General Conference October 2015 Summary

General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints October 2015

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I witness these messages are true.


President Uchdorf Second Councilor of the First Presidency:

-Pray for the new Apostles

-we are proned to believe big things not little things

-at times we set aside what we have experienced or know to be true in pursuit of more mysterious information of little substance

-ask yourself if you believe in God, are you happy, do you believe God hears your prayers, are your efforts leading you to your highest spiritual goals?

-members ask: Is your experience with the Church working for you, bringing your family blessings?

-focus our efforts with the divine plan of salvation

-he meets many whose lives are immeasurable blessed by the Church and the restored gospel, but others not. It saddens him for he knows how the gospel can renew the spirit, and fill our hearts and minds with light. It can transform lives into extra ordinary and sublime.

-what is the difference between the members who are filled with joy and others who feel something is lacking? 1. are we making our discipleship too complicated?We cover up the simple gospel with our own ides often. This can be like putting dirt over a flower burying it. Leaders must keep the Church and gospel plain without putting unnecessary burdens on the members. Members need devote their time to what truly matters, while uplifting others, building God’s kingdom. Living the gospel need not be complicated. Hearing God’s word leads us to trust his promises. Hence we love him. Hence we choose to follow him according to his word. Hence we want serve him and bless the poor and needy. This is the path of discipleship. It causes us to want to learn Gods word the more we live it.  Focus on the basic doctrines principals and applications of the gospel and it will defiantly work better for you.

2. start where you are. Don’t feel bad for not being “more” something. It’s natural and right to desire growth, but we can use our weaknesses to come to Christ. Satan uses our weaknesses to persuade us to not try.  As you are right now, God will take you and work with you. You only need desire to believe and trust in the Lord.  Saul was of one of the smallest tribes of Israel yet God saw a great king in him. Moses wanted to give up and die at one point but went on. God sees us according to truth, which is that we are his children with divine destiny. The Saviors sacrifice opened the door for all to return to God. His power allows access to God’s kingdoms of God. From The Savior all go to a kingdom of glory, even the lowest kingdom surpasses all understanding and many people will be there, but the Savirors grace can do even more, exaltation, life in God’s presence, receiving all the Father hath. Exaltation is our goal. Discipleship is our journey.

-exercise a little faith and begin to walk with Christ, God will help you become something greater than YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. We will be able to say being a member works wonderfully thank you for asking would you like to learn more?

Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-The old ship Zion is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stay on it. God is at the helm and will stay there. Never forsake your covenants nor your God and he will guide you right.

-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have given clear and simple truths to keep us aright.

-a few of these include Gods chosen prophets who show us how to make it safe through mortality. He has witnesses the Apostles act as moved upon by the Holy Ghost, perfectly dedicated to doing God’s work. God leads his Church via his Apostles and Prophets.  The Savior taught that who receive his servants receive him. We cannot separate Christ from his servants. Without them we would have no bible witness of Christ, nor witness of the empty tomb and resurrection. He commanded them to teach and baptize all, and to have everyone do as he taught. This is renewed in our day when he called Joseph Smith to declare his gospel one last time before he will come again.  It’s always been a challenge for the world to accept living Prophets and Apostles but it’s essential to receive the blessings of the Priesthood. Leaders need not be perfect for Gods grace is sufficient to accomplish his work through mere mortals.  Looking for weakness in others is easy but it’s a huge mistake to fail to see God’s hand working through those he has called.

-another way to stay on the ship is the doctrine of the plan of salvation. Via Joseph smith the prophet God gave us the Book of Mormon the Doctrine and Covenants and other revelations showing a map of who we are where we came from and where we go when we die. It brings unique perspective that we are God’s children. Knowing our relationship to God and Christ causes us to make covenants with God which can lead us back to God.  We know about relationships continuing after death. The Atonement of the Savior answers why babies and children die with comfort to us.

-another key truth in the Church is that God created Adam and Eve for a large purpose. To create mortal bodies for Gods spirit children so they could experience mortality. This is how God sees his spirit children to hearth to learn and grow. Because he loves them God sends messengers to teach then. Apostles of the Lord are duty bound to warn people and help people get answers to life’s hard questions. The document The Family a Proclamation t the World warns those who neglect family responsibilities will stand before God accountable Communities are to help avoid evil so calamities don’t come upon us.

-another key doctrine to cling to is to observe the Sabbath day. It hopes us rest and stay clean from the world. Worship the Father and the Son each Sunday. This is a sign of our love for them.  Sacrament meeting belongs to the Lord and should be based on his teachings.  At months fast and testimony meeting we express love for God and the gospel and to witness of such, to share brief thoughts and solemn testimony but not to give speeches. Children practice at other places than the pulpit until they understand importance of this.  Ward Councils plan these meetings several weeks in advance. The spirit felt at Church helps children to learn to love the Lord and to help heal us in spirit.  Christ is always near to helps  us as we pray to him for help

-by definition the ship is a vehicle with purpose to take us to a destination, ours is the Celestial glory and the presence of God! God is at the helm. We can’t reach the destination by jumping out of the boat and trying to swim there ourselves.  No one gets to exaltation without what is in the Church.  In the Church we learn to trust God and make covenants with God which are our passport to exaltation.  Without the Church we are without rudder or ore swimming with the strong currents of Satan. The ship is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This Church is named after Jesus Christ the captain of the ship.

Elder Richard J. Maynes Presidency of the Seventy:

-to make pottery the most important part is to place the clay on the exact center of the wheel. The center of our lives must be Jesus Christ and his gospel. Learn of it and follow his example  to keep the commandments with exactness. Father in Heaven is the potter we are the clay we are the work of his hand Isaiah said.  We need them to get to the Celestial Kingdom. The joy level of our lives will be based on how well we live the teachings of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

-resist the worlds increasingly strong pushes against us trying to get us to disobey God’s commandments

-king Lamoni was only willing to give up half of his kingdom to have his life spared. But when he learned about the gospel of Christ, he was willing to give up his whole kingdom.

-the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints has the fullness of the gospel and can bring you the peace you seek in life.

-Nephi says that he had more problems than he could even write. Yet he says they lived after the manner of happiness because their lives were centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Neill F Marriot: Second Councilor Young Women General Presidency:

-protestants love Jesus and wait for further knowledge. The Missionaries of The Church bring that and end their waiting.

-her daughter died at age 21 and she wasn’t able to be with her when she passed; in the gospel we understand that because of the gospel of Jesus Christ NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES.  They go on living as a spirit. Hence we can have the motto “It will all work out.”  We hope in the eternal outcome not just in present results.

-all things can work together for our good. That doesn’t mean al things are good, but that all things can combine for god.

-the sacrament is the heart of the Sabbath.

-pray to God for forgiveness, then ask “God is there more ?” Maybe there is something else he can point out to us something else we should repent of or secrets to confess. God will show us as we ask. We can feel justified in our animosity but yielding to God’s way is the only way.

-the healing of our heat begins when we submit to God.

-in order to have a healed heart we must first allow it to brake before the Lord.  Our self-willed hearts begin to yield and break before God

-vanquish the desire to have things your way, have them God’s way the only way to lead to Eternal Life in the world to come.

-as covenant Israel, we donut just try on our own, we appeal to God and he takes us as we are an helps us improve.

-trust in and love for God inspires a commitment to obey him

-the healing of Christ is mightier than any affliction damage wound we have.

Elder Larry R. Lawrence:

-friends may initially attract people to the Church, but eventually it’s the plan of salvation that we can progress eternally to become as God that attracts people to the Church. Jesus taught this at the sermon on the mount, be ye therefore perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect. We came to earth to learn until we are perfected in Christ.  The path toward heaven causes us to become better.

-we need to ask the Lord for directions along the way about how we are to change improve and strengthen certain weaknesses.

-the rich young ruler was righteous and keeping the ten commandments and when asked what he could do to be perfect, he refused to do that.  He was asked to make a sacrifice more than he ever considered would be asked of him. It was SPECIFIC COUNCIL FOR HIM.  We must all ask” WHAT LACK I YET? Answers come from the Holy Ghost. ASK.

-The Holy Ghost really does give customized council and will speak to us things that no one else will say.  Perhaps to not use bad language or to not interrupt people or to stop studying school work on Sunday and study the gospel instead, or to go clean your room.

-The Holy Ghost doesn’t tell us to improve everything at once if so we would get discouraged and give up. It’s line upon line. Blessed are who receive, for those who do will get more. We may be prompted to say thank you more then move on to something more specific like saying I’m sorry that was my fault. Sacrament is an ideal time to hear these messages.

-ponder before praying, ask wife for her council, don’t exceed the speed limit when driving, etc.

-The Atonement is for Saints as well as sinners. For obedient people ho are striving to become better

-make a list of things to do in a day

-ask the Lord in prayer “what is keeping me from progressing?” The answer will come as you wait for it a few moments.

-it could be to forgive someone be more honest or more careful about which movies you watch or to be more generous of your fast offerings.

-at times we need ask the Lord what we are doing right so the Lord can lift us.

-The Lord rejoices every time we take a step forward. To him our direction is more important than our speed.

-perfection comes after death but here we lay the foundation. It’s our duty to be better today than yesterday. If spiritual improvement isn’t a priority to us we will miss out on the experiences God has in store for us.

-when we hunger for the right God pours out more and more until the Lord pierces the veil and we see the Lord President Kimball said.

-allow the Holy Ghost to lead us home.

Elder Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy:

-the pleasing word of God to heal the soul is found in the scriptures and words of the prophets. In this world our joy is not dull but in Christ our joy is full.

-divorce death dispose abuse from those who were supposed to love you cause the question  “Oh God where art thou” Joseph Smith asked this. The word of God fills us with hope. After much tribulation come the blessings.

-our eternal sealings bless our prosperity

-those without opportunity for certain things won’t be robbed of the opportunity of those things.

-more affliction will come in our lives if we fail to repent

-as sorrow attends sin, joy attends repentance of sin.

-Joseph Smith taught that we condemn ourselves and disappointment is what makes torment as intense as a burning lake of fire and brimstone.

-excusing ourselves because of our sins merely brings more pain and grief. Rather we should act to get a remission of our sins.

-relief from sin comes from exercising faith in Christ and repenting.

-repentance is a process not something that happens in a moment. It requires consistency in each of it’s steps.

– Taking the sacrament is an expression of desire to obey God. When we go obey throughout the week we begin to get remission of our sins.

-if we only honor God with our lips the spirit leaves and we loose the remission of our sins.

-don’t do inappropriate things for the sacred Sabbath, or come late to Church, or leave Church early.

-“turn away from doing thy pleasure on my holy day” do Gods ill on the Sabbath.

-when a person’s will is swallowed up in the will of God, that is when he is sanctified says Brigham Young.

-reconcile yourself with the will of God not with the will of the devil and the flesh. This allows us the have the Holy Spirit as our companion. It will take all malice envy strife and all evil from our hearts and cause our entire will to be to do good. With this we won’t be offended nor offend others. We will love others more forgive more and spread happiness to those around us, and be glad about the progression of others, and seek the good of others. Sincere and continued repentance keeps the Holy Ghost in our lives.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-if there is no righteousness there is no  happiness. The Adversary and his people tell us that you can sin and be happy here or wait for happiness in a world to come which may not exist. This is not true.

-God the Father is our creator, Jesus Christ is our Savior.

-be temple worthy in good times and in bad times so that the turmoils of this life which shall come we may do well through. Determine to be temple worthy regardless of what’s to come.

-happiness in this life depends on righteousness.

-those who are now dead and waiting for the resurrection are in a state of happiness if they had lived righteously in this life.

-Jesus Christ’s teachings stressed personal righteousness

-God has established what righteousness is

-Christianity is under attack in the world today. People believed morals have changed and more people call evil good and good evil. People do self-aggrandizement.

-there is overall stagnation in the world today.

-our choices matter

-the Lord commends preparation and action in the parables he taught and condemned procrastination and idolness.

-rewards for resisting distractions seem dim but aren’t.

-wickedness never was happiness.

-Alma 34:32 this life is the time to prepare to meet God.

-here are 3 principals that contribute to righteousness: practice self restraint

-Dr. Walter Mischel the Stanford professor who did the children patience marshmallow test just published a book he wrote of how avoiding something once helps you avoid  other bad things in the future.

-for spiritual and temporal matters, living  righteously builds us so we can be even more righteous

-being a missionary takes endurance and discipline that need continue after or atrophy occurs

-there are 230,000 missionaries in the church now

-2. honoring the Sabbath brings safety to our family. For Jews and Christians the Sabbath symbolizes the mighty works of God. Honor God as your creator. Recite scripture. Sing Sabbath songs in a celebratory mood.

-the Sabbath is a sing between us and God that he is our God. Family love and devotion comes from honoring the Sabbath. Many Jewish people are happy because of their honoring the Sabbath.

-the Sabbath separates us from that which is frivolous. It helps us to be in but not of the world.

-truly making the Sabbath a delight is a refuge from the storm. IMPROVE YOUR SABBATH WORSHIP/

-3. members of the Church have there right to companionship of the Holy Ghost to cleanse us if the gospel is first in our lives. It can be a voice of protection to us to avoid temptations an dangers and comfort and lead us through challenges. The fruits of the spirit are faith joy peace etc.

-life is not easy nor meant to be. It’s a time of testing and trial. There will be times when the tide goes out. It will seem like all supporting us in life disappears and we may hit the bottom and tip over like a ship on land but keeping a temple worthy life will always bless us.

Elder Robert D Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-not wanting marriage and children is a strange path that people without the gospel wander.

-we need to tighten our grip on the rod which leads us back to God. We must straighten up and fly right.

-today’s youth face the gathering storms of the last days

-ask yourself “if I ask this choice what is the worst thing that could happen?”

-choose to never drink and you’ll never be an alcoholic. Never go into debt and you’ll never go bankrupt.

-many scripture characters had to flee from society. In every instance Heavenly Father warned them on how to fight flee or whatever the need be.

-scriptures prophets living and inspired parents and patriarchal blessings and the spirits small voice all can lead us if we let them.

-if you are there for the Lord he will be there for you. Love him and keep his commandments and he will be there to guide you.

-you are rich if you can live happily within your means. When you learn more save more. Don’t buy what you can’t afford.  For school seed scholarships grants and part time work.

-knowledge goes away with darkness suspense and doubt where there is knowledge there is power Joseph Smith said. Education prepares you for what is ahead.

-dating is time for lengthy conversations and get to know all you can about each other and weather you have similar goals and feelings about callings in the church service to others etc. Do they tear others down or build them up? Is their language and conduct match what you want to live with every day? That said none of us marry perfection we marry potential.   Dating and marriage aren’t final deceptions, they are the gateway to where you want to go. Be worthy of the person you want to marry.  God has a plan for the unmarried people weather in this life or the next. Take council from the Lord. In this life or the next his promises will be fulfilled. If you are prepared you shall not fear. If you are poor don’t worry. Raise your children on faith not money. Don’t let faith atrophy occur but exercise your faith all of the time.  Worthiness for marriage entails taking the sacrament and being temple worthy.

-prayerfully select mentors who have your spiritual well being at heart. Be careful about taking council from your peers. Reach upward not sideways. . Only your resolve to be obedient can change your life.

-the prodigal son had many opportunities awaiting him, he merely had to analyze himself. He “came to himself”. I encourage you to come to yourself.

-ask where you want to be one and two years from now and which choices you need to make there to arrive.  God shall help you.

-go forward not backward

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-Apostleship is the sweetest association a person could imagine

-The Savior helps us get from where we were to where we want to be which we couldn’t get there on our own

-Christ carries us forward when strength is gone and brings us safety when such is far beyond our reach

-bear bore labor deliver- these are Savior words and mother words. In the very midst of the Atonement Jesus said behold thy mother. The love of a devoted mother for it’s child comes closest to Jesus Christ’s love. The only thing more absurd than thinking a mother would forsake her child is thinking that Christ would desert us.

-though mountains depart, mothers love will not

-mothers carry not just prenatal but lifelong and hence it’s a staggering feat

-most mothers know this is a trust of the highest order

-mothers love children so deeply that they voluntarily subject themselves to less freedom, and take on heartache and vulnerability, and just keep coming back for more. Their life is never ever to be their own again. Maternal love has to be divine there is no other explanation for such feelings.

-motherhood is between unbearable and transcendent over and over again until all on earth are safe and we can say with Jesus Father I have finished the work that thou gavest me to do.

-a man who knew the Church was true but was dying away from it said “I don’t know how bad it’s doing to be to stand before God but the thought of standing before my mother is even a worse thought, the gospel and her children meant EVERYTHING to her, and I have broken her heart.”

-in any moment of temptation behold the Savior parenting as well as our mother to spare them both the pain.

-mothers have pillars of existence: the gospel of Jesus Christ and their family. They have undying love for both.

-mothers are Messianic figures.

-to you who struggle mothers, be peaceful. You are doing better than you think. You are standing with the Savior. Your love never faith. I can pay no higher tribute to anyone.

Elder Bradley D Foster:

-in the past the world wanted our children’s time today it wants their identity. We cannot let society give children a makeover in the image of the world.

-parents must hope children before it grows too late

-from here on out we must be involved in intentional parenting.

-Jesus said to parents “behold your little ones”.

-our children are the largest group of investigators in the Church. Focus on their lasting conversion.

-if our children merely hear but don’t understand the gospel the door is left open for Satan to steal their hearts.

-words evolve we must ensure communication is clear

-the Lord wants children to succeed for they were his before they were ours

-develop the processes of learning so that messages you teach can be carried unto the heart of the children.

-parents need to be miracle workers like the teacher of Helen Keller

-take your child aside and tell then “I was once your age too. When you see such and such happen I want you to come and talk to me.” At nine he was warned against cheating. At ten he was warned against pornography. At age eleven he was warned against addictive substances in addition to that.

-Heavenly Father blesses his children from generation to generation by parents doing what they have seen their parents do. The Son doeth nothing but what he hath seen the father do.

-it’s never too early or too late to tell and teach to your husband.

-we can’t turn back time and have our children become small again but that doesn’t matter; families are forever so we can always speak to them about life and deceptions and what is right. Heavenly Father has been though it all and will help us.

Hugo Montoya of the Seventy:

it is as needful for us to be tried as it was for Abraham. God will take hold of you and wrench your very heart strings. Trials and temptations are universal but can help us grow.

-our burdens are lighter as we help others; so find names for the temple, take them to the temple, and teach others.

-smiling to people can bring peace to their overwhelmed hearts

-The Book of Mormon has account of Jesus smiling upon the Apostles

-extend compassion to others this is how to use the power of the Priesthood.

-inviting others to come to Church gives them more opportunity to reflect upon Jesus Christ who took upon himself all the loneliness pains etc. He comprehends all.

-summary: go the second mile, smile, express compassion, and invite others to church.

-Jesus Christ sustains the Fathers plan with ll his might and power.

-President Monson holds all the keys to successfully carry out the Fathers plan on earth today.

Vern P Stanfill of the Seventy:

-stay close to those with more light. Long before reaching the end of the tunnel you no longer need the light of others seeing the full light of day.

-our preparations are insufficient often and that will make us confused and embarrassed.

-we choose how much the dark can influence us.

-in your moment of need, don’t question the Saviors power to hope, just call out for him to save you like Peter did upon the water.

-why listen to those in the great and spacious building rather than those who love us? They try to destroy our faith in contorted carefully crafted. They use social media to destroy us. Don’t leave your life in the hands of strangers.

-those who truly love us can help us build our faith.

-when you realize that the Savior is too precious to lose because of being too embarrassed to have help it’s at that point that others church leaders etc can help us.

-spiritual integrity is confessing that there are things that have happened in your life that can only be explained by the fact that they are from God.

-ignoring or discounting past spiritual experiences will distance us from God.

-the more we go toward the light the brighter it will become in our lives.

-there is no dark so fence that it can’t be overcome by light.

-as evil increases, there is compensatory increase in spirituality provided by God which we can access.

-we are not alone in this dark world we have the power to choose to believe in God and not doubt. Seek personal revelation.

Elder James B. Martino of the Quorum of the Seventy:

-when an answer to a prayer to God about weather the Book of Mormon is true comes when we have a sincere heart with pure intent, not just to respond to our mere curiosity.

–getting answers from God begins with being converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-those who know not the things of God don’t believe in God, and think that obeying God is illogical.

-Leman and Lemuel went through the same experiences as Nephi and they reacted with anger rather than faith. They even saw and heard an angel but continued to doubt. Mortal life is hard for all of us.

-people who have had undeniable spiritual experiences including missionaries can forget about them if they get out of spiritual habits.

-be obedient and remember when you’ve felt help in the past and ask God for help the answer will come NEVER GIVE UP.

-searching the scriptures and fasting are part of why some stay faithful and some don’t

-we MUST do daily scripture study

-purposefully not eating enables us to get faster answers to our pearlers

-ask yourself if you are as close to living like Christ as you have been before

-being baptized is about committing your life to Christ.  That is what the Book of Mormon is about.  It will become delicious to you hand help you get answers to lives questions.

Elder Dallin H Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-death and sin are covered by the Atonement if we apply to it. There are other challenges we need the Atonement for also.

-In Alma we have the clearest scriptural assurances that Christ also experienced the pains and infirmities of his people.  He experienced every kind of temptations.

-all combined torment known to man combined Christ suffered.

-since the Savior experienced every hard thing he can help every weak person become stronger

-Christ’s suffering gives us the strength to bear it all.

-Book of Mormon speaks of Jesus healing all manner of people

-sometimes we are given strength or patience to endure mortal afflictions rather than being wholly healed right away.

-mortality is filled with frequent struggling.

-we all experience failure in our responsibilities

-we have particular pain in the straying loved one

-many are the afflictions of the righteous but our lOrd delivers him out of them all

-earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot cure what cures us is Savior.

-for many depression is PERMANENTLY disabling and not the fault of the person.

-even the grip of addiction may be relieved by Christ

-Christ walks the prison halls and his love is often felt there healing there

-ONLY Jesus Christ can understand and succor us fully

-Jesus will succor his people. Who is that? Everyone. Good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. He can help everyone but only does so for who seek him. Believe in him and pray for his help and you qualify for his help.

-Jesus has gone beneath it all and is in position to lift and strengthen us if we ask.

-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ hear and answer the prayers of all who seek him in faith.

-Atonement of Christ does more than universal resurrection and forgiving sins of who repent, it’s to give strength for us to succeed in life. He is like the good Samaritan who when finding us at the wayside will bind us up and care for us.

-one day all of these mortal burdens will pass away and there will be no more pain

-immortality is sure. The opportunity for Eternal life is available. If we ask God will sustain us.

Elder Neil L Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-The Savior saw there are carrying levels of faith. It’s not a mysterious or hap chance thing. It emits a discernible light and has substance. It’s either growing or weakening. It’s power for this life and the next. One day you’ll be saved by faith.

-going on a mission is a commandment and is more important than any other sacrifices you are making for family or otherwise. It won’t happen by chance but by choice.

-Those in this Church are not in neutral ground. This is the restoration of the gospel.

-exercising Christlike attributes increases our faith

-there is an adversary who delights in destroying our faith. “Be relentless in protecting your faith”

-most questions can be resolved with mind and heart not mind alone for theses are heavenly things not earthly

-“Faith never demands an answer to every questions” but we move forward on the path of discipleship

-don’t get answers from the faithless and the unfaithful.

-Questions concerning the prophet Joseph Smith are not new but have been hurled since the beginning of this Church.

-for now give brother Joseph Smith a break. Eventually you’ll have one hundred times more information available than all the internet search engines and it’ll come from Father in Heaven.

-I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

-Book of Mormon now in 110 languages around the world it’s powerful evidence of the restoration read it again it will increase your faith. When have you last read it?

-your testimony like a flame can grow to be unquenchable

-as you live the gospel you can know that dispute tragedy you’ll see your family again.

-people of faith can testify that no matter how alone you feel God will not forsake you

-faith is not something that began at birth nor will it end at death.

-may Christ say about you “great is your with”

-may you stand pure in the presence of God

Randall K. Bennett of the Seventy

-w have heavens help because of Jesus Christ and his atonement to go from where to are to where we want to be.

-when faith is excersized it increases.

-when a baby falls in trying to walk they don’t give up forever and the parents don’t think he is hopeless they rejoice in the smallest growth and know that trying again and again leads to success.

-do like we did as babies to our parents in learning to walk, take steps toward our Heavenly Father and never give up.

-the Lord more than matches our willingness to take steps in faith

–all God asks is one tenth of what we have and promises to pour the windows of heaven our upon us.

-the Lord will guide us to and through our next steps. We must continue moving forward with faith in Christ.

-Spiritual gifts are for the righteous and those who try to be righteous

-Sabbath day observance is a covenant

-the holy spirits influence guides us so keep the Sabbath so you can have that spirit

-devoted Sabbath day observance the promise for that is that the fullness of the earth will be ours.

-ordinances and covenants become our credentials for entrance back into God’s presence President Packer taught.

-be yoked to the Savior he has never failed and will never fail us

-the faithful shall embrace God

-don’t wait to take your next step toward Jesus Christ take it now.

President Uchdorf Second Councilor of the First Presidency:

-ancient Babylon was the superpower of the world it was a world center of learning law and philosophy nothing compared to it. It easily conquered Jerusalem and carried the best and brightest to Babylon. Daniel was taken believed to be between 13 and 17 years old when taken into kings court to be indoctrinated by the religion of his enemies.  There must have been immense pressure to abandon his old beliefs but he stayed true in word and deed.

-many of us know what it’s like to defend an unpopular doctrine. But Daniel knew that if he challenged publicly he would literally get flamed.

-Daniel spent many hours on his knees praying waiting on the Lord for understanding and wisdom. And the Lord did bless Daniel. He stayed by his own experience of what he knew to be right. He believed and did not doubt.

-Daniel when challenged of his faith went to the source of his faith, God. Then the secret was revealed to him.

-Daniel who was a stranger prisoner who was bullied from believing in a strange religion he approached the king and became renown for his wisdom in all Babylon

-This boy who lived his faith became a prophet a man of God.

-do we enthusiastically walk the walk?

-we have been entrusted to build God’s kingdom of earth. This is a time of great spiritual power. We have priesthood keys to seal on earth and in heaven and sacred scriptures and teachings of Prophets and Apostles are available as never before. Don’t take it lightly great obligations come with them.

-Babylon’s worldliness and wickedness live on. Now it falls to us to live as believers in a world of disbelief. Daily live gospel principals and true to God’s commandments.

-be not impressed from false friends of false prophets from what ever area they come from.

-overcome pour own laziness

-it would have been easier for Daniel to set aside the commandments and eat what the popular people ate. He could have been popular and fit in and had a less complicated path. BUT when the king demanded interpretation of his dream Daniel would realize like the rest that he lost his connection with heaven. But his set is passed and over. Our test is now.

-the devil suggests that the people who believe in God are blind naive or brainwashed and that they who doubt are sophisticated.

-know this one simple fast: we believe in God because of what we know in our heart and mind not because of what we don’t know. These things are often too sacred to explain with words but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true. God offers a full feast. If people reach out to Heavenly Father they can have bright  spiritual knowledge filling their minds with wisdom and their souls with joy.

-we often hear “I wish I could believe the way you do” this is Satans deception that belief is available to some and not others. There is no magic to this but wanting to believe is the first steep.  God is your father and wants to speak to you but it requires a scientific curiosity, an experiment on the word of God and exercise of thigh some humility and an open heart and an open mind. Also seeking it the full sense of the word, we well as patience and waiting on the Lord. Making no effort to believe is like the man who unplugs his spotlight and blames the light in not giving light.

-those who wait around for God to come to them we feel sorry for. They are rejecting what the Lord offers us. They unplug the light and think it’s a clever observation that there is no light. They put the burden of truth on God and excuse ourselves from taking responsibility in regard to our relationship with God.

-there is nothing noble or impressive about being skeptical or cynical anyone can do it. It’s the faithful life which requires dedication and courage. This is more strong than those who give in when mysterious questions arise.

-it should not suprize us that society doesn’t value belief. It has a long history of rejecting what it can’t understand.  Just because we an’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real. There is more that happens on our each that we can’t see more than what’s in all the text books.

-choose to believe and follow Jesus Christ and we open our spiritual eyes to splendors we can hardly imagine and we grow stronger and see even more.

-even in the toughest of times the Savior will say to us be not afraid only believe. We can choose to believe and discover the dawn of life.

-because of our belief will never hunger or thirst it fills our soul like  a well of water springing up unto everlasting life.

-whatever age you are have courage to believe stand with Daniel.

President Henry B Eyring: First Councilor of the First Presidency:

-our hearts prayers and faith sustain them whom are the servants of God

-we all need confidence that the Lord will sustain us in our calling.

-any call in the Lord’s Kingdom requires more that our personal powers ask and that help will come

-the Lord’s purpose at sacrament meeting is not just to have them teak bread and water but to renew a covenant to take them to Eternal Life.

-people are reassured that the spirit will be with them as they take the sacrament

-even young deacons are partner with the Lord in his work.

-baptism makes one clean! Clean!

-make friends with people they’ll tell of of what their problems were for the problems always happen to them and they ask what’s missing in their lives then you take them with you to church and show them. It’s your small part so be modest about it, and the Lord does his part.

-all you need is the courage that God has called you on your mission. Then you can go no matter how unprepared you feel even if you are a new convert of this year.  When it’s the will of the brethren you accept  the calling.

-when you don’t know what to do pray and God can show you in a dream

-I bear special witness that we are in the service of the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

-God’s prophet is the president of all the Priesthood in the entire earth and he is inspired of God.

President Thomas S. Monson: President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

-keep the commandments they’re to bring freedom.

-keep the commandments and you lives will be less complicated

-he has given laws and commandments e choose weather to accept or reject them our deception in this determines his destiny

-it’s imperative that we make choices throughout our lives to get to heaven with God.

-Satan and his people are relentlessly against us and will bring us down unless we are relentless in our efforts to achieve our goal.

-the devil is as a lion roaring seeking to devour

-teen age years are particularly vulnerable. Be strong and alert to ANYTHING that would rob you in eternity.

-there are many loud voices in the world. Turn the volume down and be influenced by the still small voice that will guide you to safety.

remember you’re a member of the Church with the Holy Ghost because one with authority put their hands on your head and caused such

-as Isaiah said the Lord will say this is the way walk ye in it

-disregard for the commandments has lead the way for the plagues of our day of permissiveness abortion drugs and pornography to name just a few. The adversary is the founder of all these things.

-if you allow him to the adversary will lead you to a slippery slope before you realize there is no way to stop. He says everyone is doing it don’t be old fashioned your life is yours to live it can’t hurt anyone. The adversary knows us and which temptations will be difficult for us.

-the commandments are God given so man can’t change them. People can set them aside but they can’t change them or the consequences that come from disobeying them

-Isa. 32:17: the effect of righteousness is peace forever

-we can’t give any leeway with sin. NO OR  we will be grabbed by an iron hand from which it’s painful to free ourselves. addictions are real and nearly impossible to break without great struggle and real help.

-the path is difficult but your eternal salvation depends on it what is more worth your effort?

-repent now the sooner you do the sooner you’ll be able to experience the peas and quietness spoken of by Isaiah.

-playing with breaking commandments leads to destroying our family

-with Priesthood leaders family and friend you can leave addiction

-we are on earth at this specific time for a purpose.  We have been given the Priesthood to bless others and need live worthy of it.

President Monson President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

-where faith is doubt cannot exist and vice versa one extinguishes the other

-we will stand out because we dress modestly don’t use profanity not partake of substances harmful to our bodies and no off colored humor and degrading remarks and no choices which are degrading and drive the spirit away. We adhere to moral choices which adhere to gospel standards.

-in places where we can’t proselyte we can still be seen as different by the light in our eyes

-we come from God to reflect our light to others the light of Christ for the season of this life

Ronald A Rasband Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-let us all strive for a multi-generational family in the Church

-we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us with pride

-there is no choice sin or mistake we can make to change God’s love for us. He doesn’t excuse sinful conduct but we are to reach out to others to serve and rescue.

-Jesus Christ looked past peoples’ circumstances race ethnicity etc to speak love to them

-become a witness of Christ and stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers us, may it be wonderful to us.

Gary E. Stevenson Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-President Monson said the Lord will qualify those he calls

-wives are the sunshine in and of our lives

-Heavenly Fathers generous compensation for having us live in the perilous times is that we live in the fullness of times. This dispensation of the fullness of times began with Heavenly Father and his son Jehovah appearing to Joseph Smith.

-don’t worry about what you can’t do, focus on what you can do bare testimony of gospel truths.

Dale G. Renlund Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-theLord does what he needs to through us if we do it in his way.

-Callings we get aren’t about us it’s about the Lord, his work, and Heavenly Father’s children.

-everyone we serve is a beloved son or daughter of h  evenly parents and hence has divine potential

-to effectively serve others in the Church we must see them through a parents eyes, through Heavenly Father’s eyes only then can we send the saviors love for them. This is the only way to be able to comfort those in need of comfort.

-we must feel the right way if we are to accomplish the rescue Thomas Monson is calling for


-Priesthood keys are on earth today, I know it.

President Russel M. Nelson President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-faith filled people have tranquility

-this dispensation is different than any others and brings great responsibility

-President Kimbal said that much of the major growth in the Church in the last days is from women. This will be because of the women of the Church reflecting righteousness and being distinct and different in happy ways from the women of the world. To the degree they do this they will bring many to the Church.

-the day President Kimbal prophecies of as the last days and women converting is TODAY.

-we need women who are organized and who can organize and plan and administer speak out and teach and detect those that are shallow or dangerous dispute popularity.

-today we need women who know how to make things happen because of faith in a SIN SICK WORLD. Women who help others on the covenant path to exaltation. Women who teach fearlessly.

-if you quit now others will have to painfully learn what you already know

-after crying all night for failing at work his wife said are you done? Now go to work you need to learn more.

-sisters have special intuition as gifts from God. Men can’t duplicate that.

-culmination of all creation was the creation of woman.

-attacks against the Church are going to increase, so we need women with bedrock understanding doctrine of Christ who’ll teach a sin resistant generation. Express your beliefs with confidence and charity.

-we need women with the confidence and charity of Eve (*A tall order! A majestic age when such do rise!)

-sisters take your rightful and needful place in your home community and the kingdom of God.

-the Holy Ghost will magnify your influence in an unprecedented way I promise you in the name of Jesus Christ

-women, rise to the measure of your creation as we walk arm to arm in this work. Together we will help prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Gregory A. Schwitzer of the Seventy:

-piano is a mechanical miracle, and an extension of one’s own voice. The better you play the more you can feel the message of the song.

-the communication must be clear or people will not know how to answer the call. We need to make this call.

-Christ was not afraid to speak against the earthly powers/rulers of his day.

-Christ didn’t try to confuse others but to move their hearts.

-true disciples aren’t trying to make excuses for the doctrine of the Church when it doesn’t match the worlds ways. They represent the Lord when it may not be convenient.

-the great and spacious building isn’t just the most rebellious. This building is growing inside. Many wander it’s halls not realizing they’re becoming part of it’s culture. They eventually find themselves joining in with the mockers. It’s not just about how they live, but they speak loudly to drown out the message of the gospel by attacking some aspect of the Church history or criticism of a leader of the Church.

-let the trumpet sound from our souls.

-the path of happiness is through the basic family unit as organized originally by Heavenly Father. Many recognize this because they heard it from their pre mortal parents.

-As LDS it’s time to stand up and testify of these things, and that the gospel is restored and that Heavenly Father lives and loves us as does Jesus Christ.

Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy:

– on the Sabbath make a tradition of telling the stories of Jesus to our families

-Sabbath and Sacrament become much more enjoyable as we study the stories of Jesus.

-always remember Christ refers to pre-mortal mortal and post-mortal Christ and the specific events thereof

President Henry B Eyring First Councilor in the First Presidency:

-This is the general conference of the Lord’s Church

-The Holy Ghost has been testifying to the words we’ve been hearing

-increase your desire for the Holy Ghost’s companionship.

-when we were told at confirmation with hands upon head “Receive the Holy Ghost”, our lives changed forever.

-the sacrament prayer shows how the promise of the Holy Ghost’s companionship can be fulfilled (remember Christ, keep his commandments, take his name upon you)

-we can have the Holy Ghost in our daily lives.

-the Holy Ghost can increase the warnings against sin

-taking the sacrament in faith causes us to be able to be protected. It can make what’s good more attractive and what’s bad more repulsive this should motivate us to get it. It also shows truth from falsehood. Use of our physical senses aren’t enough. We live in a time when even the WISEST WILL BE HARD PRESSED TO UNDERSTAND TRUTH FROM FALSEHOOD like Thomas the Apostle.

-truths are verified by the Holy Ghost

-falsehoods may come at any time so we need the Holy Ghost constantly.

-George Q Cannon of the 12 Apostles said we must make a constant quest for the Holy Ghost. As we do we will have strong faith never doubt and faith in full.

-the doctrine that we have the Resurrected Savior comforts us when death occurs unexpectedly. It can be any time so always be ready.

-hearts full of charity and virtue UNCEASINGLY garnish the thoughts allows the Holy Ghost to not be offended and leave.

-the most valuable inspiration is the know what God would have you do what ever it is do it. This demonstration of willingness to obey causes God to send more frequent instruction, closer and closer to constant companionship.  Your power to act will increase. You’ll be able to know more and more when it’s the spirit or just you. You can choose to obey with confidence then the Lord will be with you. When it seems hard like observing the Sabbath, the Lord will help.

-his father not knowing where to go for an LDS church started walking and prayed at every intersection of where to go. Over an hour later he heard singing in a basement and saw an LDS sacrament meeting was occurring there.

-whenever a group of LDS ask you to go speak to them go do it; it doesn’t matter how many of them there are etc. you go and bare witness.

-when his dad’s wife died he said “our little girl has gone home” he shed no tears knowing where she came from what she had become and where she was going. The Holy Ghost had bourn witness to him many times of the resurrected Savior and of the power of the sealing in the temple that would allow them to be together after death.

-his dad was a scientist who saw visions of molecules moving in his mind then did experiments and saw those confirmed. He was honored for his use of the tools of science, but in religion he did different methods and found eternal truth there.

-healthcare professionals are angels who watch over our loved ones

-his dad prayed to know if his deceased mother was lost in the spirit world and God told him her mother was there to receive her upon arrival at the spirit world.

-we must repent and be baptized

-a scripture says put your trust in that spirit which leadeth to do good, to walk humbly, and judge righteously, and this is my spirit, which shall fill your mind and soul with joy.

-Revelation through the Holy Ghost guides and sustains the Church.

D. Todd Christtofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-the Church is the creation of him in whom our spirituality centers, Jesus Christ. He uses a Church, His Church, to carry our his and his father’s work to bring to pas s the immortality and eternal life of man.

-beginning with family it was a family based Priesthood order where baptisms occurred then God called more teachers. In Moses’ time there more more Priests and teachers etc. Also the church at the time of Alma was thus. Then Christ himself formed a church it had various offices. That church fell away and was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith it’s to preach the gospel and administer the ordinances of salvation which is to bring people to Christ.

-with this restored Church even the spirits of the dead who died without knowledge of Christ have opportunity to come unto Christ.

-to go from grace to grace and receive all the father has it can’t just happen with being nice and feeling spiritual a church is needed for a group of people who sustain each other in the narrow path to eternal life.  It’s to make unity in the faith and correct knowledge and to make us like Christ, the fullness of his stature.

-uniting to Christ’s church is an important part of talking his name upon ups.

-because of the Church there will one day be a time when everyone knows about the Christ. The True Christ.

-living together in love not just by ones self we form the body of Christ each forming a part. Even those that seem more feeble are necessary. We red these callings and we need to serve. why go to church instead of skiing? we are all on the same journey and it’s exciting the association of others who are on that journey as well.

-The Sabbath is a day to leave the world behind. one of the greatest things about being a part of the body of Christ is being reproved for at times we don’t know where we are straying. This helps us get the courage to change and follow the master.

-repentance is individual but fellowship is as a church

-we don’t strive for conversation to the church but the Christ and his gospel and that is facilitated by his church. Converted to the Lord and united under the Church of CHrist.

-the Church and the family serve an strengthen one another.

-he church even at it’s best CANNOT SUBSTITUTE FOR PARENTS.

-Christ also works through the church to accomplish things we can’t on our own. Like caring to the poor. In the Church the broader needs of people can be met. Self reliance can be realized for many by the Church’s resources.

0without his church in place the Savior’s commission to take the gospel to all the world would not one realized th keys would not be here nor the means nor motivation to do it. The gospel must be preached to a lll nations THEN THE END WILL COME.

-God gathers people in any age to build a hose of the Lord to yeah the people the way of salvation and give them certain ordinances and principals that must be done in a house built for that person Joseph Smith said

-not all roads lead to heaven and there are particular requirements for heaven. We speak not just of immortality but of Eternal Life and for that the gospel covenants and ordinances are essential and the Savior needs a church to make that available for the living and the dead.

-The Church is the Kingdom of God on the Earth also.

-The Keys of the Church held by the Priesthood offices of the Church are the Kingdom of God and they maintain the doctrine of the Church and judge the worthiness of those who apply for ordinances then perform them to those worthy.

-Church leaders can say “thus sayeth the Lord”

–in the Church we get knowledge of things was they are were and will be

-the revelations of the Church are published in what’s called the cannon of scripture.

-the Church is the prophecies latter-day kingdom Daniel spoke of cut out of the mountain without hands to fill the earth. It’s destiny is to establish Zion which will be an organization ready for Christ when he comes. It’s a defense from the storm. call on the Lord that his kingdom may go forth in the earth and that Christ will come to meet the Kingdom of God which is one the earth.

Devin G. Durrant First Councilor Sunday School Presidency:

-save money each week

-small efforts sustained over time produce large results

-ponderize one verse of scripture a week. It’s 80% pondering and 20% memorization. Put a verse where you’ll see it every day.

it’s a verse each week. When it’s on our mind memorization will take place easily and naturally.

This will cause you to have a higher place for your thoughts to go and help you see the Savior saying words to you.

-we can’t except the status quo of ugly words every where we must fight back. Fill with good from God and there is no room left for trash.

-Ponderizing is an add on to your scripture study not a replacement. It may be hard but hard may be good. It can be on the home screen of your phone, fridge, truck. Share thoughts of it with friends and children and people of other faiths.

-they had a goal to do it for 20 years

-Ponderizing will help scriptures become friends you can rely on in times of need

-you can text scriptures to each other your weekly one


-you can ask each other “what’s your verse?” and share yours in return

-Jesus Christ must have developed a love for the scriptures at an early age. He referenced scriptures often in his ministry.

-can we not say that Jesus Christ spent at least 20 years studying the scriptures in preparation for his ministry?

-discipline yourself and do these things.

-scriptures will become your friends in time of need

-you will not regret this but will feel purpose protection and power.

-Jesus said do the things which ye have seen me do.

Elder Von G. Keetch of the Seventy:

-don’t be too critical of the barrier it’s the only thing keeping your from being devoured. Commands and standards from God are like a barrier in the water keeping sharks from getting to you.

-we see through a glass darkly we often can’t comprehend the dangers just below the surface.

-there are spiritual predators and sin is gaping jaws

-we manifest faith and love particularly when we don’t understand the reasons.

-Waves not he other side of the barrier may be attractive but trust in God that it’s there for a reason blocking sharks who would devour us

0Ananias was sent to a man Saul who had literal authority to impression Christians but the Lord helped it to be toward he conversion of Paul.

-it’s not enough for anyone to just go through the moths. Gospel living is  how we become like Heavenly Father not just a check off list or deposits in an account. It’s transforming in nature.

-who keep commandments of god are blessed in all things both spiritual and temporal. God wants us to have joy and be safe.


commands will make us happy in this life as well as the next. They illuminate who  we are to become. Christ asked for a different path than the one marked for him but submitted to his fathers plan the path Heavenly Father had outlined for him.

-Christ path was hard but he was risen and unimaginable joy and comfort for all of God’s children throughout eternity came for it. Christ gave us the prospect of eternal peace joy and life.

-as we submit to God’s will we become what he wants us to become

Sister Carole M. Stephens First Councilor Relief Society General Presidency:

-teach children why we have rules. Christ said if ye love me keep my commandments. Our laws are from love to protect same with those from God.

-if you have strayed first trust God. God’s love for us is inherent in commandments.

-in a pre mortal realm we accepted Gods plan and learned his laws were imperative to our eternal success.

-when we obey commandments we get blessings.

-God never looses sight of our eternal potential even when we do.

-if you have strayed second thing to do is trust Jesus whom gave his life for us. He said if you abide in his commandments you’ll abide in his love like he had kept his fathers commandments and abides in his fathers’ love.

-if you have strayed from God third to do is to trust the whisperings of the spirit. Christ said the Father will send the comforter. The world won’t receive it because they can’t see it but we can receive it.

-prayer scripture study fasting and obedience increase out power to hear the spirit. He will HELP US REMEMBER.

-forth thing to do is trust the words of living prophets. Christ said by their voice is the same as his. Prophets recently have been asking us to remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. Look at the Prophets to se how to live.

-these things bring joy on the journey home to heaven

Elder Alan D Haynie of the Seventy:

-we aren’t allowed in the house while dirty lest we get the house dirty. No unclean thing can enter God’s kingdom; all need wash in the blood of Christ. Cleansing process is painful but to not get in the house of God is even worse.

-we participated in a grand council in heaven we all paid attention and no one of us fell asleep this was before we were born.

-Heavenly Father announced the need for a Savior and we all turned and looked to Jesus Christ we knew it had to be him none of the rest of us could do it that it had to be him and it would be.

-keeping covenants helps others return home to heaven

-it matters not what sins we have done or how deep we have sunken it matters not that at one point we traded our birth right for a mess of pottage what does mater is that Jesus Christ came to this earth and descended beneath all things. Christ is pleading our case before the father asking that they who believe in his name will be spared. so we can all try one more time because he has not forgotten us. God will never consider us a lost cause or say oh no not you again.

-repentance is real and it works it replaces burdens with hope and causes us to not want evil but to want to do good continually.

-the Saviors atonement leaves no tracks no traces what it fixes it fixes and what it heals stays healed President Kimbal said this in his last address to the Seventy.

-LDS attribute greater power to Christs atonement than other people for we know that if we follow Christ Christ will make us heirs with him and make us heirs to all the Father hath. Jesus enables us to be perfect like father in heaven.

-at the judgement of God there will be no one to hide around no group to hide in only us to answer for our sins

-Christ calls himself our friend he ultimately will be our judge. One of the often overlooked blessings of the tenement is that the Father has said that he has committed all judgement to the Son.

-like Nephi in his moment of self doubt, simply remember in whom you have put your trust and repent and you’ll have a perfect brightness of hope

Elder Kim B. Clark

-to many, they saw Christ and didn’t realize who he was. He said I came unto my own and my own received me nt. But many did follow him.

-despite their struggles they believed in and followed him; of them he said blessed are your eyes for they a see and your ears for they hear.

-Jesus said that who believe on him will do greater works than he did one fulfillment of this is the Apostles speaking in tongues at the day of Pentecost.

=-Apostles of Christ in his day lived in dangerous and confusing times but the Holy Ghost caused them to see the truth, things as they really are.  They preached the gospel with boldness and power and had joy in the Lord Jesus Christ.

-this also is a time of Christ working miracles among us like cleansing sin healing sick and converting hearts. We also have Apostles and spiritual power and blessings of ordinances of salvation. President Monson has called us to rescue those wounded in spirit. Whatever abilities we now have it will NOT BE SUFFICIENT FOR THE WORK THAT LIES AHEAD WE NEED GREATER POWER AND EARS TO HEAR HIS WORD  more deeply in our heats.

-we need to be good at getting better and to strive to live the gospel

-simple obedience brings the spirit into our hearts.

-in our chapels we make sacred promises to Christ, same in our temples. In our temples we also work for the reads’ salvation.

-obey and the Holy Ghost will come and be our companion~!! We will be blessed to see Jesus christ working in our lives. We will increasingly see all of our brothers and sisters the way that God sees them with love and compassion.

\- We will see the power of God resting upon his prophet and all the leaders of his church and we will know that this is God’s holy work we will see the world in the way that the Savior sees it and we will have what Paul called the mind of Christ. Life may get hard confusing painful and discouraging but through the companionship of the holy Ghost the light of the gospel of Christ will cut through the confusion the pain and darkness either in a burst or a flow and it’ll infuse healing love to the repentant wounded soul it will cast to  discouragement and we will see these come and know by the witness of the Spirit that it is the Lord Jesus Christ working in our lives and our afflictions will truly be swallowed up in Christ.

-the Lord knows of our disabilities and will send us where he will despite of those even if we have asthma in a hard to breath place etc.

Koichi Aoyagi

-over 20000 people perished in a recent destruction in Tokyo but no church members died though they were effected by losing possessions.

-why suffering upon us?

-we experience undeserved pan ; we have trials that we don’t know how to cope with; Church leaders can help us and teach us our purpose for being on this earth. We leave things to God and remember that our problems will be resolved with we are resurrected. The eyes of our understanding can be opening to what before message seemed like it was not the answer to us;

-God has us on earth to see if we are going to obey him in everything Abraham taught.

-0the Lord said to Joseph Smith that all trials give us experience so hold on your way and God will be with you forever and ever.

-Accept your trials with faith.

0life is not just to endure trials Jesus Christ can make our weak things become strong.President Eyring said that the test God has for us is not just to see if we can endure, but to see if we can endure well.

-Heavenly Father will school you in Christlike attributes.

-love God with your all and his grace is sufficient for you.

David A Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

-old men as our leaders is good so they aren’t tossed by the winds of opinion

-the past 11 years has had the highest age average of leaders of the Church in this dispensation

-when you can’t do what you’ve always been able to do with age etc you only do what matters most

-age makes Gods servants not limited but strengthened.

-limited stamina can clarify priorities

-we can expect that the leaders of the Church will be older and seasoned men.

-the mortal limitations of the leaders of the Church help show that God is who gives them revelations.

-leaders of the Church have learned the pattern God uses to reveal truth they’ve had much training

-leaders of the Church have serious physical problems but they still serve God in that. Their greatest desire is to dicers and do the will of God

-their revelations show truth far beyond human reason and intelligence.

-the limitations of the elderly are faith building

-leaders of the Church devout their whole souls to testifying of Christ and the totality of their teachings are powerful spiritual summaries of what they learned. Their words are of great worth which others think not important.

-Nephi towards life’s end said I must obey. Jacob said we must repent toward the end of his life. Moroni spoke of the judgement bar near his death.

-the work of this Church is the most important work on the earth.

-draw near to God and learn the principal of compensation and we can get through trials and say come what may and love it.

-family is the center of life and the key to happiness and they make life rich and eternal. Strongest and most sacred witness is given on this topic.

-th Atonement can clean us no matter how many times we need it

-the purpose of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a woman are happy at home and sealed together for time and all eternity.

-challenges help us become like God and God helps us through them eatery one as we are near to him.

-the leaders of this Church are Go’s authorized representatives hear tim and you’ll hear help for your specific needs. This is Christs restored and living Church lead by the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and his authorized servants herein speak for him as it were his own voice.


-prophet is God’s voice

-women stand

-Prepare earth for the Second Coming

-trials help us become like God

-we will see those who die again

the world changes God’s people remain constant.