Sacred Walls: about Temple Symbols. Film by Covenant Communications

Sacred Walls: film by Covenant Communications about Temple Symbols

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SLC-Temple-wall-Seal-of-Melchizedek-SLC-Temple-wall-Savior-crop slctemple-bigdipper temple-nauvoo-sunstone temple-symbols-15Sacred Walls: film by Covenant Communications about Temple Symbols

-on the SLC temple you see moon then sun then stars, this is because that is the order of what is closest to the earth, it’s to say that you are to look up into the heavens.

-on the SLC temple the moon then sun then stars are you go up are like the in book of Revelations when such symbols are spoken of in that manner.

-in SLC, when you have your street address, it’s saying what your distance is from the temple, to always remind us that the temple should be the center of our lives.

-the east central tower has the moon phase for April, the month of the birth of Christ and the founding of the Church.

-Apr. and Oct. Gen. Conf.’s are lined up with the equinoxes of fall and spring

-around the SLC temple are

-SLC temple 3 eastern spires are representing the Melchizedik Priesthood. Jesus is the great High Priest and will come from the east. The east side is 6 feet taller than the other side.

-the SLC spires have 12 small spires around them, Brigham Young said this is representing the 12 Apostles and local councils.

-JS said that the angel Moroni fulfills the prophecy in the book of Revelation of the angel to come with the fullness of the gospel to preach to the inhabitants of the earth. Hence we call the angel on top of the temples the angel Moroni.

-JS said that the Lord will come from the east even as the sunrise; hence the angel Moroni on the temples point to the east blowing their trumpets.

-the trumpet of the angel Moroni on the temples announces that we need to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

-in symbolism a 6 pointed star means a real star, and the 5 pointed star can represent anything. The SLC temple stars are 5 pointed.

-when lost at night you locate the big dipper, that points to the north star so you can find your way; there is a big dipper on the SLC temple exterior it suggests following the Priesthood of Christ and you’ll make it back home.

-the inverted star was not originally a symbol of evil. The star of Bethlehem was often shown as an inverted star, as well as on the medal of honor, or the republican party banner, etc. The inverted star originally was a symbol of the bright morning star, Jesus Christ. There is an inverted star on the outside of the SLC temple.

-the planet Venus is the first to get light and the last to get dark, people associate Jesus Christ with this for that reason.

-the two trumpets by the stone of sun may be like what we have with Moses and the two trumpet blasts showing the Lord is coming; it also is like what was sounded before sacrifice was performed in the ancient world.

-shaking hands shows love and fellowship, this suggests we are there to meet with God and learn of his ways and become more like him; there are shaking hands on the outside of the SLC temple.

-there is an all seeing eye on the outside of the SLC temple, it appears to have an eyelid, but look closely  it is a veil, the veil of the Lord coming off.

-the circle inside the square is a sacred symbol

-San Diego temple has interlocking squares, Bill Lewis the architect of that temple says that symbol was to show unification; High Nibley said that is the ancient seal of Melchizedek. It has over 10,000 of these interlocking square outlines. The eight points of that star are 8 aspects of Melchizedek and his usage of the Priesthood. SLC temple on the glass doors of the annex you see this.