 29:42-4 means they cannot have posterity in the resurrection.

-Gethsemane brought  anguish that only a God could endure; it required more power of physical and mental endurance than we men can yield -Talmage.

-repentance is not only to stop doing what is wrong but is to start doing what is right -Ludlow Companion.

-tern Jew and Gentile still used today; used in one instance as a dividing line between whites and Indians.

-all saints under the obligation to preach the gospel.

-Hosanah meaning “save now” or “grant us salvation” is found 5 times in the D&C.

Section 20:

-this section has been called the articles and covenants article.

-pertains to church organization.

-the church was commanded by Jesus Christ to be organized April 6th because that is in commemoration of the day Jesus Christ was born, April 6th.

-a person can’t get instruction higher than themselves (applying to a larger jurisdiction in the church than is their duly appointed portion).

-Meaning of Joseph Smith being entangled in the vanities refers to not malignant or great sins, but to foolish errors, weakness of youth, foibles of human nature which lead him to diverse temptations. Guily of levity, jovial company, not correct for a servant of God.

-mankind is not evil by birth, but by disobeying God’s commands. The scriptures clarify this, that the natural man, which is enemy to God, refers to the man who breaks God’s commandments.

-the prophet has shown there can be and are other Gods (Answers to Gospel Questions, 2:142).

-when we speak of God being one God, we refer to the perfect unity in which the 3 members of the Godhead operate. The Godhead consists of 3 distinct persons: God The Father, God The Son, God the Holy Ghost.

-Justification is defined by Elder Bruce R McConkie to mean obeying all requirements of the gospel, and all associations required, etc. which allow the Holy Spirit to justify the person as a candidate for salvation.

-Sanctification is defined by President Brigham Young to mean overcoming every sin and bringing all into subjection to the law of Christ. It’s when the spirit of God reigns dominant in us and triumphs over the flesh.

Nevertheless, we will always be tempted. Effects of sin will be felt until after death, for death came into the world by sin.

-Falling from grace defined by Elder Theodore Burton: this can happen to any of us despite our good standing should we become neglecting in our prayers and church duties etc. So resolve to live closer to God and his prophets than ever before.

-Broken heart and contrite spirit means sorrow for sin, desire of forgiveness from God, then broken heart means a humble heart willing to obey the gospel.

-baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost means there are 2 baptisms needed explains Elder Bruce R McConkie; and when they happen we are literally born again a new creature; the Holy Ghost sanctifies and burns out all the dross out of us like fire does to a thing. Baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost happens at confirmation. who receive it are “filled as if with fire“.

-baptism brings us back into the presence of one of the members of the Godhead, The Holy Ghost.

This is what is meant by being spiritually reborn taught Elder Harold B. Lee.

-Joseph Fielding Smith taught not all principals of church organization were revealed at first because it would have been like a flood we could not have received at that time.

-Church conferences, General Conference is what the Brethren would have us know for the next 6 months and we ought get a copy of it says President Harold B. Lee.

-Sustaining people means we will defend their character should the opportunity arise. Do everything you can to sustain him. If you need council, ask for it at that persons hand.

why do we bless little children before the church? Jehovah has commanded it, and they are blessed as the Saints assemble their faith in their behalf taught President John Taylor.

-infants aren’t baptized because they are not accountable before the Lord.

-set prayers are for the purpose of giving them careful study, and the sacrament prayers point to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

-The Book or Mormon deals with people who had the fullness of the gospel, namely all that was required for their salvation, and all that is required for salvation is found in that book teaches Elder Bruce R McConkie

in “Mormon Doctrine”.

Section 27: 

-we beware invading armies, but even more so we should prepare against armies which are unseen that attack us. This is done by living the gospel.

Section 29:

-The elect are who are striving with all their hearts to keep the fulness of the gospel law in this life. p60, and McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p.217.

-Purpose of gathering the Saints is to give them access to temples p60
-Concerning the wicked being burned, Joseph Fielding Smith said “It is not a figure of speech that is meaningless, or one not to be taken literally when the Lord speaks of the burning.” (p.60, also Church History and Modern Revelation, 1:238).
-President Joseph Fielding Smith said “The day of the coming of the Lord is near. I do not know when…. I sincerely believe it will come in the very day when some of us who are here today [5 April 1936] will be living upon the face of the earth.” see Doctrines of Salvation, 3:2-3; also this manual pg. 61.
-“This combined Priesthood, it would appear, will hold the destiny of the human family in their hands and adjudicate in all matters pertaining to their affairs.” see Mediation and Atonement, pp. 155-57 and this manual pg 61.
-“death that will prevail during the final great battles ushering in Christ’s reign of peace…mass murder… violent death of warring men, that their decaying bodies shall stop the noses of the passengers, it shall be a task of mammoth proportions merely to dispose of them.” see Ezek 39, see Mormon Doctrine, p. 772, see this manual pg 61.
-“The figure of a cup of indignation suggests that the Lord will no longer forbear taking vengeance on the wicked who will not repent. Just as there is a limit to the amount a cup can hold, so there is a limit to the amount of patience the Lord will show towards those who perform wicked acts. To restrain himself longer would be not a virtue but a disservice to mankind for who he has offered himself as Savior.” pg61.
-Earth is living and must die, but since it keeps the law it shall be restored through the resurrection. The Lord intends to save all things he has created. p62.
-“Adam holds the keys of all the dispensations of the fulness of times, i.e. the dispensations of all times have been and will be revealed through him from the beginning.” p62, and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 167-68, and Smith, Church History and Modern Revelation, 1:309.
-Concerning the wicked to everlasting fire, “the Lord indicated that he has never said that they should return; rather, he has said that hey cannot come where he is, and they have no power, meaning that hte power of the Spirit is completely withdrawn from them.” p62
-We can’t understand all the reasons for why God does what he does being in our condition we are now in; but “when the designs of God shall be made manifest, and the curtain of futurity be withdrawn, we shall all of us eventually have to confess that the Judge of all the earth has done right.” (History of the Church, 4:595-96, and here p.62.)
-“the Father puts his own name on the Son and authorizes him to speak in the first person as though he were the Father…. Thus it is that our Lord can begin a revelation by saying ‘Listen to the voice of Jesus Christ,’ and shortly thereafter speak of ‘mine Only Begotten’, such latter expression being made by authority which permits him to speak as though he were the Father.” – p 63; also see Moromon Doctrine p130; see also “the Father and the Son: A doctrinal Exposition by the First Presidency” in Talmage, Articles of Faith pp465-73.

Section 35:

-Joseph Smith had all authority that any man on the earth ever did.

-one eternal round explained

-becoming one means we receive the Savior and the Holy Ghost

-“ There has been more prophecy fulfilled in the last forty-three years upon the face of the earth, than in two thousand years before.” Said Wilford Woodruf in aprox. Year 1873. (In Journal of Discourses, 16:267.)

Section 36:

-“ when one of his authorized servants puts his hands by authority upon the head of one to be blessed, it is as though he himself was putting his hand on with them to perform that ordinance.” (Be Secure in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year [Provo, 11 Feb. 1958], p. 6.)

-“ President Joseph Fielding Smith, in reference to those of the latter days said, “This is an untoward generation, walking in spiritual darkness” (Church History and Modern Revelation, 1:163).

Section 42:

No one can come to the Father except through obedience to thelaws that Christ has given (see D&C 132:12). The violation of these laws iswhat constitutes sin (see 1 John 3:4).

The body which is killed will riseagain in the resurrection with little damage to its eternal welfare, but hewhose faith has been shattered may suffer long ages before completerestoration of spiritual stature can be had, if at all.” (In Conference Report,Apr. 1948, pp. 109–10; see also D&C 52:9 Joseph Smith.

-people with varried opinions have “no right to impose upon others their unorthodox views.” Pres Spencer W Kimball Conference Report,Apr. 1948, pp. 109–10; see also D&C 52:9

-“If one cannot accept and teach theprogram of the Church in an orthodox way without reservations, heshould not teach.” -Pres. Spencer W Kimball Conference Report,Apr. 1948, pp. 109–10; see also D&C 52:9

-Destroying the faith/offending one of these little ones and the millstone and drowning consequence “means not only the small children, it includes even adults who believeand trust in God” -Pres. Spencer W. Kimball Conference Report,Apr. 1948, pp. 109–10; see also D&C 52:9

-whose faith has been shattered may suffer long ages before completerestoration of spiritual stature can be had, if at all.” ( Pres Spencer W Kimball In Conference Report,Apr. 1948, pp. 109–10; see also D&C 52:9.) (Shows the importance of not pulling down someones faith in God.)

President Joseph Fielding Smith stated that “no one should becalled upon to teach and no one should attempt to teach thedoctrines of the Church unless he is fully converted and has anabiding testimony of their truth.

-President Joseph Fielding Smith emphasized that the TenCommandments are part of the laws of God and that they are asbinding today as they were in the days of Moses (see ChurchHistory and Modern Revelation, 1:185).

-Murder (vv. 18–19). “John says there are two kinds of sins [see1 John 5:16–17]. One kind that can be forgiven; the other kind a sinunto death, for which there is no forgiveness. Murder is one of thelatter class. That is where one deliberately sheds innocent blood. …There is a forgiveness for all those who truly repent and forsaketheir sins and show their sincerity by their continued repentance tothe end of their mortal lives. The mercy of the Almighty, throughthe atonement of Jesus Christ, reaches out and embraces everysoul who will forsake his sins, except those who have wilfullysinned, as John says, ‘unto death.’” (Joseph Fielding Smith, TheRestoration of All Things, pp. 204–5.)

-Stealing (v. 20). Those who will not repent are thenexcommunicated.

-Lying (v. 21). Those who will not repent are then excommunicated.

-Adultery and lust (vv. 22–26). Lust results in the loss of the Spirit,the loss of testimony, and excommunication if there is norepentance. Those who commit adultery may repent; but if theyrepeat the sin, they are excommunicated.

. Thespouse then becomes preeminent in the life of the husband or wife,and neither social life nor occupational life nor political life nor anyother interest nor person nor thing shall ever take precedence overthe companion spouse. We sometimes find women who absorb andhover over the children at the expense of the husband, sometimeseven estranging them from him. Kimball (Faith Precedes theMiracle, pp. 142–43.)

– As we should have ‘an eye single to theglory of God,’ so should we have an eye, an ear, a heart single tothe marriage and the spouse and family.”  Kimball (Faith Precedes theMiracle, pp. 142–43.)

Now Saints in manynations that enjoy temporal prosperity join in the work so thekingdom can more quickly fulfill its destiny.

examineyour own household, and I am talking to myself while I talk to you.Am I increasing the cost of living by extravagance, or am I teachingmy family to make the garments they wear? …

“Let us set an example; let us live within our means; let us belenders instead of borrowers; let us not place our homes or thelands that produce our living under mortgages, in order that wemay ride in fine conveyances or keep up with the pace set by ourneighbors who may be able to afford it. Let us be more concernedabout the adornment of our minds that are eternal, rather thanadornment of our persons with things that are of no lastingbenefit.” ( Elder George Albert Smith, later to be President of the Church,offered this commentary on of Doctrine and Covenants 42:40:In Conference Report, Apr. 1915, p. 97.)

– Church News editorial: “Every man,woman and child should care for his or her body as the temple ofGod which it is. Attention should be given to proper rest andexercise, and a well-balanced diet.

– That is to say, they shall never diethe second death and feel the torment of the wicked when theycome face to face with eternity.” (President Joseph Fielding Smith Church History and ModernRevelation, 1:186.)

– “I am confident that there is a timeto die. I am not a fatalist. I believe that many people die before‘their time’ because they are careless, abuse their bodies, takeunnecessary chances, or expose themselves to hazards, accidentsand sickness. …

“God controls our lives, guides and blesses us, but gives us ouragency. We may live our lives in accordance with His plan for us orwe may foolishly shorten or terminate them.

“I am positive in my mind that the Lord has planned our destiny.We can shorten our lives but I think we cannot lengthen them overmuch.” Kimball (Tragedy or Destiny, pp. 9, 11.)

-“70–73. The law of remuneration is that those who administer inspiritual affairs must have their stewardships and labor for theirliving, ‘even as the members.’ This is wisdom. For in that positionthey are absolutely independent and can preach the truth withoutfear. Those who administer in temporal affairs and give their entiretime to public business are to have a just remuneration. If theywere to earn a living for themselves, they could not give all theirtime and energy to the community.” (Commentary, pp. 233–34.)

-Thetransgressor who is dealt with as he should be, with love and withproper discipline, will later express his appreciation for yourconcern, your interest, and your leadership. As he is properly dealtwith, he is in a position to repent and come back to full activity. Buthe must be dealt with. … President N. Eldon Tanner (ConferenceReport, Apr., 1880, p. 78.)

some bishops and even stakepresidents have said that they never have excommunicated ordisciplined anyone and that they do not intend to. This attitude isentirely wrong. President N. Eldon Tanner (ConferenceReport, Apr., 1880, p. 78.)

“Let me read a quotation from President John Taylor wherein hediscussed this subject: ‘Furthermore, I have heard of some Bishopswho have been seeking to cover up the iniquities of men: I tellthem, in the name of God, they will have to bear … that iniquity,and if any of you want to partake of the sins of men, or upholdthem, you will have to bear them. Do you hear it, you Bishops andyou Presidents? God will require it at your hands. You are notplaced in position to tamper with the principles of righteousness,nor to cover up the infamies and corruptions of men.’ (ConferenceReport, Apr., 1880, p. 78.)

– ‘The Spirit of God wouldundoubtedly be so grieved that it would forsake not only those whoare guilty of these acts, but it would withdraw itself from those whowould suffer them to be done in our midst unchecked andunrebuked.’” (George Q. Cannon In Conference Report, Oct. 1974, p. 110; or Ensign,Nov. 1974, p. 78.)

Section 51:

-“The experience of Orson Pratt, who was present when Joseph Smithreceived this revelation at Thompson, Ohio, was reported asfollows: “No great noise or physical manifestation was made;Joseph was as calm as the morning sun. But he noticed a change inhis countenance that he had never noticed before, when arevelation was given to him. Joseph’s face was exceedingly white,and seemed to shine. The speaker had been present many timeswhen he was translating the New Testament, and wondered why hedid not use the Urim and Thummim, as in translating the Book ofMormon.”

-Law has a twofold purpose. It is meant to govern. It is alsomeant to educate.” ( Cecil B. DeMille, producer of the movie The Ten Commandments Commencement Address, Brigham YoungUniversity Speeches of the Year [Provo, 31 May 1957], p. 4.)

It is ‘equality’ that will vary asmuch as the man’s circumstances, his family, his wants and needs,may vary.” (President J. Reuben Clark Jr. In Conference Report, Oct. 1942, p. 55.)

-Concerning the law of consecration and who will have what and equality, “ A couple with seven children has needs different fromone just beginning married life.”

-“People who locate in a home or apartment knowing that they willmove to another in a short time may have a tendency to neglectChurch attendance and other responsibilities. They rationalize,“Well, we won’t be here long.” The Lord wanted the Saints to live the gospel and share it in Ohio as though they were to be there fora long time.