Verse by Verse The Four Gospels by D. Kelly Odgen and Andrew Skinner

Verse by Verse The Four Gospels by D. Kelly Odgen and Andrew Skinner


-Elder Scott of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles gave Dr. Odgen a Priesthood blessing wherein he told him that few people have had opportunity to learn of the life of Christ as he has, and that he has  a special responsibility to teach others about Christ.

-Robert Millet (professor of ancient scripture at BYU and former BYU dean of religious studies)  said this book falls under the category of seeking wisdom out of the best books by study and by faith.

-Joseph Fielding McConkie (professor of ancient scripture at BYU) said this book is a good reference for doctrine as well as historical background.

-Bible reading is an education itself

-The Bible is worth all books that have ever been printed

-A through knowledge of the bible is worth more than a college education

-the bible teaches us about God and guides us back to him.

-Why study the King James Version? Largest selling version, bible most used at the time of the restoration, masterpiece of the english language. It strengthens faith whereas other editions at times raise doubts.

-President Hinckley taught that the best way to measure accuracy of any biblical passage is by comparing it against the Book of Mormon and other modern revelations. The KJV supports the Church in doctrinal matters best among bible versions. It is one of the standard works of the Church (there are 4, the KJV Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Doctrine and Covenants). These are to be used regularly in family and personal study, and in church meetings.

-President Packer taught that the generations coming will be able to develop far better gospel scholarship than their forefathers were able to achieve because of the gospel study helps in the LDS scriptures (topical guide, cross references, dictionary, maps, Joseph Smith translation of the bible, etc)

Joseph Smith translation of the bible is important; not all of it is listed in the LDS scriptures (must obtain it in another book); makes important changes like instead of “I never knew you” Christ really says “Ye never knew me.”

-repetition in the scriptures is not accidental, but is to emphasize

Foreordained Messiah:

-1st Presidency said “all men and women are in the similitude of the universal Father and Mother, and are literally the sons and daughters of Deity” (Messages of the First Presidency, 4:203.) p11

-1st Presidency said “among the spirit children of Elohim the firstborn was and is Jehovah or Jesus Christ to whom all others are juniors” (“The Father and the Son: A Doctrinal Exposition,” in Messages of the First Presidency, 5:33). p11

-Elder Bruce R. McConkie says “The Church of the Firstborn is his (Christ’s) heavenly church, albeit its members are limited to exalted beings, for whom the family unit continues and who gain an inheritance in the highest heaven of the celestial world.”  (Promised Messiah, 47). p12

-Elder BR McConkie taught Jesus Christ is the first born of our heavenly parents in the pre-mortal existence; he there had a body of spirit that had a definite birth or time of organization just like every other spirit child of God (Promised Messiah, 47)

-Jesus was a God in the pre-mortal realm, we were not.

-When it says Christ is the word of God, D&C explains this, that he is the “messenger of salvation” D&C 93:8

-The Milky Way Galaxy is about 5,700,000,000,000,000,000 miles wide; aka 100,000 light years across from one side to the other (and a light year travels 5.7 trillion miles in 365 days).

-The Milky Way Galaxy has at least 200 billions of stars; each one likely possessing a solar system of it’s own (*hence we could have 200 billion peopled earths in the Milky Way Galaxy) p14

-God the Father is the source of creating power, and though Jehovah, Michael and others helped with creation, the cap stone of it was done by God the Father (New Witness for the Articles of Faith, 63). p15

I AM encompasses I was, I am, and I will be. The Hebrew suggests to be, to exist, the Greek suggests past present and future existence. Called the Tetragrammaton in Greek. p16

-Christ was commissioned to speak as though he were God the Father. He spoke in the first person as though he were the original or primal father (McConkie Promised Messiah, 63).

-Jehovah represents his father in power and authority (The Brethren quoted in Talmage, Articles of Faith, 470-71).

-“All revelation since the fall has come through Jesus Christ, who is the Jehovah of the Old Testament. In all of the scriptures, where God is mentioned and where he has appeared, it was Jehovah who talked with Abraham, with Noah, Enoch, Moses and all the prophets…”

“The Father [Elohim] has never dealt with man directly and personally since the fall, and he has never appeared except to introduce and bear record of the Son” (Doctrines of Salvation, 1:27). p17-8

-The Atonement of Christ was fore-operative, allowing us to be born into mortality innocent, with a clean slate as it were. p19

-God hath atoned for original guilt (Moses 6:54) p20 (*could be referring to washing away our pre-mortal errors). Elder Orson Pratt said Jesus atoned for sin “committed, not only in the second, but also the first estate.” (The Seer, no. 4, 1:54)

-The Atonement of Christ was not the action of a mere human (Alma 34:10). It was made by God himself (Mosiah 3:5-8).

-By the Savior the worlds were made, and “Whose inhabitants, too, from the first to the last, are sav’d by the very same Saviour of ours; and of coarse, are begotten God’s daughters and sons, by the very same truths, and the very same power’s.” (Times and Seasons, 4:81-85; McConkie and Ostler, Revelations of the Restoration, 543) p22

-“Behold the condescension of God!” (1 Nephi 11:26); McConkie taught that God the Father “condescended to step down from his Almighty throne, to step down to a lesser and benighted state, as it were, and become the Father of a Son ‘after the manner of the flesh.’… [and] the Creator [The Son] of all things from the beginning [did also] step down from his high state of exaltation and be, for a moment, like one of the creatures of his creating.” (Promised Messiah, 467). p23

Part 2: Preparation for the Messiah:

-English “godspel” is where the word gospel came from; it means “god story”; also from the Greek word “euaggelion” meaning good tidings or good news. p27

-Matthew Mark and Luke are called “the synoptic gospels”, and treat relatively the same point of view and accounts, but “the Gospel of our Lord according to John” is about the deep doctrines of the gospel and neglects to tell of many of the stories. p27

-Matthew was a tax collector; Luke a physician and educated in writing; Mark was wealthy and well educated; got his information from Peter (1 Peter 5:13); John was a fisherman. p29

-Matthew cited Old Testament prophecies, almost 100 quotes therefrom in his book. This was to show that Jesus was son of David, promised Messianic King. p29

-Mark has geographical and cultural explanations for non-Jewish readers; 1/3 of his book is the Passion story; treats Jesus’ miracles. p29

-Luke tells more stories of women; favorable to Gentiles; speaks of details in Jesus’ life, etc. p29

-John’s book teaches about Jesus as a Light, Life, and Way for all men.

-Matthew gives legal descent; Luke gives natural descent through actual parentage (Bible Dictionary “Genealogy”, 678). p31

-Elder Talmage wrote Christ “would be born through a royal line. Genealogy of Joseph was that of Mary also as they were cousins. Mary was of Davidic descent. The blood of David’s posterity was given to the body of Jesus through Mary alone.” (Jesus The Christ, 81-82)

-“Joseph as the adoptive father, would have been the legal ancestor through whom Jesus’ royal lineage would have been traced” (Strobel, Case for Christ, 47).

-Compare the genealogies presented and remember that Hebrew and Greek forms of the names are at times different. A list of these correlating given p32.

(this work continues, summaries in compilation, check back from time to time)


Verse by Verse The Old Testament Vol. One Genesis through 2 Samuel Psalms : D Kelly Ogden; Andrew C. Skinner

Verse by Verse The Old Testament Vol. One Genesis through 2 Samuel Psalms : D Kelly Ogden; Andrew C. Skinner: NOTES

-Enoch p65

-Noah p67

-Marry out of the covenant Exo. 23:32-33 p68-70

-Why the flood @ Noah’s time p21

-Perfect defined p73

-Abrahamic Covenant to prophets before him p76

-Earth lives p77

-Sacrifice p78

-Pleasure hunting abomination p78

-Capital Punishment p78

-New and Everlasting Covenant p80

-Gog and Magog p82

-Military commanders p94

-Sacrament at Abrahams day p94

-Melchizedek p95

-Covenant partner with God; Abrahamic Covenant blessings p100

-Old and or deteriorating live to defend people from satan p104 (*like grandpa 94 years!)

-Vice embraced when seen oft p105

-Abraham says Jehovah will be sacrificed p114

-Abraham and Issac list of how they are like Christ and Heavenly Father p115

-Trials before exhaust as Abraham. The Priesthood will try you. p117

-Urim and Thumim to return p139

-Jacobs endowment p140

-Joseph Egypt prophecies restored. p168

-Moses marries ethipoian p178

-Jesus and Moses look alike p178

-Moses prophecy of Christ p181

-Dove satan can’t replicate p186

-fears when called to serve p186

-Ra sun God like Christ ways one p196

-Propheteses p202

-Peculiar people p206

-Exhaulted during Millennium p207

-Potencial privilages in Israel p207

-reference to constitution of Israel

-punished only for own sins p211

-profane language; Pres. Kimball; p211

-teach children references p212

-killing in defense vs. murder references p213

-forgivenes for adultery references p2143

-adultry=lust refernece -p214

-why we must keep the 10 commandments by TSM p215

-The 6 Commandments we are bad at by Elder Parry p215-216

-Some Commandments more serious than others. Moral absolutes. Family fidelity = glue of society; Elder Parry; p216

-slavery in Israel p218

-Seventys seeing God p222

-why cherubim; references p224

-temple p228

-baptism in Exodus p231

-H.G. in O.T. p233


p14-15 organization of O.T. books

p99 perfection meanings and references

p173 pictures of Egyptian records with Israel

p228 Temple pictures

Special Pages:

Genesis: p40 the name of God; p165 Joseph like Jesus Christ

Exodus: p174themes of Exodus; p198-199 passover symbolism; p180 Moses like Jesus Christ.

Leviticus: p245 offering types; p257 holy days, feasts, festivals in law of Moses.

Numbers: p262 Number symbols; p283 strict obedience.


p43 book on serpent symbol

p52 talk on work

p89 TG’s and Encyclopedia of Mormonism

p57 premortality type by Pres. McKay

p69 answers to gospel questions

p207 McConkie Docttrinal N.T. commentary & Mormon doctrine

p208 “Faith precedes the miracle” by Pres. Kimball

p229 Garment references

p226 Number symbol books and pages