Robert L Millet Assorted Discourses

Robert L Millet: Notes: Worked with LDS Social Services, LDS Seminaries and Institutes, and joined BYU Religious Education faculty in 1983. Served as Ancient Scripture Department Chair and as Dean of Religious Education.

Millet is the Dean of Religious Studies at BYU and has written several books. These notes are from iTunes podcast discourses by him, more detailed references to come:

-let go and let God

-All we CAN DO is repent teaches the Book of Mormon speaking of Antinephilehi. see Millet talk on Atonement.

-purpose of complex life is to turn us to scriptures and to be compelled to learn truth. see above talk.

-overexersion is like saying “Jesus can’t do it so I must” and shows a lack of faith. see above talk.

-Salvation is merely to triumph over all our enemies (including death). see pg207 and pg305 of teachings of Joseph Smith, and Millet talk on Salvation.

-“Eternal Lives” as promised in the scriptures for the faithful suggests posterity continuing.

-Jesus Christ is the prototype of all saved beings (quotes Joseph Smith here).