The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers: Highland Liberty Meeting

The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers: Highland Liberty Meeting: see downloads area to download the discourse.

-in school they don’t teach us about the 4 encounters George Washington had with direct gun fire with out getting hurt. Are they trying to brainwash us?

-Moroni appeared at least 3 times to Christofer Columbus

-Moroni is appointed as overseer over America

-Moroni was with Washington in his battles

-Moroni gave Columbus his dreams about America

-Columbus said he had seen in vision the people he would find

-Columbus appointed his translator for dealing with the people he would find to be a former Jewish Rabi who spoke Hebrew who had become a Christian. He knew from inspiration that the indians would speak something similar to ancient Hebrew. The translator confirmed this to be the case. (*we know from The Book of Mormon that the native American indians are a remnant of the House of Israel who came here originally from the Holy land many years ago mainly from the tribe of Menassah).

-French were preparing ships for attacking America but the day before they couldn’t make it

-An indian told George Washington that he fired his rifle at him 17 times and could not kill him

-one indian shot at George Washington 15 paces away and he was unhurt

-George Washington had bullet fragments and holes in his coat and hat but no wounds.