The Book of Mormon

A Commentary on “The Book of Mormon”  by Robert Nathan Richardson

Preliminary Notes::
-I cherish this document there are some wonderful deep and powerful things in it, it’s all based on the text. Human memory is terrible so we must record what the Lord tells us as we read scripture and review it to keep our testimony firm and our life duty marching forward on charted coarse to exaltation and sharing redemption.
-I would have never dreamed of being where I am as a child, the Book of Mormon has everything to do with it. I’m not speaking of a self-righteous attitude about my life, but instead general happiness which I feel!  Not until this vision comes can we progress. That vision for me came for several sources, but principally from the Book of Mormon, and my mother for teaching me to turn to the Book of Mormon, for reasons I didn’t even understand until I sincerely read the book. The power of that book cannot merely be described, it is only known to those who have taken upon themselves the pursuit of the experience themselves. I say to all, I urge to all, to give it a sincere try and see what happens in your life. I testify it shall be good and of God and beyond your fondest expectations.
-6x6x8 are the size of the plates to Joseph Smith; 1/2 to 2/3 of that are sealed; off of that we lost 116 pages of manuscript are lost as well. Mormon says less than 1/100 part is given. Hence the large plates of Nephi  must be over 50 linear feet of plates stacked on each other.
-the small plates of Nephi are 1 inch to 3/8 inch, like a pamphlet. They didn’t abridge 1 Ne. through Omni, the whole thing is there, that is why all of that is in first person.
-there are 24 Jaredite plates, Moroni takes those and makes an abridgment called the book of Ether. Perhaps Moroni wrote much of this from memory since much of it was sealed, this suggests he spent a lot of time reading these things.
-Moroni removes the records from the hill Shem (the room of the royal records) to hide them from the Lamanites, and puts them into the hill Cumorah. Some say there are two hill Cumorah’s. Moroni got the plates from his dad whom took them from the hill Cumorah; then Moroni wanders for many years and puts things in a hill Cumorah; perhaps Moroni names his cave after the cave which his father had. There may be several of many things like cities. Perhaps Cumorah translates to mean a place of deposit, or a place of records.
-there are accounts of people having visions of seeing Mormon’s cave seeing wagon loads of plates stacked under tables, in corners, etc.
-the manuscript version of the Book of Mormon shows that the Book of Mosiah ch1 was called Ch 3 but but they didn’t want start a book on ch 3 so they called it ch 1; it started at ch 3 because the lost 116 pages of manuscript had some of the first part of the Book of Mosiah; in the D&C it says that Joseph Smith was to pick up where he left off after the loss of the 116 pages of manuscript being lost with the small part he had retained, this could be like Words of Mormon 1:12, aka part of the words of Mormon could be some of the original 2nd chapter of Mosiah. Perhaps it’s the story of the life of Mosiah that we lost in the original first two pages of such.
-Notice the first part of the abridging from Mormon was lost, it was Lehi’s book abridgment, then other parts of his abridging we get when he has more experience in abridging. Also much of the large book of Nephi we don’t have Nephi is told to make a second record so again we don’t have the first of Nephi’s abridging but we have his later abridging, and now Joseph Smith, the first part of his translating we don’t have (the 116 pages which were lost including the book of Lehi abridgment), but the later part of his work where he would be more experienced we do have. This is perhaps to show that God preserves the best for the Book of Mormon and to show God has a plan for you even if things seem to get messed up he can make the best.

Chronological Notes::

Title Page:
-likewise, we are commanded by God to keep records, to write journals.

1 Nephi 1:
-the only thing that gets crossed out in the original translation of the Book of Mormon were spelling errors which Joseph Smith pointed out to the writers.
-Emma said that when they were first married Joseph Smith could barely dictate a coherent letter.
-see links from professor about how the Church is owning up to how the Book of Mormon was translated: it’s our history, let’s own it.
-Moroni’s people were killed 36 years before the BoM was finished. So Moroni says there is hope (in the intro to the BoM), it means much, his people were evil, we don’t have to be lost.
-Book of Mormon isn’t called the book of Moroni even though Moroni had the record many years and addd his share, he is finishing and upholding the work of his father and hence calls it the The book of Mormon. He called it this, seeing as the title page isn’t a latter-day creation but the last page of the actual ancient text. So Moroni is acting like Christ does toward his father, this is a motif in the text.
-the title page speaks of The Book of Ether. That was written by Moroni, hence we know the title page was written by Moroni.
-the title page says imperfections in the book if any are of men not God. Likewise Joseph Smith said that if you expect perfection of me I shall expect it of you. Joseph Smith said the revelations he received were correct, but that he himself made mistakes at times.
-when Joseph Smith wrestled with the spirit of the Lord, as the prophet, he would always win. When he wrestled someone when not under this spirit, he would often loose. Such is stated in a historical account we have.
-a seer is one who sees light in the darkness; the Urim and Thumim is like a cell phone, a stone that shines and has words appearing on it. Joseph Smith read the Urim and Thumim under a hat at times, this is like how we seek to shield a cell phone from light by putting it under a coat or something to be able to see the screen light and words better; when a room is bright it’s hard to read a backlighted screen! So this account of how Joseph Smith translated isn’t so crazy after all!
-a biblical scholar reports that 4 rows of 3 on a breast plate is the ancient way of the priests, that in hard times, the priests go to the temple, lift their arms in prayer, and then having the seer stones in their breastplate, they look in at that, and a message appears on it showing him what to do. This is just like what Joseph Smith did.
-we have 6 primary sources of how the translation of the BoM occurred. Emma Smith says the plates were in a cloth and JS looked via a hat; another says that the plates were under a log outside for much of the translation, but he would look at the interpreters in the hat; the reason for JS even having the plates could be to build his faith.
-introduction to the BoM in the 2nd paragraph, it used to say they were the principal ancestors of the American Indians, now it says that they are among the ancestors in the 2013 new edition of the scriptures, this is because we are finding such to be true, there could have been many types of people even more than  the BoM speaks of, the BoM text never limits the possibility, and evidence is coming for such now with many dialogues from antiquity in America (over 180 pre-Columbian dialogues have been discovered) This may be an example of a mistake of someone who wrote the earlier edition of the text this “principal” ancestors thing, perhaps.
-this introduction to the BoM was added in 1981.
-the testimony of the 3 witnesses is more spiritual, that of the 8 witnesses is more of the temporal. Joseph Smith’s witness is spiritual and technical.
-there are 3 +8 witnesses, =12; 12 is a Hebrew number of significance, to them it means the power and authority of God, there are 12 tribes Israel, the power and authority of God flow from the House of Israel to all the earth.
– there were 116 of the pages of the non-sealed part of the Book of Mormon that were lost.
-the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon which we don’t have access to is by Moroni, see Ether ch. 5 it speaks of this. The sealed portion is 2/3 of the entire text, like the size of our bible. Perhaps when this large text comes forth we will call it the Book of Moroni.
-Mosiah 1 says that the brass plates were written in Egyptian. Often it is called the language of the fathers as Moses Joseph etc spoke it; Joseph spoke it so well that when his brothers came to get grain from him in the famine that they didn’t recognize whom he was.
-Nephi born of goodly parents: Brad Wilcox says that goodly means rich; others say it means handsome, for such is the phrase used in the Old Testament referring to David to say that David was handsome.
-1 Nephi 1:1 is the best verse to begin a book with known of; it summarizes the entire book, as well as all of life.
-1  Ne. 1:1 speaks of learning SOMEWHAT IN ALL the learning of his father; this means Nephi was taught some of everything his father knew, and he was allowed to use his agency to choose what he would do in life. Lehi planted many seeds in his children then they chose the way they would go.  It also looks to me like Nephi was especially taught the gospel.
-1 Ne. 1:1 nevertheless is a counter effect word from the 1500’s by William Tindale; it could also be rendered “always the greater”. It’s something that you don’t expect.
-1 Ne. 1:1 keep records to show that when your life was hard, God delivered and helped you.
-1 Ne. 1:1 it’s in the hard times that people see God’s hand the most.
-1 Ne. 1:3 focus on writing valid things to pass on to your children in your own main record. Perhaps try to abridge something like Nephi is doing here, to show how the Lord has blessed and lead you and chastened you and your people.
-we see there is more to the Book of Mormon than we can get with a quick read of it we should seriously study the BoM. Pres. Benson says the moment  you begin a serious study of the BoM you’ll have more of the spirit of the Lord come into your life. This is an IMMEDIATE promise, there are very FEW of those given by the prophets!
-punctuation in the BoM was by John Gilbert a printer so you can’t make doctrinal assumptions based on the punctuation.
-Egyptian has punctuation at the first of the sentence, those would suggest the why of the “and it came to pass” phrases, a symbol saying a new topic etc.
-get an 1830 replica of the Book of Mormon, regular book format, the way JS and BY and Parley etc would have read it through like a book, and it has more and it came to pass words. It has original chapter breaks, so it’s closer to original manuscript.
-Orson Pratt in 1879 put the BoM into chapters and verses.
-Nephi intended chapter 1-5 of 1st Nephi as one flow of thought.
-never in a JS talk does he quote the BoM, or address those characters directly rather the bible. God tells later in the D&C that JS and the Church was under condemnation for not using the BoM; since President Benson the Church has used it more.
-Egyptian is pictorial like Chinese, big concept in small space; hence this is more lightweight. Hence they say Hebrew is more pure than Egyptian which is condensed
-No record of Leman and Lemuel reading the scriptures, it’s Nephi telling them of them, perhaps they didn’t speak Egyptian.
-Alma 7 Jesus born of Mary at Jerusalem; Jesus was born at Bethleham; it’s at not in, can be regions around it.
-at time of going to get the plates from Laban, they went down and got their inheritance then went back towards the walls of Jerusalem, so we see they didn’t live within the walls of the city of Jerusalem.
-Theophanies: theo is God, phony is view of. Jesus Christ, John the Revelator, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, had are theophanies. There are patterns in these. 1. historical prologue 2. question concern problem, a thing they are wrestling with.
3. mission (book containing a wo). 4. they are rejected when trying to share it, and killed. (they tried to kill John many times (but could not)). This is the same pattern of Joseph Smith!  The BoM is a repent or be destroyed book, it has accounts of two entire nations who would not repent and were destroyed. It’s to invite our day to repent or be destroyed! See 1 Ne. 1: 11-13
-most people in biblical studies don’t believe in God, they treat the bible like Shakespeare not thinking it true.
-Jeremiah is contemporary prophet in Jerusalem with Lehi, also Ezekiel, also Daniel. They preached at the same time.
-Ch 1-9 is Nephi abridging the book of Lehi in perspective of Nephi. Ch 10:1 is where Nephi begins his own record.
– 1 Ne. 1:19 they mock those who identify wickedness.
– 1 Ne. 1:20 they want to kill those who prophecy of Christ. (they can’t stand condescension of God).
-Messiah is english for Hebrew messiahs, promised anointed one. Greek says Cristos, same word, means the anointed one.
-Jews thought that the people of  Israel would be the suffering servant, that Isreal would be who would be acquainted with grief, and the powerful words reserved for God.
-The doctrine of God becoming a man was hated in the B.C. times, and now today it’s twin doctrine is hated now in the A.D. times, that man can become God, the doctrine of exaltation.
– 1 Ne. 1:20 the righteous get delivered; even though Jeremiah was kiled, doesn’t mean he was not delivered spiritually. This is a good point on the why bad to good people document.
In the wilderness it’s unpredictable so you have to rely on God, it’s where you come to know God.
-Heaven was a comfort zone God sent us away from to earth which is a wilderness where we need rely on Him more wholly. We seek to get to the promised land, the Celestial Kingdom. The BoM is a handbook for life eternal in past present and future sorts of ways. The bible has this too.
-pray for an truly obedient spirit so you can not just obey out of fear of destruction then you get more out of it see 1 Ne. 2:2-4
-BoM grammar in english is horrible, but beautiful Egyptian (see 1 Ne. 2:4 all the “and’s” etc).
-1 in this verse Nephi says he knows much of the mysteries of God, so we know that it’s good for us to seek to know his mysteries.
-18 Lehi had a revelation where he saw many things concerning the destruction of Jerusalem; that was in his day, and we can get similar visions about our day.

-4 Prophets warn the people to repent, then in 5 Lehi goes to pray to God, and that is what brings the vision in verse 6.
-20 we all need some deliverance

1 Nephi 2
-1 Ne. 2:4 he left everything for his family; put your family first, sacrifice something unto the Lord, and all the things you had sacrificed will be restored unto you. Every sacrifice shows that we love God more than the thing which we sacrificed, and it he gives 100x more. (some of the freedoms we sacrifice for God are that of a single unmarried life, and that of not having children in your home. )
-1 Ne. 2:6 the people of the desert would call a dry river a river, and they would call a river with water in it a river of water. Hence here it says they camped near not just a river, but a river of water.
–my father dwelt in a tent: this means it was that he gave up his house, he is living a consecrated life.
-Nephi being exceedingly young yet large in stature is about the age of 13.
at age 12 females are considered adults they hit puberty then; at age 13 a male is considered a man he hits puberty a little later.
Mormon is put in as chief captain at their worst time when they are all about to be destroyed at 15 years old. The implication is that he has been in the army for a while, so he could have been very large at age 13 or something like this Nephi character. Mormon says he is a direct descendant of Nephi, it’s tall genes.
-when we spend much time with the scripture characters they become our friends and they can help you their teachings in trials.
-in the law of Moses the oldest son would get double inheritance of all the other sons to watch out for the others.
-when the sons of Lehi were to go back to get the plates it was 180 miles they had to go each way.
That is how far that body of water is from Jerusalem.
-Lehi says I have had a  vision! (Leman and Lemuel say “oh great this never goes well for us”) They were to go back to get the scriptures. (Leman and Lemuel say “oh great now he can preach to us”)
-Laban accuses falsely Nephi: says thou art a robber and I will slay thee. In the law of Moses, accusations are answered, either upon who is accused, or if they are false charges they are upon the accuser.  If you count coveting as a strike, Laban had 4 charges against him. With only three charges, you in the law of Moses have the right to slay that person.
-“As the Lord liveth” is powerful Hebrew oath, it’s by the life of God. The second highest oath is by my life: to say I’ll die first.
-Perhaps Nephi has them give the gold to Laban so that Leman and Lemual wouldn’t have riches to keep them wanting to go back to Jerusalem.
-Perhaps Nephi brought the gold to Laban as an offer so that perhaps Laban would steal it, which he did, and hence give them right to slay him to get the plates in case all else would fail. I see Nephi is a genius, going about all methods to accomplish important purposes.
-the angel told Nephi that the Lord would deliver Laban to them, not the plates to them, they may have known some killing would have to happen or something.
-Leman says the Lord can’t take out 50 people, but what is that to God? Nephi doesn’t doubt, he goes in for them.
-Nephi went to get the plates not knowing what to do first; he went in; a rudder on a boat only works when the boat is moving. See 1 Ne. 2:6
-Here is a young person maybe 13 years old getting commanded to kill; Nephi is being trained from a young age how to obey God.
-people can pass through many of the same trials and come out very different people like Nephi and Leman.
-Exo. 21:12-14 entirely excuse the behavior of Nephi killing Laban
-Sarah complains it’s not very unusual, mothers when children come home late tend to think worst case scenario.  It’s like taking out the trash, getting out the negative perhaps. Your wife doesn’t need you to solve her problems, but to listen to her, and testify defending your position, and sustain her.

-20-24 there is no favorism with God; those who obey him are favored by him, but if those who were once righteous rebel against him, right away they’ll be cut off like anyone else.
-3-4 Laman and Lemuel saw an angel but even after that they continued to murmur against what the Lord had commanded them to do.
-4 a risky financial endeavor, to pick up and leave everything and go to the wilderness.
-7 give thanks to God in poverty or in wealth, even if you were wealthy not long ago but now are poor, give thanks to God. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
-11 it takes sacrifice to obey visions from God. How far will you go?
-16 not just a prayer, but a cry out to God, a big call.
-24 God stirs people; when will we harken or remember?

1 Nephi 3:
-5 enforce the commandments of God in your home! God enforces his laws, you act as stuart for him as Priesthood leader of your home.
-15 we will NOT  go DOWN each day until we have finished our daily duties and inspired goals especially the ones inspired from heaven.
-16 obey the Lord with FAITH, that is, believing that the sacrifices that you make are worth it because you CAN become like the LORD.
-25 don’t spend much time thinking about the property of others, you’ll get into lust.
-26 sometimes when you follow God, things of this world like money fall behind, they fall to the wayside.
-27 they hid in a cave to escape evil; so how can I escape evil? It won’t be easy or pleasant!
-29 the good people will eventually rule over the bad people. The bad people like to make it a point that they are independent, but they won’t be for long, since they’ll be subject to the rulership of the good people. So we see that to obey the Lord is freedom and Lordship.
-30 the angel gave the message then left; he did not stay and chill a while; do likewise missionaries etc. You are angels of the latter-days! That is what Elder Gaverette of the Seventy told us as missionaries when I was on a mission. This is important, leave after the message you are sent to bring so the spirit can stay with them and they can choose to ponder over it and will thus be more likely to act on it. This would not be so if you lingered to speak of sports etc.

1 Ne. 4:
-2 who is your role model? Choose a prophet like Nephi chose Moses. Remember Moses said that “would to God that all were prophets”.
-13 unbelief is a serious sin that leads many to evil lifestyles
-31 don’t flake, lay hold on your missions. Be strong, use your muscles, get your job done, be a man about it.
-34 let all who will to come with you.

1 Nephi 5:
-2 be pacient with people, even good people complain sometimes.
-4 defend your position
-4-6 land of promise brings comfort: you must strengthen others (especially your family) along the journey to Zion. They deserve your help and need it!
-8 from what Lehi says and does etc his wife gets sure knowledge of the truth of the gospel. Help your wife get sure knowledge of the gospel.
-8 Sarah the wife of the prophet Lehi didn’t KNOW that she was being lead into the wilderness by him because of God’s commandment until after her children returned with the plates from Laban. She merely believed it and did it until her witness came to where she knew for a fact. (Had she never obeyed the command of the prophet Lehi, she would have never found out if what he was speaking was the truth.)
-10 when Lehi gets the scriptures he searches them from the beginning
-14 as Lehi reads the scriptures he finds out information about who he is.
-do today well, don’t worry over tomorrow.

1 Nephi 6
– Ne. 6:4-5: the reason why Nephi goes through all this is record keeping is here given, it’s to bring people to Jesus.

1 Nephi 7:
-1 Ne. 7 they had to get wives, women have much power. They had to make a 360 mile round trip to get them.  A man’s wife is the conduit of heaven through which they receive blessings of heaven.
-some doors in your path of life are closed BY GOD so we can learn more about God. It’s not just your fault.

1 Nephi 8
-what is a dream vs. a vision? Both can be prophetic; a person doesn’t have agency in a dream. In a vision, you are awake and can interact. Ch8 is a dream prophetic of Lehi.; ch.11-14 is a vision prophetic Nephi had. The dream is in images, we have it in text, so we can try to put it in picture, back to the way it was given originally.
-list the good things of the dream: tree, fruit, rod, path, the man in white,
-list the bad things in the dream: building, mists, river (the depths of hell filthy),
-list the neutral things in the dream: gulf (dividing righteous from withed),  field (a waste, dark, dreary, represents the world; the world is envied entirely in darkness because of the chains of Satan which cover it, see book of Moses, though not inherently bad),
-even though you have divine aid, it doesn’t mean you are fine, but neither are you alone in the dark wilderness.
-Daniel 10:5 sees a man like man in this ch. Daniel is after Lehi, he is just rising to power when Lehi leaves.
-all the good things in the vision symbolize Christ
-the tree has fruit, it has plants which have seeds you can plant and make more trees like it; it can be referring to exaltation, helping us do as Christ does.
-John 14:5-6 Christ is the way the truth the life; none to the Father but by him. Tree of LIFE hence it’s Christ. Iron rod is word of God, hence it’s Christ. I am the WAY hence the path is Christ.
-13-14 shows the tree is downhill from where they are, they go down to the tree; Western thought isn’t like this; but consider humility; be like the valley, firm steadfast immovable. In eastern thought, coming down was the place of safety. The water flows the same direction toward the tree, towards down, towards safety, the evil of the world try to get peace and safety, and they fail at it.
-strait means narrow; strait and narrow is poetic repetition; hence the path can have twists and turns
-Elder Maxwell said that the path toward God is like razorback trails; it goes up, then flat, then up, etc. He said that sometimes it’s so steep that you can only progress upward on you knees.
-19 the path is along the bank of the river of filth, the depths of hell; it may be so they can try to escape the river if fallen in. Everyone spends time in that river, the rod is right there, it’s Christ. At first in the river it may seem fun, but mountain rivers can get out of control and take you places you never wanted to go. The river by the rod also shows there is always opposition in life. It’s to help us see the contrast more easily than it would be were it a long way off.
-the only thing that’s going to keep you out of the river is the rod, the word of God, Christ.
-why is the rod iron? perhaps it’s a symbol of something unbreakable. Why not steele? perhaps it’s historical. Perhaps properties of iron symbolize Christ. Iron has a little bendable, shows love. Steele is rigid, not flexible. Christ can stand by us and still see that we do good despite our flaws.
-21-23 they got lost, perhaps from seeing something flashy like drugs women, etc, things coming from the buildin.
-Elder Maxwell said if someone is pointing a finger at you to scorn, follow their directions (go away from them).
-14: Lehi looked for where the river was coming from that ran along the tree of life. He saw it was not far from him. Is this to suggest that God is not far from each one of us?
field (a waste, dark, dreary, represents the world; the world is envied entirely in darkness because of the chains of Satan which cover it, see book of Moses, though not inherently bad),
-23 some people wandered off of the path; perhaps they weren’t openly rebellious, but just wandered and then became lost.  The gate is baptism, then you’re on the path, but can become lost from it.
-since Christ is the tree, the fruit of the tree is the Atonement, sanctifying, exaltation.
-having an open mind need be upward, toward God, not just outward, being open to the opinions of the world. It’s not righteous to look to the world for answers and enlightenment. Look to them and you get their input, varried indeed, but go to God first, and he tells you what to do, to ponder it at times and search more. Start by going to God, not parents of church leaders first but God first and then go to them to help; God will help most as you pray first.
-the first group is bad, they never hold the iron rod 21-23
-the second group is good and holds the rod, but seeks the worlds approval for following God’s commandments and path period. You can’t look horizontal, must look vertical. 24-28. They clinged to the rod. Cling is a word used for people on the edge of a cliff, or on the edge of a rampid river holding onto something. Clinging may also suggest inconsistency since no one can do that around the clock. Cling can mean to be overdependant on someone emotionally.
-the third group the good group 30; *they pressed forward, so they were trying to get things done and make progress. They had direction because they were going forward. They had an end goal in mind; they had hope for eternal life and exaltation, and they were doing the things that were necessary to get to that destination.
-the third group falls down then partakes of the tree; this doesn’t make sense with an actually tree which you stand to partake; the tree is Jesus, you humble yourself before him and worship/serve him according to as how he asked.
-the second group in verse 24 shows no humility, they just take the fruit, and they think about what the world thinks about that, hence they naturally fall away.
-the second group 24 they are clinging, and perhaps one clings when they are on the wrong side of the rod, the danger side where your feet can be wet in the river here and there. It’s not the same side of the path.
-24 cling can be out of fear. When you hold steadfast, you can use your other hand to be an extension of the rod of iron, you become an extension of Christ to help others. So you can’t just think of yourself.
-the first group didn’t get to the tree, they wandered off and were lost; but the second group did reach the tree, aka they make covenants, and it says these people went to forbidden paths. We see where much is given much is required. We see that once you have made covenants, if you leave that path toward the kingdom of God, you are in forbidden area- you now have a relationship with God whom forbids you to live in certain ways.
-clinging then leavening can be like flash flood discipleship, i.e. reading the word of God 5 hours one day then doing none the rest of the week. We must try to have good days.
-president Eyring said “I can’t be a perfect servant every hour, but I can do better than I thought I could”; so try new things; and pause to think of Christ and what he could help you do at this time.
-this path toward the tree of life is a great way to speak about grace, how all the steps we take toward God are enabled by grace.
-looking back and mocking those who are behind you in the path, or always looking at the river, you tend to go the direction you look at.
-one clear thing of the dream is that you aren’t going anywhere good or that matters without Christ.
-the evil people think they can fly and be divine, hence this building off of the ground.
-33-34 EVERYONE who heeds the mockers of the followers of Jesus gets lost. This is the wording used by the text.
-35 Leman and Lemuel wouldn’t even try the fruit of the tree (which represented the love of God, the Atonement of Jesus Christ). They had seen an angel, and seen many miracles, their father was a prophet, dispute all this they they refused to taste of the fruit which is described as the most desirable of all things. I see our pride can get in the way of us having the greatest possible blessings in this life. In the narrative, Leman and Lemuel never even taste the fruit. They don’t even try!
-36-38 Upon seeing that Leman and Lemual were in danger for their eternal souls, their father Lehi “preached to them”. He “commanded them to keep the commandments.”
This is the duty of a righteous parent.
-38 Lehi had a heaven sent message for his children, so he gave it, then ceased speaking with them after that. There was no chatting of sports. He had to leave them to think over what he had said, and give them opportunity to internalize it and act upon it, and allow the Holy Ghost to remain with them testifying of what was said and of what they must do.

1 Nephi 9:
-5 Nephi is being obedient not knowing the reason for what he has been asked to do by God (writing the second record). The 116 pages are Mormons abridgment of Lehi to King Benjamin; these get lost and the second draft of Nephi is the same time period.

1 Nephi 10:
-17 Nephi wanted to know what his father did. He recognized that his father SAW, HEARD, AND KNEW truths of the gospel. We learn it takes someone special to us that we see their testimony of the gospel (and how it effects them as Nephi saw it’s powerful positive effect on Lehi) in order to desire to obtain and then obtain a testimony of the truth.

1 Nephi 11:
-Nephi sees a tree then a man descending, the spirit says “it” is the son of God, meaning that this tree is a symbol of the man descending, the Jesus Christ.
-Nephi has to bear record of the Christ descending and he is to bear witness of that; these people had issues with the doctrine that God can descend and become a man; hence he is to witness of such.
-Nephi sees the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, the actual Mary, he sees her in vision.
-young Nephi speaks of the beauty of Mary, and old Alma when speaking of her speaks of her being chosen of God. This fits well, a young man oft thinks of beauty. Hence Joseph Smith is doing very well translating a true record not just making this up.
-much interaction; 8 “look”‘s, and 8 scene changes; much agency is used in this chapter. This chapter is on Christ, and it shows learning of Christ is more important than learning of things in America (ch13) or of latter day churches (ch 14)
-1 Nephi is active, desiring and believing using his agency, an ideal learner, not waiting for God but approaching God.
-1 Nephi “SAT” pondering, hence he was not multi tasking, he is totally focused. He is not doing audio scriptures.
-7 we are commanded to bear first hand witness of Christ. “ye shall bear record”
-17 Nephi doesn’t know all the answers but when asked questions he refers back to what he does know.
-President Eyring and Packer have said that when someone asks you a question they should not ask you, answer the question they should have asked!
-18 & 21, in the original version of the Book of Mormon, the words “the son” are not there; it says Mary is the mother of God, and it says that the Eternal Father came to earth. Nephi and Joseph Smith knew this was speaking of Jesus Christ, a God. In Mosiah 15, “son of” is not added, it’s speaking of Jesus Christ’s role as God and Father.
-22 The love of God is shed amply in the hearts of men. This goes with the scripture which says the Lord will put the law in our hearts. It goes with the doctrine of natural law, like how we don’t (at least we shouldn’t) need a congress to say we need pass a law saying not to kill.
-23 people want joy, 100%, here is the only way to get that. It’s all outlined right here.
-25 The tree represents Heavenly Father and the Celestial Kingdom where he resides. The rod of iron which people must hold on to to guide them to that tree represents the word of God, Jesus Christ and what Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ to teach us and do for us (including the Atonement). The rod of iron gets us to the tree. Jesus Christ takes us to Heavenly Father. He is our mediator. Our advocate with the Father. The only way to exaltation.
-Bethabara is the lowest place in the planet where you can find fresh water on earth; so we see the text behold the condesention of God as he went to get baptized, it’s 600 feet above sea level at Galilee where Jesus was from and he went down to Bethabara which is 1400 feet below sea level; this is showing about Christ.
-the love of God is Jesus Christ, it’s shed via the atonement; God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, hence we see that Christ is the love of God.

1 Nephi 12:
-10 the gospel can have a permanent effect on people, causing them to be righteous forever
-1-10 goes through third Nephi; 11-end covers 4 Nephi- Mormon

1 Nephi 13:
-Christofer Columbus went to the Caribean, so be careful.
-Joseph Smith had to be in a free country, or they would have burned him at the stake the next day for what he said about having seen God in a vision, going against the current tide of religion. So it says here the people went forth out of captivity, much of this was religious freedoms not being present.
-18 recall the USA revolutionary war should not have been won, even George Washington was shot at point blank many times and from a far many times.
-18 make a list of how Great Britain had every advantage over the colonies in the revolutionary war, for they did. But the colonies had God with them.

1 Nephi 14:
-2, 6  it’s all about your heart condition when it comes to determining your eternal destiny. It’s not anyone else’s fault.
-there are 2 churches only, one is Christ’s and one is Satans. This could mean that the LDS is the true, which it is, and some are dancing around in no where too serious, and the other is the church of Satan, Luciferianism, and all it’s influences, and political machinations in every nation.
-Feb 2014 Oaks BYU Idaho talk “Witnesses of God”; he says there are 2 churches only, those who believe in God and try to serve him the best way they can, and there are those who don’t believe in God. Some devote their whole life to thwart anything to do with God.
-those who know Jesus and the Holy Ghost don’t have to give that up when they come the the true Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, they just accept more God has to offer them. President Hinckly said for others to keep what they have and gain what more there is here available. People may have amazing experiences with the spirit and Jesus Christ before they find the true Church. So there are levels of God’s church, and the devil’s church.
-the D&C says anyone who repents and comes unto me is my Church. This was revealed in 1829, before the Church was founded.

1 Nephi 15:
-6 Nephi waits to deal with his contending brothers until after he has received strength. He was exhausted from the vision.
-8 ask God about all of your problems.
-8 see Elder Bednar “Seek learning by faith” talk.
-8 act before knowing all of how it will turn out- this is faith. You must take leaps of faith in pressing forward. Nephi keeps acting in faith and growing, Leman and Lemuel didn’t ask.
-9 Nephi spends the rest of the chapter showing his brothers examples of how God does answer prayer
-25 have perfect obedience all the time, not just on your full time missionary service. Have that level of strict obedience always!
-27 Lehi was so focused on the gospel that he hardly beheld the evil. He saw the filth, but he did not behold the filth, he didn’t focus on it BECAUSE he had the gospel which is mezmorizingly wonderful!

1 Nephi 16:
-Lehi could have bought a boat from a near country and sailed quickly, but they rather had an 8 year journey to prove them. In pre mortality living with Heavenly Father wasn’t enough; so we left and came to earth so we could become like Heavenly Father.
-1 the degree to which you feel prophetic words are hard is a reflection of how hard your hearts are. When people want it easier, they are victims rather than agents.
-4, 5 humility precedes righteousness.
-7 family proclamation says that male and female spirits naturally go together to progress in the plan of God; those with same gender attraction should not use that as an excuse to break God’s commandments. They must be agents to act and do God’s commandment’s to marry someone of the opposite gender and have children.
-7-8 the very next thing Nephi says about himself after his marriage is that he was blessed exceedingly.
-20 hunger is powerful
-8 recent to 2015 General Conference President Packer said that the joy of marriage is beyond words.
-8 marriage is the covenant with God which is 3 way marriage.
-9 Lehi has to leave on journey again; earlier he said they had obtained a land of promise; perhaps he didn’t know there was more yet to go.
-10 curious defined in the Websters 1828 dictionary: nice, elegant; neat; finished; etc.
-18 Nephi says he broke his bow, taking accountability that it broke. He doesn’t say God broke it.
-20 Leman and Lemuel murmur, they think only of themselves, not of the problems of others.
-23 Nephi had a fine steele bow. It would have used heavy arrows. So it makes sense that Nephi didn’t just make a new bow, he also made new arrows.
-20-23 Nephi asks his father for direction in the time of Lehi’s struggles and murmuring. President Packer teaches that when we have inactive people use their Priesthood, or ask them to, they often repent and do so.
-28 The compass (liahona) worked by the faith diligence and heed the people gave to it. In the spanish version, the word for heed is attention.
-29 the spanish version says the scripture on the compass (liahona) was easy to read. Hence we see the instructions God gives us are plain to understand. We also see that by the plain instructions God gives us, those are the small means he will use to bring about great things, namely the preservation of our families, as many as will come along on the journey.
-they recently around Acaba found an alter with a Hebrew inscription NHM meaning Nahom which is this place.
-cf Alma 37:41-47 commentary on the journey of Lehi. It took them 8 years to cover ground which LDS Pioneers covered in 3 months. Alma says that they were slothful and wicked and hence the Liahona lead them in a roundabout way. Like Moses’ people wandering 40 years.
-36 ensure the Lord is with you, he is the most persuasive, he will enable your success as you stand with him, and he will help those around you to come along for your sake!
-39 When we obey God he will give us the food we need to survive our journey. The things we need to make it by. Also, God is able to soften the hearts of the people that get in your way. Laman wanted to kill his father and righteous brother, and was gathering people to do so, but God spoke to him which made him repent. The righteous were preserved like this several times on their journey until, perhaps, the wicked were “past feeling, they could not feel his words”, as we read in another section. God tried to work with the bad brothers all he could until it came to the point they wouldn’t cooperate at all and then the righteous separated and journeyed away from the wicked.

1 Nephi 17:
-the command went to Nephi to build the boat, not to Lehi. Perhaps this was not to Lehi because Lehi had been complaining, and here could be a trial of the faith of Lehi to get him to fully repent. This is the only commandment on the journey with Lehi that doesn’t go to Lehi but Nephi. We can say Nephi has long been a prophet because of his visions etc. Lehi presides, but both are prophets.
-Laman and Lemuel are not good people just having bad days, no, good people don’t try to kill their brother and father multiple times.
-don’t get past feeling; one way is to take notes at Church or any other time you hear the servants of God. Pres. Eyring saw one man took notes hearing a child at church speak just as much as hearing  Eyring teach. It’s that we must be open to messages from God’s appointed messengers.
-strong women is a blessing of the Lord we can seek
-2 don’t do things in the manner of men, but the manner of God. So when humans in general have a consensus of how something works or is etc, doesn’t mean it’s correct. No, not even with “statistics”. The worlds way is also take, we must give; the test of charity is all through life even in poor times.
-3 If living the gospel of Jesus Christ, following his prophet, causes you to have to go without something of necessity in this life, God will compensate. He did for Lehi’s family who, because of obeying the prophet, had not enough food for their needs. But God worked a miracle, and they made it. Perhaps this can strengthen us in our obedience to the prophets current warning to avoid debt and pornography and to get a year of food storage, to teach our children the gospel, etc.
-4 they had 8 years in the wilderness, like college years, or parenting young children years, or peer pressure in high school years. Life can be a wilderness, wild, unpredictable, you must rely on God to survive. God will try you to the utmost, especially if you claim to believe in Jesus Christ, the suffering servant!
-6 Though the path of discipleship causes so much sorrow and pain that you can’t write it all, the joy for so living brings joy “in extreme” the spanish text says.
-7 God told Nephi to go up to a mountain where he would communicate with him. How can we do this, we who live in cities? Perhaps we need to avoid living in big cities, but certainly there are ways God can prompt us in whatever circumstance we may be in to find a way to communicate with us. Perhaps getting up to a high mountain can mean that we go to our local temple (as such is the mountain of the Lord.) Perhaps it can mean he prompts us to get in shape physically or financially or socially or mentally or intellectually or spiritually etc, some sort of self improvement which brings us closer to him, and more able to hear his whisperings. Also, the Book of Mormon encourages us to pray in our closets, which would mean, find places where you can approach God in private on a regular basis.
-8-9 When God asked Nephi to do a hard thing he had no experience in, rather than question God, Nephi’s first reaction was in essence, ‘ok, step one to that task would be such and such. How do I do that?’ When asked to build a ship, and being promised that God would show him how, Nephi merely asks, ‘ok, where should I get the tools?’ Nephi had decided long ago, as we see in 1 Ne. 3:7, that he would go and do whatever the Lord commands. Good thing he made that decision early on, or this might be a hard task for him. Also, Nephi is training himself to repeatedly and consistently do hard things which the Lord requires of him. He is developing a trust in the Lord which is centered on God enabling him to do the things asked of him. Nephi’s tasks from the Lord are large and neigh impossible. We learn from him that there is no limit to what we can accomplish when it is the will of the Lord, and that God himself will help us accomplish it. As Nephi says, “is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Nephi allows himself to be an instrument in the hands of God to accomplish the purposes of God. Nephi understands that is his covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ redeems his soul, and in return, Nephi is to do what he, Jesus Christ the Lord, asks of him. Jesus Christ is the author of the contract of our salvation. He sets the terms, and we either accept them or reject them. Woe to him who thinks he is better off on his own, for none can be saved but through the atonement of Jesus Christ!
-7 some instruction is so holy that we can’t receive it in our day to day living places, and we need to go up to a higher location or state of being to receive it.
-12 God made the meat of these wilderness travelers sweet so they would not have need of making fire. Perhaps the fires would have attracted robbers. In any case, this shows that things we think impossible are possible with God. He has all the divine sciences and power, he can make things work that seem bizarre to us.
-13 One of the reasons, a very large reason, that God does miracles in helping us in our journey, is so that we will KNOW that it is he who has lead us, and saved us, and been the source of our success. As President Eyring of the First Presidency of the Church says, “Jesus Christ is the source of every blessing we receive.”
-13 obvious blessings and curseings. They know God’s doings like the sun rising.
-15 Keeping the commandments isn’t easy for anyone. “I’m just not a religious type of person” is a weak excuse. No one is! That is the entire purpose of religion, to instruct and motivate us to become something more excellent that we currently are. Nephi had to exert himself to do it, and he had to work hard with his brothers to help them do it (the few times that his brothers did). We also see from this book, how although this is difficult, it’s worth it.
-Judegement is what they said Nephi lacked and could not thus build the ship. Later we see he can. Hence we see God grants skills of judgement. Nephi’s brothers knew he was never trained in ship building prior to this event. What they didn’t know was that Nephi was being tutored of the Lord through the process of the ship building. This account is to show God can provide the way for us to lead our families to good conditions and habits of gospel living no matter what, be the obstacles between that big or small, our families are God’s top priorities.
-17 when you are about to commence to obey a commandment of the Lord, the persecutions come right then. People mock you for it, perhaps, like Nephi experienced, even from your own intimate family. The path of discipleship to Jesus Christ must include some loneliness, for we are no better than our Lord.
-Don’t be suprized if your immediate family calls you crazy and a dreamer “imagining things in your crazy heart” while you go about obeying the things which the Lord has told you personally to do, and that which the prophet of the Living God has commanded you to do.
-19 don’t give up when mocked
-20 mockers will mock all the righteous people from the beginning!
-20 they say they wish they had died in pleasure than to suffer in life, surely they don’t believe that! Their very lives have been preserved! Obviously they only cared about pleasure, and NOTHING about what the lives of their children would be like. No thought of posterity! Theives! Their children deserve better!
-20 on the journey to the promised land, these people suffered everything but death. We see we may be ‘called to suffer’ for our salvation sake, very great things.
The difference between Nephi and Leman was that Nephi obeyed walking in faith, and Leman went along with things begrudgingly. Nephi was brought peace by the Lord for his faith, and knowledge and hope and joy, and his main issue, dispute everything else, was dealing with the complaints of his brothers. Whereas for Leman, all was hell, for he made it that way. Even in hard times things don’t have to be so bad. That’s how the Mormon Pioneers were, they sang and danced, and you wouldn’t know they were going through such hard things.
-21 Leman was not being accountable; even if one is abused, they can give it to Christ
-21 having it hard is part of becoming like Christ; “faith is more than a feeling, it’s a choice” (Elder Neil L Anderson)
-21 The brothers of Nephi were only looking at the temporal welfare, not having any thought about the future, or heaven, or God, etc. They just worried about enjoying their possessions. Lehi and the righteous however, were bound to the promised land where they would not only have possessions, but a better environment to raise their children in righteousness, and they were commanded of the Lord to do it. They understood that this life is the time to prepare to meet God, and to put our offerings up unto the Lord to help him work out the Plan of Salvation.
-22 Leman believed the people in Jerusalem were righteous, keeping the law of Moses, etc, that leaving Jerusalem was thus pointless. Perhaps the people there were whited sepulchers, as Jesus called the Pharasees, they made themselves look like good people on the outside, and look to appear to be obeying the law of Moses on the outside, but in their private or business lives they were robbing the pour, the widow, committing adultery, lying, and not living the spirit of the law. So when the Lord says do something, you do it even though you don’t see many other people around you doing it. You can almost be assured that such will be the case, that few will truly obey, for Christ said narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and few there be that find it. He also says that Satan’s cunning is so great that he almost deceives even the very elect.
In the course of this obedience, you can get a witness for yourself that the words of your leader are true so that you aren’t having blind faith. Presdient Brigham Young taught that the Saints are to pray about what they hear the prophet and their leaders say, and God will tutor them, and help them do as God desires.
Also, if we don’t have an understanding of how the government of the Church works, which comes from faith in the Lord and a study of this, we can fall into thinking that the leaders in the Church are trying to usurp power over us. Perhaps we will have experiences like Leman, where our younger brother will be our leader in the Church, or our father, whom we know personally, and are aware of his flaws. Or perhaps it will merely be someone with less experience that us (or than we think we have), etc. Will we be faithful and hearken to the word or the Lord as it comes through his assigned channels despite all of that? That is what we have been commanded to do. That is the genius of the Lord, and we humbly bow to the was of our God.
-23 Nephi shows that when people have been delivered from bondage historically, it was because of their faith in the Lord. He also teaches the reverse, which is that if they didn’t have faith in the Lord and obedience to his commands, they would not have been lead out of captivity.
-Nephi shows that when the people of the Lord have been delivered historically, it has been under the leadership of a prophet. This is the pattern of the Lord.
-30 You’ve heard it said that God walks beside you in your trials. Nephi here says that is literally true.
-33-38 The Lord sees all people as equal. If people obey the Lord, they become favored of him. On a large scale, the righteous are delivered, and the wicked are lead captive. One might say, they are left on their own to try and make it without extra help; but the text says that God actually cursed the ground against the wicked (35).
-36 in the midst of this teaching of blessing cursing raising or destroying, the Lord reminds us that we are his children! He created this entire earth for us to possess it! He shows us that is his true intent. He doesn’t want us to be captive and destroyed, but to have land and be happy. This is only possible through his plan;  he has the only working method of life, the ways of mankind are non-working.
-37 God destroys the wicked nations and raises up the righteous nations. It’s been said that a person can be punished for his sins in the next world, but a nation is dissolved by the time the next world comes, so it must be punished for it’s sins in this life.
Also we see that God is the God of nature. When he says that he will destroy of bless a people, it may be by nature that he does so. For instance, homosexuality brings AIDS which kills people.  As verse 36 says, he is the God of nature, for he created this earth.
We must recall in our understanding of the gospel, that not only does God bless the righteous, he also curses the wicked. The one side of the coin does not come without the other. Why does he do this? For our sakes.
Perhaps we should incorporate this into our parenting. When the child obeys, bless them. Give them more privileges etc. When the child disobeys, not only remove their blessings, but curse them, perhaps with a burden heavy laden like 3 hours of house chores a day throughout the period of their punishment, which punishment, if we were following the pattern of the scriptures, would not be for a certain length of time, but until the behavior of the recipient sufficiently improved. Until restitution is made.
-40 When a people accept the Lord as their God, he loves them, and makes covenants with them as a result of that.
-41 People have an issue with disconnecting their lives from that of the ancients. They always say they love the ancient prophets but reject the modern prophet. Here Nephi tells the people: people of old were destroyed for doing the very same things that you all are doing!
-45 Leman had “stopped feeling” the spanish version says. Nephi says Leman had become to the point that he could not “feel” the words of the Holy Ghost.

1 Nephi 18:
-24 they put all the seeds in the ground not holding back. We must, when God tells us to do something, put our all into that no matter what it be. It’s only when you are most vulnerable when you are most likely to experience joy. You may get broken in the process but the Atonement is there to help with that. Perhaps they were putting all they had in the ground in hopes something in this new land would grow. They try everything they know how to do which is good, hopping that something works out from you doing all you can.

1 Nephi 21:
-15 the most desperate relationship is a mother and it’s child. That is how much we rely on God. In early days Roman women would have children and not want them and throw them onto the rubbish heap. Christian women would go there and try to nurse those babies back to health. Today women don’t want children, and the most dangerous place for a human is the womb, because they are killed so often.
-16 the walls may refer to our limitations and hardships. Also could refer to the wall where covenants were nailed to, those contracts. Hence Christ can’t forget the covenants we have made with him, the sign of those covenants are the nail wounds in his hands.

2 Nephi 2:
-sin is enticing: that is nature: don’t be too upset when we would like to do something that is forbidden; life is supposed to be hard, sin is supposed to be enticing.
-2 you don’t have to choose to have a bad life just because life has not been fair to you.
-3 grace in the 4 gospels is only used in times he is speaking of how you use grace to heal people, and in doing good to others. So Jesus showed how to do grace, BY GOOD WORKS. Jesus gives commandments in the sermon on the mount. He shows us ways to come unto him so we can get the saving grace. Paul etc. speak of being saved by grace, and this is true, but Jesus shows what grace is- grace is helping others, caring for the needy, etc.
-5 by the law men are cut off: the law is there to punish you when you do bad. Only when people keep the law can there be greater safety. No policeman pulls you over and gives you money for keeping traffic laws: law is to punish the wicked.
-14 the more you do things on your own the more free you become, and the inverse is true.

2 Nephi 3:
-once Lehi gets the brass plates, then his children he names from then on, biblical names. All his other children have Egyptian based names.

2 Nephi 4:
-11 Sam is never recorded as saying anything in the Book of Mormon; he is skipped as being heir (Leman and Lemuel lost the birthright from wickedness). Sam doesn’t get a people of Samites, he is somewhat adopted into Nephi’s family. It could be that goodness without guile doesn’t need attention. Perhaps Sam is included in the Book of Mormon to say that God loves all of his children, even the ones who feel left behind or left out. It may be like Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Perhaps Sam is there to show that even when your younger sibling seems to be getting more rewards or visions or callings than you, you can respond poorly like Leman and Lemual, or positively like Sam. It’s like the Lord says, blessed are those who have seen the Lord and believe, but more blessed are those who believe the Lord from the words of the servants of the Lord without even seeing the Lord himself.
-15-35 will help you get out of depression as will Romans 8 etc.
-15-16 attitudes revealed
-17-19 shares his personal weakness with you, a weak and sinning man, lest you think he is perfect; Lehi has died, and now Nephi is the head prophet, perhaps the weight of this increased responsibility helped Nephi recognize more fully his struggles and weaknesses.  cf. Ether 12:27 (God shows you your weakness).
-Nephi’s depressive moment lasts 2.5 verses, then he pops right out “nevertheless”. …
-19-25 step one on how to get out of depression: seeks to see God’s hand in his past, counting his MANY blessings.
-26-27 next step 2 in getting out of depression: do a self evaluation of why you are behaving the way you are. It’s a spiritual re-evaluation, asking himself if he really has cause to be mourning. We see Nephi’s focus is on the solution not on his problem. He spends very little time in the dumps and more time looking up. See Conf. talk “Look Up” for the solutions.
-28-30 step 3 to get out of depression is a spiritual re-commission, re-promising and planning of what he is going to do.
-30 step 4 to get out of depression: command yourself to rejoice and expect it to happen.
-31-33 step 5 to get out of depression: turn to God for the power to do it
-34-35: step 6 to get out of depression: bear your testimony to God or someone, President Packer said that testimony grows in bearing testimony to someone else.
-“I love the Lord” by John Tanner a song on this chapter.

2 Nephi 5:
-5-6 Nephi is warned to leave, in verse 6 he says he took all those who would go with me; this could suggest that there were others in the land already living there.
-The land of Nephi becomes the highest place in elevation; they go down the Zarahemla, etc.

2 Nephi 6:
-here is introduction for ch 7-8; then ch 9-10 has commentary on Isaiah chapters of 7-8.

2 Nephi 7:
-1 we are God’s child, he has not divorced our mother and left us. God has not liquified us into money. We do that to ourselves, thinking it needful. We leave our own parents. We know not much of our Heavenly Mother because we are so sinful.
-2 God controls the elements based on our behavior.
-4 Jesus confounds Dr’s as a child, and Pharacies as an adult.
-4 when all the rest are tired and in bed, the Lord woke up early to learn from God during his mortal ministry. This was a regular practice of his.
-5 act willingly on God’s prompts
-6 sign up for suffering it’s part of the plan
-8 get strength of mouth like God by being obedient
-9 real consequences for who condemn Christ.
-10 all who serve God live in light
-11 rely on God for his ways bring light our ways bring sorrow.

2 Nephi 8:
-7 reward for who have God’s law written in their hearts: NO FEAR. That is the reward for that.
-8 The Lord’s people’s problems will go up in smoke
-10 way to cross the sea: dual fulfillment in Red Sea of Moses’ day and the Atlantic in a day to come.
-11 This is WHY you must press on now.
-12 know the source of your peace and of all of your blessings
-13 it’s an empty threat
-15 always remember the Lord is our God, THE CREATOR.
-20 evil mobs of men are wild and appear as bulls.

2 Nephi 9:
-3 all who hear and accept the gospel can rejoice forever.
-All are subject to the righteous judgements of Christ.
-5 Christ must be born here, see 2 Nephi 10:3 Christ must be born here because everywhere else would have accepted him as a God.
-5 Jacob may here be teaching that Christ had to become subject to other men, ie. letting other men beat him and kill him. This subject to man could also mean Christ being born as a human.
-6 the Fall came by transgression, not by sin!
-6 Death is part of and essential for God’s merciful plan.
-7 shows what would happen to our body without the Atonement “rise no more”
-8  shows what would happen to our spirit without the Atonement, “rise no more”
-30 If you must mistreat people for something such is your God. Doing well to others is the way of the True God.
-33 Sooner or later you’ll hate that you sinned and will feel it’s true weight.
-38 They’ll see a big contrast between what they are and what they could have been.
-42 Recognizing your stupidity is essential.
-46 All will see God for who he is, but only some will go where he is, will be like him, will not dread him. Yes many will call themselves devil who before throughout themselves angels.

2 Nephi 10:
-5 Worst evil is not just iniquity, but that combined with priestcraft.
-18 Gentiles (me etc) are to be like a father to those of foreign lands and religions. To the Lamanites (etc). Gentiles must soften their hearts and do this.
-25 “Praise him through grace” this suggests us doing grace, an action. Grace in the New Testament is said by Jesus is only said as service to others. Other NT authors use it differently, but when Jesus says grace, he is always referring to doing service to others. So by grace we are saved partly means that we must do grace to others. “Praise him through grace” means that is the method we use to confess, accept, etc, Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

2 Nephi 11:
-this chapter is introduction to ch 12-24, then ch 25-27 is commentary of the Isaiah chapters 12-14.
-6 you show truth; prove the gospel is truth.
-7 The creation is the greatest proof of God; like sciences show it’s infinitesimally small chance to have organization, that it requires some one to interfere with natural disorganization.

2 Nephi 12:
-2 usually in the Old Testament, mountain of the Lord’s house means temple.
-2 Utah means top of the mountains, it’s a Ute indian word. Brigham Young wanted the state to be Deseret, but they said no make it Utah. There is a temple of the Lord here, one of the main ones in the Church where the Church headquarters are.
-one fulfillment of all nations flowing to the temple, the mountain of the Lord, was the 2002 Winter Olympics at Utah, there were more visitors at temple square then than at any other time.
-8 Idols are everywhere, the land is FULL of them.

2 Nephi 13:
-1 the bread and water can suggest famine as a punishment for wickedness, it can mean the gospel being removed as in the bread and water of the sacrament, because of their wickedness.
-10-11 cause and effect law of harvest
-15 Some claim innocence and atheism and agnosticism but they offend and aren’t neutral, they oppress God’s people.
-24 They spend all their time seeking beauty and in the end they have none of it.
-18-26 God takes away all their weapons of rebellion. He is God and shall not be mocked. These immodest clothes etc. are of the Devil. They bring no real lasting joy. They are a false counterfeit.
-25 All you honing your body in the gym will do you no good, you’ll be slain, no matter how tough you get. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll use your arm to overpower the tide of the judgements of God.

2 Nephi 14:
-1 “take away our reproach” means give them children. “Called by thy name” is Priesthood name, covenant name, the name of Christ, the name of protection and honor.
-2 Zion to be beautiful and excellent.
-2 Merely being an Israelite is not enough, one must escape what? Babylon. The evil of the world, any evil influence.
-5-6 Only holiness brings glory, so only holiness brings safety, defense.
-6 Zion an actual place.

2 Nephi 15:
-heading: Not just anyone, but God’s people, who had his laws but disobeyed will be scattered. They are more accountable and more liable for punishment or reward.
-4 He finished the job.
-6 God is who destroys those who don’t produce for him.
-6 God manipulates elements
-7 Vineyard pruning burning etc. refers to the House of Israel not everyone.
-12 people want to feast, but they don’t care about the feasts of the Lord, the sacrament.
-12 some people make fun the purpose of their life, and consider not the operation of God, his hand in their own lives, etc. I saw a man at BYU with a shirt today, “Ball is life”. Not even a child shout wear that, though only a child has the parcial excuse to think such!
-18 Immodest dress, bad music, lack of attention to God, all these are what it means to be  “begging for sin”.
-20 President Monson said in recent General Conference that at times when we stand for truth we must stand alone.
-24 What would have been beautiful they burn.
-29 Israel will conquer all, be heard by all, preside over all.

2 Nephi 16:
-this is prose rather than poetic. A story. It’s the theophany of Isaiah, him seeing God.
-3 there are no comparative or superlative in Hebrew, repeating something three times is the superlative. Other superlative examples are about 4 cases of “wo wo wo”. Also verily means truly, thus it is,  the verily translates from Greek amen. The hosannah shout is a matrix of superlatives. The temple ceremony is much like Isaiah and employs these superlatives from it’s repetition etc. Six is the worst number to Hebrews, one short of God, a counterfeit of God so 3 sixes is the worst, hence 666 is the devils number.
-7 Our God is a purger of sins. Remember them no more!

2 Nephi 17:
-2 Do we sway with culture toward unholy alliances? To whom do we pay homage by our deeds?
-20 “shave with a razor” refers to enslave. Shaving people was humiliating way of showing they are slaves. “…that is hired” could mean God set this up (slavery) on purpose to punish them in this instance.

2 Nephi 18:
-3 this name means “destruction is eminent”
-9 Try to defend yourself with Babylon and it won’t work.
-14 Even the House of Israel gets offended by Christ.
-19-20 Have people forgotten the power and place of the scriptures in their lives?
-20 Those who speak Gods word have light in them and vice versa.

2 Nephi 19:
-Naphtali and Zebulon had inheritance by Galilee, it was by the valley of Maggedo, which in Greek is Armagedon, there much warring happens, it’s the valley of the shadow of death. The light shines there, it’s where Jesus is from. We all see this valley and all need this light. Matthew points out Jesus the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy Matt. 4:12-16 showing that Christ is the light of the world.
-4 That’s what God does, he makes our burdens light.
-12-13 Here the hand stretched out still obviously refers to the continuation of wrath being poured out from God.
-16 Don’t be so fast to trust politicians.
-17 Widow and fatherless are cared for by God if they are righteous.
-20 They neglected to make food storage and act in sin as a result and incur Gods wrath.

2 Nephi 20:
-1 Bad psychiatrists
-11 Everyone with idols gets destroyed.
-13-14 Pride
-22 You can’t stop it; it breads the dams and walls down, it spills everywhere.
-25 The Lord’s anger can cease upon the wickedness of the people as soon as he slays them.
-26 Another sea to part.

2 Nephi 21:
-15-16 Highway again by smiting water.

2 Nephi 23:
-12 All men will be treated as equals, no one will be rich whilst a poor man there is to suffer.
-22 Become one of the Lord’s people and you won’t perish. Only there with his people can you be cleansed enough to not perish.

2 Nephi 24:
-this is Isaiah’s taunt song, he compares the people to Lucifer, that even though they think they are big with a big dominion now, but they will fall like Lucifer.
-16 narrowly can suggest we do a double take in shock, squinting our eyes, or that he is small etc.
-17 Addiction, slavery, etc.
-25 Symbolic of overthrow of Satan. Such is central to earths purpose.
-29 Christ will chastise you and many of you will not like that. Often it’s no party.
-30 Consequences of disobedience include famine.

2 Nephi 25:
-Heading: They returned, but they blew it again, and were scattered, removed from their lands again.
-4 You don’t have the spirit of prophecy until you understand Isaiah.
-4 Plain teaching enables learning.
-6 Need know the geography to get Isaiah, and the culture, etc.
-7 What we see happen will obviously reflect the Isaiah text. We will “know of a surety” that the words of Isaiah are coming to pass as we see the events (of the last days).
-9 Prophets in every instance will warn people before that nation is destroyed. The Family Proclamation issued in 1995 to the World so warns! This is a warning to the whole earth, and was thus delivered, so the whole world is liable for destruction now!
-21 Records help your people to not be destroyed.
-22 Those with access to the scriptures will be judged of the scriptures.
-23 Do you write of Christ laboriously and diligently? If not, who shall save thy children? None.
-25 We do as Christ commands. He commands us to keep the commandments.
-27 Records will give you knowledge of the gospel, previous verses speak of writing, and this verse says “know” three times. This is a Hebraism for perfection or fullness, or maximum superlative. Highest knowledge. So write and read of Christ. If you write, you’ll help others come to Christ. Who don’t write are less likely to read!
-29 Your all has always been the requirement for salvation.

2 Nephi 26:
-28 As to eternal things, we are all on equal ground all have equal opportunity.
-33 Means the whole spectrum of people can come: He lists all types and ranges of people. There are no classes to God. God condemns classes.

2 Nephi 27:
-1 Much evil
-3 But Zion safe
-15-16 When people seek to read Gods word to get gain it is withheld from them.
-23 People will see and be ashamed.
-23 God will teach them correcting their misconceptions.
-29 Everyone will have access to Gods word, even those who formally didn’t.
-31 People spend time seeking iniquity.
-35 Spiritual mistakes often from lack of knowledge.
-35 Understanding of the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ cures murmuring.

2 Nephi 28:
-4-6 Modern Christendom doesn’t believe in miracles, but that all is how God foreordained, and is simply running it’s coarse, and it’s all up to us now. But the truth is that we need to call upon God in mighty faith for miracles. We can choose our destiny. As President Thomas S. Monson often says, “Decitions determine destiny.” There is no pre-ordained destiny for us. We choose. Agency has always been the central theme to God’s plan of happiness for us his children.
-6 “done his work” is to say he does no miracles today, and is faithless.
-9-12 It’s not just a few denominations who are wrong. It’s every one except the Saints who have the true doctrine in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In modern revelation God has declared that this is the ONLY church on the face of the earth with which he is well pleased (D&C 1:30).
-19 God shakes earth to get people to repent.
-20 People are getting so blind they are ceasing to discern between good and evil. Civilizations’ laws are always based on a common consensus of what is good and what is evil. When these things wear away, the society is damned and doomed for self obliteration. God destroys such cities before they totally destroy themselves to spare the little children from having to endure it too much.
-22 There is a point of no return.
-26 wo to who denieth “the power of God” (the Priesthood authority and use by appointed holders of such in God’s Kingdom The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), “the gift of the Holy Ghost” (only can be received by Priesthood ordinance in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (anyone can have the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, but prophets have made clear that the GIFT of the Holy Ghost is only available in this way. For instance, Joseph Smith said the Holy Ghost came upon Cornelius, but if Cornelius wasn’t then baptized and received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by one in authority, the influence of the Holy Ghost would have left him.).). and wo to who “hearken to the precepts of men” (everyone who prefers a set of doctrines not sanctioned by Jesus Christ in his Kingdom, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.).
-28 People become angry that they can’t justify wicked lifestyles before God.
-32 Atheists have no argument; God blesses all people, even those who deny him.

2 Nephi 29:
-4 This “no more bible in addition to what we have” argument is unintelligent, incomprehensible, unfounded, and ridiculous.
-4 People cheer for the bible but do nothing to gather scattered Israel the Jews etc. like the bible commands.
-7 Saying that there is “no more bible in addition to what we have” is to say that God is a respecter of persons and doesn’t minister to but one group. No, a creator, a father, reaches out to all of his people.
-9 Never ending work of God.
-13 We will have the words of the lost tribes of Israel.
-14 Physical Gathering of Israel.

2 Nephi 30:
-10 There comes a division. Those on the Lord’s side are spared. Those not are burned.
-15 Knowledge of God causes violence to stop.
-17 There are no secrets in the eternal kingdom.

2 Nephi 31:
-13 This is putting your effort in however imperfect it may be. Repent. Witness. Be willing.
-15 Endure to the end suggests it will be hard all the way through.
-19 One thing we must be able to perfect in this life is our faith and belief in Christ.

2 Nephi 33:
-4 The purpose of Christ is to obtain life eternal
-13 Reunion to come at judgement day with the prophets who have warned us.
-14 Respect all prophetic word including this and you’ll not be condemned.
-15 MUST OBEY CHRIST, our New Covenant Redeemer. Goel breet hadash.

– Elder Holland says Jacob in the Book of Mormon teaches more of the Atonement than the entire bible does.
-speaks of anxiety more than other prophets, lets things weigh down on his soul; he also teaches deep doctrine, perhaps this anxiety is because he knows the deep doctrine, and how serious and weighty this life is, effecting our eternity!

Jacob 1:
-7 provocation: cf. Num. 13-14. See this history and doctrine: Israel leaves the promised land Jerusalem to Egypt in the time of Joseph in Egypt, then they are there for 400 years. They one comes to bring them back to the promised land, Moses. This is like the plan of salvation, we left heaven to come to earth, and Christ can bring us back into heaven, into the promised land, the presence of God. When the Israelites were going back to get the promised land they sent 12 spies, 10 of them said lets not do it there are giants in the land and so many spies that they look like grasshoppers. Two of them Joshua and Caleb (from tribes of Judah and Ephriam) say lets go for it we have the Lord on our side. The people of Isarel then wander in the wilderness for 39.5 years because of their lack of faith.
-9 Nephi was a king. There are 2 types of people who are anointed in the Book of Mormon: kings and priests. Nephites eventually don’t call their kings Nephi anymore, but the Lamanites always had their king named Laman.
-14 The main defining characteristic people remember others for is weather or not they were friendly.

Jacob 2:
-13 stiff neck could mean they would ignore the poor people who are on the ground asking for money. It could also mean they won’t ponder or philosophize, they only think of money or themselves or looking good and confident.
-30 The reason for polygamy is to get more children.

Jacob 3:
-10 Your children’s sins can be your charge if you taught them wrong or not at all…
-11 Stop hurting yourself lest it be fixed upon you.

Jacob 4:
-2 May want to make some metal plates of most sacred things.
-3 Getting information allows you to make wise choises, it may sam hard at first, even impossible, and you may pass off the notion as out of reach, but exposure to truth and wisdom and excellency (or any other thing) makes you more ready to receive and apply it as time goes by. Alexander Pope said ““Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”  But this maxim may be true in the other direction of the spectrum as well with virtue.
-8 Testimony is revelation from Heavenly Father to you.
-10 God has a perfect track record go to him for advice and you’ll be right every time.
-10 take council from the Lord -see talk by Elder Scott, says most answers don’t come while you are on your knees, but while you get up and act your best then the answer comes. Also in this talk he says God can say yes no or silence, and that for silence we can be the most grateful, which means that God trusts us enough to use your agency. You’ve faught for your agency, now use it. So more forward counciling with him.
-11 “Be reconciled to Christ”. President Thomas S. Monson has said that when God speaks and man obeys, that man will always be right.
-14 When people are good, by nature they are blessed. When evil, by nature they are harmed.
-15 All have equal opportunity.

Jacob 5:
-there are 4 visits of the Lord of the vineyard. First visit is 4-14, second is 15-28, third is 29-60, fourth is 61-71.
-3 Egyptian apostacy
-4 all are fragile and need vigilant watchmen and missionaries.
-4 prune=cut down parts, can be like Moses with Israel in the wilderness for 40 years. If you don’t prune a tree it produces wood not fruit; but if you convince the tree that you are trying to kill it then it will produce more fruit trying to preserve it’s species. With no pruning all the branches grow upward toward the light and it becomes a bramble. Put a toothpick keeping the branch at 45 degree angle or less and you get a branch that grows out into a fruitful bow. The provocation of Israel, killing the adults, not letting them in the the promised land for many years. When God prunes one of your branches, it’s to allow you to put more energy into other areas of your life. Digging around a tree allows more nutrients to get to the roots.
-14 scattering of the ten tribes; they are cut off of the mother tree and are grafted into other parts of the world, sharing their influence, scripture, and stories of God with other people.
-17 gentiles brought in and such brought much fruit and it was good, this sounds a lot like Paul.
-21 Abraham is an example of a person who grew up in a hard situation;
-22 God won’t say I probably should not have sent a child to that home, no, God knows what he is doing.
-25 your background doesn’t matter so much. History shows that some of the greatest characters have come from rough backgrounds.
-25 this may look like the seed of Lehi, half of the posterity is good, half is bad.
-27 don’t kill them lets teach them a little longer: this could apply to Nephi, Jacob, Sons of Mosiah, Samuel the Lamanite.
-3rd visit of the Lord it’s entirely bad, this could be like the great apostasy.
-62 last time: God’s not going to keep doing the same thing over and over again.
-70 Joseph Smith presides over this last dispensation.
-72 more so than being sent on a mission, missionaries get an invitation to go and walk with the Savior doing His work.
-not having the top become bigger than the bottom could be like in the New Testament where many converts were made more than the leadership could keep going and bad things happened.
-77 This refers to the post-Millennium burning. Footnote b points to Rev. 20:3 which is reference to post-Millennium Satan loosed for a season. Here is says “then cometh the season (footnote of Rev. 20:3 inserted here) and the end; and my vineyard will I cause to be burned with fire.” Footnote c by the word burned refers one to “World, End of” in the TG.

Jacob 6:
-Heading: God uses this type of motivation, that we obey to avoid punishment.
-8 This verse can be addressed to anyone who has refused to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is the Kingdom of God on earth, the only place where Christ’s authorized mouthpieces declare his authorized word. Yes there is truth in other religions, but come and let us add to what you have. We have the fullness of the gospel. We have blessings here for you which you have not yet been enjoying.
-12 Here, based on context,  he is saying that the way to be wise is by living the gospel.

Jacob 7:
-Heading: get used to being uncomfortable and hated. That’s a common thing for God’s people in this life.
-the biggest voices against the Church today are eloquent and educated, just like in this chapter.
-5 Anti-Christs want to tear down people, especially Christians.
-6 Calls him brother but knows not what that means.
-8 Success is from God.
-7, 9: the anti-Christ says no one can tell the future in 7, but in 9 he says he knows there will never be a Christ, telling the future.
-11 Some say they have read the Book of Mormon but not see it’s value; they have not understood.
-7, 18-19: Suggests Sherem is an apostate church member or one of another church.
-23 We can have peace return when we return to obeying the gospel.
-24 Those on the wrong side even end up giving what they used to love; they give everything for the devil in their covenant relationship with him.
-26 “hated of our brethren” When your people hate you, it’s always sad and difficult.

-1 Parenting keys
-2 God won’t give remission of sin easily, this isn’t whimsical.
-3 Take advantage of the mercy window where you deserve to be cut off but you have not been cut off.
-4 Pray tall prayers; tall orders; be bold.
-5 Laws in the church were exceedingly strict, hence they could be exceedingly blessed. In the notes of one of his recent General Conference addresses, Elder Bednar said that we should pray for more commandments so we can get more blessings, for blessings come from obedience to commandments.
-8 we can relate to Enos because he has never seen God but yet accessed God
-9 Keep records so you can show God’s word gets verified. Keep then, a detailed record.
-9 I would say that if someone is not praying for others, they aren’t yet converted to the gospel, they don’t have a remission of their sins yet. Enos when he knows he has his, immediately he starts praying for others.
-10 Prophets have every right and duty to threaten the people.
-13 Record of the covenant to bring salvation.
-14 The evil people want get rid of the pact the righteous people make with God VIA destroying their records.
-16 Faith brings covenants.
-16 this is a prayer for me and you, for everyone, the people who have this book to read. He was praying this record be preserved, and we are the people who have this record.
-Enos prays for himself, then his family and friends, then his enemies, then for the whole world.
-17 Rest of soul: peace comes from making covenant and having a testimony that such are valid.
-18 Genealogy strengthens us to see their faith so we are more proved to do likewise, more encouraged to follow one who has gone there before, especially one of our kin with the same blood flowing through their veins. We see how they have used the gifts of Christ, and we learn from them how to do likewise.
-we see Enos having hunger in his soul, having this vacuum in his life, to being able to rest.
-19 Much of ministering is speaking of things to come. Saying what you’ve experienced bonifies it.
-23 Everyone needs to repent and obey God no matter their excuse or line of work. We must take council at his hand.
-26 You can rejoice in the gospel more than the world; it can be even greater than any other thing!
-27 Calling and election made sure
-27 “mansions of my Father” ownership, family, inheritance, belonging, fulfillment, participation, every human need met and magnified, the cup flowing over. A place to call your own.
-27 “see his face with pleasure” we can look forward to the judgement in gleeful anticipation!

-this shows that imperfect even wicked people can help in some way supposing they aren’t all the way evil.
-20 large stone with record of Coriantumr
-26 give  your whole soul offer to Christ, fast, pray, endure to the end, and you are promised salvation.
-30 “these plates are full”. Say all you can in the way and time and space you have. Make a voice for yourself and your people- all deserve that. If you had 30 seconds to plea for your life? Would you take the entire 30 seconds, or stop before time ran out!?

Words of Mormon:
-in antiquity they put east on the up side (unlike us putting North up) (they always say up when they are going to Jerusalem, and leaving Jerusalem you’re always going down, this is true in Bible and Book of Mormon, this is because the temple was in Jerusalem. Similarly they call the land of Nephi up since it has a temple etc. even though the land of Zerahemla is north of that).
-4 Scriptures have fulfilling promises and remind you that even as your days are in desolation, you can live your days well, since the Lord will fulfill all of his promises to you.
-7 We obey God who knows all, and hence our actions are very fruitful despite of us.
-11 Things in the Book of Mormon used at judgement bar of Christ.
-17 The harder the person the harder you must be with them.
-18 Peace won’t ever come easy- are you doing all you can? You must.

Mosiah 1:
-4 Gods will is for parents to keep a chain going of passing gospel knowledge on.
-5 Having a background in the subject allows one to believe it when they are taught the fullness.

Mosiah 2:
-4 Civil places need good structure.
-4 The teachers we need are the spiritual ones appointed by God.
-4 it was 476 years after they left Jerusalem that here the king has them at the temple celebrating being delivered from Jerusalem. So they are celebrating something in history like people in year 2000 celebrating  Columbus sailing the ocean in year 1492. If you get good at recognizing God’s hand in the past, you get good at recognizing God’s hand in the present. In public schools today (2015), history is not a required subject anymore. It’s a way to get people to forget about God, not knowing the many things he has already done for them.
-6 point your house door toward the temple. Like Abraham see Gen. 13:12.
-9 King Benjamin begins his speech not lowering himself, but raising the others by calling them my brethren, he is calling them royalty.
9 trifle is not why we hear God’s messengers but to take the message seriously.  Speaks of using ear heart and mind. In 2001 Elder Henry B. Eyring said it’s not enough any more to teach truths to your students your end goal has to be that they change while they are with you.
-11 God preserves us so we can serve others- give your all, for it’s all from God.
-17 God values us as much as he does himself. Treat others like Gods in a way. 2011 Oct. Gen. Conf. Pres. Monson told us to be kind to others who don’t feel the way we do. Pres. Eyring said that when we do things that are good to others
“the final test of a gentlemen is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him” said ____. The Church gave money to the Hindu temple for them to complete that temple which was sitting there for many years because the Church likes religion among people. Also The Church gave money to the homosexual group to their humanitarian aid section, for that is something we seem to have in common, we like to care for the poor. The Church will always support caring for the truly needy.
-19 “thank your heavenly King” whom has done infinitely more than what you have seen me, your civil king, do, and all I did was by his power.
-20 Ever be conscious of life itself.
-21 we are unprofitable servants to God, so keeping his commandments must be for our benefit not for God’s benefit. Unprofitable means you put more into it than you get out of it. God puts more into us than he gets out of us. Elder Maxwell said that everything you give to God could be reasonably stamped return to sender.
-21 Even when calling and election is made sure you don’t boast, you are still unprofitable.
-22 we are directly benefited when we keep the commandments.
-23 Recall debt to God for life, don’t be stingy with him. Enjoy simple blessings of life, breathing etc, and give the rest to God. Your time talents, use it all to build up God’s Kingdom on earth.
-31 Internally is the only threat; you and I do your duty we will be safe as a people. Both of us need to do our part.
-36 A person with gospel knowledge who can’t feel the spirit, it’s their own fault.
-38 Repentance is the easy way out. It’s hard, but compared to the alternative, it’s infinitely easy. Jesus says my yoke is easy- trust me, this is what you want to do.
-40 All competent people need become involved in our freedom fight. Aware of our captivity.
-41 It seems people consider 2 paths, one of sin then painful repentance after death, the other of obedience and less pain. They think both paths lead to happiness in the end, but that is never said in scripture. It only says obedience yields that. No one will have full joy in eternity, the highest heavens, unless they repent while in this life.

Mosiah 3:
-this is from an angel unlike ch 2 and ch 4. So the language is more lofty and inspired.
-4 Angels are to bring joy for righteousness.
-7 Christ bled from each pore; cf. Luke 22:43-44. Luke consistently focuses more on the healings of Christ. An angel supported Christ in the Atonement and he bled great drops of blood; Greeks don’t like to think of a God doing that, many modern Christian versions of the bible take out these verses from Luke. But the earliest manuscripts have this in it. Also Here King Benjamin repeats the bleeding Jesus doctrine.
-8 the title Christ becomes part of Jesus’ name for us. Christ means the anointed. In Hebrew Christ means Messiah. Also Christ is the Son and the Father, how can he be both? Just like us. You can’t become a father without first becoming a son. Jesus Christ only saves you in his familial role as father not as brother. The covenants we make with Christ include engendering new life from him. A father is someone who gives life to another. A child receives a name, and capacity to become like it’s father. Only humans have God’s spiritual DNA. Animals aren’t children of God, though they do have spirits. All children are created but not all creations are children.
-18 Childlike humility and belief in Christ required to avoid damnation.
-19 the definition of the natural man is that he is an enemy to God. So the natural man wants things different from what God wants. You must become a child of Jesus Christ and take upon yourself Jesus Christ’s attributes since he is now one of your fathers.

Mosiah 2-3 are on how to gain a remission of sins. Mosiah 4 is how to keep a remission of your sins. This is harder than becoming a member of the Church, staying a faithful member.
-Read Mosiah 4 when you feel weak in your efforts to endure to the end.

Mosiah 4:
-What is God’s appointed way of caring for those in need across the world? Fast Offerings.
-5 The doctrine of “worthlessness” is essential for us to understand or we will never grow.
-6 Requirments for salvation what is “the faith”? Trust in God and obedience to him.
-9 Don’t be too hard on yourself, your brain power is still limited in this life. Do all you can, but recall this is probation, a limited access stage.
-11-12 Formula to always rejoice (Hugh Nibley taught such.). Think of your own nothingness so then you have no problems, and think of God’s greatness so then you have something to rejoice about! So here we are with nothing to be sad about and everything to rejoice about!
-14 Quarreling is serving the devil.
-18 Selfish people can’t go to heaven. Give all you can. And recall the Lord’s appointed way is Fast offerings. be united in how you serve. But we can give some to other organizations, like George Albert Smith said of giving to the Salvation Army etc, “They reach some areas that we do not.”
-19 You have nothing which isn’t a gift from God.
-20 Speechless amounts of joy!
-20 “filled with joy”‘; no empty space, it’s all full with joy. No room for sorrow any more.
-22 Exactly how you treat the least of people is how God will treat you.
-24 If you have more than you need to make it day to day, you are required to tie that to those who don’t.
-25 You think your surplus is yours but it’s Gods. Don’t covet God’s stuff. Give it as directed. AKA, be a righteous steward for your king Jesus Christ. Do as He would do with his goods in every instance, and you’ll be seen worthy to become a king where one day you will have your own things.
-26 To stay out of hell and assure exaltation, give everything you can.
-28 Return items on time (as agreed upon) or it’s sin.
-30 Do 3 things: Watch self (spirit of law); Keep the commandments (letter of the law); & faith in future for the Saints (hope for the Millennium period to come).

Mosiah 5:
-3 The spirit of God enables you to do all needful things.
-7 The change of heart is how you become a child of Christ.
-11 The only severing from God after covenants with him will be your fault. Yes God is not one to take back what he has given, his salvation for you is eternal if you keep your end of the bargain. No, God never wants you to be cut off. The only thing that can stop God from saving you is YOUR AGENCY.
-13 know God means get exaltation, so must serve God to get exaltation. You know know about God without knowing God. You recall prophets have said “I know God lives, and I know God.” At a conference of bible professors 7000 strong, only half of them believe in God. The other half treat the bible like Shakespreare, merely fiction to study.  Pres. Uchdorf says your acts can become more like Christ’s, and that you’ll begin to see the hand of Christ by your hand, and you’ll hear his voice, for the more you serve him, the more your voice is his voice. So where is the first time (after pre mortality) most servants of Christ will first see Christ? In the mirror. In scripture study, try to see first through the windows but then have them become mirrors, reflecting your own life.
-15 It takes good works to be sealed to God. Salvation is free in that you pay no money, only serve him as you are able. If we say salvation is free in the sense that you must do nothing for it (except perhaps some lip service), then it makes the judgement bar of Christ useless, and then we would say the devil gets salvation, for even the devils cofess Christ’s divinity. And that is an abominable doctrine no God fearing person would dare to accept.
-15 Everlasting salvation is by wisdom, it’s not a hippo no rules washout joke.

Mosiah 6:
-1 Records show that individuals are important loved and known to God and God’s people Zion. The covenant names are kept because those are who are part of the eternal family.
-2 take upon you the name of Christ, hence you become a part of the family of Christ. So how does grace and works go together for salvation? By grace you become a member of the family of God, Christ becoming your father, then you must act as a family member. What would happen in your family if each time you were asked to do something you responded with a no? You would eventually be disowned by the family for rebellion.
-2 The scribes and pharmacies were doing all they could to push people out of the family, whereas Christ did all he could to get people to the family (he had laws but was also a spiritual physician to actually help things).
-4 recall that the number 13 important Jew year for boy he becomes a man, the barmitzva. and the botmitzvah for women at age 12 they are a woman. at age 20 the men were considered adults and could join the military. Adult is different from man. All over 20 were killed in Israel at one point. At age 30 one was eligible for civil service and offices of higharchy.
-6 Humans are capable of obeying God.
-7 No matter your administrational etc. duties, always work by hand at least on the side.

Mosiah 7:
-Zeniff and his people leave and become slaves of the Lamanites then 80 years later Nephites send an embassy with Ammon to go see what has happened with them. 15 strong men go to bring back the group from bondage to bring them back to the Nephite land. It’s like Christ coming to deliver us in this life to bring us back to the celestial kingdom with God. The 15 strong men are like the quorum of the 12 Apostles and the 3 of the First presidency. The name Ammon is akin to the name Ahman, the name of God.
-1 Plea to God often and he will respond.
-9 Family is central in government, politics, everything of civil organization etc.
-10-11  Boldness brings opportunity to preach the gospel.
-12 Keep the boldness coming. That’s why your here after all!
-12 Thank God for everything good.
-18 here is good advice for those in bondage to addiction.  people struggle to get free it doesn’t work, the deliverer comes and there is hope, and they are going to make it with some more struggle, but they will make it.
-26 Limhi is speaking in the third person, it can say that he is not part of the killing of Abinadi, or young when that happened (it was 24 years ago), or he is in denial that he was involved, or he was involved but has changed so perhaps isn’t claiming it.
-27 teaching the doctrine of condescension is what they put a prophet to death for.
-28 Bondage is from sin. Righteous people know where to put the blame.
-29-31 he is quoting scriptures we don’t have; the scholarly word for this is agrapha which means no source.

Mosiah 8:
-the Jaredite bones are found; it’s a land of many waters so it’s not a desert and the desert has bones remain longer; so bones not in the desert last about 200 years. So it may be that such is about the time of the extinction of the Jaredites, which would show some cross over of these peoples the Jaredites and the Nephites.
The records of the plates of Jared must have been in Adamic, since Jared left at the time of the tower of Babel, before the confounding of the tongues. Perhaps the 24 plates of the Jaredites has much information in it since it could be that you can write more compressed in the Adamic language.
-13 King Mosiah has the interpreters, the Urim and Thumim. He is a seer.
-15 seer is greatest man gift. A prophet prophecies of things to come. One who knows the future. A revelator is someone who can reveal things. A seer is one who can see past present and future and reveals hidden things to light. Hence a seer is greater than a prophet.
-20 Desire and seeking are the simple task for salvation.
-21 People are proud and hence flee from the shepherd. The effect is spiritual and sometimes physical death.

Mosiah 9:
-1 it shifts into first person. Redeaction=what Mormon is doing, it’s abridging, but more specifically it’s writing a new work; you have many sources and you decide how to represent those; you choose order, inclusion, voice, summarizing, own thoughts, etc. Pay attention to when it’s direct quotes of others vs. Mormon’s summarizing it. When it’s first person, it’s that Mormon doesn’t want to muddy the waters, he wants them to speak it to you.
-3 Zeniff was erring on the side of seeing the good in people too much to the point where he went to live with people who weren’t trustworthy. You must be wise in judging people.
-8 the Nephites are always the ones who build cities. Here they repair such; this suggests that the Lamanites weren’t up keeping or building their cities.
-12 this is like Satan, wanting benefits without doing the work. At the core of our temptations is taking what we want here and now without paying the price for it.
-17-19 some battles take sacrifice to win. Sometimes you loose some things in order to get the big thing you seek most.

Mosiah 10:
still first person of Zeniff speaking
-12 defendants of Laman say that Nephi wronged them. The hardest thing in life for anyone is to admit that they are wrong and stop that action of wrong. These wrongs fester and turn to wrath. Lamanites are infatuated with who is on the throne, like Satan. Nephi just wants things done in the Lord’s way, like Jesus Christ “here I am send me and the glory be thine”.
-Lamanites want the brass plates as a status symbol of who is in charge. Nephi even is the one who got them.
-this was all 422 years ago, it’s like people of 2015 fighting over what their ancestors did in 1500’s. It’s like the Arabs fighting over historical things.
-17 when wronged if you get wrath from it, or you can forgive. Jesus Christ has been more wronged than anyone else, and he chooses to extend forgiveness and he is filled with everlasting love.
-17 this is like Satan and Jesus Christ; Satan and his followers cast out in pre mortality have an eternal fiery hatred for Christ’s followers.

Mosiah 11:
the record here is kept by wicked Noah, so Mormon begins speaking in third person again not leaving you to the wicked man.
-1 the father has charted a coarse, but the son comes along and says I want to do things my way. It’s symbolic types and shadows of Satan. Abinadi a type of Christ, Noah a type of Satan. It says Noah walks after the ways of his own heart.
-there is a 20% tax rate similar to our day.  And the tax is to support the wickedness of the government leaders. Why do the laborers do this? They think their government leaders are good but they are deceivers. Things are illegal, but then bad leaders make them legal and the people think it good so they support the bad leaders and get into things that they otherwise would not have done, evil things, like many doing marijuana because it’s legal for one example.
-14 What you do with your time says who you are.
-17 Insufficient guards on purpose a publicity stunt to make people think their leader is just, but really he is getting his evil agenda done. The agenda allows him to get gain.
-20-25 Abinidi speaks.
-20-25 the word except here shows that the destruction will come on a conditional basis.
-27 This wicked ruler makes his own wonder land where he chooses which characters east and what the values are. He basically lives an avatar fantasy (non-realistic out of this world lifestyle).
-29  Upon continued exposure to God’s word, people either soften or harden their hearts, more than they previously were. What do you experience at Church, and at General Conferences of the Church?

Mosiah 12:
-1-3 etc. the destruction is no longer conditional as in ch. 11, but is now eminent, it WILL/SHALL  happen.
-3 Will knowing the Lord / seeing him be a positive or negative experience for you?
-8 here there is one condition, one “except”. Once they are in bondage they can repent, but then if they still won’t, God will totally abolish them from the face of the earth.
-15 Empty promises by economists.
-16 Tries to lull them by promising them self empowerment upon cooperation.
-19 Astonishing missionary
-19 he confounds them in all their attempts against him like Jesus.
-21 beautiful feet on the mount that publish peace refers to someone on a mountain telling the city that the war going on is going well.
-21 How dare they speak scripture! They are merely proud of having a scripture memorized out of context like the devils themselves.
-22 the watchmen lift up the voice; so the people at the city, those watchmen looking toward the messenger on the mountain
-27 Like applying for a job, you must apply to understand scripture. It doesn’t come out of nothing or casualness. You must bring your best self to the table, and reason with the Lord here. You must promise all your best efforts at this understanding quest, and the Lord will take you on depending on your sincerity and pledge, and from then on, so long as you stay that coarse, he will pour knowledge upon you forever and make you a saint indeed. Even a son heir.
-29 Love of money is against the law of Moses “thou shalt not covet”
-29 they are breaking all of the ten commandments.

-the one convert of Abinadi is Alma the younger, and all the rest of the book funnels back to Alma the younger.

Mosiah 13:
-1 Wicked Noah thinks slaying him will make his own madness cease.
-3 evil stands down so long as there are people willing to stand for truth and righteousness even if they stand alone. No one is taken before their time (except the over-risky people Pres. Kimball says).
-4 Wicked Noah is calling God mad.
-7 Only the truth will break down the proud.
-28  Law is part of salvation but not all.
-34 the doctrine of God becoming a man is what they kill him for.

Mosiah 14:
-memorize all of Isaiah which Abinadi quotes
-2 Jesus will come from dry ground a tender plant, little chance of survival; Jesus was born people thought conceived out of wedlock (born in sin pharmacies say against him), and he was born as a Jew (Jews were hated in that time) and his family was very poor. Why was Jesus not handsome, but rather average? So people would come unto him because of his doctrine, not his looks. Not his worldly renown, but his spiritual.
-5 when we feel peace it’s Jesus’ fault; yes we do our part, but without Jesus, our guilt would never leave us, we could have no peace.
-8 Jesus had no posterity
-9 the tomb of Jesus from Joseph of Araamathea was a rich man’s tomb, it was never before used.  A stone cut tomb was very expensive.
-10 here is one place where Adoni is used to refer to God the father; pleased means Father was pleased to have a perfect son willing to take the punishment, the justice for the others. Justice is like a law of nature which can’t just go away, it’s a law of heaven. Joseph Smith said justice is an attribute of God. It’s an attribute like love is an attribute. Justice isn’t some thing by itself, it’s a thing God possesses. Mercy can’t rob justice; mercy only works if there is an intercessor. Justice is perfect and can’t be robbed, so mercy must happen.

Mosiah 15:
-here we see that Jesus Christ is Jehovah
-godhead: mt. Transfiguration has Father and Son as separate people; so does baptism of Jesus.
-godhead doc: some trinitarians use modalism which is a thought of God acting in several capacities sometimes son other times father other times HG etc. But the non-modalism high trinitarian doctrine is that each member of the trinity is God, but that they aren’t equal to each other. They say the relationship they have to each other is “incomprehensible”. They use that word a lot. They use analogy of an egg: the shell the white and the yoke, all the same but separate and incomprehensible. But John 17:19-22 Jesus praying in the valley of Kidron ready to cross the brooke into the garden called Gethsemane. Not for these (the apostles) alone, but for them (everyone who believes Jesus Christ)… that they (the believes) may be one as thou father art in me and I in thee.  So Jesus has shown us the COMPREHENSABLE unity of the godhead. 1998 Pres. Eyring talk on unity. See Holand talk on trinity.
-10 He gets children after the Atonement. o must we do, sacrifice will enable posterity. Make holy sacrifices so they will be eternal posterity.
-13-14 Who publishes peace? Those who don’t transgress. Abinidi here answers the original question posed to him.
-15 Perhaps the beautiful feet has to do with the ordinance of the washing of the feet.
-18 The most beautiful feet are Jesus’, him who never transgressed at all. Cf. v13-14.
-26 Must keep the commandments if know them or you don’t get 1st Resurrection. See, ye ought fear before God! This destroys the idea of Church members who say they have testimonies of the gospel yet refuse to read the writings of the prophets saying “if I don’t read it, I’m not accountable for it.” No, they already are accountable for the words of the prophets whom they sustain. This argument is like saying you’re not responsible for the car payments on a vehicle you just purchased.
-30 Good news for the good, bad news for the bad.

Mosiah 16:
-2 All know they should obey God but for some reason they try and ignore that. The reason is the devil, in many forms are his ways manifest.
-3 Stop being carnal and the devil won’t have power over you.
-5 Let go of your bad side or you’ll ever be fallen.
-7 Christ is triumphant; flee to Him, and because of Him, you will be too.
-9 You can’t smother Christ, you can only temporarily hide from him.
-10 “Even this mortal”; that is, even you and even me, all of us. We must all get ready to stand before God.
-11 Who you obey is who pays you. The evil rewards no good thing. So sign up for the right employer. Look past the flashy adds, and do real research about what is best for you. And remember, the best is seldom the easy way. This is so, even though in the long run, those who choose Christ have it easier, for his burden is easy, his yoke is light.
-12 Here it says “would not” 3 times. So it’s perfectly fair. They rejected ample opportunity. God is just. Saying something 3 times is a Hebraism showing the superlative form. (Like best in “good better best” or most in “some many most” or prettiest in “pretty prettier prettiest”)
13-15 The thesis statement of Abinadi
-13 shows that in Christ is salvation, and we ought tremble therefore, because Jesus makes great demands upon us.
-13 The previous verses demand we interpret this to mean we must obey Christ. That whom we obey is whom keeps us.
-15 This is the only master you choose whom redeems. Serve the devil and you’re a slave. Serve God and you are an apprentice. John Taylor, 3rd President of the Church, was known to say that he would not be a slave to anyone, not even God, that he is ever a free man. (See Truman G Madsen: Presidents of the Church for the source on John Taylor saying that).

Mosiah 17:
-Alma would be 25 years old according to the approximate dates we have for these chapters.
-2 Alma had been feeling that something was unnatural about things Noah was doing. He was preparing to receive the gospel by following his heart and listening to the Holy Ghost and his conscience.
-6 Abinadi is in prison for 3 days; like how Jesus was in the tomb for three days; what is the scriptural foundation they could have used for killing Abinadi and later Jesus? Deut. 18:20 (if a prophet speaks things not commanded by God then that prophet is to die; they think Abinadi is wrong in his doctrine; the Jews think that Israel is Isa. 53, the ones being smitten); Lev. 24:16.
-7 They were looking for accusation. Someone will always volunteer to accuse. These people are the devil, the accuser of the brethren as he is called by Joseph Smith.
-8 they say the condesention doctrine is why they’ll kill him-13 Carrie Hull and Mark Wright at BYU have found ancient  hieroglyphic images in Mezoamerica of people being wacked with burning faggots (faggots are groups of sticks). Also there is a great deal of discourse after the scourging has begun, we see in this type of whacking someone with burning faggots it could be carried out a good while. At first many thought Joseph Smith translated this part wrong or it was scribed wrong, but now we see it’s correct and very possible historically.

Mosiah 17:
-8 People call prophets’ words “evil” and threaten them for it.
-9 Missionary work is being called to suffer for a good cause and this is holiness. Also it’s being willing for more suffering despite all.
-15 Death upon us for Christ’s sake.
-15 death by fire for believers in Christ at times because of the wicked
-16 many diseases are from iniquities.
-17 You are lead by nature to the path of least resistance: hip-hop, rap, immorality, selfishness, vanity, like a dumb animal.
-18 You’ve become as dumb animals and shall be hunted.
-19 God gets vengeance on those who destroy his people by burning them with fire.

Mosiah 18:
-1 Find a way to teach of Christ despite all hazard. This is like President Eyring who was not supposed to speak of Jesus at a university graduation, yet as an Apostle that was his sworn duty, so he prayed all night to find a way and found an article that he could use, like the red sea parting.  It was about how students there had offered service to others, and he said that Jesus Christ was the source of the blessings we receive.  He worried, remembering the experience of Abinidi, how that had not turned out so favorably. To his suprize, the audience clapped, and after the speech, the leader of the school came to him and said that as he spoke, he could hear the words of God.
-3 Teach to who believe you, and be comforted that you’ll have many who will believe.
-5 At times you must hide from wicked governments. This is how, taught Joseph Smith, that the Kingdom of God is governed- it’s upon revelation. We made deceptions based on what the Lord says we should do. Sometimes it saith “thou shalt not kill”, other times it saith “thou shalt utterly destroy”. We also see cases of Apostles escaping from jails by help of angelic messengers.
-5-6 when persecuted for the faith, go hide, and have who want to hear you come to you. Arrange to meet and preach the gospel secretly when the king is against you preaching.
-6 Set up a gospel class people may come to.
-8-9 This is the culture of God’s family you must agree to if you want to be a part of his family. These are the family rules.
-11 The spirit gets poured greatly from God.
-11 “this is the desire of our hearts”; find those who desire these things, and teach them.
-13 No retirement for service to God. This reflects what one of the Apostes said, “there is no retirement in the Lord’s plan”. God has work for us to do till we drop. Then we work while we are dead for God. Then He will raise us up, and we will go on doing work for God.
-13 God prepared the way for us from the beginning. We are his central focus, not a last minute or side job/project. This isn’t up to chance.
-16 Do what God commands and you get grace.
-17 Authority needed for baptism
-18 1/50 ordained to preach
-19 Very focused teaching. Stick with the manual.
-19 teach only what the prophets teach
-23 Daily prayer
-24 In the New Testament even Apostles labor with hands for their support.
-24 priests labor with own hands for their support.
-the baptism covenant is of extremely high expectation. He sets the bar high. It’s not to just do your very best. You can do your very best. But because he sets the bar at perfection, we must rely on Christ. You in isolation can’t keep the covenant, but you connected with Christ can.
-Stand as a witness of God seems like a courtroom trial where Jesus is on the stand being accused of our transgressions, not existing, not loving not answering prayers, being powerless, etc. We are to witness the contrary, the validity of Jesus.
-26 Preach and you get Gods grace for pay. (Not money).
-26 You get better at preaching the more you preach.
-27 Give all you can and receive if you have nothing. The Church gives, but a great thing it does is gives people opportunities to work and earn their own and learn how to work.
-29 Dignity is a commandment.
-30 Knowing of Christ causes you to sing for joy praising God forever. He doesn’t short change you. It’s the best business deal you’ve ever heard of. EVERYONE who gets if just can’t stop talking about it. It makes them jump for joy. So come catch the wave!
-34 All you really need in an emergency run is tents and family (and faith in God, you’ll be asking him for a lot).  This is not to say don’t prepare for emergencies, the prophets have said we should. But when the time comes that God says jump, we don’t say give me another 3 years to get ready, we say “how high”.

Mosiah 19:
-9 here Mormon shows Noah is a type of the Devil, only caring about himself; he has himself  away form the Lamanites, the Nephites between him and the Lamanites. The Nephites in the middle are the women children etc.
-11 Noah says leave the women and children since they were slowing them down; he wants the men to be able to protect him. Satan is saying the same today: men, leave your wives and children and come follow me. Satan is having the men say “Get off! I’ve got to follow my king! (Noah/Satan).”

Mosiah 20:
-8 Prophets warn us how and where to gather as war is upon us.
-15 Don’t argue on limited information; Be sure about what you say and do.
-16 Find common ground in order to have peace.

Mosiah 21:
-3-4 bondage at times is in fulfillment of the word of the Lord
-5 “no way” to deliver themselves; they couldn’t be their own saviors.
-11 they made a deception while angry and hence it was a wrong decition
-1-12 took about 24 years. 3 wars.
-33 witheld from forming the church as no one there had the authority
-31 people of Limhi are mourning that they aren’t with Alma’s people because Alma has the Church.
-33 when we decide we want to keep God’s commandments, the first thing to do is find authorized baptism.  There was a group in the Book of Mormon who never fell away because they made a covenant, then baptism sealed that.
-36 concentrate study on how to get out of bondage with in bondage

Mosiah 22:
-6-8 Q how go with obey law to escape? Because their captors were evil?

Mosiah 23:
-2 Lord strengthen fleeing people of the Lord that the armies not overtake them.
-7 don’t have a king unless they’ll always be righteous for one is not to be above another.
-9 Alma told the people he converted that even he was in a snare at a time doing things abominable to the Lord.
-10 All are unworthy of self glory.
-10-11 don’t glory in your success as a missionary for you are not worthy to glory in yourself.
-14 have your teachers be persons of God who walk in the ways of his commandments.
-Q: 14 is referring to teacher in the church or in general?
-21 Lord chastens his people to try their faith and patience
-21 the people of Alma here fulfill the prophecy of Abinadi that the people go into bondage. They are part of the people who go into bondage. Others go into bondage also. But it’s shorter bondage because they are good. These are people who have been righteous for 24 years the people Alma baptized. Even they have to be tried. 24 years after their conversion to the gospel they are going into bondage from former sins; they are being tried.
-22 who puts trust in the Lord will be lifted up at the last day
-Limhi’s people and Alma’s people; 21-22 Limhi’s people they end up in the right place; 23-24 the people of Alma get there in a better way. So there are 2 ways to do things  you want to do things like Alma’s people.

Mosiah 24:
-14 God makes our burden light so we can testify that we know with a surety that he has delivered us from our afflictions.
-23 Lord stops people who peruse to take over his people.
-23 God says “I will stop the Lamanites”; God gets the bad guys FOR us!

Mosiah 25:
-God delivers us if we believe.

Mosiah 26:
-Jesus Christ says he created us and is over us.
-1 Understanding is soil for belief.
-3 Belief precedes understanding.
-3 unbelief caused people to loose the ability to understand God’s word
-19 We are blessed whenever we seek ways to help lost souls.
-20 Calling and election made sure. Those people spend their time gathering Israel.
-28 Must receive Christ to get The Kingdom.
-18-30 this is the most densely packed personal pronoun section of scripture. My people. My name. Mine. My Church. My servant. God takes full responsibility for all of this. You don’t have ownership over your calling, it’s all Christ’s, and he is in charge of all of it.

Mosiah 27:
-God will smite the wicked at the last day. His all searching eye sees all.
-Publish peace to bring souls to the Redeemer The Savior.
*Children of the Lord will no longer be slain in the Millennium for wickedness will no longer be on the earth. There will be much less suicides, especially among the church.
-31 He saw a vision of the future which motivated him to repeat and preach the gospel. This is a big reason why God through time has blessed his people with dreams revelations and visions.

Mosiah 28:
-4 All need the fear of being cast off forever.

Mosiah 29:
-19 On our own we can’t avoid bondage.
-19 without the deliverance of God we would still be in bondage.
-20 the arm of the mercy of the Lord is over those who trust him.
-22 How evil rulers do damage.
-26 People are generally seeking good!
-26 not common for the majority to choose evil
-27 when the majority chooses evil God visits them with great distraction.
-29 All judges ought be able to be judged, and rule in fear of that. No tenure.
-30 Jehovah commands to have no king.
-33 explain government to your people
-38 all should have equal chance and answer for their own sins. This happens when people are not ruled by a king.

-Prophet/Record Keeper of Alma 1-45 is Alma the Younger. Then it’s Heleman.
-Chief Judge/Governor is Alma the Younger in Alma 1-4 then Nephihah.
-keep track of who the religions and political leaders are in the Book of Mormon.

Alma 1:
-pride in heart and wearing costly appears are like 2 peas in  a pod. mentioned right after each other.
-forcing priestcrft  will prove to the entire destruction of a society.
-priestcraft people die painfully, this in spirit certainly even if not otherwise for try have no hope in Christ which takes away the sting of death.
-people get angry at who preach without moony.
-fist fighting is the beginning of much trial and affliction in the church.
-fine twined linen is used here in a positive context shooing they did not become proud from it. key t theta humility was not turning away the poor that came to them.
-2 this large man is evil, he is a type of Satan. This has pre-mortal theme. Lucifer wanting to be lazy and get credit and that everyone will be saved. Nehor isn’t just listening to his own thoughts, it’s the devil that he is talking to. The road to hell is a gentle downward slope. This could be like Lucifer, for no one wants to be a devil all at once. They go around getting a following and it convinces you that you are better than God. Nehor is the most powerful anti-Christ, his doctrine provides the foundation for the destruction of the Nephites. And he is the only anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon who never admits that he is inspired of the devil.
-9 it was 54 years ago when Gideon took his sword to destroy Noah so he is 75-85 years old.
-12 priestcraft see 2 Ne. 26:29 it’s setting yourself up as a light, which draws people to you and away from Christ. Priesthood is a call to serve, Priestcraft is a self appointed commission to be served. In pre mortality we had embodiment of Priesthood and Priestcraft with Jesus saying here I am send me, and Lucifer saying here I am send me.
-15 ignominious means humiliating etc.
-16 the messenger is gone but his message lives on; not so with Sherem.
-17 The law should punish liars.
-25 In days being persecuted, focus on obedience.

Alma 2:
-when wicked men come into power they take away peoples rights.
-1 you can see Amlici is a type of the devil, cunning and wise. We see more attributes of the devil here.
-4 it’s alarming to the people that Amlici would become king for he would take away their rights; this is like pre mortal Satan.
-7 vote against Amlici then in 8 he rebels like Satan loosing and rebelling.
-12 when you know you need to battle, prepare for that battle.
-16 Alma is at the front of his armies he is a type of Christ leading by example not fearing death for his people.
-leaders send spys to find out what the enemy is doing to be able to prepare against the enemy.
They are actively engaged in their liberty and their cause, not merely hoping for salvation. THey knew their enemy was dangerous and out to get them, and they didn’t just sit around or take vacations or do business as usual. These were trying times.
-24 We need scouts to see what the enemy is doing. Some of these in our day include psychologists and sociologists who look at societal and human trends, and help us understand how to fortify ourselves against such. These scouts can also be in the form of military and government roles. Or parents, or especially missionaries.
-30 mighty men of God call upon God for their lives to be spared so they can be an instrument of God to save and preserve their people.
-30 this is polar opposite of king Noah

Alma 3:
-26 Eternally we will reap what we sew.

Alma 4:
-destruction/captivity reminds us of our duty.
-it’s evil to presecute those who don’t believe your way.
-3 Judgements of God can awaken us to a sense of our duty.
-10 One way the saints do missionary work is by repenting of their sins.
-15 In sorrow, the spirit can still be with you.
-19 When God tells you you go serve prepare for Sr. couple mission it is volunteer basis! Be like Alma, leave the world to save the world! You can and need to be instrumental in saving others. Basically, he tells all of us to do this, lets all prepare for, and do this thing, all who are able, for with some planning and sacrifice many ARE able!
-15-20 Alma gives up government position and preaches the gospel as High Priest.
-when people don’t hold themselves accountable to God, the laws crumble, and you can’t build enough prisons at that point.

Alma 5:
-this is what to say while you are on your mission; it’s what Alma said while he was on his.
-shows that the person you follow is your father.
-is at Zarahemla they are members not doing well
-it’s easier to get a pulse on your body than your spirit, but this chapter of all scriptures has more introspective questions than any other scripture. So it’s a good way to get a spiritual pulse. A way  to assess if you’re doing excellently. When you take a physical pulse, there is a normal range. But if it’s even lower, often your body is in much better health. So it is with spiritual, there is an average ok range, but life is much easier with your above average. Your body doesn’t have to fight as much
-this chapter has 42 questions. Rate yourself from 1-10 on the questions.
-4-6 Have your forgotten your heritage?
-6 You are undeserving and hence must serve.
-14 three questions
-14 he asks Church members weather they’ve been spiritually born of God. Perhaps it’s not a yes or no but a scale. Also perhaps not since the imagery of being born is a yes or no question.
-14 these questions are between you and the Lord.
-14-30 have many self application questions
-15 “Do you exercise faith”; Are you in a daily routine of faith building exercises? Is your spiritual fitness where it must be? Are you proud of that like you are your body? For those of you who like to look good, recall that people who live the gospel have more beauty to them. More optimism, smiling, naturalism, light, etc, fills them, and they become more attractive. Also recall that the soul consists of the spirit and the body; for a healthy soul, we need to take care of our spirit and our body the best we can within reason.
-16 Can you feel  God’s approval on your life or do you dread death? Have you completed your work on this earth? GET TO IT! You could die any day.
-18 Judgement bar will be about weather you’ve kept God’s commandments.
-19 To engrave takes much work and pressing.
-21 What do you take God for, a chump? You can’t be at rest until you have become totally clean before God, and spent your whole life serving him.
-24 How did Abraham get to where he is, sitting with God? Purity. That’s how you must also. So repent.
-26 Singing is a sign of pure conversion. If you find yourself not singing hymns at church (and at home), take serious reflection about why you don’t feel like singing the songs of redeeming love. Fix your life. How? Go to Jesus. Go to God in prayer. He is the fixer. We are the clay, he is the potter.
-29 “envy”; do you spend your time seeking money so you can have the nice stuff your neighbor has?
-29 Urgent business of repentance you must do if you envy.
-36 Charity trumps knowledge and preaching.
-39 “who can deny this”; Alma knows all about the devils captivity…
-48 Alma on his mission preaches only what he knows to be true.
-53 Ignoring religion is trampling Jesus under your feet.
-54 What are you trying to get out of life?
-58 Doesn’t matter what people say; all that matters is what God has to say about us. You can complain about things or people all you want, none of that matters though.
-62 Invite those who are not yet members of the Church, to come to life by joining the Church. Like Jesus said, I am come that ye might have life, and that more abundantly.

Alma 6:
-2 being able to teach people the gospel full time is a merciful blessing.
-someone always has to attend to the government.
-different times require that we act in different ways; at times we govern, but when we see it get so bad, we try to teach the gospel full time.
-6 A core reason to fast is in behalf of who know not God.
-10 it’s not always needful that we go to where the most action seems to be, for instance Alma didn’t move to Jerusalem just because he knew that Jesus the Messiah the Son of God was to be born and walk there. No, Alma knew he had a work to do in another place. That is where he was needed, and there was plenty of the Spirit of God in that, and plenty of action in that. The entire new world, the America’s, is the work of God even though it is not in Jerusalem. Great things are to happen in all nations, for Christ is to minister to them all.
-27 the good works of men bring peace to their women and children.

Alma 7:
-is at Gideon they are members doing well so you learn much Atonement doctrine here
-6 These are the reasons the other group has much sorrow.
-12 Jesus had to die in order to break the bands of death. He couldn’t do it from the lands of the living. Then where do the bands of hell get broken? In hell. Jesus went there too.
-14 You must be ben as royalty to inherit the kingdom. So get born again a child of Christ.
-14 come be baptized that you may have faith in the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.
-14 Christ is mighty to save and to cleanse from all unrighteousness.
-16 Baptism is only the beginning.
-16 who obeys God receives the blessing of REMEMBERING that he will get to have Eternal Life *what a great thing to bring daily peace.
-19 God’s servants have the power to discern weather or not a person is walking in the paths of God
-carrying out our duty to God enables us to be blameless before him.
-21 This book warns us that if we don’t act, we are cast off. There’s no salvation by default or mere inheritance.

Alma 8:
-8-9 When people don’t hear our message, it means Satan has great hold upon their hearts.
-10 What is this missionary doing there? He is there to baptize people unto repentance.
-10-11 Alma is a powerful missionary but still the people harden their hearts. What would the devil say to someone who wants to leave their mission? He may say go get married in the temple… a good thing, but the wrong thing for that time in your life. Then once Satan gets you to not do the commandment of your mission, he
-10 Alma wrestles with God to be able to bring people to baptism and repentance.
-11 They think we, the Church, are foolish. This is because of the hardness of their hearts.
-11 some consider the church to be mere foolish tradition.
-15 dispute your message being rejected by the people, you can rejoice if you’ve been keeping God’s commandments since the time you received them.
-16 example of a time where if the people would not repent speedily God would destroy them.
-17 having liberty is in accordance with the statutes and judgments of God.
-20 angels can help us prepare to know who the true prophet of God is, that we may be blessed by receiving such.
-22 Thank God for bread and meat.
-25 when to or not to preach to someone? Depends on what God directs you to do.
-29 the fierce anger of God is not turned away if the people do not repent.
-30 a man who met a prophet was willing to, and indeed, go preaching with him.
-30 as one declares the word of God, he is filled with the Holy Ghost.
-31 power over being put into dungeons that God may show his power by them.
-32 when one is called to preach the gospel, the Lord gives that person power and the spirit so he can succeed thereat.

Alma 9:
-is at Melek for verses 1-5 then goes to Ammonihah. At these places they aren’t Church members. At Ammonihah it’s like modern day missionary work, very hard to find people who will convert. So we learn how to be a good missionary in a difficult environment.
Alma 9
-3 the earth shall pass away
-6 when a message comes from God and there appears to be only one witness giving that message, you will see there are actually more than one witnesses, God always uses at least 2 people to declare a message.
-8-11when people ask who is God that I should obey him? Respond by reminding them all the times that God has delivered them and their forefathers in times past.
-11 without the Lord’s matchless power mercy and long-suffering towards us, we would be cut off from the face of the earth.
-13 inasmuch as you keep God’s commandments you’ll prosper in the land, and vice versa.
-the ignorant sinners aren’t held as accountable before God as are those who know more about what sin is. This has a good deal to do with what your parents taught you, and what your parents do. (*but recall Abraham had wicked parents and yet chose righteousness)
-18 when a people persist in wickedness, he sends armies to disturb that nation.
-19 God will not suffer that people live in their iniquities, and will destroy them, especially if they are aware of their wickedness.
-28 righteousness reaps salvation of the soul according to the power of Jesus Christ, evil reaps damnation of the soul according the the power of Satan.
-32 when God’s messenger tells people they are in a lost and fallen state, they become angry with that messenger, but the messenger must speak none the less.

Alma 10:
-Lawyers and judges have great power; hence there will be much corruption there.
-6 when we think we have never known God, think again, and notice if you’ve been able to recognize that the people you live amongst are being preserved; you can know that is God making that happen.
-9 you can know weather a man is a true prophet by angels telling you. In other words, the Holy Ghost can bear witness to you pertaining to the validity of a man’s acclaimed call from God.
-12 people will be astonished as they hear an increasing amount of witnesses of the truth. It will begin to work on their souls, and lead them to faith in Christ and repentance.
-13 there are people who will try to get false witnesses against the servants of the Lord for the purpose of killing or imprisoning them.
-16 wicked men including lawyers may try to get believers to unbeknownst contradict what you say by asking you cunning questions.
-17 such men lay the foundation for the devil
-18 such prepare a nation for destruction
-20 by the voice of his angels God cry’s unto this people to repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! They also declare that God himself is coming to earth “with justice and equity in his hands”.
-22 were it not for the prayers of the righteous, the earth would be destroyed right now
-22 The generation of people living just before the coming of Christ will be destroyed via war. Of coarse this applies to the second coming of Christ.
-23 if you cast the righteous out from among you God will smite that people with famine and sword.
-26 the wicked break their own laws
-26 The wicked find corrupt ways to interpret the law.
-32 the lawyers who are involved in persecuting the Saints of God have one object in mind: to get gain.
-32 Never take a job merely for money.

Alma 11:
-he offers 1/6 of the annual salary of a judge for him to deny God.
-20 Employment merely for money will corrupt you.
-22 Anti-Christs aren’t just out to get Christians, but all who believe in God.
-23 Expectation of the righteous is don’t yield to that. We stand as a witness of God.
-37 Heaven is the only salvation and it’s a clean place. (So get clean if you want to live there)

Alma 12:
-1 consciousness of guilt can cause us to tremble
-3 servants of God can discern peoples’ thoughts when needed.
-6 The devil lays snares to catch people and bind them down to everlasting distraction.
-8 the just and the unjust rise from the dead and are brought before God to be judged according to their works.
-9 servants of God are to only teach others the portion God deems meet for them, according to their righteousness.
-10 who will hear the word of God will receive it until he knows it in full
-11 who hardens their heart against hearing the word of God hears nothing, and even looses knowledge of what he currently knows as time goes on.
-13 if our hearts are hardened at the judgement day, awful will be our state.
-14 If we don’t repent, our words works and thoughts condemn us, and cause us to not want to look upon God, but to prefer that the rocks fall upon us.
-15 rocks can’t hike us at judgement day. That day we will have to confess to God that his judgements are just, and that he is merciful.
-a second death comes upon who are not righteous
-this entails time as in a lake of fire, result of following Satan via obeying his will.
-18 none can die physically after the resurrection
-18 the wicked are as though there had no redemption been made, for they can’t be redeemed. This is according to God’s justice.

Alma 14:
-the people want a sign, saying they will believe when they have a sign. But in 26, they get a sign and it merely causes them to be afraid, which is the opposite of faith. Then their fear paralyzes them. The people should have asked these prophets how to repent if they got faith but no they got fear.
-8 Everyone who had anything to do with the word of God was killed.
-25 A type of Christ, going beneath all things. If not all, at least all present.
-29 The persecuted won’t be humble forever. (They will be delivered and triumph over their foes)

Alma 15:
-12 Zeezrom was bad but became one of the best missionaries ever. We don’t hold his present hostage to his past.
-15 We must learn what is of God so we can press on.

Alma 16:
-9 God can destroy anything in 1 day no matter what.
-11 A type of Armageddon by this scent. Like the abomination of desolation to come.
-11 Those who associate with corrupt philosophies are who receive the abomination of desolation.
-14 Jesus is for everyone.
-18 “Lasciviousness” =”filled with or showing sexual desire”  (see Marriam Webster Dictionary

Alma 17:
-Alma meets his friends he had not seen for 14 years; they had baptized 7 cities of Lamanites.
-1-11 has great missionary preparation principals
-2 “might know the word of God” aka the will of God
-2 How know God’s will
-3 How have God’s spirit (and hence his power and authority)
-2 mental price for missionary preparation
-3 spiritual price for missionary preparation
-lack of mental or spiritual preparation makes people ineffective
-4 endurance training by 14 years of preaching
-5 all kinds of tough trials to refine them
-6 sacrifice price preparation; but they give up a temporal throne for an eternal one
-7 temporal needs/skills preparations
-10 in being comforted as in all things, God commanded and they obeyed.
-11 Being a good example saves many souls.
-11 love preparation: see all people for truth they are your siblings.
-11 long suffering is essential for the eternal throne. There is no scriptural character whom had it easy.
-23 don’t think about when you’ll go home from your mission, just think about the service, ignore everything else
-24 perhaps Lamoni wanted his daughter to marry Ammon because he may have said he is a Nephite prince.
-25 when people aren’t ready for the gospel, their heart not open, it doesn’t do good to teach them the gospel, you serve them until they’re ready. Telling people before they are ready can be putting pearls before swine.
-26 Lamanitish may mean parcial Lamanite and partial something else.
-26 it was the 3rd day of service the devil could say to a missionary that it’s wasting time to serve rather than to preach. Ammon continues to press on knowing that something will happen to open the door dispite his servant position, or perhaps because of his servant position.
-37 smote off suggests the cutting of someone’s arm not just getting their weapon out of their hand.
-37 God causes people his people to become astonishing
-38 Willing to slay someone when need arises; protecting your property is a good time for that. The hebrew bible has separate words for kill and murder, and the commandment reads “thou shalt not murder”.

Alma 18:
-9 ask how you can be of service it can help you find employment.
-11 the more you serve someone the more they’re willing to hear your message
-32 pre-Columbian native American’s believed the Gods were in the earth; Ammon tells him it’s above the earth.
-33-35 Response “I am” is akin to Jesus’ response to “art thou the Son of God?” “I am.” Here the spirit in this man is the connection with God being shown.
-35 If you desire Godly things, they shall be given you! Not false godly things, but true Godly things. Christlike attributes.
-36 they start teaching of God, then here about the creation, then he opens written records, scriptures. That king had 500 years of oral tradition but here is the true record. King Lamoni was told the story very differently, that the Lamanites were wronged in the journey through the promised land etc. (see other chapter).
-38 History, sociology, religion. Teach these to people.

Alma 19:
-6 God breaks veils
-10 Ammon says this woman is more faithful than all the good guys he has been among, and this woman is from the group of bad people. Ammon has met good Nephites, Mosiah, Alma, his brothers.
-11 Appointed time to rise= a type of Christ.
-12-13 Knowledge of The Redeemer overcomes us with joy! Shall my heart ever again know sorrow?
-12 when the man is risen, his focus is on his wife. The man says God and his wife are blessed, putting them on the same level to him. He is loving his God and his wife. Earlier in the text it says at some point the Lamanites are more righteous than the Nephite because they at least love their wives and children, prob. book of Jacob.
-13 woman will bring the Messiah forth this suggests not just birthing but nurturing through life.
-16 Abish in Hebrew means father is a man; like how Heavenly Father is an exalted father, and how Jesus Christ who became our covenant father came to earth to be a human not just a God.
-16 Abish is a poor servant Lamanitish woman converted
-29 She knows mercy is available and pleads for others to be able to receive it.
-34 The gospel is one of justice. Forever and ever. It convicts you and alls you to live high.

Alma 20:
-4 We know God is all powerful, but also that God requires we do all we can in the process.
-5 Specific revelation information purely from God. Miracle.
-13 We need good theatre skills to tell the narrative of our history. To rehearse it.
-13 they’re in the land of Nephi and yet the Lamanites say Nephites are stealing their lands. Up to this point the Lamanites are who have been lying and stealing and plundering.
-a tale of a parent getting mad hearing their child’s conversion to the gospel.
-25 Often we don’t rejoice for life until it’s threatened.
-26-27 Charity makes no sense to the world, but it’s a mightier tool than having great wealth! See here how it persuades the king to desire to learn of the gospel! That’s the main objective of these missionaries, they know in whom they have trusted. They know that money doesn’t mean anything, and that their God can supply them with all their needs. They know that the kingdom of heaven is not of this world. They know this life is a time to prepare to meet God, and that in the next world we will be rich, not in this present one. This life is a time of trial and testing, a proving ground. We serve our Master Jesus Christ.

Alma 21:
-5 People question: 1. your message 2. your source 3. their standing
-9 You respond to the questions in verse 5 by preaching onward (from the scriptures of coarse). This will answer many of their questions.
-15-16 When you get out of prison (being put in because of preaching), go preach more.

Alma 22:
-4 don’t say your missionary got transferred, say the Lord called him to another place.
-Aaron follows the same exact pattern of teaching which Ammon did. Ammon may have told him the pattern, but really the scriptures teach the pattern, people who know the scriptures use this pattern.
-at first, King Lamoni is only willing to give half the kingdom for his own life. He doesn’t even care about his own life very much. If he doesn’t have at least half a kingdom, life isn’t worth living for him. Then here he learns of eternal life, and he is willing to give up everything for it. He says he is willing to give all his sins to know God; and to know God is to have eternal life.
-18 The focus (of missionary work and personal repentance) is preparing for “The Last Day”
-23 People speak of what’s most important to them.

Alma 23:
-2 Religious freedom says we can canvas (go around giving people pamphlets, etc) freely!
-3 Our role is to convince others. When compelling needs to happen, it’s God who does that. (Unless we are compelling others to not slay us, as noted in other verses. This can include, as we will see in other parts of the text, compelling others to uphold freedom within your own country)
-6 twice the highest Hebrew oath is given, “as the Lord liveth” to persuade the people that truly these people who were once bad became so good that they never fell away. So don’t judge people. Many whom were once good even fall away.
– Good economy is a sign of God blessing the land.

Alma 24:
-4 “war against the people of God” this is always a bad idea. 1+God = The Majority (see Brad Wilcox, “The 7 Day Christian).
-11 “all of our sins… take them away from our hearts” = Help us not to love sin
-23 Always praise God in every situation that’s where the good is, and it runneth or’!

Alma 25:
-1-2 When it comes to the bad guys, they area always looking for someone to kill.
-6 Tradition can’t be the anchor, the Lord is. Teach of the Lord, and it will remain tradition. But mere tradition for such won’t hold.
-15 Law is never the answer. It’s partial. Subordinate. There are deeper roots we must nourish if we are to stay alive as a society.

Alma 26:
-16 We can’t say too much of God’s attributes, especially the mercy toward us.
-16 Testimony goes beyond words.
-17 Humans polute, and that’s never good.
-22 Faith + works + continual prayer => reception of Gods mysteries.  I can in part witness of the fulfillment of this!
-26 The gospel
-27 Expect communication from God in your journey to help you.
-33 Great love is the fruit of gospel conversion.
-35-37 Memorize

Alma 27:
-Joy amidst very hard work.
-8 Willing to be a slave for the covenant gospels’ sake.
-18 A special reserved joy with narrow qualifications.

Alma 28:
-13 The reason why inequality is in the earth.
-14 Christ is the source of every blessing we recieve.

Alma 29:
-1 & 4 We want declare to all with power but we realize God works in his own way and it is just. All people DO CHOOSE.
-7-8 Gods law allows all types of belief. God wil make Israel a separate nation with more laws but as for normal government, it’s thus. (Also Christ will make His people rulers over the inhabitants of the earth)

Alma 30:
-25 “Ye say that”; We must know what the other views are so we can dispute them.
-31 Their words make them feel big.
-40 Historical records (historical cultures and events) are in favor of there being a God and Christ coming.
-44 For were they not lined up so, we would be dead.
-47 A person can lift to save or put down to destroy many souls. DO WE BELIEVE THAT? Think about the power you have to persuade the souls of men. Think about how eternal in import that is. If you think you are powerless in this thing, and you are a follower of Christ, go to him and demand that power, then go and exercise it. BURST your way into heaven. Pound on it’s gates! You MUST learn the healers art! You MUST seek the afflicted in all it’s flavors, especially the sick of spirit! This is the duty of covenant Israel. Don’t underestimate your power, the purpose you are on this earth. Reach out to people. Get OUT of your comfort zone, like Jesus got out of his. Be involved in the battle for the souls of men.
-53 Devil told him to reclaim the people to what? Emptiness?!
-57 Government role: tell everyone to believe in God lest the terrid fate of the anti-Christ’s come upon them also.
-60 At the last day things get speedy. Truth comes out!

Alma 31:
-1 Anti-Christ’s have ends.
-14-19 Astonishingly vain religion. This is what happens when you remember to do rituals but forget why you do them.
-23 Most religious people worship one day a week then forget about him the rest of the week.
-35 We love ALL people. We have joy in associating with ALL people, DEEPER THAN YOU YET KNOW.
-38 All their trials ended! Just as Brigham Young says (that when he joined the Church he never had another trial. Yes things were hard but the joy of the gospel was so surpassing)!

Alma 32:
-3 People relate the kind of clothes one wears to their character. The poor wear all they have.
-4 “poverty as to the things of this world” specifies they are only poor in one sense.
-5 & 10 Faith and works have nothing t odo with how much money or possessions you have.
-5 The rich rob the poor and use what the poor make and let not the poor use it. They take everything from them leaving them with no place to go. Demons.
-10 Ye poor, you have power to act which this world cannot take away; there is so much in life we can accomplish despite our poverty.
-14 Humility is essential weather in poverty or prosperity it must be sought and attained and applied
-22 1st thing God wants of us is to believe in Him. From there he can work with us. 1st believe his word. There is much he has in store for you specifically but before he can open a personal line of communication with you, you must believe in his written standard word.
-23 When God is with you no one can confound you. This is evidenced in little children winning intellectual debates with adults because of God.
-25 Humility = open to Gods word no matter what.
-28 This is how to choose a career. Make a wise choice and see if it becomes delicious to you.
-32 This is a good way to choose a religion, wife, career, etc.
-34 Hence you’ve received your witness, your answer and can get to work on the project.
-36 Maintain the answer you received by ever exercising faith.
-39 You must be in the right place with your personal conduct to be able to receive the fruit (the answers and the blessings).
-41 “life” The truth is living- this is how you discern truth. Does it grow unto good works? Doest it ever onward grow or become more stagnant? Are you becoming a better person from it or a worse person?
-42 White meaning pure, untainted, everlasting. Symbolic not literal.

Alma 33:
-4 Pray over your enemies God will turn them to you.
-10 Pray for God to get your enemies out of your way. (Remember God’s will is the help the faithful, and he has all power to fulfill his will)
-16 Understand mercy, don’t go extreme to one side or the other (between the grace and works for salvation question). Grace and mercy work together. If you understand Gods mercy, you understand that it requires works on your behalf. Yes, all you can do (2 Ne. 25:23).

Alma 34:
-Now is the time to get those blessings coming! Put in your petitions (to God)!
-23 Pray to God against the devil
-28 Don’t’ be a mere ritual religious person. Do all the gospel requires.
-30 How many times do we have to tell you to be charitable?
-36 It’s not about worldly status, but about how many people you can help. As you’ve been helped, even so, go help.
-40 “bear…afflictions…not revile”
-41 All affliction shall cease! Hold on for that day!

Alma 37:
-Stay close to Christ he shall guide you.
-6-7 People think keeping records is silly but it saves many souls.
-8 Write of moral absolutes, God, and history. (History proves that the moral absolutes and God are true).
-9 People want more than just your word they want a whole nations record of evidence (with the Book of Mormon, that is just what we are giving them.).
-11-12 When you don’t have an answer to a question, keep trusting God, and remembering that all that you do have, you have from him.
-15 Sacred things are only granted to the holy people. SO PLAY IT RIGHT!
-16 Do your part, and you’ll EVER have inner peace and joy. Flowing rivers of joy. Eternal excitement. An abundant life despite all.
-17 This (the promises made to our fathers) has always been available.
-20 How be holy and get sacred things? By keeping the commandments AND COUNCILS o the prophets of the Lord, and hence of the Lord himself.
-21 DO expose secret combinations with recorded facts.
-Places where it says “teach”, you can do in professional therapy. Where it says “preach”, you can do where appropriate (which could be anywhere anytime of coarse).
-28 Focus on helping people change rather than getting them destroyed by warring.
-29 This is what to teach people so they can avoid destruction.
-32 Teach hatred of sin.
-33 What to PREACH to people to avoid destruction.
-37 Councilors direct people for good.
-37 Such leads to  bright resurrection.
-38 The Lord is the one ho is going to take care o you. He is the chief navigatory.
-40 Believe in the chief navigator and he will stun you.
-41 That’s the trial- can we do the easy thing? That’s all mortality is. See if we can do that.
-42 “My way or the long way” they wander without navigation. Obviously death can result.

Alma 38:
-4 In our times of being persecuted, reflect on how the Lord has delivered us by his hand.
-5 Trust God means invest in his advice/direction. It’s a zero risk business deal promising infinite returns, equivalent of knowing you’ll succeed based on one desition. Perhaps comparable to knowing that you’ll win the lottery if you do such and such things, but a much larger scale. It does take real work, yes even trembling sacrifice, but the blessings are more than any mortal can comprehend. Choose to obey God, and that choice will make all the rest of your critical desitions.
-7 Showing God is real, authoritative, and not alone or without means of reaching people, etc.
-8 Peace is evidence of remission of sin.
-13 Religion has intrinsic value, it’s not a mere social benefit.
-14 We are how often unworthy? At ALL times. Confess it ALWAYS. This unites us!
-15 “be sober” = stay focused, informed, and don’t use drugs. Temper your emotions. “School thy feelings”.

Alma 39:
-Good father, bad choice kid.
-3 Often women distract people from what they should be doing. There is a time and place and parameter for all needful things. Satan distorts that ever so slightly to ensnare us.
-4 Those with vision and purpose are less likely to fall to fornication.
-5 Relationships are a huge deal, they tie close to life itself, and can produce life. So BEWARE who you make romantic relationships with, these things get forever fast. You want to make sure that your forever is eternal, not just till death do you part. Yes, you want to become a God, not merely a ministering angel. AND WHO YOU MARRY HAS A LARGE SWAY ON THAT VERY OUTCOME!  Do it in the temple.
-6 If you know God hates a certain sin and you do it it’s against light and is “not easy… not easy” to obtain forgiveness.
-9 “cross”= check, beware, avoid, plan against, flee from at all cost or pain.
-10 Youth need nourishment of council. Siblings are some of the best to give it.
-11 Zero vanity tolerance you need avoid all idolness or you’ll fall into the same traps.
-11 A fornicator risky woman saying she will be your friend or lover is sent from the devil. There are healthy relationships, but the relationship with one who wants necking or petting and other tyrannical deeds, is from the devil, and is a servant of him. This woman, then, is a counterfeit of what could be good beautiful and eternal, but won’t be. So if you love this woman (you should love everyone), then tell her that you won’t be her man unless she changes her standards. Another example of this type narrative is a story of courage wherein a woman was engaged to a man, and then found out he was addicted to pornography. She straightway canceled the engagement, and told him that she would not marry him until he had gotten rid of that addiction. SHE WAS NOT GOING TO ALLOW THE DEVIL INTO HER HOME, THAT MOST INTIMATE OF PLACES. No, there was no place for negotiating at the table of her enemy! She was not going to walk into a snare of ten thousand serpents! This was not an act of cruelty, but of Christianity. She was telling the boy, “that is UNACCEPTABLE and it’s demeaning to me and you to give you the message that I think such is acceptable.” 2 years went by, and this boy had still not overcome the addiction. She found another boy without such, and is happily married in the temple. There could have been no temple marriage with the first boy, and to her, that is ENTIRLY UNACCEPTABLE! (This story can be found in “The Elephant in the Room”, a book against pornography). Yes, as a child of God you deserve more than to be married outside of the temple. If you think no one will marry you in the temple whom you are interested in romantically, then GET SOME FAITH IN THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD JESUS CHRIST. HAS HE NOT PROMISED HIS GOODNESS TO YOU? HAS HE NOT COVENANTED WITH YOU THAT HE WILL PROVIDE? YOU HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED, AND YOU HAVE AN ETERNAL COVENANT WITH DIETY THAT HE SHALL EXALT YOU AS YOU ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE IN ALL THINGS. DON’T MESS AROUND WITH ETERNITY. Quit playing games. This is the big leagues. Welcome to the hall of masters and champions, of Gods and eternities. Don’t mess this one up. This is what marriage is all about. So get married, and do it in the temple, and LOVE EACH OTHER! Do this one thing with your life you unworthy creatures. You are always unworthy (Alma 38:14), do this thing right. Of the many things this life has to offer, don’t mess this one up. HOLY GOD would have you exalted if you’ll just quit being so selfish and faithless, and LIVE THE COVENANT. Eternities on end, yea forever, you’ll be glad that you did. And if it means you have to leave behind some non-temple marriage interested person, then you’ll end up being a blessing to the soul of that person mores than a whole life of marriage with them could give. RISE UP Oh Israel, and do the works of your father Abraham! If letting go of a non-temple marriage is hard to you as it was for Abraham to slay his son, DO IT. Like him, PASS THE TEST. Joseph Smith has taught that for exaltation, at some point or another, we will all have to pass a test comparable to Abrahams. Take courage. This is the leap of faith. Don’t back down, ye who have been held in reserve across the millennias for this special time in the last days. No one said that the last days would be easy. Also if you don’t find a spouse in this lifetime who will marry you in the temple, KNOW, and I mean KNOW, that you’ll have one in the eternal world. This life is a blink of an eye compared to eternity.  Believe ye the words of Jehovah, trust his commands, he is the one who gave you life, now let him give you eternal life by obeying him. In his holy name these things are said. Jesus Christ is the king of Glory. Marriage is a glorious thing. He is the king of marriage. If you want a happily ever after marriage, do it His way. In case I need to be any more blunt, I tell you: His way is the temple. This is the ordained and covenant way, set up from before the foundation of this, OR ANY OTHER millions of worlds he has created. If others seem to take this lightly in the Church or anywhere in this galaxy or universe, don’t you follow them. The Book of Mormon written for our day says that Satan lulls people into carnal security until he has them forever bound in his chains. You don’t want that.
-12 We are parents who command our children. Why do we do this? Because God has explicitly so instructed.
-13 Confession of sin is how to turn away from sin and towards God.
-14 Mind on things of the world goes hand in hand with sexual sin. It’s all a focus on greed, instant gratification, like McDonalds. This sin is also rooted in mistaken ideas about the next life. (And a mistaken idea of each stage of existence for that matter).
-15 Christ’s coming is supposed to be a happy thing. Shows his son that you can get on good terms with God (even though you had a sinful past). You must become one of “His (God’s) people” for this.
-16 Our ministry is to prepare people to receive Christ at his coming.
-17 Revelation is a sign from God to us of his love.
-18 This is universal. This is central to life for all making.
-19 God is not a future thing person doctrine , but present and always.

Alma 33-42 assorted notes:
-Weather or not we like geography we need know of it Mormon uses it much; esp. in war chapters, pay attention to this where they go for the next battle etc.
-Korihor uses the idea of showing people to things, they familiar with what he says begin to say that’s not so bad.
-Alma 30:17 is a summary of Korihor teachings: man for man, no accountability. This is social darwinism, it’s also humanism. Humanism is denial of need for anything outside human capacity. (John Dewy father of modern education wrote Humanist Manifestos).
-Alma 30:25 child not guilty because of it’s parents: cf. Article of Faith 2 and Alma 42: 7-10 speaks of the Fall upon all mankind. There is no evidence that Nephites teach guilty children because of parents.
– equation: truth + falsehood = falsehood
-those who know more are held accountable for more, who know less for less, but who choose to reject knowledge aren’t let off.
-phrase Anti-Christ comes from New Testament, Greek word used “anti” has several meanings. One of those is against, another is in replacement of/ in the place of.
Korihor as Anti-Christ speaks of how to do well in life.
Pop-culture is that you can do anything you want and still live happily ever after.
-Benson says BoM exposes enemies of Christ; hence we know enemies to Christ may be hard to see, the BoM is here to help.
-Look at the way Alma responds to Korihor to know how to respond to humanists.
-Alma’s Defence against humanist Korihor: Alma 30:32-33, 40-41, 44, 39, 49-50.
In this defense Alma says “the things you accuse me of are not true.” He refutes them, rather than just sitting back and saying “whatever”. Hence we see, in speaking to others about the Church of getting questioned about it, don’t just be passive about it!  Alma also says “you know better than you are saying you do”. Also Alma says “this is the evidence for what is right”. Alma knows the scriptures well.
-Elder Bednar said that when responding to people against the Church, need be pacient and loving, but also have APPROPRIATE JABS. (A friend of mine from Louisiana said Elder Bednar came and told them such at a conference.).
-Justice being overpowered by mercy: we don’t always know how it works, how to explain it; but we know that it works because we have done it. This is when we share out testimonies: saying I know it’s true. Sometimes there isn’t evidence at your fingertips which you would like to have but you can say you know it’s true.
-What’s left for Alma after refuting the wrong, stating the right, and barring testimony, then it’s up to God leave the rest to God (like God striking Korihor dumb; you can’t force people to believe truth).
-put a link up about John Dewy humanist; how he is father of modern edu; put up links to humanist manifesto’s these on learning suite for the class.
-Alma 30:60 “thus we see” are times when Mormon wants us to get a specific thing out of the lesson. Here we see see a dead guy who perverted the Lords way, a type of what will happen at the Second Coming.
-Satan makes deals with people, teaches them things, he only does this to slay them laughing all the way.
-We see judgements on peoples in the BoM, people are dealt with differently based on their knowledge etc.
– Abraham had it bad, you can never tell from the outside looking in not even with yourself the answer to why you were born in the circumstances you were, we don’t have that much detail about pre-mortality though we have some and know it effects us.
-Alma’s strategy: Alma 31:5 he preached the word of God in pure testimony. Virtue=power.
-Packer says study of gospel faster change behavior than mere study of behavior, I see this is because some of the things of God seem foolishness unto men. Men’s understanding may be contradictory to God’s understanding: God knows more.
-know the stuff in the ramiumptum prayer.
-Alma in response to ramiumptum prayer, he goes and says his own prayer in Alma 31:30-31. CF  Alma 37:36 pray to God in and for all.
-pray to endure and be strong not just to have no trials.
-*why people teach seminary even when others can? Because merely they enjoy it?
-Alma faith sermon Alma 32:21: it’s more about how faith manifests itself rather than what faith is. He compares the seed.
-the seed is not faith, the seed is the word of God.
-Define “the word” as spoken of in Alma 32 : Alma 33:22-23. Says it’s Christ’s atonement and resurrection and judging you (holding you accountable).
-Alma 32:39 the seed can’t be good, the seed is always good, it’s Christ. The only issue is that your ground is bad. So if Jesus Christ is planted in your heart, it shall grow in you unless your ground is bad.
-we don’t know about pre mortality to the point where we can judge people of their circumstances here: Abraham had it bad, so did Jesus.

-Alma 36
says Alma when repented didn’t remember his pain anymore; he didn’t say that he didn’t remember his sins anymore, but he did say that he wasn’t harrowed by the memory of his sins anymore; he retained the memory of his sins, they just didn’t bother him!
-Alma vs Korihor in Zerahemla (Alma 30)
-Alma with Zoramites in Antionum (Alma 31-34)
-Alma and Amulek return to Zarahemla (Alma 35)
-Alma teach son Helaman in Zarahemla (Alma 36-7)
-Alma 33:14 the scriptures of the old testament testify of of the Son of God
-1 Ne. 13:20-23 the brass plates has more stuff in it than the record of the Jews. They are similar. The brass plates are like the Old testament but they have more stuff.
-Alma 33: Alma quotes scriptures saying Zenos speaks of prayer which is defined as worship here; Zenock speaks of the Son of God; this is to counteract the Zoramites praying on the Ramiumptum how they say there is no Christ.
-Alma 33:3 prayer=worship; so worship God in the temple can mean pray in the temple.
-Alma 34:8-10 infinite atonement: means without limit or end
-Amulek comes when Alma was preaching in Ammonihah; he was told by an angel to feed the coming prophet Alma, you see they are similar, they had both gone astray for a part of their lives. Amulek had heard the voice of God and ignored it, same with Alma in hearing his father the prophet preach.
-Alma 34:10 says it is not a human sacrifice, perhaps referring to how Jesus is a God more than a human.
-2 Ne. 9:21-22 atonement for all men and living thing.
-we know the Atonement of Jesus Christ covered the lives of all on earths made by our Heavenly Father see Joseph Smith Ancient Poetry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get reference!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Judd
-Mosiah 3:13 pre-Christ era people would get remission of sin as though Christ had already come.
-it could be that like all saved before age of accountability, similarly all who are born on this earth come here innocent and Pres. Lee said
-the atonement was by an infinite being, one not limited by death. Christ was the only one who could offer the atonement, he had power over death John 10:17-18. This is even before he was resurrected, he says “I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.” So Christ could say “I WILL NOT DIE UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED.”
-ELDER Nelson says atonement was infinite for infinite number of worlds created by God, and that it was done “once for all”.
-Gal. 3:24 law of Moses a schoolmaster, teacher, to help them know of the law of Moses.
-which aspects of the law of Moses are still in practice? Those which are taught in the latter-day Kingdom of God. The moral principals of the law of Moses continue; the ritual portions of the law were done away with. 3 Ne. has things to say about this.
-did Jesus ever break the law of Moses? No. Only the oral tradition of the people of how to observe it. He kept the intent not just the the
-Alma 34:33-35 the idea of being the same person when you die is true, but here the text is talking about how a person is possessed of the spirit of the devil or the spirit of the Lord when they die. The text says so in verse 35. It’s to say that the spirit of the Lord can continue to influence you after death until you become like the Lord, ever having that influence, and thus help you to improve after death. but if the spirit of the devil you choose in this life, it will continue with you and make you worse until you are like him. The spirit of the Lord or the devil will possess you, and in the spirit world you can repent, but you will be subject to the spirit you enlisted to obey during your lifetime!
-the Book of Mormon uses extremes to teach people like a parent teaching their child a principal.  We know there are several kingdoms of Glory, several levels.
-Alma 36:17-19 Alma’s catalyst for change was the teachings of his father; cf. Alma 56:47 mothers teachings staying with their children also. Apply this to siblings friends etc. At some point along the way something will happen to them where they will remember something you taught them or the way you treated them.
-Alma still felt bad about what he had done wrong in the past, but after repenting, he was no longer harrowed/turtured by that, and he was able to move on with his life.
-when you bridle your passions as Alma taught, you control your emotions rather than giving yourself to them and thus you can be filled with love it says. *Hence we see love is not a mere emotion.
-*Alma had disobedient missionary prostetute seeking son, hence we see that even good parents have dis-behaved children.
-Christ raised Lazarus from the dead after 3 days when the Jews thought the spirit gone and it impossible. Likewise, even when people have left the Church for years, we need not say that Christ can’t bring them back; he can heal testimonies that seem dead for too long to revive!
-Corianton sinning negatively effects lots of people, hence you can’t say “it’s my life it just effects me”
-Alma 39:6 deny the Holy Ghost what it means see D&C 76:31-35
-First Resurrection Alma 40: 16, 19; cf. D&C 88:95-98; cf. Mosiah 15:26 it’s the righteous who were resurrected in the resurrection of Christ, and at Christ’s second coming only the righteous are resurrected, and at the end of the Millennium then the wicked are resurrected.
-perhaps the New Testament passage of the bible saying work for the dead for the people of the days of Noah is for the children who grew up with bad parents, even as today I am seeing that there are children with bad parents.
-Pres. Joseph F. Smith speaks of resurrection morning may not have perfect looks, rather those will come in time, and you’ll more or less appear as you did in life. *So don’t abuse your body but take care of it temperately, not with obsession but with the spirit of the Lord as in all things.

Alma 40:
-11 after death all go back to God; the God who gave them life. Alma could not be giving all the details here; we know there is a period of time after death we go to the spirit world to await the Resurrection and Judgement. At death we could be in a place where God could appear to us, a place where he is oft visiting. Seeing God after death could refer to Jesus Christ, since all judgement is given to the Son, and only the “pure in heart shall see God”. Christ is a God, he created all, and Heavenly Father is also a God, the Most High God.

Alma 41:
-9 there is real danger in sinning over and over. There must be a fall off cliff. Alma warms his son to “not risk one more offense against your God”. The term “your” is put herein with God, to remind the world to live up to what they know they should, not matter what their current understanding be.
-15 some think that things will be different in heaven, that some clean slate will be given us at death, or that when we are dead we can say to God, “just kidding, now I’m ready to do my best, just watch! I can be good! Just give me a chance, really!” But it shall not be so! At death, our probation is over, and we are judged before the Almighty God of our deeds, weather they be good, or weather they be evil. Weather we lived up to all we should have or not! Weather we turned out hearts to God with full intent! For the soul shall not change at death, rather it will go on being the same type of soul as it was before! Then shall the wicked desire to excuse themselves and be not accountable before God, but they shall see with power and great glory at that day, such cannot be!

Alma 43:
-those who covenanted not to fight were given a job they could do; we can all do something.
-28-30 Captain Moroni’s plan. It includes spies. They are to use strategies that will make them successful. Some instances Moroni uses deception for war plans- he does set traps for the enemy. Things in time of war for peace can be justified, but not all. For example you can kill someone to defend your life. Moroni says he wouldn’t touch the other people in time of peace- it’s only in war that this happens. Churchhill’s statement on truth needing lies to surround it to protect it is referring to the example of giving hundreds of false signals of when they were going to land in a battle to protect their message of when they would actually land. There are limits to this logic indeed!
-Nephite war philosophy: 45-47. Don’t offend but defend. Moroni only starts battles in the midst of a war; like when Lamanites occupy Nephite cities, or toward the end of the wars he threatens to go into Lamanite land and slaughter them, it’s to try and get them to stop their attacks.
-Alma 43-63 is 20 chapters on warfare, they cover 18 years. Mormon had to choose carefully on what to put in the Book of Mormon; A 20 year war would have many experiences not just one page each, so we see Mormon is making it shorter, it can show that there was much much war in their day, a consequence for wickedness. Alma 50:22 speaks of faithful people surviving and wicked people dying in war; hence for Mormon war isn’t just about economics and finance and politics; it’s about religious spiritual principals.

Alma 45:
-pre-2013 chapter heading says that Alma is taken up by the spirit, the 2013 version says Alma “may have been taken up”. The Nephites didn’t exactly know what happened.
-the scriptures the the Nephites are the brass plates, and these brass plates say that Moses was translated, note dead! Deut. 34:5-6 says Moses died and we don’t know where he was buried, but the Brass Plates had more stuff than our current bible, so we see the brass plates have an account of Moses being translated. More info in brass plates than our current bible.
-24 When you leave God, you are not growing in healthy ways. Really you’re not growing at all.

Alma 46:
-5 We stand for the right even if it makes us poor, or loose political or other office.
-8 it was very recent that the people were blessed by God, yet they turn away.
-18 The “transgressions” spoken of here which bring upon themselves distraction could likely be: Laziness, lack of foresight or preparation, no strict heed to prophetic council, no Holy Ghost guide.
-21 Armor already on, they were ready to go to work (like minute men). Freedom lovers are workers!
-21 Punishment aspect of covenant
-23-24 remnant of coat preserved; cf. 10:17  ; this is an account that must have taken place in the Brass plates, it’s not in our current bible.
-23 This is so important to us that we are willing to put our lives on the line, if we fail here we will become as slaves.
-36 Remind everyone often of the standards in a way they can understand.
-39 Even death is a time to rejoice for Christians. They have no trials (Brigham Young said that when he got baptized he had no more trials. There were hard things, but he was at peace about his eternal welfare, and that outweighed any hard things anguish). Their lives are bliss because of Christ. They must be Christs also, but Christ has already done so much for them.
-40 Plant (natural, herbal) medicine (is) from God.

Alma 47:
-2 The hearts of men shall fail them. Fear is in the land.
-11 The Devil invites you many times to his party. And with different faces and occasions and forms.
-12 He (the Devil whom is inviting you to his party see verse 11)  will even meet you in the middle!
-15 When we are playing in the middle (between the Lords territory and starting to go into the Devil’s territory), we don’t win half the battles, we loose entirely. We have let the devil in, and from there, he takes over with his power and wisdom/cunning. This is like what President G. A. Smith taught, that there is a line of demarcation between the territory of the Lord and that of the Devil, and that when we cross that line even one inch, we are in the Devil’s power.
-20 The Devil seeks to build his army.
-26 Never suspect the servants above the strangers!
-27 People speak in the name of love, the deepest purity, to cover up the deepest blackest treachery.
-34 Evil people will lie to your face about the deepest matters.
-35 Beware who you date.
-36 “What was I thinking?” Whatever they were thinking, they weren’t thinking of Christ. (Elder Holland said this about those who do stupid and rebellious acts in contrary to the gospel and decency etc)

Alma 48:
-3 Evil men try to stir your heart up to anger.
-4 Amalickiah’s objective: put others in bondage. Amaleckiah is a Nephite who became a Lamanite. We see it’s like one who leaves the Church persecuting the Church. He is leaving the people of God and he is not satisfied in just living among the Lamanites, he has to subject the Nephites.
-4 see Glen L Pace Follow the Prophet Ensign May 1998 says Satan wants people to not only leave the Church but to fight against it. They get off neutral ground.
4 Those who leave the Church, They have had a spiritual part of their lives; when they leave the Church, they want to fill that spiritual area of their lives with something, and that something can be fighting against the Church of God, working for the spirit being Satan.
-11-13 Moroni as a leader: he is a religious leader not just a military leader. Heleman is the President of the Church at this time, but he is still a righteous man and leader for the Lord.
-11 What do you find joy in? Liberty like this man?
-15 That is the hinge for everything keep the commandments to the tee. Always remember our relationship to God while we are his friends, we are 1st his servants.
-16 We can’t be perfect but we must resist iniquity!
-16-17 aka evil has no power as we 1. defend ourselves (in every way) 2. preserve your people 3. obey God 4. try not to sin. This is the formula for how to be a “man of God”.
-16 Resist=try always, and succeed often, and increasingly more often. It’s been said we grow in capacity as we try.
-18 In the phrase “men of God”, “of” means coming from, pertaining to, accosting with, standing for.
-19 Give all the service you can, and in your called realm, and it’s equally serviceable to God as any other position.
-20 Humility gets rid of bad contention. An LDS prophet has said that the little disputes in our homes amongst family members are the worst sin of the Saints.
-22 War can happen even to people who repent.
-23 Sorry they are to be doing that but they still had to do it.
-24 The stand for family, your family, is more important than life itself.

Alma 49:
-1-9, esp. 8 Moroni the righteous leader of his people saw what was coming, and he prepared his people in a way that had never been known among that people. The opposing forces had come to learn how the people of Moroni usually did their preparations, and they thought they could thus have advantage upon them. But Moroni was inspired to help them prepare in a unique way which proved crucial to their success. Similarly, our Priesthood and other good leaders help us to know how to prepare. The Holy Ghost can prompt us on how to prepare for our life’s challenges and those of whom we can influence and help. The correct thing to do isn’t always written in a manual guide, nor spoken plainly, but as we obey our Priesthood and wise leaders, and the Holy Spirits guide, even though we may be asked to do things which we think are strange, uncommon, otherwise not in practice, or something which we may think is  unnecessary, we will be helped to make it through our trials by following these courses of action.
-5 The LDS are to be prepared despite what all else do.
-9 Be very prepared for all kinds of war not just 1.
-12 Evil people have less inspiration than the righteous, so they loose.
-19-20 they prepared in many ways temporal and spiritual, this is one of the keys of their success: when the danger came they were ready.
-27-28 Devil leaves you cursing and swearing but God gives you all experience of power and gratitude and deliverance.

Alma 50:
-18 Riches and strength from God.

Alma 51:
-D&C 98:16 “renounce war and proclaim peace”
-3 this is just like todays news today, and that of at least the past 50 years, the people tried to change the law of the land; it’s like today they want to change the Constitution. The Constitution is God’s law given to us to see how we will handle it (see D&C).
-5 Socialism is like wanting a king over the land, as it causes the people to be in bondage to the government.
-5 People desire laws which end freedom.
-6 others swear to defend freedom to the death.
-Notice the king-men loathe the free-men.
-5-7 the Kingmen.
-13 People won’t fight because they’re so “wroth…with…liberty”  they can’t stand that holy thing; they won’t live for it; they insist on others working for them; they want something that can never be.
-15 & 19 Defend your countries’ liberty or be put to death.
-16 Notice the cause of “all” their trouble hitherto fore was from problems within the nation. That is always how it goes, it the people of the land are righteous they will be protected by God and no outside country can slay them.
-31 Kingmen refuse to take up arms for their country. This is bad when the country is fighting for a just cause.
-32 Outdo the enemy; you can be stronger than them in the strength and skill or war.
-32 Harass the enemy long.
-33 Do all that’s within your own power without having to be told what to do. That is what mighty leaders do.
-35-36 Be willing to work through the night to get ahead with advantage.

Alma 52:
-14 Avoid dangerous circumstances.
-19 Hold a council of war.
-25 Slay those who won’t yield their weapons of war against you.
-34 Power outweighs determination. The righteous will have more power. Naturally they must work to get this power, and always be preparing and fortifying like Moroni to get this power.
-37 Don’t shed their blood if they give you their weapons of war.

Alma 53:
-8-9 reason for Nephite losses (iniquity, deceptions and intrigue amongst themselves). Preparation was the means of their success. Intrigue=”arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate”, “the secret planning of something illicit or detrimental to someone”. The kingmen are plotting against their own government to take it over.
-one group makes covenants with God to not fight. Their children make a different covenant to fight.
-how old were the stripling (young) warriors? They lived the law of Moses and in Num 1:3 it says one must be 20 years old to join the military. But that contradicts with the 15 year old chief commander Moroni.

Alma 55:
-Moroni censures the other army. This is a righteous thing he did because the D&C reveals to us that it’s the will of the Lord that when others come against us several times and they won’t repent, we are to preach repentance to them and tell them what is going to happen to them if they don’t repent (hell will happen to them if they don’t repent).

Alma 56:
-here looking at the map is very insightful. Moroni up to this point has been afraid of this war becoming one of 2 points, 2 fronts of battle. Moroni Teancum and Lehi fight in the north, Heleman and Antipas with the stripling soldiers are fighting in the south.
-there are 3 times when a small army decoys people away then surrounds them with a larger army: they wouldn’t learn their mistakes.
-war is always the last option; peaceful negotiation is always the first option
-the word stripling means young.
-46-48 and 56 The young untrained soldiers fought better than the trained militia because they were inspired by a better cause, and knew God was supporting them in that cause. So We see the way prepare people for any task is to teach them truth and correct values, then weather it be war or anything else, they will be prepared to stand up to the challenge. For that matter, this illustrates that the most important preparation we can do in this life is spiritual preparation. It’s the head of all other virtues one could say. It’s the fount from which all blessings flow. Jesus Christi is the source of all the blessings we receive!
-the mothers teachings Alma 56:47-48 and Alma 56:1-2. One may think that it was a male dominated society in the old world, but see here, women’s teachings to their children cause women to BE the dominating one! It’s men and women co-dominating. Men in their powerful sphere, and women in their equally powerful sphere.

Alma 57:
-25-27 having faith makes a real difference for we see that the group of soldiers whom had total faith in God were more protected than the rest of the army! It was obvious to see that.

Alma 58:
-7 the stripling soldiers are starving for want of provisions for MANY MONTHS. They must fight such is their covenant.
-9 they don’t know the cause of their afflictions
-cf Alma 62:41 -trials can make a person better, or worse, depends on how you respond to it. These people go through basically the same things in this war. Some become softer some become harder.
-16 “I caused”; be proactive, especially in time of danger.
-20 Beware (be aware) of what’s going on around you.
-32-33 Gather all the people you can to defend your land, then despite however few in number you are, put your trust in God to deliver you. God cares about lands and inheritance. He cares about blessing his people. You can’t handle all that God has in store for you without God’s help.
-36-37 The (wicked) faction in the government mattereth not, God will deliver us. You need not merely rely on government, that will not be reliable, only God will be reliable.
-39 God helps boys who must go away from their families to serve Him.
-40 Strict daily remembrance and obedience so have a strict daily time for scriptures daily.

Alma 59:
-9 “easier to keep the city from falling…than to retake it”
-11-13 this is a rock bottom for Moroni when they loose Nephihah. He is astonished at the results of the people being SO wicked!

Alma 60:
-1 This is addressed to those who manage warfare. It can also apply to all citizens for all are involved. Of coarse we are all at war on several levels, and we are the captains of our own fate.
-5 People are lost without our help.
-6 THINK. This is how you’ll be involved to save lives. Apply yourself, so much is at stake.
-11 No salvation merely by grace. We can’t do nothing and expect to be delivered.
-14 “judgements…because…slothfulness”
-Moroni knows that he is to purify the land, he sets out to do that even if he is not sure of the source; so when you get instruction from God, set out to do it NOW. Get all the evidence you can.
-sitting upon your throne IN THOUGHTLESS while bad stuff going around, not helping? Apply this to yourself. Lazyboys, couches, sofa’s, recliners, nice car chairs, airplane chairs, etc, we commoners like our thrones and like to spend much time being lazy on them, watching various entertaining films and television shows on a frequent regular basis, ignoring social political religious and economic issues of those all around us and all over our world. Surely we must do more.
-13 cf Alma 14:11 reasons why good people suffer
-10-11 We have to help the government promote liberty and won’t be without guilt before God, or even delivered from the wrath of God if we don’t do something about our terrible political situation and war.
-19-20 Lack of service to others is a sign that you have forgotten Gods commandments and deliverance through all history.
-22-23 If you don’t have charity, then you are GUILTY at the judgement bar.
-23 When one person I know wondered if she should get a divorce after having strained over the question for many days and painstaking hours of prayer, worried about the abusive situation she was in,  she went to church headquarters and asked President Kimball about it. He said “The family must be right”. That is all he said, and the Holy Ghost flooded the woman with the answer that in this her special case, the divorce needed to happen.
-24 Solve things inside you then in your home, your community, school, etc. Start inside and work your way outward.
-29 If you don’t defend yourself and your country, then God will cause you to be slain in the name of justice.
-29 Do something NOW for your children and your liberty or you’ll be destroyed.
-People at the time the sign of the coming of the son of man in the book of Mormon, what I might term such, the people were afraid as that was upon them “already”. This suggests that they were not prepared, and that such came suddenly.
-31 Sooner or later, the Lord cuts off those who ripen in iniquity so they won’t slay the righteous people.
-33 Iniquity is from love of glory and love of the vain things of the world.
-35 Soldiers defending the country have the right to get food from the government to sustain them, even if they have to take it by sword. Their case must be a good cause, as Moroni’s cause here is.
-36 Good motives is core in the definition of good leadership.

Alma 61:
-9 Don’t let false accusations bother you AT ALL.
-9 The why of seeking political office: to preserve the rights and liberty of your people.
-14 “resist evil”, and do so with swords when needed.
-14 Church is pinnacle of liberty.
-The spirit of freedom is the Spirit of God.
-19-20 worry about what to do, but then the word of the Lord comes, and the debate is OVER.
-19-20 There comes a point when you don’t take their trash any more, and God instructs thus.

Alma 62:
-4 Everywhere you go, recruit people to your cause of liberty, in whatever (righteous) form you are doing that. You could start a blog to share important information you find, hold meetings where you teach people important information, etc.
-5 Many are anxious for this freedom band and will join your efforts. They just need someone to bring the cause to them and show them how to participate.
-10 freedom denying people executed. How else shall the liberty be maintained? No other way. And liberty is more precious than life.
-16 Cause a covenant of peace to be made.
-24 Do so much that you scare away your enemy.
-37 who fight valiantly for liberty will “suffer… many exceedingly sore afflictions”
-39 A many year famine. So don’t just prepare 1 year of food storage. Would it be far from us to say that in the dispensation of the fullness of times wherein is to be the restitution of all things, that a similar famine would come upon us as it did here, and in the time of Joseph in Egypt, even for 7 years? We have had decades even centuries of plenty to help us prepare.
-40 Put names at the temple etc, your prayers can be the difference between someone being saved or lost.
-41 God can and does use war to humble people.
-43 Retire rather than seeking eternal office for your country.
-49 use of word “notwithstanding their riches” suggests that riches usually corrupt people.
-50-51 How to be humble while rich. (gratitude toward God and continual prayer)


Helaman 1:
-Kishkumen is the starter of the band of Gadianton.
-Lamanite army general Coriantumr has Jaredite name, Mulek descendant, Nephite dissenter, Lamanite leader. See verses 15, 22-23, 32. He obtains Zerahemla the capital. He is successful in that, but then he wants to gain more and goes further north to get the land Bountiful, he ends up surrounded by Nephite armies.
-10 Like Satan had Cain swear to not tell or he would die. This then is Satanic religion. This is different than preferring to die rather than obey God. Pay attention to the reason they are willing to put their life at stake: Is it for an evil cause or a good one? If for an evil cause, it’s covenant relationship with Satan. If for God’s good cause, it’s covenant relationship with God, for as Christ took up his cross, so must we ours.

Helaman 2:
-5 Campain: you’ll have political power if I win. That’s the whole motivation: money.
-7 There are signs and tokens in the Devil’s Kingdom. See Judd quote for this, that the Devil has an organized Kingdom, etc.

-April 2008 President Monson talk “As bearers of the priesthood, we have been placed on earth in troubled times. We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political machinations ruin the stability of nations”

-“Cain formed a secret combination… What Satan taught Cain and his brethren was not only how to exchange a human soul for a flock of sheep but also how to turn life into property. Through similar secret combinations, Satan still seduces those who love him more than they love God. Great sins of immorality result when people crave things and use other people to obtain them, thus serving their own gratification before God and all else. Here stands exposed Satan’s secret means by which he seeks to destroy our Heavenly Father’s children.” (Richard D. Draper, BYU Professor, Ensign, Feb. 1997, p. 19.)
-“Among today’s secret combinations are gangs, drug cartels, and organized crime families. The secret combinations of our day function much like the Gadianton robbers of the Book of Mormon times. They have secret signs and code words. They participate in secret rites and initiation ceremonies… If we are not careful, today’s secret combinations can obtain power and influence just as quickly and just as completely as they did in Book of Mormon times… Today’s young people, just as those ‘of the rising generation’ in Book of Mormon times, are the most susceptible to secret combinations.” (Elder M. Russell Ballard, Ensign, Nov. 1997, p. 38.)
-8 the things of the secret combination were getting gain by murder and robbing.
-April 2008 President Monson talk “As bearers of the priesthood, we have been placed on earth in troubled times. We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political machinations ruin the stability of nations”
-a secret combination is a pact between evil people, and Satan. Also you can’t get into the secret society unless you know the signs which belong to the group. Combination in Websters 1828 dictionary the days of JS: “Union or association of two or more persons or things, by set purpose or agreement for effecting some object, by joint operation…Conspiracy”.
-Moses 5:28-33  origin of secret combinations/conspiracies: Satan. Cain enters into a secret combination with Satan to get power. Cain thinks he is free once he kills his brother like Satan instructed.
-hence we see the Gadiantons is a pact to get power by murder, hence we see Satan is author of all of this. It’s using things to get something else, to get property.
-beware using others in any way to get personal advantage.
-people use people to get things rather than using things as they were intended to help people- it’s completely backwards.
-there are industries today that don’t care what their product does to people so long as it gets them money; it’s treating people like property to get what you want.
-13 Gadianton’s band proves the ultimate destruction of a nation; these are big deals very serious; President Benson said that these can prove to the downfall of our own society if we are not careful.
-13 Secret Combinations take out entire nations.
-“Among today’s secret combinations are gangs, drug cartels, and organized crime families. The secret combinations of our day function much like the Gadianton robbers of the Book of Mormon times. They have secret signs and code words. They participate in secret rites and initiation ceremonies… If we are not careful, today’s secret combinations can obtain power and influence just as quickly and just as completely as they did in Book of Mormon times… Today’s young people, just as those ‘of the rising generation’ in Book of Mormon times, are the most susceptible to secret combinations.” (Elder M. Russell Ballard, Ensign, Nov. 1997, p. 38.)
-young are very susceptive to secret combinations because they have not learned the law of the harvest yet, that to get what they want, they must reap before sowing. Also the human brain doesn’t mature until into the 20’s. Many gangs call themselves family, it’s Satan’s imitation of family, and they call their teachings “the gospel”. The true gospel offers a family we call each other brother and sister.
-preditory lending is a horrible industry
-23 The idea of a secret combination is like a robber, they want to be the only people that matter, and ignore laws of society and laws of the harvest.
-24 Just because the Church may be  growing doesn’t mean your land is fine: the secret combinations are in full swing.
-27-30 God helps those who trust him; cf. D&C 84:88 about angels protecting the righteous.
-27-30 show there is safety in the gospel despite evil around you. It’s also a message of the mercy of the Lord saying you can get OUT of whatever you are ensnared in, whatever it is.
-28 You can come unto Christ even at time of political turmoil. The Kingdom of God stands alone.
-33 The Church isn’t the problem, it’s the people that profess to belong to it. The Church remains independent and holy. It is Jesus and his servants. Some people who profess to be a part of it don’t do as instructed in it and do it more harm than good.
-34 Here the humble are more tried and more perfect. Thy are blessed, honored, trusted to handle trials. These are the children of God.
-35 Use trials to grow and become entirely holy.

Helaman 4:
-pride cycle
-1-3 The angry rebel fights people and wants to cause pointless wars.
-4 One year of pure preparation for war. When the threat is there you must get involved in serious dedicated sacrificing sufficient preparation no matter the cost. Not doing this is brainless. For what happens if you loose?
-11-13 cause of fall
-11 Great loss avoidable if we are righteous.
-11 Hipocracy is the root of great loss.
-12  “It’s an all about me popularity life.”
-12 Anything goes in animal-like social Darwinism hedonism (engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent). See book “Moral Darwinism: How we became Hedonists” by Benjamin Wiker.
-cf. Alma 46:18 about how people aren’t destroyed until they bring it upon themselves
-24-25 the cut themselves off from God’s support
-12-13 is a description of even many christian churches of our day. It’s description of the reasons for why a nation fell.
-13 If you boast you’ll be smitten and loose your possessions.
-Repent and you get lead by God and property, but you’re worse off than if you had never sinned. It takes time to get back to full standing. There is an analogy that sin is like putting nails into a board, then repentance is not like pulling the nails out leaving holes, but is like God giving you a whole new board. I agree with that analogy, and it’s what the prophets are teaching, like repentance being an erasure to sin, and repentance causing the Lord to remember thy sins no more. But the repentance process takes much time and it’s a process not an event. You must get back trust with God. Repent does mean to turn around, but you must not only turn around, but regain the distance you have lost, recover your ground. The most important is which direction we are facing not how far along we are in life, so don’t worry so much about how much land you have etc. as this verse shows. This verse says they regained half of their land after repenting. Perhaps that is another way God is teaching them about trials, and refining them. For these people, it is well with their soul because they repented, but we see it’s seldom easy for Christians. God purifies them.
-19 When the enemy is great, sometimes you must merely focus on retaining what you have.
-21 “What’s the problem? Oh yeah, that one guy was here the other day and was telling us what the problem is thats causing these things! I can see by how I feel that he was right!”
-22 “they saw that their laws had become corrupted”; They saw that the things they had been considering as normal were far from it.
-23 Sin is the main way to loose your testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
-23 “Judgements of God did stare them in the face”; aka it was obvious that they were going down and they were willfully sinning; When someone is staring you in the face you can’t deny that they are there; it’s eminent and obvious; Weather you choose to pretend God is fake or not, he is there, staring at you, ready to judge you with eternal justice. Death is eminent, as is mortal calamity. It’s not that hard to believe in God. The hard thing is to obey him. Those who don’t wish to obey him try to convince themselves that God does not exist. They want to draw out their play day as long as they can. Much of atheism comes from parents not disciplining their children, and schools not insisting on discipline allowing all manner of perverse attitudes, and hence the child grows up learning that he himself is the God of this world, choosing whatever he wills, always having it his way. So when God comes and says do things the correct and just (Gods’) way, they go on doing what they have been trained to do, rebelling. We enable the children. Don’t give them all the benefits when they are not earning them!
-25 When you are on Gods side, you can’t be overpowered. His power is matchless.
-25 Evil men are more than the good, but spirits there are more good, so unite with the God of spirits, Jehovah.
-26 Be vigilant in all ways, for you will fall if you don’t, and quickly.

Helaman 5:
-4-7 preaching to combat secret combinations begins with family; cf. Alma 36:17 (Alma the younger); cf. Alma 56:47 (the stripling warriors); these are repeated messages that we must emphasize teaching the gospel in the home.
-4 iniquity makes you tired; even seeing others do it makes you weary!
-6 named after people to remember
-6 “Honor your fathers and your mothers. Honor the names that you bear, because some day you will have the privilege and obligation of reporting to them (and to your Father in Heaven) what you have done with their name.” (President George Albert Smith, Improvement Era, Mar. 1947, p. 139.)
-6 we likewise, being Christians, will someday report to Christ on what we have done with His name.
-9-12 The Redeemer; cf.  1 Peter 1:18-19 we are redeemed with Christ’s blood;
cf. 1 Cor. 6:19-20 we are not our own but are bought and belong to God.
-the verb redeem means to purchase or to buy; in the New Testament it’s used with respect to slavery. A person could be purchased and set free; that’s the way God works with us spiritually; we are spiritually slaves to sin, to Satan, to our own carnal natures; we can’t get out of that on our own, we need someone to purchase us and free us. In the Roman world the person who redeemed someone was called the redeemer.
-12 By living Christ’s teachings you avoid misery.
-19 An astonishing message to convince them. That is what the gospel is. Many who understand it will jump for joy for to have it. Preaching the gospel is not debating with people, it’s telling them what you have, and they take it or lead it. Some persuasion is involved as the scriptures attest, but in large, it’s an astonishing message we are going out to share. We are not, as missionaries, sent out to be ministered unto, but to minister.
-26 This is marvelous, there is a simple reason why they cannot be slain: GOD.
-31 “mild voice” you don’t need to loose your temper to get things going; power is an endowment from God to who obey him. Sternness is needed at times, but there is a good way and a bad way. In some other chapters we see God and prophets using sternness, but God has so much power that he can penetrate people even with a mild voice.
-32 Expect God’s voice to help you as it approaches the time of his coming and great is the evil. “As thy day shall demand so thy succor shall be.”
-36 shining: blessings for disciples
-36 Missionaries are angels
-37 People need power to recognize God’s servants and majesty.
-39 In the midst of a dark moment Gods servants enjoy light, and edification.
-42-43 Dark becomes light when you repent.
-44 Christ is the only source where one may obtain this “joy which is unspeakable and full of glory”
-45 Holy Ghost inside you causes you to be able to speak marvelous words.
-49 It’s possible to doubt spiritual experiences, but you must not!
-50 There are great evidences to show and God decides when to send such, and we must be worthy vessels for him to deliver such.
-51-52 The fruit of knowledge of and faith in Christ is desire to stop warring, stop hating, and stop silly practices, no matter how deeply embedded into your culture they are. Also you give back to others the things which don’t belong to you.

Helaman 6:
-2 Gross wickedness causes one to reject God’s word when it’s preached to them.
-3 Church is to bring us great joy.
-15 Like USA President assassination this correlates with 30 years until Christ came to them, like our time it correlated with 30 years before year 2000 AD when the 7th seal opened and the half hour of silence in heaven began. This half hour could be the people being too wicked to receive much instruction of God. It could be lack of world war. Etc.
-17 Social class divisions cause crime.
-25-27 source of secret combinations
-28 All dark is from Satan.
-33 Wickedness of others causes great sorrow the the righteous.
-35-36 The spirit goes where it is welcome no matter your nationality or the political condition of where you live.

Helaman 7:
-Heading “calls upon people to repent or perish” like in our time “The Family: A Proclamation to the World ” from the prophets issues the same warning.
-3 They hated all of the doctrines of the prophet. All of God’s ways.
-3 When you are throughly rejected after pleading etc, you must leave them.
-5 It’s righteous to stand up for morality etc. and the wicked call such people biggots, and charge them with hate crimes!
-7 Weep with Nephi for the wickedness of the day in Latter-day Israel!
-8-9 The choices of your brethren affect you.
-7-8 Nephi’s lament; he sees terrid secret combinations destroy society. Cf. Jacob 7:26 Jacob’s days were of mourning as well.
-7 to remind us our day is for us, “Wishing one had lived in another age, though sometimes understandable, is not usually helpful… By Divine appointment, these are your days!… You have been called by God, placed by God, in this time and circumstance. And He knows you better than you know yourself, knows what you have the capacity to do. However, God will not be content with you as you now are, fine as you may be, because He knows what you have the power to become!” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell, New Era, Jan-Feb 1985, pp. 4,6.)
-22 People once blessed lose that as they’re wicked (even if they’re BYU students, etc. Oh the vast possibilities for sin in all places!)
-23-24 knowledge vs. responsibility: God doesn’t treat everyone equally but according to opportunity etc. Cf. D&C 82:3 much given much required. Elder Bednar said pray for more commandments so you can be blessed more. Also it says out of the books will they be judged, so we can’t choose ignorance thinking that will give us less harsh judgements. It can be like missionaries having more patience with new converts than with people who are long time members of the Church.
See this from President Kimball, if you avoid to not be accountable, you already know better and won’t be let off the hook:“I have known people who would not be baptized and confirmed and who would not receive the priesthood because of the grave responsibility they would assume by accepting. Clearly one will not escape condemnation by refusing to accept the responsibility.” (President Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 148.)
See also Oaks: “Persons who break a law that has not been given to them are not accountable for sins. Of course, all men have been given the Spirit of Christ (conscience) that they may ‘know good from evil.’ This makes us all aware of the wrongfulness of certain conduct, such as taking a life or stealing, but it does not make men accountable for laws that need to be specifically taught, like the knowledge that had been received by the Nephites but not by the Lamanites. Persons who break those kinds of laws when they have not received them are guilty of mistakes that should be corrected, but they are not accountable for sins.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, Oct. 1996, p. 65.)
-“The prophet tells us what we need to know, not always what we want to know.” (President Ezra Taft Benson, Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 139.); but this does not mean that we don’t need to learn of politics etc. when they don’t go into much detail on such, rather they teach us correct principals, and God expects us to act on those things.
-20 Ezias is a brass plates prophet, one not in our current bible.
-21 one of the sons of Zedekiah named Mulek escapes Jerusalem at the time it was to be destroyed. Mulek makes it to the promised land; the Nephites call the land in the north the land of Mulek, the land south the land Nephi or Lehi. Appearently Mulek landed in the north with his group, and Nephi in the south with his group. Eventually the Nephites go north and meet a people they call “the people of Zerahemla”, they are Mulekites, since Zerahemla was a descendant of Mulekites. Hence some of the tribe of Judah reached America.
-25-26 Riches are why people get involved in secret combinations. Sad. They missed the mark that eternal riches are only centered in Christ. Now they damn themselves.

Helaman 8:
-22 “Almost all our fathers testified” don’t you be the missing link in that ‘almost all’!
-22 This message isn’t new, in fact it’s your heritage, and you’re trampling it under foot.

Helaman 9:
-2 some people are so full of unbelief they demand scientific evidence for all their philosophies. That’s quite a mystic philosophy…
-5 If you wait for seeing until you believe, fear will come upon you.
-19 These tricks aren’t new.
-20 Two main temptations: money, life.
-21 people who think money and life are all that matters are “fools”
-21 “fools” they can’t outsmart the prophet (God)!
-25 a jab; Elder Bednar told a group of Saints in the bible belt to have appropriate jabs for people with whom you come in contact when in comes to religious debates.
-41 We get Gods spirit and are basically acting in his behalf, indeed we are! In his own name.

Helaman 10:
-1-3 Nephi prepares by pondering;  cf. 1 Ne. 11:1 sit while you ponder; JSH 1:7, 10-13 repeated reflection; D&C 138:1-11 read as you ponder; also on pondering: “If you and I are to feast upon the words of Christ, we must study the scriptures and absorb His words through pondering them and making them a part of every thought and action. Just as studying the words of Christ is an element of pondering, so too are diligent, faithful prayer and listening to the Spirit.” (Elder Robert D. Hales, Ensign, Nov. 1998, p. 15.)
-3-4 when wicked people bring us down, God can comforts us
-3 He wants community but all have gone astray and he refuses to bend.
-3 Ponder with heart (not just with mind).
-4 Fearless servant of Christ!
-5 Calling and election made sure.
-7 Nephi uses the sealing power to make it not rain; so sealing power is bigger than just temple work. Elijah uses sealing power to cause a famine, and call down fire from heaven.
-12 When an angel gives you an assignment, you don’t go home and put it off until later. You go do it. You do it now. That’s what President Kimball was known to say when it comes to our callings in the Church: Do it now. Get ’round to it.
-13 Despite large miracle, they refuse to obey the instruction of the prophet. Of the missionary.
These so called scientific people aren’t so scientific. There is plenty of evidence, they’re merely looking for ways to hide in the rocks, to avoid the piercing glance of the Almighty God, which can’t be done. They don’t want to be accountable for the sins they know they should not be committing. You give these people evidence, and they find a way to rationalize that off just like everything else. There’s no stopping these people. They won’t listen. Often this is the kind of civilization that God sends earthquakes, fires, tempests, for those things at times soften the heart when nothing else will. So we see those disasters are extensions of the love of God, who will go to great lengths to bring people to him. God will also only tolerate sin so long before His face. God can never force anyone to do good, but he can put things in their way which prevent them from doing evil (sin).
-16 The spirit can (obviously) teleport people according to their needs. “As thy days shall demand, so thy succor shall be.” There is no limit upon the people of God… “the knowledge and power of God are expanding, the veil or’ the earth begins to burst”…
-16-17 Here we see this prophet/missionary (Elder Holland said to me while I was in the Missionary Training Center, along to the rest of us there, that we young missionaries were apostles with a lower case a, that we would be released in 2 years from that calling, and that he and the other members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were Apostles with an uppercase A. That such was the difference, temporary vs. permanent. He also said that our work as missionaries will go on through eternity…) was given power to teleport to every place he needed to declare his message until he had gone to all needful places with his message. Until he finished his assignment.
-18 Civil war, perhaps the worst kind of war, follows when people reject the prophet/missionary message.

Helaman 11:
-4 After civil war comes famine.
-7 When they are desperate they turn to God and they finally accept His power. We can’t (by the laws of nature and natures God) accept His power unless we turn to Him.
-23 True current (pertinent to the time) doctrine taught causes the strife among the people to cease.
-30 Getting rid of robbers/gangsters/secret combinations is harder than preventing them from starting.
-33-34 Kidnapping and other heinous crimes come upon us when we live in iniquity. It’s to help us remember that life is a nightmare when we forget God.
-36 Only 1 year later they forget God! They must have neglected religious rituals. The rituals have always been in place in every dispensation, including this one, The Dispensation of the Fullness of Times, to help us remember the Lord. What are some of the current rituals? Read your scriptures daily. Serve others. Do you calling in the Church. Pray morning and night on your knees to God. Prayer and scripture study with family on a daily basis. Give 1/10 of your money to God’s Church. Go to God’s Church on Sundays. Spend Sundays learning of and serving God. Sexual relations only within marriage between man and a woman legally married. Marry in the temple of God. Don’t drink alcohol don’t drink coffee don’t drink tea don’t smoke tobacco or marijuana, don’t use other harmful drugs. Sustain the council of your local Church leaders and that of the President of the Church and the 12 Apostles. Obey the ten commandments. Have children. Get education. Serve missions. Get baptized. Emulate Jesus. Help the poor. Do genealogy. Go to the temple to perform ordinances.
-37 They went to the gym to work out the wrong muscles.

Helaman 12:
-here we see that people MOST OFTEN disobey God. Moroni is extremely frustrated about human nature, he has given them so much time and again they always reject it.
-“After writing what must have been eleven frustrating chapters of the book of Helaman, Mormon boldly inserts his own feelings… He says that man is ‘less than the dust of the earth’ — not at all in the sense that man is without value to God, but rather because ‘the dust of the earth, moves… at the command of our great and everlasting God.’ Hills, mountains, seas, earth — all obey his voice. But man does not obey his voice; in willfulness and pride he tramples under foot the words of the Holy One.” (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Ensign, April 1978, p. 58.)
-2 Ease and prosperity are when people are tap to trample on Jesus God so beware. President Benson said the ease of the Church is the hardest trial the Church has seen since it’s founding.
-9-12, 14-15, 18-20 The voice of God is obeyed. King Benjamin says (see Mosiah 2:25) that we are less than the dust of the earth. Why? The dust of the earth obeys God. We tend not to.
-15 Discovered this long before our civilization. When this chapter of The Book of Mormon was written around 6 B.C. (see chapter heading), scientists didn’t know that the earth revolves around the sun, not visa versa. He learned this true science by revelation. Science is always so behind religion…
-20 When God curses someone, the cursing comes to pass.

Helaman 13:
-Samuel the Lamanite a messenger from God, was hated by the Nephites, the Nephites always hate the Lamanites basically. We see we must receive God’s messengers wherever they come from. See “To Draw Closer to God” by President Henry Eyring for more information on such.
-4 when God tells you to go somewhere and they don’t let you in, you find another way to get in.
-5-6 pt 1 of his prophecy; about destruction of Nephites in 400 years from then. Cf. Alma 45:10-11.
-6 The adjective heavy is very intense to use here!
-Every time there is a General Conference of the Church, the prophets have picketers outside contesting them, and the media sends hate messages to them. But they preach on.
-“Why do prophets proclaim unpopular commandments and call society to repentance for rejecting, modifying, and even ignoring the commandments? The reason is very simple. Upon receiving revelation, prophets have no choice but to proclaim and reaffirm that which God has given them to tell the world. Prophets do this knowing full well the price they may have to pay. Some who choose not to live the commandments make every effort to defame the character of the prophets and demean their personal integrity and reputation.” (Elder Robert D. Hales, Ensign, May 1996, p. 37.)
-13 Without the righteous, the city would be burned at this point.
-14 Homosexual agenda is now casting Christians out of jobs, etc.
-18 Putting money in the bank won’t be insurance enough, etc. This is written for our day. Yes you need that, but if you’re wicked, it won’t do you a lick of God. God has a way of favoring the righteous, and slowing down the wicked. Here people loose their money, it’s a mystery to them, but obvious to the righteous. The righteous always have the CORRECT cause and effect understanding advantage. This brings them peace.  They know how things work and stand on the right. The wicked are told how things work, but they aren’t willing to act in faith, so in the end, they loose everything.
-21  The why of the curse: 1. Heart on riches. 2. Ignoring God’s messengers.; These things go hand in hand. The reason they reject the prophets is because of their hearts being on riches. Think about it: people have no time to do callings in the Church or keep the commandments if they are busy getting more and more money. This has nothing to do with your needs being met, including modest entertainment. This is about obsession, which is the epidemic we now see.
-22 It’s like a covenant sacrament they take upon them to always remember their RICHES.
-25 We call ourselves good, but we AREN’T! This is not to say there are no good people, or that people can’t be good. This is to say that our generation is wicked wicked wicked.
-25-27 response of the people to the message of Samuel the Lamanite prophet (they receive those who say what they like, they reject those who say what they don’t like) Cf. Isa. 30:9-10 “speak unto us smooth things”.
-we are not supposed to be like the rest of the world. That is part of being a Christian.
-25 they say they would not have been bad like their fathers; this is always the saying of the wicked, they say if they would have lived in another day they would have been righteous, claiming they are currently righteous. The wicked always hate the most current prophet the most.  The miracle is that this life is short, but it’s sufficient, each of our lives, to be tested, and determine our eternal destiny.
-25 McConkie on receiving the prophets: “If you believe the words of Joseph Smith, you would have believed what Jesus and the ancients said. If you reject Joseph Smith and his message, you would have rejected Peter and Paul and their message… If you reject the restored gospel and find fault with the plan of salvation taught by those whom God has sent in these last days, you would have rejected those same teachings as they fell from the lips of the prophets and Apostles of old.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Ensign, Nov. 1981, p. 48.)
-25 perhaps the reason people seem to have an easier time following dead prophets than alive ones, is that the dead ones aren’t around to hold them accountable, which they like, and the alive ones are there to clarify and hold them accountable, and they don’t like that. People never want to be told what to do.
-26 People seek every way possible to get rid of the people who tell them they are doing things wrong.
-35 God curses the land and we feel the weight of it. It gets to where we aren’t sleeping through it, but we can tell openly that we are cursed, so heavy is the curse upon us.
-36 This obvious curse which the people are aware of they also recognize that it’s THEIR FAULT. They KNOW that God had presented a way to escape this, but that they openly rejected it.
-37 They can tell they’ve gotten into serious business and forces seek to destroy their souls.
-38 There is a point of “too late” for salvation.
-38 You can’t go against nature’s God, nature’s Laws, you just can’t! that’s how this life is set up! It’s brilliant! Consequences hurt when we go against nature’s God, that creator of us!
-38  joy can’t be found in iniquity. Cf. Alma 41:10, 15
–“We must come to understand that there are basic truths and basic principles, basic conformities, necessary to achieve happiness. There are some things that are false, that are wrong. For instance, we cannot be happy and at once be wicked — never, regardless of how generally accepted that course may be. If it were printed in every book, run on every news press, set forth in every magazine; if it were broadcast on every frequency, televised from every station, declared from every pulpit, taught in every classroom, advocated in every conversation, still it would be wrong.” (Elder Boyd K. Packer, Ensign, Sept. 1973, p. 38.)
-the media now constantly says that you can give in to sin and live happily ever after. The message to us is that we can do the same kind of things and get the same rewards.
-“We cannot achieve lasting happiness by pursuing the wrong things. Someone once said, ‘You can never get enough of what you
don’t need, because what you don’t need won’t satisfy you.’… There is no happiness in alcohol or drugs, only enslavement. There is no happiness in violence, only pain and sorrow. There is no happiness in sexual relations and physical familiarities outside the bonds of marriage, only degradation and increased momentum along the way to spiritual death. There is no lasting happiness in what we possess. Happiness and joy come from what a person is, not from what he or she possesses or appears to be.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, Nov. 1991, p. 75.)
-a person must understand the law of the harvest: you must reap before you can sew. When a person goes to sin for joy, it’s the equivalent of seeking a crop without planting or caring for a harvest. It’s impossible, and you’ll starve to death, finding only insufficient trappings lying around the earth. Good things, organized things, don’t come without effort. The effort we must do is keep the Lord’s commandments in his own timing, then “all things will be added unto us.”

Helaman 14:
-2 Prophets give more signs of timing of Christ’s coming as it gets closer to that time.
-7-8 No matter the situation, if we rely on God it will be well with us.
-11 Prophets show us HOW to repent. The legal terms and contracts binding upon the same, which are in force in this life and the next, forever and ever.
-13 Who are the believers? The people who repent. By this you can tell.
-15 Death of Christ essential.
-15-18 spiritual deaths. Cf. Alma 42:9, 23; Alma 12:15-16. The first spiritual death is upon all and is overcome by Christ for all in time (it’s a temporary death). The second spiritual death comes to those who have chosen how they want to be, their own, and now God’s way.
-20 There may be science with this that doesn’t lessen the fact that it’s a miracle of God.
-21 “One solid mass” before the crucifixion;  Do scientists recognize this? It could throw off all of their carbon dating, etc.
-22 The rocks rent! Who says they aren’t alive… They responded perfectly well to Jesus Christ… All element has intelligence to a certain degree.

Helaman 15:
-3 chastening is a form of love. Cf.  Prov. 3:11-12; Cf. D&C 1:27 & D&C 95:1 it’s so their sins can be forgiven. D&C 121:43 we are to reprove then love; Matt. 7:12 we do to others as we would have done to us, and we all want to make it to heaven so we all need instruction. D&C 121:43 betimes in 1828 Websters dictionary means soon, right away, right after the infringement has occurred.  Sharpness means to the point, direct, specific.
-3 on correcting people: “Reproving with sharpness means reproving with clarity, with loving firmness, with serious intent. It does not mean reproving with sarcasm, or with bitterness, or with clenched teeth and raised voice. One who reproves as the Lord has directed…does not attack character or demean an individual. In almost every situation in which correction is required, private reproof is superior to public reproof… Public correction is often cruel or, at the least, misguided.” (Elder H. Burke Peterson, Ensign, July 1989, p. 10.)
-3 “The Holy Ghost moves to reprove with sharpness only very rarely. Any reproving should be done gently in an effort to convince the one being reproved that it is done in his own interest.” (Elder James E. Faust, Ensign, Nov. 1980, p. 35.)
-8 Faith is what liberates.
-9 At times we must not fight. This is for Christ’s sake.
-17 God has the right to destroy.

Helaman 16:
-Heading: Some harden, others see angels.
-Heading: Unbelievers apply unto reason for their argument, a mere excuse. They could apply unto any popular thing. In our day the popular thing is reason, their form of it. They use rhetoric to make their reason seem true when it’s really flawed.  When one wants an excuse, they find it.
-4 A person may access power to do miracles to help others build faith in Christ. Here we see they can build knowledge to help the people. Not believing in things not seen, but knowing from things seen. Some people have the correct heart condition to grow when seeing miracles. For their sake we do miracles. Others trample miracles under their feet, aka trample of God of Israel under their feet, and care nothing for such.
-7 He had finished his work there.
-14 Angels appearing to people is a prophecies scriptural vision of the future. This happens to fulfill prophecy. Many examples of that are seen in LDS Church History, and many more are to come.
-16 They know that? Probability says it could happen, and “The Big Bang” theory people are all about extremely small odd bizarre things happening for no supposed reason!
-18 The Big Bang Theory is what isn’t reasonable. Weather or not it happened I here don’t say, weather the Gods did that or some other way to create things, but we do realize that when you’re talking about probability and reason, the Big Bang theory which people cling to so tenaciously, is very improbable, and unreasonable. God works in mysterious ways, and this could be his way, but lets not throw out the Jesus Christ Savior of the World theory on such a silly premiss as “reason”. No, reason could back this up more than anything in the universe.  Everything points to it. You can’t just discount it like a thing of not, and still be in accordance with reason. There is far too much evidence to let it go that easily.
-22 People come up with all kinds of ideas to avoid self accountability this is about hiding sin more than personal belief systems!
-23 The signs of the Times won’t be enough to persuade everyone.


3 Nephi 1:
-12-13 we don’t believe that the spirit enters the body just at the moment of birth. This verse could be Jesus speaking as an infant, there are passages of infants speaking marvelous things.
-12-13 “Life begins when two germ cells unite to become one cell, bringing together twenty-three chromosomes from both the father and from the mother… The onset of life is not a debatable issue, but a fact of science. Approximately twenty-two days after the two cells have united, a little heart begins to beat. At twenty-six days the circulation of blood begins. Scripture declares that the ‘life of the flesh is in the blood’ (Lev. 17:11).” (Elder Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, May 1985, p. 13.)
-12-13 “When the mother feels life come to her infant it is the spirit entering the body.” (President Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 17:143.)
-12-13 the Church is against abortion because the spirit is in the body before birth.
-12-13 “The Book of Mormon account of Christ speaking to Nephi the grandson of Helaman and saying, ‘On the morrow come I into the world,’ is not intended to infer that the spirit does not enter the body until the moment of the actual birth. Rather this revelation to the Nephites was itself being conveyed in a miraculous and unusual way. Quite probably the one uttering the words was speaking in the first person as though he were Christ, in accordance with the law enabling others to act and speak for Deity on the principle of divine investiture of authority.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:85.)

3 Nephi 2:
-2 some people say the signs of God are of the devil; the Jehovah’s Witnesses Religion are a fultiment of this they say that star at the birth of Christ was from the Devil.
-Cf. Ether 12:12 miracles don’t necessarily convert people, it’s passing trials of faith that are converting powers.

3 Nephi 3:
-6 Gadianhi is like the devil, seeking that all men might be wicked like unto himself.
-12-14, 25 there is strength in gathering people together, this is what we do in Zion; cf Alma 31:30-31 ask God to help you endure what you must suffer with patience
-their preparations are spiritual and temporal.

3 Nephi 4:
-they had 7 years of food storage, I say we should follow their example since this book is written for our day!

3 Nephi 5:
-4, 6 antidote to secret combinations: preach to them, and execute the law against them. Cf. Alma 31:5 preaching of the word is most powerful behavior changer.
-“True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior… That is why we stress so forcefully the study of the doctrines of the gospel.” (Elder Boyd K. Packer, Ensign, Nov. 1986, p. 17.)

3 Nephi 7:
-14 Strict laws bring peace in the land.
-15 Prophets with eye-witness.
-17 A mighty prophet went forth in the land.
-18 They live for and sacrifice all morals for power. He lives all morals for power. God grants all power to the person with morals. We see God keeps his promises. Satan does not.
-20 Wicked people hate Prophets because of their power. That power comes from Jesus Christ.
-21 Believers: witness that you have been visited by the Spirit of God. God the Third. God the Testator. The most supreme witness of the most absolute truth in the universe. The One Who May Not Be Dispute. The Binding Voter. This is even God Almighty, The Holy Ghost. He has come to you, and hence YOU KNOW, not just believe.

3 Nephi 8:
-1 If a sinful person does miracles, it’s not by the power of Jesus Christ. Complete purity is a prerequisite of miracle working.
-3 Do we thus look? D&C says call of the bridegroom’s coming IS BEING SOUNDED EVEN NOW! (D&C 133:10).
-12 “THE WHOLE FACE OF THE LAND CHANGED” at time of Christ’s death. Do scientists include this in their analysis?
-15 Don’t wait for great destruction signs to repent, for many die during those signs. They are destructions. That’s the sign! It could be you that gets destroyed, and verily the Lord has said that the more wicked part of the people are who will be destroyed (see 3 Ne. 9-11), then what will you do? Repent? No. This life is the time for men to repent and prepare to meet God. (Alma 34:32-35) You’ll have lost your soul…
-16 It doesn’t matter what you chose if you didn’t choose Christ first. All those who didn’t put Christ first in their lives are carried away in a whirlwind. They wish now that they spent less time deliberating about grades in college, impressing girlfriends, buying clothes, which career to go into, how to dress for success, where to put their financial investments, planning their retirement, their children’s athletic clubs and teams, their social prestige, what Hollywood stars are up to, their Facebook updates, their Sabbath day entertainment, and wish they had spent more time thinking about how to prepare to meet God, and how to get their family and the rest of the world, whom they claim to have loved so much, prepared to meet God.
-23 “weeping among ALL” Even the righteous will weep though for different reasons.
-24 When repent? You’ll wish you had done it yesterday. At least get it done today. After all, that’s the only time it’s available. Don’t play games with God. He is not one to bluff. Be humble you dirt.
-25 Such heavy consequences. Think about that today.

3 Nephi 9:
-2 It’s their own fault.
-7 Cities once hailed to be untouchable and indestructible are now under water, utterly wasted.
-8 God hates wickedness, he buries it. He doesn’t let it grow and destroy the universe. He is the protector of the universe. He is the wise planter who has weathered the storms of time and discovered the way to survive in the cosmos. He is the interstellar extra planetary communication to this little planet, warning it how to avoid self destruction. He is the alien communication which scientists and apostates have long sought, but they have rejected this wise message, and damn themselves all along.
-9 When your sins are the worst of the earth you can count on being the first one to burst into flames.
-13 Just because you are spared from the destructions of the last days doesn’t mean you’ve finished. Your calling and election is not yet made sure. No promise of the fullness of salvation has yet become yours.
-20 A horse is broken when it’s willing to do whatever it’s master says.
-22 This is done, it’s all prepared, so come cash in on it.

3 Nephi 10:
-1 God uses silence to teach at planned times.
-5 Too obsessed with temporary pleasure to invest in eternal joy.
-6 “full purpose of heart” it must be your true non-deception life style and whole heart choice. You give up all for this, but in the long run, you gain all from this, and one can’t gain all in any other way.
-7 Rebel against the true God and you won’t be able to even meet your basic needs.
-8 Gain the world, and soon you’ll cry seeing you lost all.
-10 Your sorrow can become joy if you turn to Christ the  true God of this world.
-11 “thus far” and we are still going!
-12 How you accept prophets determines your salvation spiritualy and eventually temporally.
-14 So many prophecies of destruction come we shall see fulfillment.
-15 ie Joseph Smith
-17 Look at the text it’s all there.

3 Nephi 11:
-May missionaries master this chapter, to teach it. Like my 8th grade football team, to master the basics. We only ran about 4 plays but it made us better than the other more aggressive teams. They’ll be very powerful. No more of this bumbling around. This is the answer, they can take it or leave it.
-5 “open” suggests active participation as a requisite to receive Gods word. It won’t be forced or foisted upon you. He is not a tyrant king.
-11 Obeying God entails suffering through life. At times as servants of the Lord we are “called to suffer” in various ways.
-21-28 This settles baptism. Teach from this more than the bible obviously. This is our message clear and pure. Nope, we are not just a bible church.
-29 Missionaries aren’t sent out to contend. Preach the message of this chapter. If they reject it, testify to them and swiftly move on. There are others waiting for you. Balance this with giving plenty of lessons to homes where the peace of the Lord is, and this being a day of warning and not many words.
-36 You can know this for yourself. Not by contentious debate, but by prayer. Avoid bible bashing, focus on Book of Mormon teaching. Be content with that, such is your message. Where did you get your message? You did not create it. It’s the message your Father gave you to share.
-40 Anything but this doctrine is not from Jesus Christ, and is evil. You can tell this to who want to bible bash.

3 Nephi 12:
-3 Don’t go around boastfully like you are better than others.
-4 Do hard things.
-5  Use self control.
-6 Refuze worldly things.
-7 Be kind and good to the undeserving, so also are you.
-8 Desire what is right and good and you’ll receive your desires.
-10 Don’t collapse your standards when under pressure.
-11 Don’t let bad rumors of you sotp you
-12 Enduring peer pressure is what will bring JOY! To all ages, there is peer pressure, then on the other hand there is what is right. There’s what the majority does, and on the other hand, what you are called to do.
-13 Be salt which is good and useful, not Lot’s wife type salt. We are salt, but what kind will we be?
-14 Christ puts real light in his people. It may be a different type light but it’s a real thing.
-14 God’s people become more advanced and fortified than others to the point that they can’t be ignored.
-15 A candle naturally lights. If you are with Christ, you shall, no questions asks, and by nature, change the world, illuminating it out of dark into light.
-16 It’s not push or force your light to shine, it’s “let” it shine. Just follow your heart ye Christians. Don’t let the world choke out the desires of your heart. Be who you were born to be. Listen to the Holy Ghost. Put off the natural man and be who you were born to be. End every battle. Claim your land and family. Govern what is yours. No more place for the enemy of my soul. Whoso doth not hate father and mother for my sake is not worthy of me. You obey Christ above all. You do every good thing that comes to your mind. You waste not. You begin by casting the beam from your eye, and you do it now.
-16 “let” don’t worry of the world, be natural, for the world is not natural! You are with Jesus, so let it be! Do what your heart tells you! Do as you desire to do in the presence of Jesus, for verily ye Saints are to be in His presence!  Don’t go contrary to nature hiding this light Jesus has caused you to be.
-20 Obey the commandments or no entrance to heaven. The risen Lord saith this. This is the final word. Yes there is grace and you need it. But don’t think you can get out of obedience. Plea for grace to help you obey.
-22 Anger leads to great sins.
-25 Beware what you do in the heat of the moment.
-28 Romance with your wife only. Everyone else is to be your friend.
-32 The higher law.
-33-38 Live a standard so high that everything you say can be trusted, not needing to make oaths to show you mean what you say.
-39 Never fight back physically (unless life in peril or your families’ lives are in peril. See Alma 61:10, and Alma 43:47).
-40 Don’t care about material things. Show pure charity and it will cause others to change in the long run.
-41 See things you must do as an opportunity to serve. Prophets have said don’t worry about the need to do the mundane things in this life, Heavenly Father has ordained those to be a part of this life, and we can find joy in them, and ever thank God.
-41 Thus show that your friendliness and faithfulness are stronger than the cords of death.
-42 Be liberal with your possessions . Be like God treating people as your children.
-43-44 It’s time for you to grow up and be like Heavenly Father.
-44 Praying for someone also entails trying to find ways to serve them. It would be vain to ask God to do something we can do ourselves. So participate. Then you can tell God you have done all you can and plea for his help.
-45 Be kind to everyone. Heavenly Father is. Follow Him!
-46-48 Now it’s time for you to move on to perfection. You have been prepared, now lets see you act. Mortality is the time to act. You’ve spent eons in pre mortality getting ready for this. Yes you’ll bumble around and it will be ridiculous in some ways, and you won’t reach perfection in everything in this life, but you’re still expected to take up your cross and follow Jesus. Don’t get complacent about your weaknesses. We all have them, and they need attention unto elimination. And they can be eliminated. That is what faith in Christ is all about. It’s about our weaknesses being eliminated with our efforts and his help.

3 Nephi 13:
-1-6 But prophets have said we must pray and study scriptures so our children see from time to time that we do this. This is very different than going about seeking attention from society via your piety.
-6 Zero reason to do this for attention for that is not the program. Do it the Lord’s way, such is always best.
-7 Similar to how you would not do that in speaking of your earthly father.
-8 God is always aware of our needs.
-9-13 The Lord’s prayer is based on the golden rule. So we see this gospel is one of justice. Be just with people on your level (humans) and God will come to you in mercy. We must learn to live Celestial law to have capacity to live in the Celestial Kingdom (D&C 88:22).
-14-15 We are always in debt, so be kind to your debtors.
-21 What you do and seek shows who you are. Those can never be separated! This is a great key to dating and choosing your friends… what do they talk about?… It’s never by chance, it’s always revelatory. They can’t hide it anymore than the nose on their face.
-22-23 What you look at must have a very large role in who you become.
-22-23 Good and evil both have a growing effect. They compete, so kill one completely. No negotiating at the table of my enemy. No more place for the enemy of my soul.
-24 Ties back to the entire chapter it shows that you’ll have breakdowns if split between 2 ways. Chase 2 rabbits, and you’ll never get even one. Sooner or later, the chasm between the two ways becomes so wide that you can no longer straddle or even leap from side to side: you must choose a side. To try for both at any level is non-working.
-25, 27-32 Are all on rebuking us for our thoughts on clothes. At least 3 times it’s said. In this chapter Jesus spends more time rebuking clothing lust more often than food lust, so we conclude that clothing lust is a more prominent issue in our society than food lust.
-25 Remember these words rather than thinking about clothes and food. What are these words? They center on alliance to God via treating others nicely. Mercifully.
-26 You can spend your time remembering these words (the words of verse 25) and not on food and clothing because God gives you everything you need so far as all that is concerned. Your job is to go be nice. You’ll see more and more how clothes and food don’t matter. You can be plain in your dress and your diet, and focus on learning and serving.
-27 Your efforts of food and clothes won’t make you a better person (despite extra attention you may receive from a certain group in society who are likewise lost when it comes to their intrinsic self worth). There is no such thing as a better person! We are all equal (so don’t dress like your more decorative etc. than others! Such sends a message that you’re better than them!). God created us that way, and we can’t add to that. It  doesn’t need adding to! It’s fine! It’s divine! Supreme, wonderful, excellent, beautiful! To add to it is to say what God made is under par, and by definition that is not so! Yes the beauty of the earth is for raiment and to please the eye and gladden the heart (Alma 1:27, D&C 59:18) , but there is no need to be gaudy, and let this consume our self worth or our thoughts and time. It’s a small side show. It should not stand out in extremes. It should not define you. It should not be to the level of recognizing your for that trait, like “ah yes that person, the one who likes to wear such and such”. No, it’s better to be remembered as “ah yes that person, the one who makes me smile! Who encourages me to be my best!” So spend your time doing what God has asked, and that IS the golden rule: Get every human as blessed as you’d like to be. So excess food and clothing violates the golden rule. We must give our excess all to who have not. Does the government force us to do this? God forbid! It is a freewill offering, and always must remain so. Any other way takes away the refining aspects of it, and we don’t develop any further than we were before hand. So if your life goal is to have a life of luxury, you violate these words. One may say “but I earned this by my hard work”. I say, God gave you the brain and means for your success, you’ll be cursed if you heap it upon your own head, and blessed forever if you disperse it to those in need… even as God dispersed to you in your day of need, for we all begin at a time of need as babies who are totally dependent. If we come from a rich family, they at some point started out poor, and the need to give back remains.
-34 Worry of future clothes and food is an evil worry. Those are evil things, not what we should be spending our time thinking about. As each day that will come, you can think of the higher things of life. Yes we are wise and temperate and temporal in it’s time, and we are taught to have no debt and a year of food storage. But much more than this is vanity.

3 Nephi 14:
-6-7 It’s the askers whom will be the receivers.
-14 few find the right way (which leads to more life, as in the place where we can have eternal posterity, which is the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom, which is attained ONLY by temple marriage (D&C 131-132)) So beware the mindset that we can merely coast our way there… We need be on the good ship Zion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and fully participating therein according to all we are commanded there by our great head Jesus Christ. These are the revelations from Jesus Christ about the Eternal Kingdom of God. This life is temporary and fleeting, it’s THE time to prepare to meet God and Eternity and all that offers (Alma 34:32-41).
-21 As a people, we are more religious (charitable) by doctrine and action than we are ‘theological’. Aka we are more concerned about how we treat others than about weather we know every inch of doctrine in the Church. President Benson said there is more salvation in a barrel of wheat than in all the high flown theology. Christ said the main factor at the judgement bar will be weather we spent out time helping others (Matt. 25:31-46).

3 Nephi 15:
-LDS are not the only Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is Jehovah.
-4 the law is fulfilled
-8 although the law is fulfilled, the covenant isn’t over
-8 the covenant speaking here is the Abrahamic covenant, which Alma also had. In Genesis Abraham is given the press for renewing this covenant with his posterity hence we call it such. The Abrahamic covenant isn’t fulfilled as we here see, but it will be fulfilled in the last days.
-abrahamic covenant: 4 main points: posterity (Gen. 22:17); property (Gen. 17: 7-8); prosperity (Abr. 2:6,9); Priesthood (Abr. 2:9,11)
-in this chapter there are believing Gentiles, and unbelieving Gentiles.
-8 it’s not all done: “Abraham received a promise from the Lord that blessings would be offered to all of his mortal posterity… Although certain aspects of that covenant have already been fulfilled, many have not. The Book of Mormon teaches… that the Abrahamic covenant will be fulfilled only in the latter days! The Lord once again bestowed the Abrahamic covenant, this time upon the Prophet Joseph Smith.” (Elder Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, July 1999, p. 12.)
-18 Jesus says what His Father commands Him to say.
-18 When we are stubborn and disobedient and disbelieving, we get less revelations.
-21-23 cf. Matt 15:24 (Christ is only to go to Israelites in his mortal ministry) and Acts 13:46 (The Apostles go to the Gentiles). Here Christ says the Book of Mormon people’s are who Jesus was talking about when he said other sheep I have which are not of this fold whom shall hear my voice.
-22 Jews who became Christians would teach the Gentiles, for example Paul.

3 Nephi 16:
-1-3 Jesus visits many groups/nations after his resurrection. Cf. 2 Nephi 29:12-13 (Christ speaks to Jews, Nephites, other tribes of Israel, and all nations, each writes of it).
-4-5, 7, 11 This is the doctrine of the Fullness of the Gentiles
-4 speaks of the Book of Mormon being brought forth by Gentiles first, then they bring them to other groups (Scatered Israel, lost Jews, Nephites, Lamanites).
-4 the way he speaks of Gentiles in this case is that they are not from the tribe of Judah.
-4 purpose of Book of Mormon is to teach people of the Savior
-5 Gathering precedes fulfilling promised blessings
-we see this  4 fold pattern: 1. Gentiles (non-Jews) read BoM and believe. 2. Gentiles bring BoM/Gospel to scattered Israel. 3. Scattered Israel read BoM and believe. 4. Abrahamic Covenant fulfilled.
-5 the Latter-day believing Gentiles are LDS people. They live in fulfillment of the Savior’s promise in this verse.
-the times of the Gentiles is the same thing as the Fullness of the Gentiles see 1 Nephi 15:13.

3 Nephi 17:
-6-7 bowls filled with compassion toward you: this is because he has completed the Atonement.  Cf. Alma 7:11-12 shows Christ suffered not only for sins, but for sickness and infirmities. Here we see he goes on to bless the sick. Speaks of bowls being filled with mercy because of the Atonement. Christ knows what it’s like to be us in every way. Thus we also see that illness and sickness isn’t because of sin necessarily.
-“When Jesus took upon Himself the heavy, atoning yoke in order to redeem all mankind by paying the agonizing price for our sins… Jesus also volunteered to take upon Himself additional agony in order that He might experience and thus know certain things ‘according to the flesh,’ namely human sicknesses and infirmities and human griefs, including those not associated with sin. Therefore, as a result of His great Atonement, Jesus was filled with unique empathy and with perfect mercy.” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell,
Ensign, June 1996, p. 12.)
-succor has latin root meaning to rush to catch something and to put it back up
-4 Jesus leaves so he can go to the Father, and so he can visit the lost tribes of Israel.

3 Nephi 18:

-“As sacrifice was thus to cease with the occurrence of the great event toward which it pointed, there must needs be a new ordinance to replace it; an ordinance which also would center the attention of the saints on the infinite and eternal atonement. And so Jesus…initiated the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Sacrifice stopped and sacrament started… Sacrifice looked forward to the shed blood and bruised flesh of the Lamb of God. The sacrament was to be in remembrance of his spilt blood and broken flesh, the emblems, bread and wine, typifying such as completely as had the shedding of the blood of animals in their days.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:719-20.)
-“If you are a Church member who attends meetings regularly, and if you live a normal life span, you will probably renew the sacrament covenant more than 3,000 times before you die. That covenant must be highly important to the Lord or he would not ask us to repeat it so often. But if we make the same covenant that many times and then fail to keep it, what will he say to us when we meet him?” (Elder H. Verlan Andersen, New Era, Apr. 1989, p. 6.)
-“No man goes away from this Church and becomes an apostate in a week, nor in a month. It is a slow process. The one thing that would make for the safety of every man and woman would be to appear at the sacrament table every Sabbath day. We would not get very far away in one week — not so far away that, by the process of self-investigation, we could not rectify the wrongs we have done… The road to the sacrament table is the path of safety for the Latter-day Saints.” (Elder Melvin J. Ballard, Improvement Era, Oct. 1919, p. 1028.)
-Sacrament keeps you on track if you use it to repent each week and day etc.
-perhaps the LDS are so happy because they don’t have the weight of their sins because they take the true sacrament and such remits their sins.

-36-37 touching the disciples; the words then said are had in the Book of Mormon.
-perhaps Jesus gives the Nephites the Holy Ghost etc. by laying on of hands because he is renewing the Church from the Mosaic law to the gospel law.
-the NT says the ministers for Christ didn’t have the Holy Ghost until after Christ’s death (John 7:39) it comes at day of pentacost (Acts 2:1-4). Jewish disciples didn’t have the gift of the Holy Ghost before Christ’s death, the Nephites do have it before. Jewish disciples had the influence but not the gift of the Holy Ghost, but that was not universal, some did have those. Perhaps Jewish disciples didn’t have the gift of the Holy Ghost because Jesus was with them to guide them, Jesus being the second comforter.

3 Nephi 19:
2-3 between day 1 & 2. We see not everyone was there hearing the Savior teach on day one of his visit! Some missed out! So the Nephites there told others about it and told them to come. Cf. Ch 17 says how many were there.
-17-18 Jesus prays with the Nephites, very similar to intercessory prayer from the Jews, he is doing similar things. He TEACHES them in his prayer! Particularly about the Godhead.
-22 they pray to Jesus, we know prayer is a form of worship (Alma 33:3). They are allowed to pray to Jesus when he is with them. JS and Pres. Hinckley see D&C 109 they appear to pray to Jehovah; but some of those words are interchangeable, we are more precise about this now. Ref. of Hinckley so doing?
-23, 29 Jesus prays
-“Jesus was present before them as a symbol of the Father. Seeing him, it was as though they saw the Father; praying to him, it was as though they prayed to the Father. It was a special and unique situation that as far as we know has taken place only once on earth during all the long ages of the Lord’s hand-dealings with his children.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, The Promised Messiah, p. 561.)
-Jesus’ prayer shows exaltation: that he wants the same relationship he has with his father to be the same relationship he wants us to have with Christ.

3 Nephi 20-23 called the covenant discourse

3 Nephi 20:
-10 Jesus’ time with the Father we don’t know all what transpired, but here we learn Jesus is telling the rest of what the Father told him to tell the people.
-11-12 Abr. Cov. is about to be fulfilled when Isa.’s prophecies are fulfilled. So then Jesus quotes Isaiah.
-39-42=Isa. 52:1-15.
-What does Isa. prophecy about? More than anything else, it’s about the Scattering and the Gathering of Israel.
-11-12 11-12 Isa. speaks of Gathering of Israel, says then is the time it’s about to be fulfilled, SPIRITUAL GATHERING ALWAYS PRECEEDS PHYSICAL GATHERING.  With the physical gathering is when the biggest blessings, the fulfilling the covenant of Abraham type blessings, can come forth. Spiritual gathering is learning the doctrine and being baptized etc. Physical gathering ref.’s are Isa. 52:11-12; 3 Ne. 20:39-42; D&C 133:5,7,12-13.
-29-33 Gathering patturn; 2 Ne. 6:11; 2 Ne. 9:2: spiritual gathering precedes physical gathering.

3 Nephi 21:
-1-7 is one sentence, it speaks of a sign, and goes on several tangents weaving in and out of the SIGN that the Abrahamic covenant is about to be fulfilled.
-2 these things, the Book of Mormon, when this comes to the people, THAT’S THE SIGN that signals the the covenant of Abraham is about to be fulfilled.
-12-21=Micah 4:12-13; 5:7-15. Pertains to the unbelieving of the Gentiles, those who could accept the fullness of the gospel but don’t. He speaks bad things about this group.

3 Nephi 22:
-this is Isa. 54; cf. 3 Ne. 22:7-8
-the reference of multiple wives here can be symbolic. Cf. 3 Ne. 21:24.
-the marriage is of God and his covenant people, see Old Testament.
-the first wife being barren is without child, and desolate means away from her husband.
-recal Isa. oft teaches mostly of the gathering and scattering of Israel, so the desolate wife may be scattered Israel, and the other one the gathered Israel. Most scholars understand this Isa. chapter to mean barren wife is scattered Israel, and the married wife in the covenant with the Lord represents gathered Israel.
-the children could represent the blessings that come from being a part of the covenant relationship, AS THEY ALWAYS ARE!
-cf. Jer. 31:10
-1 more are the children of the desolate (WIFE)(the hebrew is clear that speaking of the desolate is referring to the wife, aka that part of Israel). The desolate wife can now sing because she is being gathered, the promise is made in this chapter that scattered Israel will be gathered.
-1 more children of the desolate wife than the other wife because most people are scattered, and when they are gathered they would be a large number of people. There is plenty of gathering to do!
-2-3 cf. Num. 4:5. The old tents were large to protect families from desert storms etc. Bedouins still use tents in the desert.
-3 they are to make place in the tent for not only all of scattered Israel, but also the Gentiles. In other words, Gentiles become Israelites through spiritual then physical gathering.
-13 cf. John 14:27. Peace is not merely of military means.
-9-13 Jesus corrects Nephi of not writing fulfillment of prophecy. See 20, 27 and 3 Ne. 8:23; see 21-24, 26 and 3 Ne. 8:19; see 29 and fulfillment not recorded.
-9-13 shows that Christ keeps His Church on track despite imperfections of humans.
-9-13 shows that the Lord fulfills his covenants; we have the scriptures as records showing the covenants of the Lord; show that prophecies are fulfilled. This is how we show that the covenant relationship the Lord has with his people is one in which he delivers upon his promises.
-9-13 keeping a journal can help us notice when we are wasting our time and inspire us to get into good things. The journal allows an overview, and such shows us details that we would otherwise miss in the day to day life reflections. You must do overview reflections from time to time.

3 Nephi 24
-ch 24-25 are quoting Malachi 3-4; the people of Lehi left Jerusalem before Malachi came, so Jesus had the people learn this telling them they need the writings of Malachi. Remember all prophets’ words are the words of the Lord Himself. Cf. 3 Ne. 26:2 saying that Jesus was commanded by Heavenly Father to give those people the same thing he told Malachi to write.
-Levites were temple workers: they did blood sacrifices therein. Here is the resurrected Savior quoting even after the day of the law of Moses. See also D&C reporting building of temples and

3 Nephi 25
-5-6  D&C 110:11-16 says which keys Moses had and which keys Elijah had.

3 Nephi 27:
-Jesus’ last day of physical visit to the Nephites
-cf. 3 Ne. 11:28 don’t dispute about doctrine, do what is revealed to the Church. D&C 115:4 shows the name of the Church is revealed. In 1996 or 97, the logo of the Church changed for many of the words being large, to how it now is, the name of Jesus Christ is in front in large letters.
-D&C 76:40 shows definition of gospel to be “glad tidings”. Euengelion is the greek word; eu means good, engelion means message, hence “the good message”. This chapter shows what the good news is.

3 Nephi 28:
– see 4 Ne. 1:14 fulfillment of the blessing
-the three Nephites who want to stay on earth and preach the gospel I say is because they were so overflowing with joy
-see John 21:20-22 says John won’t die
-see D&C 7:1-3 a fuller account of the conversation of John and Jesus of John getting translated.
-cf. Mormon 8:10-11 Mormon says he has seen the three Nephites as well as his father.

4 Nephi:
-3 zion society; cf. D&C 97:21 and Moses 7:18-19.  The pure in heart isn’t a definition of Zion, but it describes the people in Zion. Just like how the gospel is more than just good news. Hebrew word Zion means fortress.
-prophets have spoken often about Zion being prevented because of selfishness.


Mormon 1:
-2-4 Ammaron’s instructions. He says “these plates” which is the abridgment of the large plates of Nephi which he puts on the gold plates. Mormon takes the record which has been kept since the days of Nephi and he is to continue to record. Cf. mormon 2:17-18.
-Ammaron and Mormon’s relationship is one record keeper to another. The father of Mormon is Mormon (v5). The record is usually father to son but there is Alma to Helaman to Shiblon to Helamon (father to son to brother to nephue?). The message is is that record keeping is not always passed from father to son.
-we see from references that Mormon Sr. is not involved in the record keeping process; Ammaron must be in the record keeping line somehow. Ammaron must be related to Mormon.
-3 the hill Shim is where the records are kept up to this point.
-5 cf Alma 17:2 about the line of record keepers.
-15 this young lad was the best they had to keep the records
-15 Mormon saw Jesus; in Mormon 2:19 it says Mormon knows he will be saved; we see his Calling and Election is made sure. Also see 2 Ne. 2:3-4 may suggest that Jacob has his Calling and Election made sure also.
-as Mormon 2:19 suggests the calling and election made sure of young Mormon, perhaps this is to comfort him while he watches his nation gets destroyed among other things.

Mormon 2:
-12-13 reaction to sorrow; cf. 2 Cor. 7:9-10.
-13 a person may not always have happiness in sin, God won’t allow it. Perhaps someone thinks they are happy in sin, having some pleasure, but they can’t have lasting happiness in this way of life (Pres. Kimball speaks of this also).

Mormon 3:
-9-11 the refusal of Mormon to lead the people.  Cf. Alma 43:46-47. Seeking revenge rather than self defense is wrong. That’s what makes Mormon say that is it no more will I lead you. So good government is not trying to get revenge on others.
-16 the Lord is telling Moroni how to lead the military.
-16 Mormon isn’t just sitting back doing nothing, he is acting as a judge or witness for the people. The next several verses are about the doctrine of judgement.
-16 Mormon is a witness; he keeps records all of the time; this shows that he is thinking not of himself but of the next generations to come.
-16-18 cf. D&C 76:88; also see all who have stuardship will have part in the judgement process.  D&C 72:3 every steward must account. D&C 51:19 good stewards get eternal life.

Mormon 5:
-1-2 repent here must have particular meaning; it was not a sin for him to step back the Lord was involved in his so doing. Here repent should mean turn or change the mind. Why did he change his mind about leading the army? See Moroni 9:6 about the need to labor for others whom are wicked lest we be condemned… so Mormon feels love for the people and wants to call them to repentance so maybe one person will change. He is saying to himself “I’ve got to do SOMETHING!” So when everyone rejects you, keep serving them, keep trying to reach them.

Mormon 6:
-they gather for battle at Cumorah.
-6 the hill Cumorah becomes the new repository for keeping plates.
-6 this record is the abridgment of the large records of Nephi onto this record which is gold plates.
-6 here it describes that he is putting all the records into the hill cumorah, and that he takes the gold plates with him and goes elsewhere.
-6 the hill which Joseph Smith got the gold plates is not called the hill Cumorah until later in the church time when people assumed he was getting those plates from the hill Cumorah seen in the Book of Mormon text. In JSH 1:42, 50-51, it never says that the place Joseph gets the plates from is the hill Cumorah. Joseph calls it “the place” and a “hill”. It was the members of the church who conjured up the idea of where Joseph Smith got the plates from being called Cumorah.
-Also look at the Book of Mormon passages about record keeping places: Mormon 6:5-6 in 385 A.D. mormon gave gold plastes to Moroni and left other records at Cumorah. Then in Moroni 1:3 it’s 431 AD (36 years later filled with wandering around), Moroni finishes the Gold plates see Moroni 10:1. The hike from central America to New York could take decades. So we have Mormon’s Cumorah in Central America, and we have the place Moroni buried the Book of Mormon (which LDS people call the hill Cumorah) in New York. The distance between these two places is about 2,000 miles. Another idea is that Moroni could have just put the records in New York as a resurrected being. See this quote from a top BYU Book of Mormon geography scholar: “How did the plates get from the final battlefield near the ‘narrow neck of land’ to where Joseph Smith obtained them in New York? Here the Book of Mormon sheds no light. One obvious possibility is that Moroni himself may have carried the records to New York during his thirty-six years of wandering between the extermination of the Nephites and when he last wrote on the plates. Or he may have taken them there as a resurrected being. We only know that, whatever the means, in 1827 the plates were in the ‘hill of considerable size’ near young Joseph Smith’s home at Palmyra, New York, where Moroni delivered the sacred record to him.” (John L. Sorenson, BYU Professor, Ensign, Sept. 1984, p. 30.)
-10-15 Cumorah casualties is about 230,000 less 24 people. Also it could be somewhat less than 230000 since a 10000 group could be less than exactly 10000.
-19-20 Oh ye fair ones lost…
-10-15 the number of dead how big? Compare to these:
Pearl Harbor dead 2400
Sept. 11 dead 3000
D Day dead 4900
Gettysburg dead 7700
Hiroshima atomic bomb dead 140000
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami dead aprox. 300000.

Mormon 7:
-8-9 Mormon’s final testimony. Cf. 1 Ne. 13:38-39 the books establish each other. Cf. D&C 20:8-12 Book of Mormon proves that the scriptures are true.

Mormon 8-9 is written by Moroni.
-Words of Mormon 1:1-2 shows that Mormon told his son Moroni to write more of his people as well as to write of Christ.

Mormon 8:
-2, 7 Nephite destruction. Earlier Mormon wrote of all his people being hewn down besides 3 groups of others who were not. “Many Latter-day Saints will insist that every American of pre-Columbian descent must be a Lamanite because, forsooth, there were once Nephites and Lamanites, and the Nephites were destroyed. Yet the Book of Mormon itself makes such an interpretation impossible. The Nephites were destroyed… But what does the Book of Mormon mean by ‘destroyed’?… To destroy is to wreck the structure, not to annihilate the parts.” (Hugh W. Nibley, BYU Professor, Lehi in the Desert, p. 239.)
-end of 4 Ne. the Nephites and Lamanites are desendants of Nephi or Laman. By the end of the Book, the Nephites and Lamanites could be the people based on righteousness, so there is the door open for Nephi’s posterity remaining, except for the passage saying that Nephi foresaw the destruction of his people. Though there he could be referring to all those in his nation.
-1 Ne. 17:31-32 people being destroyed can mean they are no longer a certain nation, but that they are scattered. It doesn’t need to mean that every person is killed.
-35 Mormon has seen us of the latter-days. You don’t see this type of passage in the bible. John the revelator saw the future but Rev. 1 says that God had him writing such for the people of his own day. Cf. Words of Mormon 1:1-2 this record is that it perhaps may benefit us (whom have been seen by the authors of the book). Hence there is more emphasis on reading the Book of Mormon than the Bible.
-36-40 it’s like Gaston in the Disney show the proud guy. In Mormon 9:1  he switches gears and begins to speak to future generations who don’t believe in Christ, so ch.8 is about the people who profess a belief in Christ. So ch.8 is about the LDS Church and others who believe in Christ. The book is for our times not just Church members! Recall to ask yourself Lord, is it I?

Mormon 9:
-1 he switches gears and begins to speak to future generations who don’t believe in Christ, (so ch.8 is about the people who profess a belief in Christ. So ch.8 is about the LDS Church. )
-19-20 perhaps this edited book, this Book of Mormon
-sacred things usually keep to yourself D&C 84:73; and D&C 63:64; and Alma 12:9.
-in response to the question of why the Apostles don’t always talk in General Conference about miracles happening in their lives, “In bearing testimonies and in our public addresses we rarely mention our most miraculous experiences… We usually just affirm our testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and give few details on how we obtained it. Why is this?… It is usually inappropriate to recite miraculous circumstances to a general audience that includes people with very different levels of spiritual maturity. To a general audience, miracles will be faith-reinforcing for some but an inappropriate sign for others.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, June 2001, p. 10.)
-General Authorities speaking to smaller faithful groups will speak of more sacred things than when they speak to the Church as a whole; BYU professor Judd attests to that.
-31 we must learn much from bad examples like how we learn from good examples.
-32-33 gold plates language; cf. 1 Ne. 1:2; cf. Mosiah 1:3-4.
-Egyptian is somewhat ambiguous being a pictorial language unlike Hebrew, so it’s a good thing that God translated the Book of Mormon (which was in reformed Egyptian to save space on the plates) and not scholars.


Ether 1:
-tower of Babel time;  cf. Gen. 11:1, 4, 6-9; this is about 2500 B.C., an estimate of the time of the tower of Babel. The Jaredites civilization is about the same time period. Implications of building a tower to get to heaven, these Zigorat towers in mesopotamia were often religious structures like temples, trying to access the divine. They want to access a name the temple says; the temples of mesopotamia wanted access to God by the name of God; a pseudo structure to reach God, and unauthorized temple, trying to get God’s name so they can have God’s power. Ether 1-6
“Nimrod built the tower of Babel…in an attempt to contact heaven… The impetus in building this temple was to make themselves a name. In other words, Nimrod was proposing that they build a temple to receive the name of God without making eternal covenants … In Babylonian or Akkadian, the meaning [of the word Babel] was ‘gate of God.’ Nimrod and his people were building their own temple, their gate to heaven, without divine approval or priesthood keys.” (David R. Seely, BYU Professor, Ensign, Feb. 1994, p. 60.)
-The Talmud has ancient Rabi sources which speak more details of the tower of Babel.
-That Nimrod oversaw the tower building is from a source not in the scriptures. It’s Nimrod the mighty hunter they speak of.
-ancient societies thought that God was up there were the clouds are.

Ether 2:
-13 cf Alma 8:5 they named places after people usually (this is common in ancient and modern world), here the name is Moriancumer.
-Mahonri Moriancumer is the name of the brother of Jared. “While residing at Kirtland, Elder Reynolds Cahoon had a son born to him. One day when President Joseph Smith was passing his door he called the Prophet in and asked him to bless and name the baby. Joseph did so and gave the boy the name of Mahonri Moriancumer. When he had finished the blessing, he laid the child on the bed, and turning to Elder Cahoon he said, the name I have given your son is the name of the Brother of Jared; the Lord has just shown or revealed it to me.” (Elder George Reynolds, The Juvenile Instructor 27, 15 April 1892, p. 282.)
-2-3 the text seems to say they brought live birds fish and bees. This could give them oil wax bones eggs meat etc.
-14 the length of time he didn’t call upon the Lord is unknown; same with the amount of time he was being chastened. “When we face an unknown wilderness or a strange sea, which may for us be a move to a new place or mortal sickness in a loved one, our hearts soften and we beg for blessings and weep when they’re given. But when it’s harder to see the needs or the blessings — when our tents are pitched — it’s easy to forget the Master and think more of the part our own courage and exertions may have contributed.” (Elder Henry B. Eyring, Ensign, July 1978, p. 64.)
“The Lord is truly there to chastise those whom He loves, including the spiritually preeminent. The Brother of Jared for too long had failed to pray. Even the good can become careless without the Lord’s being there to chasten. Later, the chastened Brother of Jared saw Christ!” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, Nov. 1987, p. 31.)
-solving important problems: verse 19 shows a problem of 3 problems. Then come resolutions: 1. 20-21, 2. 22-23, 3. 24-25. So it’s thus: 1. you fix it this way. 2. you choose the way, but don’t do this or that. 3. I will take care of it for you
-“The brother of Jared faced the problem of illumination in the closed vessels his people had constructed. He sought to have the Lord solve the problem. The Lord put the problem back in his lap… The brother of Jared ventured on the solution of the problem by molting 16 transparent stones. Then, with great faith, he asked the Lord to touch these stones with His finger… His prayer was answered. The problem was solved by the initiative of a faithful person and the blessings and power of God.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, New Era, Aug. 1985, p. 6.)
“Faith is vital, but it must be accompanied by the personal work appropriate to the task. Only then do we qualify for the blessing.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, Oct. 1994, p. 17.)

Ether 3:
-6-8 he learns that God has a body; 2 Ne. 28:30 God teaches us line upon line. Even great prophets of the Lord must continue to learn and progress, we are all on that path.
-Here is the spirit of Jesus Christ shown to the brother of Jared, he thinks it’s a flesh and blood body, God corrects him and tells him that it’s his spirit body which looks like his flesh and blood body.
-“The brother of Jared was… permitted to behold the spirit-body of the foreordained Savior, prior to His incarnation; and so like the body of a man was His spirit in form and appearance that the prophet thought he was gazing upon a being of flesh and blood. He first saw the finger and then the entire body of the Lord — all in the spirit.” (President Joseph F. Smith, Improvement Era 13/1, Nov. 1909, p. 78.)
“[1] Perhaps the Lord never revealed his complete bodily image to any prophet before the brother of Jared… [2] Perhaps this was the first time Jehovah had said to a prophet, ‘…I am Jesus Christ…’ Surely this ‘showed’ Jehovah to be much more than was traditionally understood… [3] Perhaps no prophet before the brother of Jared has ever, by the sheer impact of his faith alone, burst through the veil without invitation. In that sense, the Lord would be saying, ‘Never have I showed myself unto man in this manner.’ ” (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Ensign, Apr. 1974, p. 18.)
-25 vision of all history and future of earth; 2 Ne. 27:7 is a reference to the sealed portion of the gold plates; Ether 4:4-5 he is commanded to seal this vision record. Others who have seen this vision: 1 Ne. 14:24, 27, 26; Moses 1:7-8.
“Similar visions were granted to (1) the brother of Jared, to (2) Nephi and to (3) John the Beloved, each of whom wrote concerning the history of the inhabitants of the earth to the end of time.” (President Joseph Fielding Smith, The Progress of Man, pp. 199-200.)

“When Moroni made his abridgment of the record of Ether, he copied on his record the vision of the brother of Jared. At the command of the Lord, however, Moroni also sealed up the greater things in this vision… So we today do not have the fulness of the account written and sealed up by the brother of Jared and again sealed by Moroni. This part of the record the Prophet Joseph Smith was forbidden to translate.” (President Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions, 1:181.)
-what do with the vision of all? Some asked to seal it, some to not write it, etc. Nephi was to write part of it in 1 Ne. 11-15 and seal the rest of it.
See 1 Ne. 14:24-25; see Rev. 1:11, 22:10. John the revelator doesn’t seal his record of this it’s in the book of Revelation. The brother of Jared was to write it and put it away. Perhaps it was longer, more detailed, and in plainer language than the book of Revelation.

Ether 5:
-1 Moroni talking to Joseph Smith saying he told Joseph Smith sealed things, but not to contain such sealed portion in his translation see also 2 Ne. 27:21 again speaking directly to the translator Joseph Smith saying don’t touch the sealed portion.
“In the course of the work of translation, we ascertained that three special witnesses were to be provided by the Lord, to whom He would grant that they should see the plates from which this work (the Book of Mormon) should be translated; and that these witnesses should bear record of the same as will be found recorded… After we had made this discovery, it occurred to Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris…that they would have me inquire of the Lord to know if they might not obtain of him the privilege to be these three special witnesses; and finally they became so very solicitous, and urged me so much to inquire that at length I complied.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 1:52-53.)
“Father, mother, you do not know how happy I am: the Lord has now caused the plates to be shown to three more besides myself. They have seen an angel, who has testified to them, and they will have to bear witness to the truth of what I have said, for now they know for themselves, that I do not go about to deceive the people, and I feel as if I was relieved of a burden which was almost too heavy for me to bear, and it rejoices my soul, that I am not any longer to be entirely alone in the world.” (Lucy Mack Smith, mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith, History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, p. 152.)
“The testimony of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon stands forth in great strength. Each of the three had ample reason and opportunity to renounce his testimony if it had been false… Because of disagreements or jealousies involving other leaders of the Church, each one of these three witnesses was excommunicated from The Church… Yet to the end of their lives…not one of these witnesses deviated from his published testimony or said anything that cast any shadow on its truthfulness.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, May 1999, p. 36.)

Ether 6:
-Monarchy brings captivity; this warning is given, and they still choose monarchy, and we see captivity time and again. Some captivity is house arrest (in the royal compound at times) this seems to be the case here.

Ether 7:
-Jared prophecies that there would be kings. The fulfillment of this is King Corihor. See also Mosiah 29:13, 16-17; see also Mosiah 28: 17-18.
-23-24 it seems here that the people mocked the prophets, not necessarily killed them- so it doesn’t take killing a prophet to bring destruction upon people.
-“How we respond to the words of the living prophet when he tells us what we need to know, but would rather not hear, is a test of our faithfulness.” (President Ezra Taft Benson, Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 140.)

Ether 8:
-23 this war is what happens to people who let secret combinations run them.
-7-10 about lust and desire for political power: Matt 6:19-21 where your treasure is there is your heart; D&C 121:34-35 aspiring to the honors of men
-when your heart is set on something wrong, it leads you down the wrong path; in other words, when you want bad, it seems to come to you even more than if you don’t want it.
“Tell me what you think about when you do not have to think, and I will tell you what you are.” (President David O. McKay, Gospel Ideals, p. 401.)

Ether 9:
-the prophets say they’ll be destroyed with famine if they don’t repent, this happens.  Destroyed here is another example, scattering them. Destroying their civilization.

Ether 10:

Ether 11:


Moroni 4:
-2; 5:1; cf. Alma 55:30-32. The Old Testament makes a distinction between wine and strong drink. The Law of Moses discouraged these, especially the strong drink and drunkenness.
-prayer over bread we witness we are willing, then prayer over water we witness we will do things. If we willingly do something, we do it with a good attitude.

Moroni 7:
-teachings from his father Mormon
-6, 9 if you have a bad attitude your service may benefit others but it won’t benefit yourself. Go with a bad attitude trying to change it and it’s not hypocrisy. Hipocrisy seems like doing actions to fool people.  Recal the parable: one said no then obeyed, the other said yes and didn’t obey.  The good was the one who did the service. The pharmacies spoke of good but did no good. See Ballard Judd’s quote for around Moroni acting ilke what you want to be till you become it. Hipocracy is not this, but is a person who doesn’t want to become good, but wants the rewards for being good without really being good. See also Christ saying let this pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt.
-15 you have the endowment of being able to choose. You have the tools to do it.
-41 Eternal Life is what we hope for. This gospel of Jesus Christ thing really does work.

Moroni 8:
-letters from his father Mormon
-27 the primary cause of destruction is pride. 1 Ne. 12:19 Nephi sees the future that the pride destroys them; D&C 38:39 Lord tells Joseph Smith not to be proud or you’ll be destroyed like the Nephites.

Moroni 9:
letter from his father Mormon

Moroni 10:
-continue to pray to God sincerely for a spiritual understanding of the principals and doctrines which the prophets speak.
-knowing something is true is a precious and rare thing.
-17 severally means several, means each person has more than one spiritual gift.
Also it’s according as “he” will. Who is he? 1 Cor. 12:4, 11, the “he” in Greek refers to The Spirit, not the person seeking the gift. Then why ask for gifts? It’s going through the process of making our will one with the will of God. Then we become united and we seek after the same kinds of things that the spirit wants to give to us because we are united in the same things. Our desires line up with Gods’ desires. We begin to aim towards such.  D&C 46:8-9 Spiritual gifts are for commandment keepers, and “those who seek so to do”, the imperfect people who are trying to do good.