Life Everlasting by Duane S. Crowther published by Bookcraft SLC Utah, 1967

Life Everlasting by Duane S. Crowther published by Bookcraft SLC Utah, 1967

One of the most highly esteemed books in the LDS Church on death, the spirit world, the resurrection, the plan of salvation, etc.

Much work yet to do with this text, here are some quotes and some summaries of the first several chapters.

-“All men know that they must die. And it is important that we should understand…our departure hence…It is but reasonable to suppose that God would reveal something in reference to the matter, and it is a subject we ought to study more than any other. We ought to study it day and night, for the world is ignoreant in reference to their true condition and relation. If we have any claim on our Heavenly Father for anything, it is for knowledge on this important subject.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 4:50)

-“Could you gaze into heaven five minutes, you would know more than you would by reading all that ever was written on the subject.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 6:50 Oct. 9 1843)

-“I assure the Saints that truth, in reference to these matters, can and may be known through the revelations of God in the way of His ordinances, and in answer to prayer.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 4:51)

-“I advise all to go on to perfection and search deeper and deeper into the mysteries of godliness” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 6:363)

-“When we understand the character of God, and know how to come to Him, he begins to unfold the heavens to us, and to tell us all about it. When we are ready to come to him, he is ready to come to us.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 6:308)

-“When any man publishes or preaches his peculiar views he should not say they are the views of the Church.” (Brigham Young, Matthias F. Cowley, WIlford Woodruff-History of His Life and Labors (SLC UT: Bookcraft, 1964 p449)

-John 5:24 when we die we “pass from death unto life”

some summarized points form quotations of the prophets and experiences related from these reliable sources to tide us over for the present from the text:

ch 1

-the spirit encounters almost no pain as it leaves the body

-those who die can often see their body as they leave it

-those who die are immediately conscious that they have changed condition and location

-there is a specific welcoming committee for those who die very soon after their death

-at death there is reunion with loved ones

-people who agree on meeting their spouse etc when dead such is honored and occurs

-the dead inquire of the recently dead about how things are on earth

-the guide who comes to the recently dead instructs them to watch for where their body is placed so they may know where to come for it in the resurrection

-spirits go into the spirit world close to where the body dies

-the world of spirits is near that of mortality

-spirits regard death as a waking up or a new birth

-a spirit retains bodily form of head hands torso etc

-spirits can feel one another, they still have a sense of touch

-righteous spirits dwell enveloped in fire (in a good way; see Joseph Smtih for how God lives on a throne of fire)

-spirits can move with the speed of lightning

-spirits have unlimited powers of memory

-spirits can see much better because they can see out of every part of their body

-much repentance and growth involves both the spirit and the body

-without the body the spirit will be limited in overcoming certain faults.

-the world of spirits is so beautiful and when they have the choice to return to life they usually are not excited about such

-the world of spits doesn’t expand beyond the boundaries of our earth

-to return to the presence of God at death doesn’t mean to be in his presence, but the have the power to do so should such be necessary

-the spirit goes to a place worthy of it before the great judgement bar experience occurs to assign final destination of the soul in the resurrection

-many mortals are told that they will die at a certain time

-some mortals are shown their duty in the spirit world before they die

ch2 summary

-the place of birth and time of death are appointed by God

-premortal spirits can choose who their guardian will be, and perhaps their family

-pleas of the righteous to lengthen or shorten life are at times granted

-a call to labor for God in the spirit world may have to do with the time of death

-some who are almost dead get the choice of living or dying.

-those who die must get permission from the authorities in the spirit world before they are able to be granted to come back to life

-the power of God to summon us to the spirit world may be delegated to others there of his people to do at times

-spirits can see into the future

-spirits can read the thoughts of mortals by merely looking into their countenances

-spitis can influence the actions of mortals.

-The Holy Ghost at times can tell us when the time of death of a loved one will be

-we should weep for our dead, but also rejoice that they are free from the trials of this world