The Mortal Messiah by Bruce R McConkie Volume 2

The Mortal Messiah by Bruce R McConkie Volume 2

-it’s the enmity we have for what the world likes that makes us saints (somewhere in 2nd half of the book I think).

-who tries to kill and who successfully kills are equally as guilty, it’s the heart that counts.

-Mote in eye is referring to the LDS

-Have we not cast out many devils in thy name and in thy name performed many miracles? Depart, I never knew you, you never knew me. This is directed to LDS Priesthood holders.

-many who have part of the gospel in other churches have that satisfy their innate desire to worship and when they hear about what we have to say they ask why we say such silly things and claim they have enough with what they have. This is not good. They are not following Jesus Christ all the way.

-we are to have put upon us Christlike attributes during mortality to qualify to live with Christ in Eternity. This is the life where we are charged with the developments of those attributes, and if we don’t complete this task while in mortality, we will have revoked privileges in the life to come. 

-woman washing Jesus’ feet in Simons home was not then forgiven but earlier forgiven, she was baptized and used to be a sinner but now a Saint.

Jesus taught Simon in the occurrence that his supposed righteousness was of naught, he taught in that way that Pharacies thought that 2 way in debt people one who owed more would love the forgiver more when in reality both would love him tons. Simon understood this though and it got the message through to him. *I see Jesus witnessed of his divinity in this, showing that he himself was the forgiver of sin in that he rebuked Simon for his treatment toward him and praised the womans treatment of him. Guests uninvited could follow the invited guests in and not get kicked out in that day.

-Jesus taught that there was no more middle ground, that who does not keep the commandments he taught, is his enemy and is against him.

-Jesus chose his intimates very carefully.

-those who don’t gather with jesus by their indifference and indecision scatter abroad.

-Jesus preached hard doctrine, that you don’t have to do evil to be cursed, that the thought or the word of evil brings it, for these prove the heart.

-Jesus didn’t give huge signs to unbelievers, such is for who have faith, and agency must be respected. Besides he had done many miracles from heaven. Also, the one big sign he gives, and the only one, is the sign of the prophet Jonas, that he would rise from the dead. Also, the creation bares witness of the creator.