Satanic Ritual Abuse, speech from Ken Bowers etc; Highland Liberty Meeting; see

Satanic Ritual Abuse; speech by Ken Bowers etc; Highland Liberty Meeting; see download section for this free lecture.

-James E Faust talk against Satan and all his devils. He says be careful with the devil, but that Brigham Young said that it’s important to study evil (*to know what we are up against etc.)

-There was a Satanic group in which you were required to get on Prozac to be a member.

-The Glen Page document is of 800 Mormons who were in Satan rituals to abuse children

-they brainwash them with drugs

-there have been several children burnings in several countries

-these terrible things happened in the Book of Mormon as well.

-federal reserve and council on foreign relations and a religious branch are 3 branches of the Satanic Ritual abuse. The name of the religion of the elites is Luciferianism, in whom they believe and worship. It requires human sacrifice, they do so, it’s usually children. This is satanic, know that whenever we see human sacrifice. When the old testament says they made their children pass through the fire this is what it’s talking about.

-there are members and leaders in the LDS Church who practice SRA. We don’t know if any General Authorities do, but recall they are able to turn against the Church and become devilish. Christ had his Judas. Joseph Smith and John C Bennit, William Higbee brothers, and others who at one time thought he was a great prophet then turned and saught his blood.

-Petrona Blavatzki founded the New Age group, wickery, the new kind of witch craft. She was funded by the Free Masons, and is Luciferian.

-Doug Millar was LDS is excommunicated, he believed the General Authorites did SRA as a policy. a bad guy.

-of this magic also they believe in the 3rd eye etc. he is evil.

-there are people who have flashbacks of  their childhood of dark rooms, people in robes, knives and blood, children being sacrificed on alters.

-Dr. Tru Ott is an excommunicated member of the Church, he reported reports of top General Authorities doing SRA, that there is an alter for sacrificing children under the SLC temple. This is ridiculous. He is a liar. The holder of the master key of the temple that lets him in to the Holy of Holies etc. reports that there are 4 levels under the temple, and the bottom one is filled with family history things, not alters.

-children who are victims of SRA get split personalities, one is the front normal one; another is a manchurian candidate personality, where they’re told to do something, then once they do they snap out of it, even like a murder. The third personality is the one that has a vivid recall of what happened, such is pushed back, and they try to forget that personality exists.

-The Children who see the SRA, the killing of the child on the alter, evil men say that the person with the knife doing the sacrifice is Gordon B Hinckley, or Thomas Monson, or Boyd K Packer, to get the child to believe such, and this is to denigrate and possibly destroy the LDS Church. They will believe it so strongly and fight to the last breath saying they saw them do that. It takes much recovery to overcome such.

-even though the truth can be ugly, it’s always empowering to make correct decicions to allow us to save our selves from the evil of today.

-one therapist tapped into a subconscious of one who did evil, he found an evil spirit inside the person, a report was made on such, Ken Bowers took notes, and recalled: the therapist asked him why he does these evil things, the spirit said it’s because he has to. The spirit was asked if there was someone above him making him do this; the spirit said if there was someone making him do it, it would be below him not above him.

-tell what’s doctrine of men and what’s originating in Satan by those of men go on tangents, but those of the devil are totally 180 degrees from the truth. They say Lucifer is the Son of God and that Jesus is the imposter, which is totaly the opposite of the truth.

-in Jesus Christ’s Church, we have people who have authority over us unto Jesus himself; in Lucifer’s Church it’s the opposite, their authority is under them until the very bottom, Lucifer.

-99.9% of Free Masons are good people who do good, no question about that; but they aren’t the ones in control of Free Masonry.

-at the very top of Free Masonry and Satanism and Wichcraft are Luciferianisms. The intake for witches is the same as that of top levels of Free Masonry, word for word.

-Joseph Smith said Free Masonry is the apostate temple worship copying.

-Joseph Smith, George Washington, first 5 Presidents of LDS Church were Free Masons in the 1840 era; this is because that was the time before the Free Masons went bad up top.

-May 1 1776 Illuminatti were formed, Adam Wisehock the founder was a Luciferian. They had a rite called The Paledian Rite which introduced it’s members into the worship of Lucifer. They saw Free Masonry how it was secretive and wanted to get into it. In 1784 they got on to Free Masonry, introducing the Paledian Rite only at the top levels of Free Masonry. There were 2 centers of Free Masonry in those days, European and American Free Masonry; George Washington said the Illuminati got into the European Free Masonry, but the American Free Masonry they didn’t have that influence. So they didn’t have the Luciferianism in it. Hence JS and GW etc could be in and not detect the devil in it for he wasn’t. But in 1870 European Free Mason united with American Free Mason. Josepi Mozini and another man did this. They made it all under one head, and introduced the Paledian rite to the new big union.

-Berlin, Rome, and Washington D.C. are the only places which administer the Paledian Rite today. The head of Free Masonry locally won’t know anything about this.

-the 33rd degree is divided into two in Free Masonry; this small part is who is introduced into the Luciferianism, and they lead the organization and set the agenda.

-they hide behind the good works of the lay men to look like a good organization, but since it’s lead by evil men, it’s an evil organization.

-what’s the evil Free Masonry does? Influencing politics; the advisors, the power behind the throne.

-not even the 32nd degree of Free Masons know about the evil in the organization.

-the Free Masons try to get the One World Order, the New World Order.

-33rd degree Masons are interviewed if they are Christians and weather they would spit on the cross. If they say they are not Christians and would spit on the cross, they are told that they are going up higher in the organization, those who are Christian and who won’t spit on the cross don’t get to move up higher. Those who hate Christianity are the governing powers of Free Masonry.

-Free Masons are good people, but they don’t understand the organization they work with.

-we read in history books that Christians accused others of being witches and burning them; the truth is that the witches were accusing the Christians of being witches and having them burned so they could take their property.

– the truth was that the Pod Family who came over on the May Flower were Witches. More witches came. They were lazy and the Christians would work hard, and they took their riches by pretending to work hard and getting into political power. They would become Sheriffs etc. The accusers in the Salem witch trials were all teen age girls, and were children of witches, and they were told that when they brought someone before then, to accuse them of being witches. 18 women and 2 men were killed for accusal of being witch. These young women accusers would fall on the ground and bark like dogs, and howl at the moon etc, saying that the witches had put bad spirits into them.

-once the Christians were killed for accusal of being witches, and the witch Sheriffs etc. would make sure that the auction of the property of the killed person would fall into the hands of the witches.

-those killed from accusal of being witches were people who had no posterity to inherit their property, old widows, etc., these were people from whom they could get the property.

-Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, the book the Free Masons give the the 32nd degree Masons as instruction. see pg. 321 for where it praises Lucifer. pg. 566 it says demons told Adam not to eat the fruit and that Lucifer made Adam. It says an angel of light, Satan, enduced him to transgress, but that the demons made Eve who messed things up even more. It says that Lucifer created and governs the visible world.

-Ken Bowers has 20 lectures he gives, he says contact him and he will come present them to you in your home or to your group etc.

Sharon Williams:

-at 3-9 victim of SRA; at late 30’s memory of such came, plaguing her through the night.

-she had multiple personalities, believing one thing one day and another another; her answers were the answers they programmed in her to answer; she was driven with terror to obey those who programmed her.

-you can look up online the effects of SRA and thus be able to notice this in victims.

-she has a book on her life story and healing

-SRA is much more common than we believe

-if the SRA people can’t split the personality of their child victims they will often slay them

Cristi Greenouch:

-she was held under the water in a barrel by her ankles until she was about to drown and they said to her “see, Jesus didn’t save you, we did.” She was about 9.

-she saw that as a child, her spirit checked out of her body while they did these abuses to her. She saw Jesus holding her spirit while the evil men hurt her body as she recalled these times, and she asked Jesus why he would allow this to happen. His response to her with tears in his eyes was that he allows this to happen because of the agency of man, but that he never left her during the hard times.

Judy Byington (Therapist) (author of book “22 Faces” about recovering from SRA abuse):

-the SRA investigators report that there are 8 SRA groups in Utah

-book by Jenny Hill called 22 Faces reporting the SRA abuse to her and how it caused her to have so many different personalities. Dr. Greenbomb is the name of the man who programmed her.

-30 years after the SRA human programmers came is when the people began to have a fear among them they called “The Satan Scare”.

-the human programers have ways they access the mind of the human and control them by calling out the names of certain alters and so forth.

- is the website to support stopping SRA and other government mind control

-Ivory Garden is a network of about 3,000 survivors of SRA

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

Chris Anderson:

-speaks of a Catholic monastery with catacombs beneath it where the women (including herself) were raped

-she felt blood being pulled out of her soul while standing there, and called upon God for help.

-it takes 30 min. for an SRA person to split a personality. There is a ritual to it. The SRA person knows how to do it. The SRA person can grab them, do this to them for 30 min, then put them back on time to catch the bus for school. The child may not know what went on but not feel right. Then they may grow up with all kinds of compulsions and anxieties etc.

-when a child says they don’t feel good about a certain leader or Dr. etc, trust them and don’t make then see that person.

-the Satanists are willing to die for what they believe

Brandon Scott:

-Bayer family changed their name to Rothchilds. From them comes the funding for SRA and Illunimatti. They say the power in their order lies in it’s concealment. They take existing organizations and infiltrate them from the top down.

-Albert Pike is one of the main people involved. He also is the only General with a statue in Washington D.C.

-Webster’s 1828 dictionary says the root word of combination is conspiracy

-John Robison book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” written in 1798

-“Operation Paperclip” is about CIA conspiracies

-Darin Brown, “The Experiments of An Assassin”; find on google etc, about 47 min research. Shows that SRA and torture and fear of drowning etc. can engage mind control on people.

-The Eagles, album Hotel California is laid out in Luciferian language. The Hotel California is the Church of Satan.

-Look up Alester Crowley

-Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to heaven” it was written by Alester Crowley in his mansion, then when the Zeppelin band reported writing the song, they said they just picked up the pen and the song wrote itself.

-J Reuben Clark and David O McKay said they were living in the biggest era of propaganda that the world had ever seen.

-J Edgar Hoover said that in America the people will be faced with a conspiracy so large they will even question that it exists. This goes back to the 1400’s and is a family blood line. It involves incest and rape.

-Glen Pace report on SRA. He was asked to do research on this by President Ezra Taft Benson. See; see also see

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

-“Operation Paperclip” about SRA, see

-“Aleister Crowley” is a major SRA founder; search him; for example see

-The Quintis Tribe: claims to be the ascendants of Cain; Flavious Josephus historian writes about this