General Conference April 2016 brief summary notes by Nate Richardson

General Conference April 2016

brief summary notes by Nate Richardson

Open Prayer:

-“we strive to be worthy to welcome in the Second Coming of Thy Son”


-Jesus Christ is in our midst. Call upon him while he is near.

-listen and pray while the choir sings and you’ll draw closer to the Savior and be blessed

-what you hear at conference is the word of God

-Jehovah is the son of Elohim, Jehovah is the creator, Jehovah is Jesus Christ. He lives today a God.

-This is the only true church

-I know Jesus Christ goes before his servants


-don’t let the things of the world keep you from spirituality

-spiritual education is best done in the home, like immersion to learn a language, thus they’ll not just learn words, but fluidity.

-live for having the spirit


-you can have what you want, or you can have something better said Holland

-a very spiritual congregation arrived early and sang How Firm a Foundation from memory even verse 7 which says Jesus CAN’T forsake who trust him.

-what happens with our knowing who we are: 1. we treat it casually 2. we ignore it 3. we forget it


-like keys to get into a car, so are the Priesthood keys restored to Joseph Smith totally necessary for the church

-men have mandate to go on missions

-if you’re not yet temple age, you can still find your ancestors and submit them to the temple

-kneel to pray morning and night and study the scriptures daily, and you’ll have joy and find direction for your life for you’ll come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ thereby.


-we all have in common that we will all be victim to misdeeds of others. We need not be a victim twice by carrying resentment or revenge; forgive and be free.

-like ointment softening the skin so a splinter comes out, so is the balm of the atonement.

-God will mete out the punishments that are fair for mercy cannot rob justice; let God do that; as for you, have peace.

-once seeing light and truth, terrible people can become wonderful people

-“We all have in our lives Saul-like people with Paul-like potential”

-to forgive is not to condone

-don’t allow someone to mistreat you because of their weaknesses

-don’t let religious or political differing views of others make you their enemy

-win or loose, be graceful. If you do, you’ll have such at the last day.

-we are the offender at times; you won’t be forgiven if you don’t forgive others.

-the remarkably short prayer of Jesus spoke of forgiveness; yes, Jesus even came for that reason, it’s a big principle and heals.


-some of the best sermons are taught by song

-a little bit of humility will go a long way

-very painful things do happen to very good people

-being a passionate educator is a good thing

-the brethren of the 12 would most oft sing “I need thee every hour” when they were in the temple  (reported Ballard)


The Lord my pasture will prepare


-the greater the distance between the giver and receiver of welfare, the more entitled the receiver feels/develops into. Priority is on family giving to each other.

-Similarly, the further we are from God, the more we are proved to feel we deserve grace, and that things are not fair. Even small inequities will loom large. Laman and Lemuel saw their blessings as their due, and that they deserve more, and that Nephi’s blessings were “wrongs” towards them. This is entitlement.

-Laman and Lemual had “derisive skepticism”, saying God doesn’t answer questions, even when they never asked questions.

-Though absolutely innocent, the Savior suffered the most. The closer we are to Him the more we appreciate his grace and want to repent and become like him. We don’t want to

-because of the Atonement, ultimately, all can be made right, there will be no unfairness, and even we can get more than we ever earned or hoped for.

-Christ is made known unto us today as in the days of old, via the breaking of the bread (the sacrament)

-don’t wine

-like those on the road to Emaus, we will find that Christ has been with us the entire way.


-questions are an expression of a desire to add to those truths we already know, which added questions can help us press forward; this church even began with a question.

-casual sabbath is a threat

-religious freedom going away is a threat

-we are to fulfill God’s purposes on this earth

-are you standing with the leaders of the Church in a darkening world so you can share the light of Christ?

-all you give to others comes back to you

-reach out to others to prove that no one goes alone

-Peter boldly followed Christ on water or dry land; he walked on the water to go to Jesus; we should trust the leaders of the church even in unfamiliar places, for we cannot do it alone.

-we need the Savior now more than ever before

-we will frequently hear the calls of Jesus Christ in life. The calls can be come serve a mission, be baptized, etc. Eventually each one of us will hear the call, “come home.”


-today twice as many children are born into unwed families than they were 50 years ago.

-children are ENTITLED to be born to married parents.

-when people read the Book of Mormon, they feel it is remembering things they had already known.

-teachings someone about the temple even once can give them a forever desire to go there.

-open your hands are hearts wider to the youth without two parents a mom and a dad in the Church.

-knowing someones name can make a difference.

-one less active youth came to church; he didn’t think the bishop knew him. The bishop saw him and smiled and reached out his hand and said ” (his name), it’s good to see you!” the lad then got a warm feeling in his heart and knew that in coming to church he had made the right choice.

-an example of taking in one without parents to live with you 4 years given.

-if you receive a needy child in the name of Christ, you receive Christ.


Now let us rejoice; another Millennium song!


-a saintly person who understands how God wants none to be lost may visit more people than assigned, and more than once a month. When bed ridden near death, spending hours writing them letters.

-when you go to people, the Lord will take care of things.

-spending too much time deciding how to help the lost ones, and they’ll be lost forever. God will require them at our hand. Don’t deliberate about who will visit them or what approach to take.

-the strong in spirit are to take the weak with them that they pay be strong also.

-one man went in his business suit to the ocean to get a surfer into the church; the surfer became a 3 time bishop, and the youth in his ward, there were about 30, and about 20 of them were rescued back into the Church.

-one would share the gospel with each telemarketer who called


-a struggle asking which church is true, then a clear answer.

-he feels eternity had been parted into two parts, before, and after his sealing in the temple


-being born again comes through the spirit through ordinances.

-the Holy Ghost cleanses us like a fire

-ordinances constitute organized channels wherein the power of God can flow into our lives; they’re not just rituals.

-baptism is the introductory ordinances, and must be preceded by faith and repentance. it is administered by the authority of the Aaronic Priesthood. It provides initial cleansing of our soul from sin. The parts of baptism are that we do the 3 things listed in the sacrament prayer, and the blessing is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

– the sacramental emblems are both blessed and sanctified, which is made holy, thus we become holy to be able to stand before God at the last day.

-Merely taking the sacrament does not remit sins, but careful preparation is needed.

-obtaining and always retaining a remission of our sins through gospel ordinances is the way it’s done; baptism is a point of departure, we should not want to visit it again, but to go forward; each successive ordinance elevates our spiritual purpose


-Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Universe as put forth in scripture.

-do family councils with love; these are not with FHE and are for listening to each other.

-beware media bringing evil into our homes

-general council: all family members. make plans, support and strengthen each other, pray for one another and the family, speak of finances. Start with prayer or can be non-formal also. Prepared parents and listening participating children show the council is working. Understand the circumstances of each family member are considered. Family members may be very different from each other. Sometimes outside help is enlisted in the search for solutions for certain medical and emotional problems which family members may have.

-executive council: parents; speak of needs of the children, and of their relationship.

-limited council: parents and one child; speak of making decisions in advance about what they will or won’t do in the future; such decisions made may want to be recorded to be seen in the future; children here see concern of parents; a time for discussion of serious things like a lack of confidence, abuse, bullying or fear.

-1:1 council: one parent and one child; often informal; calendar these in advance, a special time they can look forward to.

-have a basket to deposit electronic devices

-family councils are like ward councils, and all should be involved so more can be accomplished. All are to e involved in dealing with challenges. When all feel they are contributing,

-expanded council: bringing in adult children and perhaps their children, and also perhaps grandparents. Skype, phone, FaceTime, these can help participation.

-room mates in an apartment can meet together regularly to discus things and pray. this would change

-Sunday, the first day of the week, can be a good day for this. Can be what is needed to make the Sabbath a delight.

-never retire, spouses, without kneeling together holding hands in prayer

-physical doors of our homes are now not enough because of media. The council system is how the Lord has designed to combat this.

-children desperately need a time where parents can listen to them, the council time is good for this.

-have prayer in these councils and our relationships with each other will improve. Also it will cause the Savior to be present, for thus we are gathered in the name of Christ, and thus he promised to be in the midst of them.

-pattern these after the council of heaven, filled with love and the Christlike spirit; this can protect our special time together

-these help us spot and root out family problems much more quickly, and give each family member a feeling of worth, and help us to be more happy in the precious relationships of our own homes.


to bear is to hold the weight of something; we bear the Priesthood

-the very same Priesthood which we have is what God uses to create numberless worlds and to exalt his children.

-like an unplugged electronic device, the flow of power is blocked by sins like laziness pride immorality or preoccupation with things of the world.

-too many have done nothing to get this power

-too many have unclean thoughts and demean their wives which cuts off power

-many say by their conduct that they care more about their selfish interests than the power of the Priesthood to bless others.

-some may wake to regret that they spent too much time seeking power over others or power at work, but we should use power rightly.

-in a coming day only those who take Priesthood seriously by counseiing with God himself will be able to bring miracles to those he loves, and keep his marriage and family safe now and forever; to bless guide protect strengthen and heal others. You must pay the price for priesthood power for these things.

-faith virtue knowledge patience charity diligence humility brotherly kindness are what Peter who gave the Priesthood to Joseph Smith said we need for the divine nature.

-how would our neighbors friends coworkers etc, say we are doing on this?

to get more power you must be willing to pray to know how to pray for more power and he will teach you; you must also learn of prophets and in the temple where he loves to teach.

-imagine the increased priesthood power that could be yours.

-for decades, Monson has taken the long way home to stop at someones porch on the way home following promptings.

-to melt your wires heart let her find you studying the gospel

embrace both your wife and her council.

-be as interested in increasing Priesthood power as we are at increasing at work or increasing our bank account.

earthquakes in diverse places in the last days, one place could be in our own home, financial, emotional, etc. Priesthood power can calm these storms.

-fast worship and serve study as men of God to have this power

-we have a sacred trust: the authority of God to bless others.

-rise as a man of God whom you are foreordained to be

-be eager to pay whatever price needed to get this power do it

-this power allows us to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


Oh come oh king of kings (another Millennium song!)


-save your marriage, it’s a covenant

-you single people, don’t wait for a perfect person, such a person would not be interested in you if there was one.

-if it appears to take forever to get your marriage awesome, don’t worry, marriages are meant to last forever. You are laying the foundations for a great marriage.

-divorce rarely happens when people are happy, so be happy. Men, astonish your wife by doing things that make her happy.

-Abe Lincoln said most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Indeed, the scripture says, seek and ye shall find.

-who save marriages save future generations

-work daily to make your marriage stronger

-there are no perfect families, every family needs saving

-families have rough times, like when one has a political view he thinks is the gospel view which opposes your view

-the families which survive are who council with each other

-what is right for one family may not be right for another; but one thing is: charity; without it, even great families struggle; without it, even struggling families do great

-pride exaggerates its own strength and ignores the virtues of others; it hides it’s own weaknesses behind excuses. It is opposite of charity, the primary characteristic of Satan. It has no place among the Priesthood holders.

-The way you treat your family may influence generations to come. Leave a legacy not of fear and hate, but of love and humility.

-for the sake of your family relationships and your soul, be merciful with them. This is a sign of strength.

-It’s more important to nurture an environment of love than to be right. Let love conquer pride. IF YOU DO THIS, WHATEVER ADVERSITY YOU ARE FACING WILL PASS.

-no matter your marital status we can all be saviors of families.

-love is to seek the welfare of others. That is the love our heavenly father has for us.

-have untiring efforts to be a savior.


-this talk is to show the ways that the church will grow to fill the earth

-the great work of Priesthood holders is to help people to eternal life

-the great work of every man is to believe the gospel, create an eternal family, and help others to.

-all we do should be geared toward eternal marriage

-when one has faith, it brings the power of heaven to those around him

-deacons and priests have many duties in keeping the church going based on the D&C. Exhort others to eternal life and family life without offending. The only way to do that is to use the Holy Ghost. That happens as we testify of the Savior, whom is the perfect family member.

-the Jr. companion in home teaching can often be who penetrate the heart; they can pray for help in their message

-we bless children in church, but the real blessings are only available in the temples of God

-Elders give people the gift of hoping for eternal life

-it is wise council to make marriage a priority early after your mission

-the faithful servant will ensure that who he marries shares his views on marriage and sees his choice as the parent of their children to be; those children are entitled to the best parent that you can give them, clean parents. You owe your future children that blessing.

-treat your wife and children the way your Heavenly Father treats you. Only use persuasion, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned, kindness, pure knowledge, no guile or hypocrisy, reprove at times with sharpness but then extra love

-the most important work for God you’ll do is in your home. In your home, the small acts will be the most important. They will bring everlasting blessings in eternity.

-we will have an endless posterity, a supernal blessing, if we live the gospel.


-much is expected of those who bear the priesthood

-think of what God wants you to become as you think of what choices to make

-wherever you are, your priesthood goes with you

-several were shot down in planes in WW2, a rescuer boat after 3 days of floating on the water, and rescue boats passing them down, the thought came to him “you hold the priesthood, command the vessel to go pick you up” he did so. He said “by the priesthood I command this vessel to turn around and get us” it did.


Redeemer of Israel (speaks of how long we have waited, and that soon we will be free!)


He Shall Purify the sons of Levi. Another Millennium song!


Let Zion in her beauty rise


The Morning Breaks: The Zion’s light is bursting forth to bring the ransomed children home!


Strengthen President Monson to give his speech even as King Benjamin in days of old.


I will follow Gods plan


-there were only 12 temples about 50 years ago, now there are 150.

-the door of history turns on small hinges, so do peoples lives.

-maintain the courage to defy the consensus

-choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong

-if we choose Christ we will have made the correct choice.


Sunshine in your heart


-this is the only true church

-to believe we need to get the gospel from our heads into our hearts, not just living it from culture or habit

-conversion comes when we search the scriptures rather than the internet. it takes consistency and daily effort.

-the greatest pressure the youth have today is the ever present presence of the great and spacious building, those taunting fingers etc.

-the safest is when one has attained the gospel, then is ashamed because of those dressed in nice clothes’ mockery. Then they fall to forbidden paths and are lost.

-we don’t need to search through the philosophies of the world to get comfort and success, we already have those tools.

-being a member of this the Lords kingdom is a blessing of immense value

-the righteous have more blessing coming to them than they can imagine

-only the temple can seal your family forever


-all must experience sorrow

-peace is not based on our ability to avoid trials, but our ability to think of Jesus, even though we may not understand all the doctrines of the church at times. Jesu said “in me ye might have peace”

-only the temple can seal your family forever; it’s the house of the Lord with Jesus’ authority

-in the temple there is a peace you’ll feel nowhere else.

-those who CHOOSE to listen to the current day prophets in this church, find safety and peace.

-there are more mockers today than ever before

-listening to the LDS prophets is how we stand in holy places and be not moved

-we must ignore mockers; they will fall.

-the Savior’s reach is as individual as it is infinite

-the pattern of Jesus’ life is what we follow to make it easy to think about Jesus


Rejoice the Lord is King


-fatherhood is a most masculine role

-man should put his family first

-fathers are to help their wives as an equal partner; they are indispensable;

-the key for men is to be fathers

-the key for children is to have fathers

-the key for society is to have men be fathers

-incomparable satisfaction and joy come from begin a father

-fathers lead out in making teaching of children a high priority

-listening working and playing together are important elements in teaching

-in discipline take particular care, lest you come near abuse which is never justified.

-discipline is not so much about punishing as it is about helping one go toward self mastery

-breadwinning is the essence of being a good father; this domain overlaps time at home; but we aren’t to be over involved in our career, or have feeding them into the hands of another

-Joseph, husband of Mary, was a foster father.

-disability may necessitate a need for a shift in providing, if we just can’t provide well because of disability in the family, there can be a temporary system to help you.

-bring purity to your family

-school is important for the skills to provide for the family

-think first of the happiness and wellbeing of others, not just that of yourself.

-his dad each morning would tuck the covers around his son; his dad would pray for him as he stood beside his bed with all energy and focus; since he could not be with him all day he would pray for the people and teachers that his son would be with that day;

-he with his wife also prayed in his sleeping children’s’ rooms for the webbing of their children


-there will be 177 temples when all announced temples are dedicated.

-until you’ve gone to the House of the Lord (the temple) and received all the ordinances there, you haven’t received all the blessings the church has for you.

-increased number of temples and technology to do genealogy makes this the most blessed time in all history. As you are involved in this you are literally among the number of those prophecies to be Saviors on Mt Zion.

-originally temple recommends were signed by those in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to ensure cleanliness. But you can enter if you repent. You must be willing to forgive yourself.

-the temple is to help us experience the ministering of the Holy Ghost.

-the Lord organizes eternal families only in temples

-ordinances in the temples of God allow us to return to the presence of God

-the temple mirrors in the sealing rooms remind us of our forefathers

-study D&C 109

-make the temple the standard of our membership

-when doing genealogy we often feel promptings of the Holy Ghost

-sometimes in the temple the veil between us and those who have gone before becomes very thin.

-never underestimate the assistance from those on the others side of the veil to assist in temple work

-one person reported seeing a face in the temple mirrors of a person who was not physically in the room; twas of one who was being sealed for the dead that day

-while the Fiji temple was being dedicated, the city was burned and martial law declared and country leaders taken captive by rebels; the temple dedication was in private; they said don’t do anything outside, but Pres. Hinckley insisted on doing the cornerstone ceremony for Jesus Christ is the cornerstone.

-make any necessary changes to see yourselves in the temple


Press forward saints: thus saith your God, ye have eternal life! Hallelujah!


-cities built in 1000 years can be destroyed in 1 day

-men can rebuild a city. Oh how much more God can rebuild man!

-except the rare son of Perdition, there is no life so shattered that it cannot be rebuilt.

-condemning ridiculing and shaming people is not the way to help people repent. Rather, it’s like a lost sheep whom we go after. Yes, we spend time with the sinners.

-the seeking the Lost sheep parable is not primarily a call for us to go rescue, no, it’s about God helping people. His knowledge of them and power to help them.

-The lost sheep is worthy of help merely because it is loved.

-because God loves you his child, HE WILL FIND YOU.

-He will be able to say to one and all, rejoice with me, for the lost has been found.

-but God will not rescue anyone against their will.

-draw near to God and he will to you; this is how we show God we want to be rescued

-if you can’t muster faith, muster hope. Desire. Then in time you’ll grow into the other stuff.

-steps of faith are called obedience. Not a popular word these days.

-as we increase in faith, we must also increase in faithfulness.

-there is nothing good unless you do it.

-we can have fancy religious discussions, but if our faith doesn’t change our lives it’s pretty well dead.

-obedience is a means to an end, not an end itself.

-obedience is the process by which we discover what we truly are made of. We are literally created of and children of God. We carry the substance of divinity.

-all the stain of the world though it makes it hard for us to remember who we are, doesn’t change who we are.

-as we obey God, eventually our desire for sin goes away, and the stain of this earth starts to go away, and the divine being within us is revealed, and the radiance of goodness becomes our nature.

-God sees us all as worthy of rescue.

-trust that God your loving creator can and will rebuild you into something much better; you can reach infinite joy; this is what you were designed to become.


Oh thou rock of our salvation:


Praise to the Lord


I am called by thy name


-the light of Christ is in and through all things

-the Holy Ghost speaks to us on matters of consequence, gently.

-faithfulness and obedience protect us from being deceived

-pray to Heavenly Father, listen to the Holy Ghost, follow it’s promptings, and all will be well.

-The Holy Ghost told him to stay and shake hands after a meeting and he did and thought to speak to one lad and he did, and said  “pray to Heavenly Father, listen to the Holy Ghost, follow it’s promptings, and all will be well. ” and later found that lad had recently come home early from a mission and was dismayed, and was promised by a church leader that Hales would speak to him at that meeting.


-400 scripture references to the word remember

-confidence in his promises and covenants is a way we can always remember Jesus

-the earth shall tremble with joy

-we live life forward but understand it backward

-not being tall for basketball, he tried soccer and was better at that.

-God doesn’t want us to always think of our shortcomings

-God knows all the bad of us we don’t want others to know of us, and yet loves us.

-remember the atonement, and you can have strength to forgive.

-when you need to know what to hold and what to let go, remember Christ.

-at criticism take it.

-when you are ready, please open the book of Mormon again for the first time. Pray again with real intent for the first time.

-there is no point of no return with God.

-in the sacrament we witness to God the Father that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ.

-when we help the needy, we are remembering Jesus.

-when we pray over our things, we are remembering Jesus.

-Jesus draws each of us BY NAME to Him.


-60 million refugees today; half of them are children.

-1.5 million arrived in Europe over the last year from war torn Africa. They come with only what they wear. Many of them are well educated and had to leave jobs.

-the Church is working with 75 agencies to help the refugees.

-what if the story of the refugee were mine? Such it was for the LDS

-this talk is not to influence policy

-Jesus was a refugee, fleeing Herod as a babe, and later fleeing from those who plotted his death.

-true religion is to visit the widow and fatherless in their affliction and administer to the relief of the needy.

-the Church has provided much for the refugees

-one help is to learn the language of a person you host as a refugee

-the reality of these situations must be seen to be believed

-one university professor feared she would not have anywhere but  large hall she was staying at to have her child

-don’t let the news of the refuges becomes common to you

-don’t serve at the expense of families and other responsibilities

-don’t expect leaders to structure all the service projects

-program “I was a stranger” is a way to help; many ideas; see

-also pray for how to help

-increase awareness of world events that cause refugee situations; be tolerant

-the stakes of Zion are a refuge, we must come out from our safe places and see beyond cultural differentces.

-being a refugee may define a part of their life but it doesn’t define them; our response will define us.


Guide us now oh great Jehovah (bring the welcome day! the earth shall tremble! The Lord shall destroy, keep us safe!


-Satan proposed a way to carry out the fathers plan in a way that would not accomplish the Father’s purpose. There would be on inequality or failure or growth. Satan’s purpose was to get the Father’s honor and power. Satan in opposing Gods plan facilitated it for we need opposition.

-Joseph Smith tried 5 times until he was able to get the Book of Mormon published. Accomplishing divine purposes is not easy, but it is possible.

-don’t violate the Sabbath

-in the last days Satan does these: 1. stir up people against what is good 2. tell us Zion is fine 3. tell us there is no devil or hell or right or wrong

-as we grow in obedience, Satan increases his waring against us so we will continue to have opposition in all things.

-you can’t claim loyal opposition in Gods kingdom; questions are fine here, opposition is not.

-there is opposition in Church History; we can’t get all answers by study of that; we need faith to get answers.

-God does help us be strong to bear disasters; other times God blunts the effect of terrorism LIKE HE DID IN  Brussels airport bomb which killed many, but only injured our 4 missionaries involved!


-we need the temple more than anything else in these trying times

-all the things the Church does is to get people to the altar of the temple to kneel and be blessed.

-feel as much interested in the temple work as though it all depended on you

-all ages, help in the temple; active service of all ages, tis time

– the young people need the temple service more than even the older people

-this is worth all the sacrifice; no sacrifice to great; temple blessings are priceless

-what are these who are arrayed in white? You are they, temple goers.


-we are spirit children of heavenly parents.

-no pain in the Resurrection

-spirit and body immortal are needed for our destiny; without this we would be miserable forever; spirits see separation from body as captivity; there is no salvation without both our spirit and our body

-there is a cure to all ailments, and Jesus Christ has already performed it in the resurrection!

-the resurrection proves that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that what he said was true. “He is risen as he said”


Beautiful bright Millennial day!


-be in Sunday best dress for conference

-conference music is incomparable

-it’s inevitable that after heavenly moments we return to our mortal lives were things aren’t as great. A great fight of affliction after illumination.

-in the very hour that Jehovah told Moses that the people should make no image nor god before him, the Israelites were making a golden calf.

-Similarly Jesus after transfiguration had to settle disputes among the disciples, pay taxes, unsuccessfully relate to the disciples that he would be taken and killed soon. He then said oh faithless generation how long… he longed for mountain tops.

-don’t be cast down or giving up when we see weakness in ourselves and others

-conference is to give hope not to make sad.

-Lucifer can’t improve or progress, or ever have a bright tomorrow, so he tells you you can’t progress, or that things said in conference are beyond our reach.

-because of Jesus, we can succeed

-in the gospel, the great thing is that we get credit for trying even if we don’t succeed

-the blessings are for who obey “and for they who seeketh so to do”. Sometimes that’s all we can offer.

-the Lord blesses those who WANT to improve. Who accept the need for commandments, and try at it.

-if you fall, call out like Alma oh Jesus have mercy on me. He will help you get up and fix what’s needed and keep going. Soon enough, you’ll have the success you seek.

-“As you desire of me, so shall it be done unto you” the Lord has declared

-follow Jesus and try and you’ll get as your heart wants

-to qualify for blessings we must allow them to others; never pride or self-righteousness; only humility and righteous judgement.

-the first great commandment of all eternity is to love God with all might mind and strength; but the first truth of eternity is that God loves us with all might mind and strength. Only knowing this can we have the confidence to try.

-God will never desert us, he never has and never will, he can’t, it’s not his character. He will always stand by us.

-we can escape the consequences of both sin and stupidity from ourselves and others if we give our heart to God; then tomorrow and every other day is ultimately going to be magnificent. Why? Because Heavenly Father wants it to be. The plan of God is predicated on how all works together for  good to them that love God. Heaven is cheering you on today tomorrow and forever.

-God gives power to the faint, increases strength.

-remember tomorrow how we felt today

-Gods love will be with us especially when we struggle.

-“Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you.” said Joshua when they faced a daunting task. This is hope for who see the standards of the Church too high.