The Mortal Messiah by Bruce R McConkie Volume 4

The Mortal Messiah by Bruce R McConkie Volume 4

-In majestic silence Jesus listened to the charges against him and as each of their poisoned arrows hit the floor not hurting him as though they were fended off by his white shield of purity, the people began to fear, and to feel as though he were the judge and they the guilty, and as though their whole plot to kill him was about to fall apart.

-They tried to convince the Romans that Jesus was a lunatic that would lead the ignorant masses to rise against the government.

They asked Jesus art thou the king of the Jews? He said “I am”. He was saying that he is Jehovah, the great “I AM”. They knew it, and shouted that he blasphemed even then and there. At that moment the thunder bolted mightier than it did from Mt. Sinai, but they heard it not. They sought all the more to destroy him.

-Who have talents but never use those divine endowments of talents become as though they never had talents.

-Judas sold his own soul when he sold Jesus Christ.

Satan always has an excuse for wickedness even the murder of God.

-Jews would ponder religious sayings morning midday and night seven days a week. They were familiar with the teachings of Jesus, but even the twelve Apostles needed more teaching about the Atonement which Christ gave them.

-The people Judas sold Jesus to were Satanists.

-All the evil men put aside their differences in their common hatred of Jesus Christ and worked together to plot the murder of Jesus.

-Jesus lived as a servant and was sold for the price of a slave.

-The buyers who bought Jesus from Judas used the temple money to do so, that money which was originally designed for the purchase of sacrifice for the temple.

-Satan can have no power over human souls unless they hearken to him.

-Judas became carnal sensual and devilish by choice.

-Judas is no different than the millions of sinners that went before him and the billions that came after him.

-Judas stands out for he just so happened to be doing his crimes with God, but recall all the evil are in trouble, for God says “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these thy brethren thou hast done it unto me.”

-It is sad to contemplate how many Judases there really are among the sons of men.

-Judas may have tried to justify his evil action by reasoning that all the supposed high priests thought it ok and endorsed it.

-At the trial of Jesus, the false high priest rent his garment in anger in front of the true High Priest who stood there in majestic silence.

-Judas may have thought of how Jesus said he was going to die anyway so I may as well make some money out of it.

-The person who made the table ready for the Passover that Jesus and his Apostles used knew by some means that they wanted it.

All accountable men can’t be saved without baptism and the sacrament; it’s with these things that Jesus began (with baptism) and ended (with the sacrament) his ministry.

-Today we keep the passover with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

-Judas was more of a Pharacy than a Christian, he always sought position.

-Judas set the standard for all traitors to rally around.

Self condemning humility is better than self gratifying pride.

Melchizedek broke bread and blessed it prefiguring the sacrament, as did others. These were different than normal meals with prayer on the food, it was an ordinance of remembering Jesus Christ loaded with symbolism power and significance.

-Jesus condemned those who do more or less than what he instructed when it comes to the ordinance of the sacrament. Many in Christendom do more or less.

-It’s as easy to believe there is a God the Son as it is to believe that there is a God the Father.

-Christ said in his fathers house there are many mansions, “were it not so I would have told you.” This is to say that it is obvious that there must be different rewards and punishments for those who live varying degrees of righteousness or wickedness. That is natural and reasonable, and were it otherwise, he would have told us so. (*This is comforting doctrine.)

-The Father and the Son eat and digest food and are only in one place at a time for they have bodies (*the influence of them is in all places though).

-The Father is manifesting himself to the world via the Son Jesus Christ, whom is totally like him. Were the Father on the earth he would say and do the EXACT same things as the Son says and does.

-We pray in the name of Christ for that is the name we took upon ourselves at baptism.

-The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth, Jesus Christ is also the Spirit of Truth.

-(*I see we can ever chip away at the block between you we are and who Christ The Spirit of Truth is.)

-When man has been proved throughly by the Lord and the Lord sees the man is willing to serve him at all hazards then the man will find his calling and election made sure and will be visited from time to time by Jesus Christ himself and even he will manifest the Father unto him and the Lord will teach him face to face and will understand all the mysteries of the kingdom. This was the status of the ancients at the city of Enoch and all the members of the Church of the Firstborn.

-Only who have the Holy Ghost know the peace Jesus referred to when he said peace I give unto you not as the world giveth give I unto you.

Heavenly Father worked out his salvation with fear and trembling so Jesus must (*And so we are now called to and must do!)

-Heavenly Father always will be the God and Ruler of the Son (Jesus Christ). He always has more than the Son but the Son always inherits all he has.

-If love is in us, God dwells in us and his love is perfected in us (this does not mean that God physically lives in us, he can’t do that since he has a body like any other person. But his influence and characteristics dwell in us in this instance.)

-Having love in us is what makes us bold at the judgement of God.

-Faith is the ultimate supreme ruling force of the universe. It governs big and small.

-The Lord reciprocates the love his children give him. Who love him get special grace, for they are on the path of becoming like him.

-The greater the obedience the greater the love.

-Heavenly Father loves The Son for he obeys him. It is the same way with us and Jesus. When we obey Jesus that is what makes Jesus love us.

-True ministers do not appoint themselves, but are appointed by Christ. This applies to Elders as well. Those who are not appointed by Christ may do preparatory work among the people, but the only people with the keys and powers to bring others to heaven, who have access to the ordinances needed to dwell with God the Father. The called are those whose fruit remains. They are the ones who if they ask anything of God it will be given them. They show they are true by their love.

-The world loves their own and hates the Saints. It can’t be any other way.

-Who is loved by the world is an enemy to God.

-If Christ is persecuted surely his followers will be.

-Everywhere those who persecute the Saints are rejecting the living Christ dispute professed belief in Christ.

-Those who saw Christ and rejected him are damned because they reject the sun at noon day and choose to walk in darkness.

-The faithful raise their voices in the congregations of the wicked for they must be witnesses for God.

Sincerity has nothing to do with salvation some are sincere about evil and even lay their lives down for it but it does them no good.

-When you get the Spirit so you say what God reveals to you your teachings will do as Christ’s did they will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgement.

-It is sin to be rejecting Jesus and the message of testimony of him by his servants declaring his divinity. They will be convicted of false judgement by rejecting your testimony against the false religions of the day and choosing to follow Satan.

-The Apostles knew ten thousand times more than the Pharacies then the Apostles got the Holy Ghost and learning really went up at that point, they learn how God came to be, how creation occurs, of man’s being, and of things in the ciboria heavens.

-True seekers of truth get revelation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth and they get a witness of it’s doctrines.

-The Holy Ghost teaches what he has heard from The Father and The Son for he is with them and is one with them in purpose. He knows all things.

-Christ said eventually his people would not have to have him pray for them as they got the Holy Ghost so that they themselves could boldly approach the throne of grace.

-Eternal Life is the greatest gift a mortal or God could hope for. Christ prayed for it while he walked the earth, and he is a God.

-Eternal Life if to live as God and we cannot live as God unless we create as he creates, and have eternal posterity as he has, and have spirit children as he has.

-When Jesus’ work in life was over he prayed to have the glory that once was his in premortality. Similarly Adam and other righteous Saints of God will get the glory they once had in premarital life as they complete their work here.

-Sinners hate the righteous because they are righteous. They love sinners.

Leaving the world and clinging to good is the definition of overcoming the world.

-In the exact same way as how Father sent Christ, so did Christ send the Apostles. As Christ is in the Father, so are the Twelve Apostles in Christ, and the Saints are in the Twelve Apostles. Christ does as he sees the Father do. The Twelve Apostles do as they see Christ do. The Saints do as they see the Twelve Apostles do.

-The unity of the Saints, hence, is one of the greatest witnesses of Christ’s divinity!

-Christ asks the Saints to reign with him for they are as he is and he is as the Father.

-The higher one stands in the higharchy of righteousness the more his faith will be tried. Peter for example, got the most trying of the people in his day.

-Some Apostles were able to see some things that others were not able to see, this is illustrated by how only three of the Apostles went with Christ to the Mount of Transfiguration.

-At the time of Christ’s death, Peter had done much, but had not yet put off the natural man and put on Christ and become submissive to God as a child is to his father.

-The Garden of Gethsemane was the Second Garden of Eden where Christ the Second Adam paid the price for Adam’s acts and gained salvation.

-The Fall of Adam was essential for the salvation of man just like The Atonement of Christ. These two acts were a joint enterprise.

-Adam is likely the angel that came and comforted Christ in Gethsemane.

-Even in our purest moment we can’t begin to pretend to understand the suffering of Christ.

-In Gethsemane, Christ faught a silent battle for eternity‘s sake.

-Let God be praised that Adam fell and that Christ ransomed us from that.

-It was probably 600 people that came to arrest Jesus at Gethsemane. It was a big task to “do away with him at last.”

-The Greek text of the New Testament (the language it was originally written in) conveys that Judas not only kissed Christ but kissed him profusely to make it clear who Jesus was. This makes the betrayal all the more evil.

-Jesus asked those who came to arrest him whom they sought. They said Jesus of Nazareth. He said I am he. These men were affected by his presence in such a way that they, who faught criminals without fear, now fell to their backs with fear being in front of something so pure.

-We can hardly count the times Jesus says these rulers are hypocrites and liars only fit for the fires of Gahanna.

-After counciling with Satan whose servants they were, the people got false witnesses against Jesus for the trial. They said he said he would tare down the temple and build it again in three days, but he never claimed such. He was referring to his body not the temple of stone.

-To the false witnesses and the people who got them, the command thundering from Mount Sinai that thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor was like alien gibberish to them.

Gospel truth is taught by testimony. The spiritually alive believe, the spiritually sick question, and the spiritually dead deny and reject.

-They asked Jesus “art thou the Christ?” He said “I am”. They knew that he was saying “I am Jehovah.” They all understood this.

-Pilot always was an evil man. Only an evil man whose conscious was seared would shed the blood of an innocent man.

-Crucifixion was the worst of all deaths more so than fire.

-For many Jesus had words of teaching, for many he had words of rebuke, but for Herod the “fox” he had only silence.

-Barabas’ name means ‘son of the father’. He is antichrist.

-Barabas was a murderer, and by choosing him over Christ, the people became murderers.

-Christ taught the people to give to Cesar what was Cesars, but they still accused him of rising against the government.

-Guilt yeilds cowerdice, and cowerdice weakness.

-Pilot knew Jesus was innocent of Jewish and Roman law. He tried to let him go.

-They people said Christ’s blood be upon us and our children; indeed it has been and many Jews have been crucified.

-They said we have only one king, Cesar. Indeed, and they were persecuted by that king for they forced their true king Jesus Christ to death.

The whip had bone and lead in it. The person was often hit in the face in the whipping. At times it made the person faint, at times it made the person die.

-When the account says Judas repented it means he felt remorse but not godly sorrow. Not desire to be good, but sorrow for the consequences he must face from his evil deed.

-When great crime is committed, light is shined in the conscience making an awful glare. Hence Judas tried to change things aftermath.

-Judas did not enjoy his thirty pieces of silver he sold his soul for. This is similar to what has happened with others historically who have sold their souls to the devil.

-When Christ said “forgive them for they know not what they do”, he was referring only to the soldiers who were just doing their duty for the country by putting him on the cross.

-Jesus taught now they were now going to be saved by the temple of his body.

-Lucifer said to Jesus to cast himself down from the pinnacle of the temple, tempting him saying if you are God do this. Similarly, by the voice of Lucifer or the voice of his servants it is the same, the people jested with Christ saying if you are God cast yourself down from this cross.

-To the man on the cross when Jesus said today you shall be with me in paradise, the Joseph Smith translation says “this day you shall be with me in the world of spirits” where you can learn of me and find opportunity for progression for penitent sinners who did not have the chance to hear of the gospel in this life. How many millions have died without learning of Christ whom is the only way to salvation! This is for those who have not heard. Those who have heard have had their chance. The chance is this life.

-The three hours of darkness on the cross may have been a time where the suffering of Gethsemane intensified, occurring again but in a more profound pain.

-On the cross Jesus asked “my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” God withdrew his spirit from his Son Christ so that Christ could conquer all things alone. (*I see how it’s good that Christ knows what it’s like to wonder where God is in life, and he can thus relate with us perfectly!)

At a birth, blood water and spirit is involved. This is to remind us that the same way we came into the world is the way we will need to enter the world of the Kingdom of Heaven, by blood water and spirit. By water we are baptized, by the blood of Christ we are redeemed, by the Spirit of God we are sealed to heaven. Similarly, when Christ was pierced and blood and water came out of him, this was to remind us of the requirements of salvation, the requirements that we live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Jesus ministered on the cross. Once dead, he ministered in the world of Spirits.

-Those who reject the gospel in this life may inherit the terrestrial kingdom in the next life, but not the celestial highest kingdom. They had their chance for that.

-Even David of old will not remain in hell forever. (*The author refers to how he will get a kingdom though not the celestial.)

-When Christ came to the world of Sprits in the three days of his body being in the tomb, all the righteous of the ages of the earth, all the prophets from the past in the Book of Mormon and bible etc, gathered and kneeled before him and shouted Hosannahs to him!

-In the world of Spirits we no longer grow weary or inattentive.

-The Greek text suggests that Mary may have been instructed to not hold or embrace him when he appeared to her and said “touch me not” as we see in our text. We know that Jesus let other women touch his feet from another account. Some render the translation as that Mary was already embracing Christ, and he was telling here merely to not continue to hold him. This is so because a resurrected being can’t interact with a mortal in the same way a mortal can interact with a mortal.

16 cities in the Americas were destroyed to hide their wickedness from before the face of the Lord when he visited them as a resurrected being in The Book of Mormon account.

-The most plain and simple summary of Jesus’ teachings is in The Book of Mormon when Jesus teaches the people of ancient America as a resurrected being.

-Jesus has a perfected palace where he will live everlastingly (*From what I gather this is referring to the body Jesus now possesses. A closer look at the text should make it obvious.)

-Jesus inherits worlds without end into his power.

If Christ is divine then the only way to be saved is through him (*for such he said).

Proof of his divinity is the resurrection.

Jesus’ spirit went back into his body we know not how anymore than we know about how creation began or when God’s came to be.

Ministering to women is just as important as ministering to men as all are equal in the eyes of God.

-For three hours while Christ was on the cross there was earthquake and darkness.

-Jesus commended his own life, and did not linger on the cross alive as many do. This showed that he had power over his own life. No one could take it from him. He gave it up freely (*for such was the price for salvation of mankind that had to be paid.)

-The Book of Mormon will be the means of gathering the Gentiles in the last days.

-Abrahamic Covenant is filled in Eternal Marriage.

-America with it’s constitution is such for to prepare the way for the Book of Mormon; this so the Covenant of Abraham may be fulfilled.

-Who walk mournfully before the Lord will be greatly blessed more so than those who are proud.

-The Book of Mormon is the milk of the gospel; the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon which we don’t have because of our unbelief is the meat of the gospel. We must receive the milk before we can handle the meat.

-Those who accept the Book of Mormon get the sealed portion thereof, those who reject the Book of Mormon do so unto their condemnation.

-After Christ for several hundred years the people of America had the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon but it was taken from them as they fell back into wickedness.

We are called by the name of Christ here and in the hereafter. So, we are called the family of Christ. Therein that people have revelation.

-The church of a man has no power to resurrect the body or to create Celestial realms where the exhausted may dwell. Only the Church of Christ may do that.

-Those of Paul or this or that other person receive the telestial kingdom because they rejected the true gospel and the true Church.

Virtue shines from the faces of those the true Saints. They heal the sick and raise the dead (*See LDS history to see of several of such accounts ie Lorenzo Snow).

-The Son did not come up with the Plan of Salvation. He carried out the Plan which his Father designed.

-Those who start on the path of salvation but don’t continue thereon shall be hewn down and cast into the fire they are damned.

-Who put precedence to money before the Kingdom of God, setting aside the Kingdom for the coin, are selling the Christ for gold and loose their souls.

-All must die, man plant and animal none exempt, hence the Three Nephites and the translated beings also die, but they do not taste of death, they are immediately resurrected. All those who die with hope in Christ do not taste the sting of death like the wicked do.

-In the Millennium there will be no sorrow for there will be no death.

-No man with the spirit of God can read the Book of Mormon and not feel that it is of God.

-3 Nephi 28:10 is the last thing we have on record of Jesus teaching the Nephite people in the Book of Mormon and it is the most important doctrine ever, that those who live the gospel become as God.

-There are few people like Enoch who brake the bands and see things of eternity which we see not now.

-Those who have not learned arithmetics can scarcely understand calculus.

-Christ made himself of no reputation, but now is exhausted.

-Christ stepped down from a throne of eternal power to come to earth.

Prophets long prayed for the restoration of the Kingdom of God. The Book of Mormon coming forth is the sign that that Kingdom is commenced again, and the gathering of people thereunto.

The reason more people don’t see God is because they don’t obey the principals required therefore.

-We can be as close to Christ as John was when he leaned on the breast of Christ at Passover, and that especially so during prayer.

-Those who lay up treasures in heaven shall be able to abide the day of Christ’s coming.

-Those who think all of the gospel is figurative are no different than the Saducees, they believed not angels, Christ, or in the afterlife (Christ condemned them).

-As we get a testimony of the divinity of Christ we look forward to the time of his Second Coming.

We are in a better position to read the signs of the times than were our brethren of the time of the mortal ministry of Christ.

Christ’s greatest miracles were those of healing the spiritually wounded, of raising the spiritually dead to life.

Receiving Christ is joining with the Saints and gathering to Israel.

-The unprepared have no promise.

-Christ chose his close friends by those who would do what he said.

-In the spirit world the ungodly did not see or hear Christ’s face and voice. So shall it be at the time of the Second Coming of Christ.

The test of mortality is to see if we will believe the truth as it is preached to us. Those who believe the truth are saved, those who believe a lie are damned.

-We must believe the things that Christ believed, such as how he was sent to us from his Father, etc. We must have no reservation about this.

No one applies eternal truth in his life until he knows it is true.

-We can’t just believe; Christ commanded all to give reason to others for the reason of the hope that is in them.

Declare these things boldly, for they are true even as God is true.

-There has been a famine for the word of God, now not so, all may come and drink.

-The Millennial day is upon us (*aka it is soon to come).

-The ancient powers are now restored, signs and gifts are not present as in olden times.

-Once again the Kingdom has been set up on earth in all it’s beauty.

-It’s ministrants of men and women go now to proclaim it as did their counterparts of old.

-We call out as if in the wilderness to the people to come and be saved. Quench the thirst of your soul.

-Our voice is one of joy gladness and melody; God has given again the fullness of the everlasting gospel, priesthood and keys, all things needed to save men.

-Our witness is that the great God has called his servant Joseph Smith Jr. to begin the truth Church of Christ in our day. Those who come to this Ensign hoisted again on the mount of Zion may gain salvation.

How to be saved? See Joseph Smith’s “Lectures on Faith”. He says that where we find a saved being that person is prototype of another that could be saved. The two must be the same. Look at the saved one to see what others must be or else not be saved. The prototype is Christ. He is the standard of salvation. He is a saved being. He is saved because he is a just and holy being, and if he were anything other than what he is he would not be saved. If it were possible for him to change from what he is it would not be possible for him to be saved. To be unlike Christ is to be destroyed. Herein hinges the door of salvation. Christ carried his cross and died, and if called upon, we must do so as well.

-Christ came once and he shall come again. We read the signs of his first coming, let us do likewise for the Second and be prepared therefore.

-When Christ comes again he will reign over those who have not been consumed by the brightness of his coming.

-Blessed be the name of him that cometh in the name of the Lord!