Intro To Secret Combinations; Speech by Ken Bowers from the downloads

Intro To Secret Combinations; Speech by Ken Bowers

These are a few points mentioned from a lecture by Ken Bowers.

Ken Bowers who is giving this presentation is the ‘right hand man’ of W. Cleon Skousen, and worked with him on many projects.

This is from the downloads Intro to Secret Combinations

see also another speech giving more insight to many of these subjects where you will also find many wonderful resources for source study of the topic: Two Churches Only by Christian Markham post and website and book etc. at

-The Fabian Society in Sussex Englang has as their logo a wolf in sheeps clothing;

-MIchael Merit; Rothchild descendant who is LDS and left that family way. he was offered 100 million dollars to quit his LDS mission and quit the LDS church and go work for his grandfather in the Rothchild business. Today he has 60 billion dollars built up available for him if he leaves the Church that his grandfather has offered him that sits there in a bank hoping that he would accept it.

-W Cleon Skousen read Ken Bower’s book and said it’s the best research he has seen done on the subject, that Ken is one of the few people in the world who really understand how this world is run.

-Mayer Anshel Rothchild is the person who founded the illuminati.

-Satan is the only one leader of all the world secret combinations.

-They have a god, their god is Lucifer.

-Presdient Ezra Taft Benson said the string that the constitution is hanging by is our vote; so we need to vote and that correctly.

-Whatever the government funds the government controls!

-never again vote for government subsidies, or a candidate who wants such

-at God’s judgement bar we will have to give an account of what we have done with his precious constitution

-voting for two evils is still voting for evil!

-the Constitution party in Utah is a small 3rd party who wants to get the constitution back to the way it was originally

-pressure our congressmen to do what we want.

-when the government subsidizes something, the recipient becomes the slave of the government.

-desert republican and democratic political parties in mass.

-the book “Memoirs of David Rockafeller” page 405 has him saying that he is trying to take over the world, but that those who proclaim such are radicals.

-the book by Carol Quigley “Tragedy and Hope”; his book speaks of how Rockafellers and Rothchilds families have banks throughout Europe to control their finances etc. It’s history of the west.

-The heiarchy of the church of the devil is like this: the Rockafellers and the Rothchilds families are the ones which are at the top. There are 5 other families which help settle disputes when those families fight. Those are the top 7 governing families. There is a council of 13 under them. Those 13 are presided over by a group of 3. Then under those is a group of 33, whom are the highest 33 Masons there are. Under them are many other secret groups like the Round Table.

-The Free Mason group started out good, and in most places it still is. But it’s things done in secret, and Lucifer has a way of getting his hands into such. Joseph Smith and George Washington were Free Masons, this is before 1870 when the group became infiltrated by the illuminati. The illuminate worship Lucifer. They believe there are 2 gods, one is Lucifer and they say he is the good one. The other is Adonay, the God of the old testament scriptures rendered in Hebrew. There was European Free Masons, and American Free Masons. European Free Masons got corrupt, then in 1870 when they joined with each other they had a compact with the most high levels wherein you have to promise to worship Lucifer. Today this is administered only in Rome and Berlin and Washington D.C. Most the Free Masons are good people, almost none of them know of these things.

-Much more evidence of this in the authors book and sources referenced

-The history of how America came to be is changed by the current people who have us with their text books; they take out the element of how God helped this country to be born and preserved. George Washington was subject to direct gunfire 3 times without getting any harm. There are many other examples of this. These are taken out of the textbooks. (*They are just as well recorded history as anything, it’s just the atheist agenda’s of those who rule the education system.)

-The reason that there is much evolution and much socialism and much anti-bible stuff taught at the more prestigious schools is because the professors agree that they will teach those certain doctrines when they are hired. There are people higher up who are pumping those institutions with their political agenda, and the professors who are hired to work there are under contract to teach those things.

-The radicals are the ones who are doing the big bad evil things. Don’t call the people who tell you about it radicals. They, rather, are the patriots.