Power of Myth: Joseph Campbell: Sacrifice and Bliss

Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers

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Sacrifice and Bliss:

-indians teach that the rivers are out brothers, that the air is precious to them and shares it’s spirit with the rest. The earth doesn’t belong to man but vice versa, what man does to the web he lives in, he does to himself. The love the earth as a mother it’s newborn.

-to have a sacred place is absolutely necessary for everyone where we have a room or an hour where we don’t think of news friends or debts, but consider bringing forth what you are or might me. A place of creation. Use this place and something will happen. For the indians the whole earth was such a place.

-as you get older, the claims of the environment are so great that you hardly know where you are. You’re always doing this and that so you stop knowing where you are. Put on music you like, or read the book you want to read.

-to one in the forest, being on a mountaintop seeing a horizon is frightening, and the animals looks small as ants since you have no sense of depth.

-the aborigines become a part of their world. Today we are stripping the world of the revelation the earth can give us.

-one myth tells of man killing a bird and hence killing himself by killing his environment

-Jesus uses a similar analogy, saying I am the vine and you are the branches, this connection with each other.

-seeing similar tales across cultures may be because humanity has a similar organ, has similar brains (*Also, God reveals truth from heaven) the hero dying for life to appear again (*this is passed along though time.)

-some aborigines have people killed then them eaten. Also the Catholics have the sacrament they eat believing it’ the flesh and blood of the diety. (*LDS believe this only symbolic, not that we are eating gods flesh literally at all)

-Jesus on a cross is the fruit on the second tree, the first tree bringing death, he bringing life. The first tree is the tree of exit, where separation occurs, the tree of Jesus is the tree of life, of bringing things back together.

-see also the Budah sitting under the Wisdom Tree.

-the person’s body is the carrier of the vehicle of life

-death and life are 2 aspects of the same thing: Being, and Becoming. The life is being, the death is how we do becoming, or transformation. This is in every myth, they all acknowledge death.

-Jesuits had a boy to be sacrificed, they would sing on the way to the sacrifice, including the sacrificial victim, and the killers were the priests.

-Jesus sang a hymn before the crucifixion we see recorded in the bible.

-you need death in order to have life and birth

-in some tribes the young man has to kill someone in order to qualify for marriage. When the new child is born in the family, your whole duty is to be caregiver for that new life, that new generation.

-Shotenhowers philosophy speaks of how can one love another so much to sacrifice himself for another? It’s extraordinary. The theory of self preservation vanishes in it. It’s that you and the other person are one. Unity in all life. A metaphysical truth that becomes spontaneously realized for it’s the fount of all truth.

-a guy in the office every day doesn’t get real life experience, but when he rescues someone, or feels some pain, he finds out he is alive, and it hurts, but it’s good to know you are alive.

-marriage is primarily about becoming one spiritually rather than physically though such is a part of it. The physical is the elementary stage, but there is a deeper stage of unity than even that.

-at times people divorse after their child is raised, not understanding that marriage isn’t just about children, it’s about each other, becoming one together, a transcendent unit creating together continuously.

-your heart tells you who to marry, that’s the mystery. Something within you knows this is the one.

-Woody Allen said “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

-the body dies as it gets to where there is more mass than energy.

-you as you know yourself aren’t the final term of your being. You must die to that one way or another, you must become yourself.

-it doesn’t matter if you have accomplishments in life; if you’ve never done anything you want to do in life, it’s all for nothing.

-the wheel of fortune has a person either on the top or the bottom, but the person at the hub of the wheel is who never moves. That’s how marriage is to be, you love them in sickness or in health, you love them because of them, they are your joy no matter what stage they are in in the wheel of fortune.

-a poet is one who has made a lifestyle of being in touch with these type of things; most people get involved with other things economic or political in life;

-as a teacher he interviewed each student for 30 minutes every other day about the things they should be reading and the several topics.

-the joy we find, grab that. You must learn to recognize your own depths. You can be helped by hidden times as you find this track that has been waiting for you and you begin to live it. You begin to see people who are in the field of your bliss as helpful to you.

-he says the waters of eternal bless are where you are following your heart (*I see this is so, but that it grows as we move from one life to the next also).