LGBT: Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transsexuals: The Movement continues

LGBT: Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transsexuals: The Movement continues

-the anti-discrimination laws are what happen to help the culture of the region to support or accept their views

-in England, the gays insisted that they be married in a church despite the churches being exempt from the that law which said other organizations had to marry gays. So we see that making some marry gays is a preliminary step which leads to churches being forced to marry gays

-gay rights promoters are making religious rights impossible; the one should not be able to rob the other.

-Utah gay couples who marry are 23%. We see the people of Utah aren’t demanding these anti-discrimination laws, but they are political agenda unwanted by the people.

-the people of Utah don’t like this idea of getting rid of religious rights for the gay rights, and legislation should represent the people.

-homosexual marriages don’t last as long as heterosexual marriages

-American Fork High School has a gay club, it has posters up supporting homosexuality. A homosexual couple was voted cutest couple in the year book. A man won the homecoming queen. The gays promote food for the homeless, especially the gay homeless. They have gay history month every October.

-in California, the high school girls are told that if they don’t want to use the bi-gender showers or bathrooms, to either stop using those, or to get charged with a hate crime for complaining about such.

-in SLC a young boy is allowed into the women’s bathroom insisting that he is a girl by way of gender preference.