Homosexual marriages and youth baptisms

Homosexual marriages and youth baptisms

Here are reasons for no baptizing children of homosexual homes and for why it’s apostate to marry homosexually:

– polygamist children can’t till 18 either;

-they’re raised in conflicting environment, we don’t want to urged them to live in 2 worlds;

-we baptize people when at age of accountability, this is a merciful God saying they aren’t needing baptism until 18;

-like Idaho youth more experienced drivers getting a license earlier, so can children from traditional families be baptized earlier, having had more training in the plan of salvation, which is what we baptize for.;

– For some baptism may be a shallow “Jesus is cool” but for LDS baptism is saying “I commit to obey Jesus”.

– Jesus speaks against homosexuality in the new and old testament (Jesus is Jehovah folks);

-Homosexuality has always been apostasy;

-homosexuality is a very serious sin. Not all sins have the same weight. That is what Jesus Christ’s ministry taught, to focus on the big issues more that the small ones.