Teachings of the Presidents of The Church: Brigham Young

Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young

-all beings in eternity governed by laws. LDS is heaven law. p15

-doctrine we preach is perfect but we as a people are bad as any, the doctrine we preach is calculated to make us heavenly. p21

-for full light need act on every little revealed p22

-Temporal=spiritual; serve God in working (like in a 9-5 sweat shop) p22

-provide for wife and a few children or you’ve nothing to do with heaven p26

-God sees all p30

-Omnipresence is true via HG, Father sees all p30

-God in 1 place physically at a time p29

-seek not all mysteries but practical service and super power for knowledge and best books. p31

-emulate God alone p32

-w/o the HG, your best will disappoint you p33

-who live with only the bible live in ignorance (see ch. on Joseph Smith)

-The faithful know that they are in the presence of the Almighty, of angels, and in the midst of eternity.