General Conference April 2015 Notes

Gen Conf Apr 2015

These are my notes on the conference, and are not verbatim the entire conference, nor is it the official representation of the Church but is solely my perception of what was said and is for the purpose of an introduction to others who may be interested in the conference, and for my personal use to recall key points which were said which spoke to my soul.

Pres. Eyring:

-when we do nice things for others, Jesus feels it as though we did it to him

-fasting brings strength to resist Satans tempting us to use power incorrectly

-failing to fast for the poor is a sin of omission with heavy cost.

-when we give fast offerings it brings relief to people which the Lord will feel as though it were relief coming to him.

-the homes of those who give fast offerings even though they are very poor are holy ground

-our fasting and prayers lead to the blessing to another person

-if we live the commands and fasting often enough, it will bring the great promised blessings to us of being able to resist Satan.

Pres. Packer:

-says the great adventure of his life began when he married

-the end purpose of the Church is to seal couples in the temple for time and all eternity

-by using the power of procreation we gain a fullness of joy and the status of godhood. It is the plan and the key of happiness.

-our eternity depends on how we respond to the desire to mate

mature love has a bliss not experienced by young couples. They can grow stronger together dispute trials.

-the ideal way of the timing when the procreative powers should be used is after a temple marriage.

-marriage lasts eternally only when covenants in the temple are made and kept. Then you will have a fullness of glory, and continuation of the seeds forever and ever.

romantic love is not enough for a marriage

-there are physical and spiritual laws to obey if we are to be happy

-the laws about creating life are irrevocably decreed in heaven

-spiritual laws define the moral standards for mankind

-covenants safeguard eternal blessings

-bridle your passions means restrain them until it’s the right time to use them

Satan constantly is tempting us for he is jealous that he cannot have posterity like we can.

-our misuse of our bodies for pleasure will bring us more pain than any pleasure in the world could bring us

-we cannot escape the consequences when we transgress

-authorization of use of creative powers is only for legally married persons between a man and a woman anything outside of these parameters is a violation to the commandments of God.

our bodies show scars from major illness, but our spirits are different, when we repent, because of Jesus Christ, there is no scar. They are entirely forgotten by God.

-Gods mercy is without limit

-God compensates us for our losses more than we can imagine in time

-temple sealing is much more than a marriage, for there we are promised thrones, kingdoms, principalities and dominions. This is a supernal gift.

-the greatest gift we can receive in this life and in the life to come is our children and our grandchildren

-by the Atonement and the Priesthood, families began on earth may continue in eternity.

-no matter what we have done or where we have been, if we repent, we have no spiritual scars.

-escape guilt by accepting the Atonement of Christ and all that hurts can return to love.

-the Atonement can wash clean every stain no matter how deep

-no matter how bad you are the Atonement can make you good and put you on the right path to eternal happiness

put the Atonement to work, and you, like God, will remember your sins mo more

Sis. Linda Burton RS Gen Pres:

-Pres. Packer said he is obligated by his calling to tell the truth about his wife, and then reported that his wife is perfect.

-husbands provide for their families and preside over them

-the times when a husband is most attractive to his wife is when he is serving in his God given roles as a man husband and father

-men can do SO much for the salvation and exaltation of their families says Pres. Benson

satan can never become a husband or father, and out of this envy he tries to make everyone miserable.

-like two hands opposite of each other but working together, so are man and woman married. They complete each other.

-rejoice in others’ successes not just our own

-focus on family time rather than to do lists

-don’t speak bad about your husband in front of your children or others

-sincerely praise your marriage companion alone and in front of chidden

-stop when you see you’ll say something offensive


-choose to be happy rather than to be right sometimes in arguments

-feeling in your spirit pain, it’s a warning sign to help you not get hurt further by correcting your ways

-try to be perfect in at least this one way- by using the tongue of angels to always speak kind words

-lift each other in marriage, and you ascend together

-Jesus enables us to be successful in having happy marriages if we apply unto his Atonement

Elder Oaks:

-not all instruction is given in Gen Conf, but the spirit instructs you to do things you must to

-Gen Conf talks are assigned not by man but by God by means of the spirit

-some of the Saivors teachings we reject like the seed that falls into stoney ground

-we who are committed to following Christ are expected to harvest good works

-being a member just because of the good fruits of the Church isn’t enough to keep us alive spiritually

-even long time Church members can fall away not being rooted in it’s teachings. Anyone can have a stoney heart without this.

-spiritual food is needed for spiritual survival exp. in a world that is moving away from God and understanding of what is right and wrong

-today there is more internet and exposed to more evil, so we need to give more time to spiritual influence also

-if you do anything but pay attention when the sacrament is passed, you are cutting off your roots and will wither away and die spiritually

-Pres Hinckley calls those who get angry about politics pickle suckers.

-no matter where we are in progression in this life, we are all tempted by money. The theology of prosperity is the deceitfulness of riches, it’s false doctrine

-Jesus said the man give all to the poor, Jesus didn’t condemn money but the attitude the man had towards it. The root of evil is not money but the love of money.

-those with much money are in danger of spiritually being sedated

-savoring the things of men rather than those of god is offensive to God. We must put God first.

-being addicted surrenders the pleasures of this life

-we are robbed of pleasure when we are distracted by unimportant things

-we are robbed of pleasure when we have an entitlement attitude

Oaks’ teacher Hugh Nibley said or test is supposed to be impractical in the terms of this world that is the test in the Church that has always been the issue. It is not supposed to be easy. These he said about how people go to riches with their heart but they should not.

-in our Church, political choices, business dealings, treatment of the poor, everything, we need to live what we believe.

be a leaven in society, not digested by society

-it’s our duty to set the priorities of what will make our harvest good

Elder Whitney Clayton:

-go towards light when we are lost

-as we go towards the light in the distance we go through much rough terrain

-seeing the light in the distance is the source of hope that enables us to press on through the trials

-no matter the situation, if we search for it, there is always a light.. That light is Jesus Christ.

-we can see spiritual light only if we desire to believe.

-we must make personal choice and action we can’t sit on the fence

-only those who seek will find. The seeking precedes the finding

-the test of our lifetimes is the test of the day to day.

-if we refuse to follow the Savior, we choose to walk in the darkness.

-when in a bag situation, we can’t just sit there, we must go somewhere, up a hill, find the light.

-even when you don’t know what the light is that you follow, just keep following it and you’ll find out.

The Savior is a divine reality we must open our hearts to if we are to find that light.

-God doesn’t force us to believe. Instead he invites us to believe by sending prophets who extend us his invitations

-the deception to believe is the most important deception we ever make it shapes all the other choices

-belief and testimony don’t just happen to us. We won’t accidentally find a testimony any more than accidentally paying our tithing.

-even crawl if you have to. Just don’t stay where you are. Get up and find the light. The light is Jesus Christ.

-we are choosing to believe when we pray read scripture fast go to Church repent etc.

-never give up even when our progress seems slow. Even our best efforts to find the Savior can seem to not be working, just never give up.

-you can overcome your doubt.

-Jesus stands ready to receive you

-the choose to believe in Jesus Christ is the best choice you will ever make, looking back you’ll see that.

-there is a limitless potential for happiness for those who follow Jesus Christ

Elder Perry:

-6/7 continents went the Vatican to speak of marriage

-more and more people are giving up on marriage as a public commitment

-the neglect of morals in society hurts the poor

be revolutionaries with the courage to seek truth against the common pattern

-religious leaders agree entirely on the sanctity of the institution of marriage and that family is the central unit of society

-a Muslim scholar quoted 2 paragraphs verbatim of our Proclamation to the Family in the Vatican marriage conference attended by religious world leaders everywhere.

-all religious people support marriage between a man and a woman.

-marriage between a man and a wife is beautiful

the LDS Church is unique because only we have he eternal perspective of the restored gospel. What that brings to the discussion of marriage and family is so large and relevant that it can’t be overstated. We take the sanctity of marriage to a greater level for we believe that families go back before this earth was and that they will go on into the eternities.

we sing “families can be together forever through Heavenly Fathers plan I want to be with my family forever for the Lord has shown me how I can.”

-we believe in pre mortal life where w lived as children of God our Eternal Father. we believe we were and are still members of his eternal family.

-marriages done in temples continue to be valid in the world to come.

-our marriages don’t say “till death do you part” but rather say “through all time and eternity”

-the values in the LDS Church are the basic values of eternity

-we want to be leaders in the world so we can have a bigger voice for the family lifestyle

-family life style is the most sensible and economic way to live and the happiest

-have your house full of children

-no one has ever come up with a better way to raise the generation than married man and woman.

-even the millennials, those young growing up now, still want to have children and the create families.

-once we are married and have children, the true commonality among mankind becomes even more evident.

-people are not better off when the are given the max personal freedom to do what they want, but when they have much commitment

-so much of what the media says doesn’t relay what the masses believe in. They present the minority as masquerading as the majority.

-people say recreational sex is okay and they make others feel they are in the minority. These are lies. The solid majority of mankind still believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman to care for each other in sickness and health till death do we part.

-it’s never been more of a challenge to find a balance between work and family etc. The Church is trying to help strengthen the family.

-the Church shares its genealogical records with all people around the world.

marriage and family really do matter and they always will. The restored gospel centers on marriage and families.

-it’s around marriage and families where we find the greatest commonalities with the rest of the world.

it’s within marriage and family that the LDS Church has the best opportunity to be a light to the world.

-family is the center of life and the key to eternal happiness.

Elder Bednar:

-we live in the day in the scriptures which say the whole earth is in commotion

-one of the first effects of the fall was for Adam to experience fear (“I was afraid and hid myself” said he)

-Alma didn’t hush the fears of his people, but he taught them of the Lord, and with that knowledge they were able to hush their own fears.

-walk in the meekness of the spirit of Christ and you’ll have peace in Him

-Christ helps us hope for the Resurrection and Eternal Life.

-Christ helps us become good in ways that we could never accomplish with our limited mortal capacity

-the doctrine of Christ gives us direction in ALL aspects of our lives

-the Priesthood of Christ ensures that things that matter most can last through time and all eternity

-see that ye look to God and live. Fix your sight on the Savior at all times and at all places.

ordinances and covenants are the building blocks we use to build our lives on Christ and His Atonement.

honoring our covenants is the source of stability in life’s every season

-spiritual understanding and vision, persistence and patience and God’s grace are what enable us to endure faithfully

-learning and living of the gospel and making covenants enable us to chase fear out of our lives

-Godly fear is a source of peace assurance and confidence

-righteous fear is a deep feeling of reverence respect and awe for the Lord Jesus Christ, obedience to his commandments, anticipation of the final judgement, and justice from his hand. All will be accountable for their own sins at judgement days. This fear is how we get a strong confidence and a fountain of life.

-we can’t have Godly fear unless we understand the judgement at the last day and that we must answer to how we have lived

-when we see God we will have no excuse, and see all our rationalizations and pretenses and false ideas.

-keeping God’s commandments and fearing him is the WHOLE duty of man.

-Godly fear dispels mortal fears.

-Godly fear dispels the feeling that we will never measure up. It brings us to rely on Christ not only ourselves.

-As we fear God more completely we love him more perfectly and perfect love casteth out all fear

Elder Christofferson:

-marriage is more than love for each other.

-marriage is a link in the chain of generations.

-marriage is a post of responsibility towards the world and mankind

-marriage is something more than personal, it’s a status and office

-like how a crown isn’t just what defines a king, neither does just love define a marriage

-Heavenly Father caused us to become spirit beings, and sending us to earth is how he gave us the opportunity to perfect that being.

-keeping the 2nd Estate entails keeping all of God’s commandments

-we are tested in this earth to see if we can be trusted to create life.

-the promise of a glorified body is one of the reasons we shouted for joy at the chance to come to earth. The glorified body is the reward for proper execution of duty in this life.

-physical death is needed in this life so that we won’t live forever in our sins

-for us to get exalted like God, which is what he is trying to do with us, it’s essential that we bare children and lead those children to a hope in Christ.

-parents are to teach the gospel to their children freely, about the need to be born again into the kingdom of heaven

-for eternity to happen we need to be physically born and to be spiritually born again

-marriage between man and a woman is the best way for the plan of God to be carried out.

-marriage has never been just about the love of adults.

-neglecting the family brings the plagues foreseen by ancient and modern prophets

-male and female carry the divine image, but it’s when male and female marry that they attain the most complete meaning of what it means to be created in the image of God.

-Lucifer fights to stop marriage and family and tear them apart. He attacks all things sacred about human sexuality, and pours immoral thoughts to people. He is a rebel and grows in power.

-Lucifer is pleased when parents neglect to teach their children about being born again into the kingdom of God

many things (which parents can teach) are important, but only a few are essential.

-despite our limitations, all people can contribute to good in each generation. Less than ideal circumstances although we have, we can make things work with it.

no one is predestined to receive less than all the father has.

-stand with God in promoting the exaltation of his children

-these sure promises will bring happiness

-even if same sex attraction is keeping us from marriage, we can participate in promoting family by helping others.

Elder Wilford Anderson:

-I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music

-it’s hard to dance without music

-in our homes we must teach both the dance of the gospel and the music of the gospel

-we learn the dance with our minds, but hear the music with our hearts

-the dance is what we do, the music is what we feel

-the joy of the dance is only had when we hear the music

-people ridicule church members, but that’s only natural, people without music see dance as strange

-with dance but no music, people loose the desire to dance

-teach the music by first staying in touch with it yourself

-tuning into the right music station requires repentance

-there will be no need for compulsion when we have our spirits right

-babies get pure love, babies who won’t sleep get long suffering from us, teens who rebel get persuasion and long-suffering from us.

-dissonance in the home is like darkness in the room. Scolding the darkness does no good, only bringing light can end darkness.

-if you’re not hearing the music of the gospel in your home, KEEP PRACTICING.

-the day will come when our homes are filled with the sweet music of Christ

-even having the music won’t solve all problems, but our problems will have sweet serenades in them, and knowledge will flow to us, and our domino will become permanent and voluntary.

Elder Dale Renlund

-2013 Nelson Mandela died.  He was first democratically elected President of South Africa. He forgave those who hurt him. He would say I’m no saint unless such is a sinner who keeps on trying.

-we aren’t perfect, but our doctrine is that we can become perfect. We can become increasingly like Christ.

-God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than what we were.

-Shakespeare has a play with a brother who tries to kill his little brother, the little brother saves his older brothers life anyway. This changed the life of the older brother. He says “twas I, but tis not I”. He changed, and it’s no longer him. But he would admit it was him before knowing that it was no longer him.

-no sins that we have repented of will be mentioned in judgement day

-it’s not the Holy Ghost who tells us we are so far gone that we might as well give up

-if you’ve been hurt by someone, remember the Savior knows perfectly what it’s like to have been hurt by others.

-no matter what, God expects his Latter-day Saints to keep on trying.

when blacks are mistreated by whites, even inside the Church, remember the Church is like a big hospital and we are all sick in our own way. We come to Church to be helped. So be tolerant kind patient supportive and understanding while others work through their sicknesses.

-when we think about how it’s hard to help others who seem unmotivated, remember that compared to God, us and the person who seems unmotivated aren’t that different when compared to God.

-not motivating others we are hypocrites

-keep on trying or we are quitters

-keep on repenting or we are sinners

Elder Michael Ringwood:

-Pres. Uchdorf is more impressed by people that are truly good and without guile than the great think tanks of the world applauded by men.

-do what’s right for right’s sake rather than for praise or authority

-sacrifice your time talent and effort to help and lift others

-great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion said Pres. Kimball

-don’t be influenced by power and position, be influenced by good.

-go above and beyond in fulfilling callings

-even more impressive than magnifying your calling is finding ways to help in which you aren’t necessarily called

-there are always members who always seem to know who needs help and how to offer it

-missionaries should be out when they are supposed to, etc.

-effectiveness as a missionary has nothing to do with the titles you are asked to have during your mission

-seminary teaches who are always prepared can have a powerful influence on others. They visit their students outside of class in their times of need

-Sunday school teachers should not only teach their students at Church, but invite them for breakfast and time them on other occasions

-don’t just send Christmas cards, but had deliver them to those who need a visit.

-disciples of Christ go about doing good continually

-some don’t attend Church when released from a calling or feel overlooked for a title. But service to God is recognized only by God.

-the desires of our hearts can be transformed. Our motives can be educated and refined.

-in our covenant relationship with God, he succors us so that we can go succor others.

-those who live good lives help us to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Elder Quinton L Cook:

-many feel life is unfair from all the evil in earth. but this CAN’T stop us from celebrating Jesus Christ whom literally overcame death, and took upon him our transgressions and redeems all who will believe on his name. We can’t even comprehend all the grace he has for us.

-sun flowers grow in inhospitable locations. It follows the sun across the sky to get energy. This is like following the Savior of the World, the Son of God, our light and life.

-those who offend and do iniquity will be gathered out of Gods kingdom

-those who do good, their light will shine as the sun says the parable of the wheat and the tares Jesus taught.

-the family is to help us learn correct principals in a loving atmosphere

-who die in Christ won’t taste of death, but death will be sweet to them

-have regular Priesthood blessings, family home evenings, family prayer and family scripture study, and our children will be ready to go to heaven.

-family deceptions are made jointly by the husband and wife after seeking guidance from God.

-so much in life is extraneous, but the family is the real thing, the thing that is eternal, the thing to look to and care for.

-God extends ordinances of exaltation to all who will accept them

-our Church wards are geographical, we don’t discriminate cultures.

-4th Nephi tells of the essential Church culture: people being converted, all cultures alike, and no fighting, and just dealings with each other. They were the happiest of all people created by God.

-not having contention is a result of having the love of God in ones soul. We aspire for this culture.

-families must relish and protect traditions that protect faith

-our scripture declares that all people will hear the gospel in their own tongue, so we try to learn languages.

-members pray to God in the language of their native tongue, the language of their heart.

-esteem every person as yourself or you are not one and not the Lords’.

-be careful to not be judgmental or critical about those who have trouble building their faith

-speak to Church leaders to help you overcome your doubts.

-The Church has never been stronger.

-when your life seems unbearable, think of the wrenching pain Jesus went through in the Atonement.

-Jesus did the Atonement because he loves us and he loves and obeys his father.

refuge from the storm of life today will come from our covenants.

“I know He (Jesus Christ) lives. I know His voice.”

Elder M Russel Ballard:

-in many ways the world today is more challenging than the world was 13 years ago since there are many more things that will distract young men and women from going on missions and temple marriage.

-an Apostle assigns the mission to each missionary it’s like we are in the room with them

-what we need now is the greatest generation of young adults and missionaries the Church has ever had.

avoid video games which can dull your spiritual sensitivity

-avoid snap chat and tender images which would cause you to be embarrassed should the Savior see you

-preparation for life continues even after your mission- be anxiously engaged, do much good of your own free will. Use your mission skills to bless others. Don’t focus exclusively on school or work, but continue to serve others. Remember how you visited people in their homes, and never forget to visit people in their homes who are lonely, not just on assignment but from genuine love.

-include a class in religion each semester if you go to a Church school

-never think you are too busy to study the gospel

-seminary and institute of religion classes  give balance to your life and help you to study the scriptures and the teachings of the living prophets

-look into the new religion courses offered at BYU

-brethren, set down your cell phone and look around at the institute and you’ll perhaps find your eternal companion to marry.

-be anxiously engaged in dating

-don’t text the girl you date, use your own voice. To hear a human voice will shock her perhaps even into saying yes.

stop putting off marriage (he said this very bluntly)

-Jesus has experienced our dashed hopes and tragedies

-Jesus’ death was one final act of love for us

-Jesus commissioned everyone to teach faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, and the reception of the Holy Ghost for the remission of sins.

-We know God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith

-Church leaders are counting on every young adult to prepare to marry serve and lead in the days ahead.

Elder Ulisis Soares:

-none no matter the age is exempt from exposure to the things that threaten to destroy us.

-the devil is trying to distract us from covenants we have made with the Lord to get us to loose our inheritance. They know the Lord’s plan for they were with us in heaven before this life when the plan was presented to us.

-Moroni had courage to defend the truth in a time of many wars

-everyone should be like Moroni, if so, the devil would have no power over humans.

-ALL of us need become modern captain Moroni’s.

-even at a young age of 12 your faith can be tested daily.

-people must choose between popularity and righteousness

-tell your friends who are in pornography that it’s wrong that you’ll become a slave of it if you continue. Though many think it’s ok and a part of life, some may listen to you. You may be mocked and persecuted for this, but they were coming out from the wicked, being separate from them, and touching not unclean things.

-you are responsible for the choices you make even if your family and friends use their agency in ways that are not right.

-Satan and his angels try to shroud and control our thoughts, but they only have power over us if we allow it.

-often peoples arguments are just ways to try and justify sin, but remember, all will answer to God at the judgement bar. We can do what’s right if we seek the Lord and trust in him.

-without a sincere heart, we can’t find the truth. With a sincere heart, the Holy Ghost shows us the truth of all things.

-our testimony will shield us from the fiery darts of the adversary.

-when missionaries try to prove things to people the Spirit of God leaves. Rather, focus on teaching the truths of the gospel. When you bear sincere testimony it fills the room with Gods spirit and there is no room for debate.

-the adversary seeks to sift us as wheat causing us to loose our influence

-the world is getting harder to live in, come closer to the Savior.

-rather than fall in battle, you can come to the Savior, and rally others to that standard also.

-align your faith with what is in the scriptures.

-Priesthood holders who do as they should help to illuminate an increasingly dark world.

-Be of good cheer, Jesus Christ has overcome the world.

Elder Larry Gibson

-a silver dollar can be modified to make a mirror. Look in a mirror and focus on the silver and all you see is yourself.

-our eternal destiny is Eternal Fatherhood

-let all our decisions be made hinged on the goal of becoming an eternal Father.

-when young men go on large hikes, it builds their character and helps them be able to do hard things in the future.

-a young boy after a hike with his dad said “That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done I’ll never do it again unless my son wants me to.” he had the vision of becoming a father.

-the scripture of how the son can do nothing but what he gets strength and vision from the father helps us see how important it is to be a father.

-everything you do as a dad is how your children will learn how to do it.

-do your sons see you striving to do what your Heavenly Father would have you do? You must repent if not so, and begin today.

-it’s your duty and obligation to serve a mission you young men. Then get married and have a family without waiting too long thereafter.

-the purpose of men is to prepare to be an eternal father.

-children without a father present, support your mother with priesthood strength

-Father in Heaven has brought you here to earth at this particular time to fulfill a particular purpose. He is your father and you can always turn to him for guidance.

-The Holy Ghost is to be a guide to our eternal destination if we will let it.

Pres. Uchdorf:

-don’t try to make other believe we are better than we are.

-it’s fine to look nice and impress others, but taken to an extreme it’s deceitful. God says don’t just honor him with the mouth but the heart.

-Satan had compassion on those with sincere hearts, but rose up against the hypocrites.

-don’t try to appear prosperous when you’re not

-don’t try to impress others of your discipleship for personal gain, there is pharacie territory.

-don’t set stake goals that are merely fancy words and for percentages and numbers.

-will your stake goals make a difference in the lives of your members?

-don’t let the sick and the needy pass by you and notice them not.

-Your goals may not always be measurable like testimony love of God and compassion for others.

-many of the things you can count don’t count

-our goals shouldn’t be showy, but rather should address real needs

-The Savior sitting with you for an accounting would not focus on programs, but on how our heart is, how we lightened the daily load of those around us. He wants to know about how we are drawing closer to him and Heavenly Father.

-attend your meetings because you desire with all your heart to follow Jesus Christ, your Master. And because you hunger for Gods word though his ordained servants. And to become a better man and how to more effectively administer to those in need. It’s because we love our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

-make sacrifices and not just declarations to follow the Savior.

-you can build on whatever strength you have, that’s the good news.

-we need apply gospel principals daily.

-most bon fires begin with a simple spark

-if you feel simple and weak, just come unto Christ who makes weak things strong.

-God reached me (Pres. Uchdorf) from a little German camp, he can reach anywhere.

-God can make you the genuine being of light and truth you desire to be.

-live true principals in your families, and you’ll reach the land where you’ll hunger no more, where the Lamb of God in the midst of the throne will feed us, and wipe all tears from our eyes.

-we can’t hide behind organizations. We need to be genuine in our behavior.

-don’t put yourself as a showroom for others to admire you, rather set up a service station where people can come to be repaired, maintained, and rehabilitated.

-we come to Church not to hide our problems but to heal them.

-feed God’s flock without constraint on others.

-most of the service Jesus rendered was private

-it’s a far greater honor to be a humble disciple than to be recognized for all you do.

-as you serve, you go towards your most noble self.

-serving in wards and stakes causes you to focus on others and not yourself.

Pres. Eyring:

-When inspired by God, Priesthood holders can speak and act in the name of God.

-we say it’s easy to get inspiration, that we can come up with it when called to, or some future time.

-the need to know what God would say and do has already come to you no matter where you are in the Priesthood.

-when people chase us off of their doors, even if it would offend them, say nice to meet you, thank you for what you have done, I’ll see you next month. Then you won’t leave the door with sorrow, but with confidence that you have done God’s will, and will hear God say, “well done”.

-we need not weary God with long prayers, but go before him often to witness that we remember him always, then go obey Him.

-what pray for? That God may recognize you, and hear your prayers.

-when we pray, we are attempting to get the undecided attention of God.

-it’s easier to feel reverent with kneeling or bowing your head, but even in silent prayer you can, and you’ll often need to do that in your Priesthood duties.

-you must learn to drown out the noise of what’s around you, for you’ll have to pray silently at times.

-go to the homes of the members of the Church and see to it that they pray and do family duties

-human judgement and intenisons aren’t enough to serve those we are called to serve, for we know them not well, etc. We must pray for what to do.

-when you pray, you always plead with God for his spirit, you’ll need it as often as you can get it.

Priesthood holders are direct targets of Satan whom tries to take them down.

-As a Priesthood holder, you are to raise the voice of warning for the Lord. But you need to heed it yourself first.

-studying the words of the prophets will enable you to have the Holy Ghost show you the right way.

-not mere casual reading the scriptures will get you the spiritual strength you need.

-pray for blessings upon many people. For the Spirit to be on the leaders of the Church.

-the salutation “well done thou good and faithful servant” when one has gone on to the spirit world may come to some who were not expecting it. It’s not about office held or time spent serving that matters. You’ll be rewarded for HOW you served.

-ask the Bishop what we can do to help him

only the Holy Ghost can inspire us to discern the needs of others when our loads are so heavy.

-simply ask in humility for what God would have us say, do it, and repeat.

-God hears our every prayer.

-He blessed a child almost dead that the child would live, for such did the spirit tell him to say, and the Dr. in the room immediately snorted at him and told him to get out of the way. The child did live although the Dr. said the child would die in a few hours.

Pres. Monson:

-Come all ye sons of God who have received the Priesthood. Consider your duty for God.

-teach of the Priesthood being restored

-keep the Church records you’re called to keep the very best you can

-in any position you EVER hold, do the best you can in it. That has always been Pres. Monson’s approach.

-the callings you are ordained to are sacred.

-strive to recognize opportunities to do your calling.

-wax strong in the truth and become a man of understanding by much scripture study prayer fasting. These cause you to teach, and that with power.

-one great leader had President Monson when he was an 18 year old man for a long interview where they would search the scriptures together. One hour was considered not enough time for the interview. It was one of becoming a Melchizedek Priesthood holder.

Aaronic Priesthood holders have the right to the ministering of angels.

-Pres. Monson had to give his buddy a Priesthood blessing without ever having received or given one to a sick person.

-He blessed a sick man who immediately recovered.

-to be worthy before God we must have charity towards everyone

-our captain is Jesus Christ the King of Glory the Son of God this is His Church.

In 2014, 15373337 members; 296800 converts baptized; 3 temples dedicated; 144 temples operating.

President Thomas S. Monson:

-the building of temples is a very clear indication that the Church is growing.

-entering the temple we leave behind the distractions of the world and get rest to our souls and a feeling of peace which will transcend any other feeling when we come to the temple. Then we see what the Savior meant when he said “peace I leave with you.”

-going to the temples and remembering the covenants we have made there will help us to endure our trials

-one boy prayed for comfort about going to his mission. In the temple a man that had served in that very mission came and spoke to him and comforted him. God answered his prayer and sent that man to speak to him.

-temple covenants cause married man and woman to be reunited after death

-offer prayers of gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Rosemary M. Wixon Primary General President:

-the Lord can only teach an inquiring mind.

-as the questions grow harder, so do the answers

-at times there is no answers we can find, or no answers that comfort us.

-while people struggle to find answers in life, just love them.

-Church isn’t a place of putting on a perfect face, but a place of helping each other

-our grandparents who have died help us find answers and suggest to us to hold to what we know first and foremost.

-read mother Theresa’s book. She lived her religion without having understanding of all things. She focused on what she did know.

-even when all you have left of your testimony is Jesus Christ, he won’t leave you in the hard times.

-scripture study becomes more important than ever as we are in times of struggle with questions

-ask yourself what you want for your children

-the desire for your children to have temple marriages can be what brings you back into the faith

–as we learn about Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon helps us to feel deep appreciation for the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

-believe that God has all power and that man can’t comprehend all things that God can.

-we can get back to the essence of the gospel and feel clarity by reading the primary children’s songbook

-hold fast to what you already know and stay strong until more answers come.

-our faith can reach beyond the current limits of reason.

-we are all pilgrims seeking Gods light as we travel on the path of discipleship. We don’t mock others for the amount of light they do or don’t have.

-we may wonder if Heavenly Father is really there we will find He is.

-answers come as we align our will with God’s will

-truth is on the earth, it is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Jose A Teixeira of the Seventy:

-seeking the Lord and feeling his presence is a daily quest.

-today we have more resources than ever to deepen our understanding of Jesus Christ and his Atonement

-the more we understand Jesus Christ’s Atonement, the more we will understand our purpose in life

-the purpose in life is to have joy but we will still suffer. We can have joy through hard times.

-without Christ, we can’t to anything

-go about each day with more enthusiasm and commitment to keep God’s commandments

-don’t put off what we can do

-labor while it is called today

-network life can give precedence to relationships with people we don’t know rather than people we live with, our own family.

-choices we make with our time on line can determine our desire to have faith and our desire to make the world a better place

-visit the Church’s official websites for resources so we may always be sensitive of the teachings of the gospel

-subscribe to the Churches official social networks so we will have brought to us more of Christ’s teachings and have more desire for the gospel and remember what Christ expects of us.

-make time to set aside your mobile devices, your electronic devices, and turn turn physical paper pages of the scriptures, and have time to converse with others. This will enrich and broaden your life. Life is not confined to a 4 inch screen.

-when we abide in the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by keeping their commandments we get peace

Gerald Causse First Councilor Presiding Bishopric:

-sometimes when we have wonders constantly before our eyes we see but not really; or we hear but not really listen; Jesus reminded us of this, that many longed to see what we see.

-the prophets of old saw the Restoration as a marvelous work and a wonder; never before have so many missionaries been preaching the gospel and so many missions been established around the world

-to wonder at the gospel is a sign of faith; it’s to recognize the Lord in all aspects of our lives.  This helps us be engaged in the work of salvation.

-with time we get less astonished at the wonders of the gospel we have seen but we must keep the gospel wonderful to us.

-everyone must continue to rediscover. It’s not about new landscapes, but about having new eyes.

-can you recall the last time a scripture spoke to you, or when a sweet influence came over you and you realized it was the Holy Ghost?

-scripture study should be based on search study pondering and prayer

-there is always something new for us in every Church meeting and every verse of scripture so always go to Church and study the scriptures.

-several men walked 300 miles by foot for 2 weeks so they could attend a conference in Africa and bring the tithes of the members and take the sacrament. Then they would walk home with boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon on their heads to the people.

-if our car were broken would we stay home from Church because it’s far or raining? Everyone should consider these questions.

-when the spirit is with us our spiritual senses are sharpened and we can’t forget our spiritual experiences. Hence Jesus gave the Holy Ghost as he left the people so they would not forget. They knew that although they had felt the wounds in Christ’s hands, their faith would dwindle if they didn’t have the Holy Ghost.

-we get the Holy Ghost by obedience to God’s commandments

-Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father united in purpose and gave us the perfect gift

Brent H Nielson of the Seventy:

-eat with sinners

-Jesus’ parables about lost things are about one precious son lost.

-the father of the prodigal lovingly lets his adult son go as such is his choice. This after having done all he can to persuade him to stay but he respected the adults wish.

-when trying to bring people back into the Church pushes them away, figuratively let them go, but with letting them know that you love them

-always put the name of the lost one on the prayer roll at the temple

-never loose hope on them.

-invite the lost one to activities and celebrations of the family

-help them know they are loved and part of the family

-be there at their successes

-though we cannot embrace all their choices, we can embrace them.

-when you feel inspired to invite the lost one to watch General Conference, do it.

-the lost ones don’t know they are lost until they see the contrast between the dark of the world and the light of what their families offer.

-although there are difficult consequences to leaving the Church, it can be as they return as though they had never left.

-when we have done all we can we watch pray and wait for the Lord’s hand to be revealed.

-rereading the scriptures we see them in a new light

-all of us can relate to the prodigal son, that we all need the Saviors love and Atonement.

-all people are on the same path back home to God.

-Heavenly Father is a father who waits and watches for us and runs to us and kisses us as we return to him.

Elder Holland of the 12 Apostles:

-easter is the most sacred day of the year

-Jesus reached into the abyss of death to save us from certain spiritual death.

-in our increasingly secular society it is uncommon and unfashionable to speak of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, but we can’t understand the Atonement of or birth of or death of Jesus Christ without understanding that there was an actual Adam and Eve who fell from an actual Eden. They lived in a setting without human death or future family. They transgressed a commandment of God which required them to leave the presence of God, but allowed them to have children before physical death. We are born into this fallen world, and we also transgress the laws of God, and are hence sentenced to the same penalties that Adam and Eve faced. The entire human race in free fall, tumbling toward permanent death and eternal anguish. This is not what life is supposed to be. We are not just in some cold indifferent universe with nothing to grip, nothing to hold or nothing to hold on to us. Is life just to leap as high as we can, to life for 70 years then die and keep falling forever? The answer is an unequivocal and eternal NO. With prophets ancient and modern I (Elder Holland) testify that all things have been done in the wisdom of God, and that God anticipated the fall of Adam, and sent angels to teach that a Savior would come, he being another Adam, who would come to atone for the transgression for the transgression of the first Adam. This buys unconditional life to all who have been born via the resurrection, and mercifully it allows redemption to all who will repent of their sins. Jesus of Nazareth was and is that Savior of the World. the last Adam. The author and finisher of our faith. the Alpha and Omega. As in Adam all die, in Christ, all will be made alive. Christ redeems us from the fall. Book of Mormon prophet Jacob taught most thoroughly on this, that this reception must come my reason of the fall. Easter we celebrate the victory over ever fall we have ever known, ever fear we have ever faced, and resurrection from death, and forgiveness from death. It happened on an easter over 2000 years ago. It began in Gethsemane, continued on the cross at Calvary, then concluded in  a morning when a perfect holy man did who no other man could or will be able to do on his own, he rose from the dead. He took off the burial clothing. This is the most pure manifestation ever to be demonstrated in this world. He Jesus Christ the Only Begotten son of God died and rose from death so he could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us. By obedience to His commandments, Jesus Christ lifts us to Eternal Life. Jesus still stands triumphant over death although he stands on wounded feet. He still extends unending grace, but does so with pierced palms and scarred wrists. Thank Jesus Christ and the Father whom gave him to us of these things. The tomb was gloriously empty. Who complete redemption’s grand design where justice love and mercy meet in harmony divine. In the sacred name of the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

President Uchdorf 2nd Councilor in the First Presidency:

-we love and sustain the prophet Thomas S Monson

-on the day of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, the destiny of all of God’s children including me and you changed. on that day Jesus took the chains of sin and death that held us captive, burst those chains and set us free. Hence Satan as NO lasting power, and death has no sting, and we receive lasting hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

-Why not speak of the Atonement of Christ and attain a perfect knowledge of Him?

-as we preach of Christ at every opportunity never loose sight of the awe and sacredness and holiness of this great sacrifice of Jesus Christ which brings salvation to all who believe in His name.

-it’s a marvel that Jesus Christ descended to save us however imperfect we are.

-the grace of God is how we grow from the flawed and limited beings we are now into exalted beings of light whom know all things.

-we should know about God’s grace if we are to inherit what is prepared for us in his eternal kingdom.

-grace unlocks heavens gates and open heavens windows.

-no unclean thing can enter God’s kingdom. All of us have called short, dispute how much we do.

-Jesus’ sacrifice allows us to have faith unto repentance

-our sins though scarlet, can be as white as snow.

-God doesn’t just want us to be without error, but he wants us to become like Him. Grace doesn’t lead us backward, but upward.

-with grace, all is ours and we are Christ’s.

-to inherit God’s glory, we need not just an open door, but to enter in that door with a change in us very dramatic.

-another element of God’s grace is that he opens the windows of heaven enabling us to get the abilities that we could not get on our own.

-we can all by the grace of God overcome our weaknesses if we have faith.

-God gives us physical and spiritual gifts to enrich our lives and enable us to succeed

-are we like Simon, confident in our own righteousness, trusting we get ourselves into heaven, being impatient with others, “yawning during gospel class or checking our cell phones during sacrament meeting”, or are we like the women, that when we pray it’s not to replay our greatest acts but to confess our faults.

-heaven is purchased by the Son of God.

-we can’t think that after paying rent for a home that we own all the earth, or a plane ticket and think that we own the airline.

-we obey the commandments of God out of love for Him.

-trying to understand God’s grace gives us all the more reason to want to obey God. This helps us become like God and leads us to His presence.

-The Spirit of God brings such a change in us that we have no more disposition to do evil but to do good continually.

-our works merge with Gods grace and cause our confidence to wax strong in the presence of God.

-living the gospel is not a burden but a joyful rehearsal preparing to inherit the eternities.  New vistas are exposed to us which we never knew existed.

-we labor diligently to persuade our brethren and children to believe in Christ and be reconciled to God for we believe it’s by grace we are saved after al we can do.

-we aren’t saved because of all we can do. None have done all they can do. God doesn’t wait until we’ve made every effort to extend his grace.

-many are discouraged at falling short, and their souls grieve because of their iniquities.

-all we can do means repenting. That is the task of mortality.

-today and always, Gods grace is available for who have broken hearts and contrite spirits

-God will help us go places we never even knew existed

-show love for God by keeping his commandments and joyfully walking in a newness of life.

Elder Hales of the 12 Apostles:

-as people respond to our message and reject it, remember God deems that all should be able to choose for themselves.

-when people turn from God, it’s of their own choosing.

-the way we use our agency determines weather we will learn who we are

-all on earth are here for we chose to follow Jesus Christ in the pre-mortal existence. Now in this life, whoever you are, you can choose again to follow Jesus Christ.

-where the Lord is, there is liberty. Satan doesn’t want us to have this freedom. He attempted to destroy this freedom in heaven and now he fiercely continues.

-4 cornerstones of religious freedom are freedom to believe (no on should criticize persecute or attack an individual for what he or she believes about God. Neither should governments. It’s very personal and important.

-government is to control crime but never suppress the soul or conscious.

-2nd cornerstone of religious liberty is that we can share our faith with others. We are to teach our children in our homes, and to preach the gospel all around the world.

-3rd cornerstone of religious freedom is freedom to form a religious institution where you can worship with others. Let all people worship how where and what they may.

-4th cornerstone of religious freedom is the freedom to live our faith not just in the home and chapel but also in public places. God commands that we pray not only in private, but to so good works before men.

lack of respect for religion is quickly evolving to persecution.

-more pressure is coming at us to compromise our religion and bow to secular standards.

-we have a responsibility to raise our voices for what is right.

-Joseph Smith said he is just as ready to die defending a good man of any religion as he is for a Mormon, for the same principal which would trample the rights of a Catholic would trample that of Catholic or any minority not strong enough to represent itself.

-be aware of the issues in your community which have an impact on religious liberty

-join with others who want to protect religious freedom

-be a good example about how you live your religion which is more important than what you say about it

-our Saviors Second Coming is drawing nearer, let us not rely standing up for our religion.

-come running together with a covenant to uphold the Church

-“Brothers and Sisters, don’t walk, run.”

-may we freely choose to follow Jesus Christ today and always.

Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy:

-why is it a struggle to be faithful? Lukewarm faith weakens faith.

-Jesus Christ is the clear manifestation of the love of God

-if we don’t enter into covenants with God, in the end we will have completely and utterly missed the mark.

-Study the Book of Mormon “everyday everyday everyday”

-truth is not posted at hashtags, only the Savior has the words of eternal life, all the rest is just words.

-the great and spacious building has people who seem to have everything, but they mock the Savior and those who follow him. Although these people may be politically correct, they are spiritually lost.

-Return Missionaries can’t play excess video games and expect to keep the spirit

-if you loose the spirit, you are lost.

-there are serious spiritual consequences for return missionaries who take virtue lightly

average commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end.

-those who hold fast to and hearken to the word of God will never perish

-enduring to the end is the great test of discipleship.

Rafael E. Pino

-Heavenly Father taught Adam and Eve the plan of redemption before the commandments. This plan helps people to have motivation to keep the commandments.

-one thing in common with faithful members is their perspective about the plan of salvation

-appreciating the gospel in life is like standing in a forest in front of a tree, you need to step back to be able  to understand what it is.

things that look unpleasant at first, when understood what they are, they become very attractive.

-don’t be concerned with each puzzle piece individually, but the whole puzzle. God knows where each piece goes. All of the commandments are extremely important.

-don’t make eternal choices with mortal perspective.

-faith keeps us anxiously engaged in good causes even when they appear to be losing causes.

-faith can make women strong like unto men

-when people murmur against God it’s because they don’t know or regard the dealings of God.

-perspective allows us to have greater vision about what we can accomplish.

-God sees what we can accomplish and it’s not our job to council him. He has a plan for our eternal happiness.

Elder Anderson of the 12 Apostles:

-we are a large body of believers who pledge to follow Christ weekly, we are not perfect but we don’t take our faith lightly.

-we live in a day preceding the Lord’s second Coning a day long awaited by believers.

-it’s a day of much war but also the gospel is being taken to all the world in a time the Lord promised to raise up a pure people and arm them with the power of God.

-difficulties of some are more than those of others but no one is immune

-if everything is going perfectly for you now just wait

-keep an eternal perspective even in the midst of trials.

-seeing the Lord’s miracles as he establishes his Church on earth helps us see that he is making miracles in our life as well.

-God is able to do his own work. He, Jesus Christ, created the earth.

-there are only few members of the Church compared to the rest of the world, they are spread throughout the world.

-in Bangkok, Christians are only 1% of this Buddhist land. God is putting a temple there now for he has gathered some of his elect on this earth there.

-30 years ago the Ivory Coast started holding Sunday meetings there in Africa, now there are 8 stakes there and a temple going up.

-in nothing doth men offend God save those who confess not his hand in all things.

-if you want to see God’s work spreading, look around you.

-Heavenly Father knows all, not even a sparrow falls without him knowing about it.

-keep the commandments and pray in faith to see the Lords hand in your life and I (Elder Anderson) promise that your spiritual eyes will be opened even wider and you’ll see his hand even more.

-pray for Jesus Christ to return to earth, his kingdom to come, and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

-the return of Jesus Christ will exceed anything mortal eyes have ever experienced. He will come in the clouds of heaven clothed with power and great glory with all the angels. We will hear the trumpet of the archangel. Saints all over the earth will be caught up to meet him in the midst of heaven. All flesh will see him together, exactly as prophets have said it will. All the ends of the earth shall hear his voice. The voice of many waters and great thunder are his. The Lord will stand in the midst of his own people. There will be unforgettable reunions between man and angels. All the earth shall see the salvation of God. In that day, the sceptic shall be silent, for every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world the Son of God.

-today easter, we rejoice in the Saviors resurrection, and in OUR RESURRECTION TO COME.

Jorge F Zeballos:

-as members of the Church we have responsibility to seek our own salvation and that of our fellow men.

-seeking our salvation means seeking the highest degree of glory available

-this priority should direct our daily choices

-those who don’t peruse this receive damnation

-men cannot be content with mediocrity when they see excellence is within their reach. We know exaltation is within our reach and need live up to that.

-learn your duty, accept it and live it.

-desire to do the right isn’t enough if we don’t know what it is or if we aren’t willing to do it.

-the path to happiness and life is narrow, and few there be that find it. It takes effort.

-The Holy Ghost shows us what we are to do.

-prophets ancient and modern show us the way, in combination with the Holy Ghost.

-a person’s word ought be sufficient to establish commitment

-Jesus healing people before he was on the cross was him giving unequivocal commitment that he would do what he promised he would (The Atonement).

-Forgive others even when we don’t understand everything.

-it’s essential that we develop the ability to accept God’s will even when it’s not our will however good.

-the leper came to Jesus and didn’t demand to be healed, but he said “if thou wilt thou canst make me clean”- he wanted the Father’s will

-if your child dies, have the faith to give that child to God whom gave him.

tell your child the things that Jesus would tell were he here.

Joseph W. Sitati:

-develop your divine attributes to reach your divine potential.

-we bare more fruit for the Lord by yielding to the Holy Ghost and being meek and lowly of heart.

-invite your friends and neighbors to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-be a witness of the goodness of God in all places times and things you may be in even until death.

-the body is the means by which we may attain our divine potential.

-marriage between a man and a woman is the fulfillment of the institution God set up for the commandment to us to multiply

-marriage between man and a woman gives children the ideal in preparing for living life.

-those who struggle with marriage if faithful will in time have God’s blessings

-don’t put off marriage and family for worldly per suits

-who keep their covenants have the promise that the adversary will never have power to end their marriage.

-subduing the earth includes that we get power over our bodies and use them for the things of God.

-with faith in Christ we have power to do what ever is expedient in him that we do.

-see the gifts of the spirit

-develop our talents

-every family has trials and challenges but if they look to the Lord they will get help and not be overwhelmed by those things

-the evils on earth are because people have turned to flesh rather than the Lord walking after their own God whose image is in the likeness of the world.

-enticings of evil which would put is in bondage can be handled with Christ’s power.

-we can actually grow to become like God

-Thomas S Monson holds the keys to do the Lords work today

Elder Russel M Nelson of the 12 Apostles:

-Conference has been glorious

-examine your Sabbath day observance

-is the Sabbath a delight like the Lord says?

-on Sunday we rest from our work

-The Sabbath made for man and not man for the Sabbath means it is God’s gift to us wherein we rest from labors of the week and so we can renew our spirits.

-Sabbath is not for pleasure.

-The Sabbath is a perpetual covenant, a constant reminder that the Lord may sanctify his people.

-on the Sabbath we take the sacrament covenanting that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ

-Christ declared himself as Lord of the Sabbath- it is HIS day.

-our conduct and attitude about he Sabbath constitutes a sign between us and God.

-when wondering what to do on the Sabbath ask what sign we want to give to God. That makes our decisions crystal clear.

-going to Church on Sunday keeps us more unspotted from the world.

-Sunday is for resting from your labors and paying your devotion to the most high.

-on the Sabbath prepare food with singleness of hearth that your joy may be full

-if you do these things on the Sabbath, then the FULLNESS OF THE EARTH WILL BE YOURS.

-no wonder Isaiah called the Sabbath “a delight”

-strengthen families on the Sabbath

-God wants his children to return to him as sealed spouses in the temple

-on the Sabbath teach the gospel on the Sabbath. teach repentance faith in Christ baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by the time they are 8 years old, or the sin is upon the head of the parents.

-devote your best efforts to the teaching your children the gospel

-no place can take place of the home in teaching children the gospel

-give highest priority to family prayer and scripture study and family home evenings. Never allow other activities get in the way of these.

-parents have more resources to make the Sabbath meaningful than other generations have ever had with websites of The Church and magazines of The Church.

-no other work transcends that of righteous parenting

-teaching the gospel causes you to learn more, that’s how he helps us learn it. “teach ye diligently that you may be instructed more perfectly” in doctrine and all things pertaining to the kingdom of God.

-we must teach our family the gospel no matter it’s size

-do family history work and it can bring immense joy.

-determine to do family history research, and slowly you’ll learn how easy this is and you’ll never be happier.

-the dead are yearning for ordinances we can perform for them in temples. Lifting their spirits will lift yours as well.

-turn away from your pleasure on God’s holy Day. Honor the Lord. Don’t do your own ways, or speak your own words. Then the Sabbath will bring you delight.

-it takes SELF DISCIPLINE to keep your words as God’s words on his day the Sabbath.

-don’t do routine and recreational activities, those can be done on a day other than the Sabbath.

-the Sabbath is a tithing to the Lord, it’s our duty, hence, to give him our money and time.

-observing the Sabbath causes us to get faith in God.

-true believers keep the Sabbath day holy.

-be perfected in Christ by coming to Him. Deny your self ungodliness and you’ll be sanctified in Christ.